“Exploding cigar, hah, we’ll see about………………………”

—Ken Krimstein

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  1. 8/12/2009jonny goldman says:

    Atlantiscorp: escape rising sea in past.

  2. 9/14/2010Shaquille "Drake" Holt says:

    Tattoo’s, Pain of Pleasure

  3. 11/10/2010Sukhbir Singh says:

    I am virgin, exceptions are everywhere.

  4. 12/13/2010Brian Seo says:

    Never say never, unless its over.

  5. 2/22/2012megan peterkin says:

    hurtful hands. crying eyes. everyone dies.

  6. 5/8/2012Gabrielle says:

    By night broken. By morning anew.

  7. 2/20/2018Monte Cristo says:

    Hello, clerk here for Thompson and French.

  8. 2/20/2018Paul says:

    Looks like I made you count ;)

  9. 2/22/2018Max says:

    The Queen died. The prince smiled.

  10. 2/22/2018David says:

    Waiting for waiter. Became the waiter.

  11. 1/29/2019Aman Shah says:

    Just got AirPods. Don’t speak broke.

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