Took EC. Six weeks, no blood…

—Sara N.

E.C. stands for Emergency Contraception — often known as the “Morning After Pill.”

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  1. 7/12/2009Anon says:

    Excellent. Tells a powerful and sad story.

  2. 7/13/200914 year old cryptic girl says:

    Sad? Kinda. Funny as hell? HECK YES!! That is why there is a thing that I like to call “abstinence”. XD haha
    And actually, it is pretty sad (in that ‘this f-ing sucks!’ kinda way) that this happen ALOT in real life.

    PS- is that how you spell abstinence? O_o

  3. 6/15/2012kostuem says:

    Kind of funny, but also no real message, isn’t it?! :D

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