Bad: buried alive. Worse: not alone.


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  1. 9/13/2009dante says:

    i was sleeping with my gf when i wake up this morning i think…

    i was in a box and something else over my body

    what the fuck…..

    was amanda my the girl that i date the other night

    and now my ex-gf is 10 ft over me and i´m with the death body of amanda

    over me thats ironi………..c


  2. 9/14/2009draven says:

    well i guess she found away of giving one of those homeless ppl a warm place to sleep, guess i should have called and told her we were going to have a sleep over, she said she was bi curious

  3. 10/14/2010Chi Thao says:

    I Love Him, He Loves her.

    Break My Heart, I Break You.

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