—Eph of Ecks

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  1. 1/18/2010Jant says:

    versaille treaty too harsh.hiya nationalism

  2. 3/2/2010Randalll says:

    Russians ready to invade, Germans preempted.

  3. 8/12/2010Olfan says:

    Use glyphs as defined — readability improves.

    (You’re using the letter D to represent an A, JA to represent an R, I for an N, U for a Y, N for an H, Z for a U. That’s a pain to read. What you tried to express should read either дьявольский, Германия, что тут по договорe? or at least даммит, джерманий, ват эьаут зе трусь? Of course, only about four or five people in the U.S. would have been able to read it. ;-)

  4. 8/12/2010Nate says:

    Lighten up, Olfan – *I* had no trouble reading it, but your version is inscrutable. :)

  5. 10/4/2011Polina says:

    It’s OK, Olfan – there are definitely more than 4 or 5 Russian people in the US.
    P.S. You’re right – it is a pain to read this “Mock Russian” if you already know the alphabet.

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