Boy. Girl. Just friends. Both unsatisfied.

—Krystina Long

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  1. 1/26/2010John Othello says:

    Stuck in the “friend zone”. *screams*

    Everyone’s been there. It sucks.

  2. 2/3/2010Julie says:

    I hate the friend zone. Seriously.

  3. 4/23/2010draven says:

    better a friend than an enemy
    Unsatisfied untold dersire hiding behind smiles
    the hug fortells they cannot be
    the zone of friendship fades not

  4. 3/12/2012Saige says:

    This is probably my favorite

  5. 9/30/2013Sam jangir says:

    Reqired job for play boy

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  8. 9/3/2023Ronald says:

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