Lesbian vampire: “See you next month.”


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  1. 1/24/2010ugh says:

    that’s awful. >_<

  2. 1/25/2010emily says:

    lmfao! that’s so funny. oh my god, i think i busted a lung.

  3. 1/25/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “Menopause catches lesbian vampire off-balance.”

  4. 1/26/2010bkid says:

    love this, amazing

  5. 2/28/2010Eska Southpaw says:

    LOL love it

  6. 3/4/2010Shree says:

    LOL again and again :D

  7. 3/17/2010Doornroosje says:


  8. 4/14/2010anna says:


  9. 4/28/2010Lolo says:

    Ya, until you get a tampon stuck on your fang…

  10. 5/18/2010Rachel Price says:

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  14. 12/18/2010Jessica says:

    it took me a minute. but lol.

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