He loves her, they’re ‘just friends’.

—Jake L.

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  1. 9/1/2010Shaina says:

    She loves him, they’re ‘just friends’.

  2. 9/20/2010Praveen says:

    both love each other, ‘just friends’.

  3. 10/4/2010Anna says:

    She loves him, he is gay.

  4. 10/6/2010Childrens Hats says:

    Er…doesn’t that mean that he doesn’t love her?

  5. 10/13/2010Henry says:

    I hate this one; it sucks

  6. 10/14/2010rittug says:

    sounds complicating love & friendship both

  7. 10/18/2010lily luna says:

    omg, that is soooooooooo touching:)

  8. 10/23/2010Kyle says:

    I love her; we’re ‘just friends’.

  9. 10/24/2010justin says:

    same story. different characters. damn it

  10. 10/27/2010Shannon says:

    He loves her; she is gay.

  11. 11/2/2010austyn says:

    he loved him. got sex change

  12. 11/3/2010Andy says:

    :’o( A familiar situation. Pauses for reflection.

  13. 11/4/2010Laura V says:

    shut up henry, no one cares. Jake L, I think I know you! Either that, or I know another Jake L with relationship problems… good story

  14. 11/12/2010Sabe says:


  15. 11/15/2010trent podritz says:

    Both wants same;He wants more

    Sad he cant; Better he dont

  16. 11/22/2010justin c says:

    Sounds like my life.

  17. 1/4/2011Morgan says:

    Yeah, i know how that feels.

  18. 10/8/2013patty says:

    she loves him; he is married

  19. 10/9/2013Rachel says:

    They’re friends. They both want more. Neither is willing to abandon contentment for a chance at happiness.

  20. 10/11/2013Becky says:

    He’s slobberingly crying into his fedora because the friend zone sucks so hard ugh isn’t him loving her enough of a reason for her to love him back????!?

  21. 10/12/2013Connor says:

    The worst thing that can happen to two beautiful people.

  22. 11/4/2013Andrei says:


  23. 11/7/2013Alonso says:

    He loves her, he is leaving.

  24. 11/12/2013anna says:

    attempted perfection enslaves you, free yourself.

  25. 11/18/2013Emilee M says:

    I love him, he won’t listen.

  26. 11/19/2013Brian says:

    Loved once, failed to see reason.

  27. 11/21/2013Jon says:

    Science fictional love just needs space

  28. 11/21/2013Marty Schoenleber, Jr says:

    He tired. She did not. Tragedy.

  29. 11/30/2013Jake L. says:

    “Gonna ramble on, sing my song. Gotta keep-a-searchin’ for my baby…
    Gonna work my way, round the world. I can’t stop this feelin’ in my heart
    Gotta keep searchin’ for my baby. I can’t find my bluebird!”

  30. 12/20/2013Kerry says:

    Loving yourself unconditionally, creates limitless possibilities.

  31. 1/6/2014Corina says:

    She doesn’t know, it’s just miscommunication.

  32. 1/10/2014Ardian says:

    Oh nooo!!! but master! your tecnique!

  33. 2/18/2014Ashish Doorwar says:

    Secret :- if you share anything with someone that is not secret.

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