Loved her enough to pretend otherwise.

—Eric Hsieh

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  1. 8/12/2010Nate says:

    How sad. Nice work.

  2. 9/20/2010Beth Lewis says:

    loved this one, thought provoking.

  3. 12/5/2010fan says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for days.

  4. 12/6/2010Elisa says:

    Devastatingly beautiful.

  5. 12/28/2010Kyle says:

    Brilliant and beautifully sad.

  6. 1/10/2011Joe says:

    I feel your pain

  7. 1/24/2011D Pete says:

    Everyone has been here

  8. 4/16/2011Amy says:

    Can someone please explain this one? Sounds powerful, but i’m not understanding.

  9. 7/5/2011Bruce I.F. says:

    Posted this on my wall.
    Per Meatloaf. “I want you. I need you. But I’ll never ever love you. Two out of three ain’t bad.” (or close to this)
    So, perhaps not so sad.

  10. 7/5/2011Bruce I.F. says:

    For Amy. My interpretation:
    The writer loved “her” so much he/she did not want to hurt “her” so pretends to love her.

  11. 8/4/2011Jynn says:

    Poignant and beautiful.

    For those who don’t understand, it means that he loved her enough to pretend that he didn’t love her any more than he would a friend.

  12. 12/24/2013Shantell says:


  13. 5/24/2014E.S. says:

    It’s so cruel, and it’s a curse.

  14. 6/9/2014Jessy says:

    Most amazing one ever read

  15. 6/12/2014Jasmine says:

    Love too much to pretend not.

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