Imaginary Castles. Conquered by reality warheads.

—Devendra Surolia

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  1. 3/21/2011Dust2Roses says:

    To grow up, lose all identity.

  2. 3/21/2011Pedro says:

    michael Jackson moonwalked to the moon

  3. 5/11/2011Ed says:

    The most dangerous weapons known to mankind…

  4. 7/18/2011huw says:

    Gonna grab my Nikon Nikon D5000 and take pictures of this. Then apply with what I learnt into flash.

  5. 7/20/2011Vector Tree says:

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  6. 8/5/2011Minie says:

    Wow this is really deep on a metaphorical sense. Keep up the good posting. Although I would like to see actual stories from yourself!

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  7. 9/3/2011Thailand living says:

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  8. 12/14/2011Jozef Svajl says:

    This is the best six-word story I have ever read. Love it.

  9. 1/1/2012Liz says:

    Reminds me of Castle in the Sky….

  10. 1/25/2012Adrianna Harper says:

    i’m eight i don’t know what this means

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