Wax wings, High hopes. Long fall.


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  1. 3/21/2011Pedro says:

    Boom Headshot 360 tomahut on Nuketown

  2. 3/22/2011David says:

    Love the conciseness!

  3. 3/29/2011Anup says:

    Nice “story”

  4. 4/4/2011Krunal says:

    People: Black, White, Brown. Me: Colourblind

  5. 4/19/2011jacqueline says:

    i like it (:

  6. 4/22/2011Foxfire says:

    Expectations low, acceptance, freedom to fly.

  7. 4/27/2011H.D. Vitous says:

    I like this one. It reminds me of the greek myth of Icarus.

  8. 5/6/2011Wagner Machado says:

    Gostei do site…

  9. 6/4/2011Jyotshna Kansakar says:

    Brilliant! Well done!

  10. 6/7/2011truenam says:

    Спасибо, было интересно прочитать

  11. 7/29/2011kavan says:

    damn true………….it reminds me of one of my mistakes

  12. 7/30/2011Jonah McDonnell says:

    no scoped my guess

  13. 9/29/20116 Words Story | CYBER-WORLD says:

    […] Wax wings, High hopes. Long fall. —Tasha I find this very interesting because one must have known Icarus to really understand this. Yet, it sounds so meaningful to me. […]

  14. 10/21/2011Ai~ says:

    Brilliant. Oh, Icarus.

  15. 11/5/2011thetempest says:

    Love the idea of the site. Only found a few stories, though. Most of them are attempts or proverbs or aphorisms. Whatever happened to the plot? The one about the cat and the floating feathers does have a plot, for example

  16. 2/12/2012Maximum Karlnage says:

    Nice…I named my son Icarus…He just turned 1 today

  17. 3/2/2012Dammi sei parole | Sudare inchiostro says:

    […] Altri tentativi fanno riferimento a contesti dati per scontati. In questi casi la storia è già conosciuta, e le sei parole si limitano a farvi riferimento. Wax wings, high hope, long fall. (tratto da Six Word Stories) […]

  18. 3/23/2012Matt Doyle says:

    Just the bill. Excellent

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