Mistook grenade for cigarette lighter. Smoked.

—Junaid Ali Khan

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  1. 10/27/2011Maxine13 says:

    hahah lol… how that works i’ll never know, but pure genius :P

  2. 11/20/2011Bazza says:

    Loved it

  3. 11/28/2011Junaid Ali Khan says:

    A grenade shaped cigarette lighter inspired the story. Thanks!

  4. 1/24/2012Scriptor Obscura says:

    Oh my God. Wow. What an excellent story. I am left speechless. This is brilliant! I loved it. It shocked me and it took me aback. Excellent writing here. So good! You are a genius!

  5. 5/29/2012Junaid Ali Khan says:

    thank you scriptor obscura, i like your poems too

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