Cat shit in her zen garden.


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  1. 4/26/2011     says:


  2. 7/11/2011Lisa says:

    This is AWESOME.

  3. 8/17/2011Magaly Guerrero says:

    Deep and traumatic. Ha!

  4. 11/20/2011Bazza says:

    Yow! The best

  5. 12/20/2011Jim says:

    Very, very clever. Well written.

  6. 2/10/2012bob says:


  7. 2/22/2012Dean Russell says:

    I don’t get it can someone explain it to me ?

  8. 12/2/2013Sophia says:

    Umm… ok. Very well written, I spent more time thinking about this one then most. 0.O

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