Homecoming queen spreads legs for votes.


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  1. 3/4/2013Harry says:

    what the fuck?

  2. 3/7/2013Tiffany says:


  3. 3/7/2013Benny says:

    I’m sensing the author goes to my high school…
    (we have a “planned parenthood” IN the building).

  4. 3/21/2013Sarah says:


  5. 3/27/2013Zack says:

    Feels like a news headline. From 1980.

  6. 4/20/2013Josh Killrant says:

    I don’t even think he’s joking.

  7. 5/15/2013ello says:

    *eyeroll* soo true

  8. 6/14/2013ling says:

    so sad

  9. 7/12/2013Leslie says:

    give me a freaking break, maybe she just enjoys having sex??

  10. 8/14/2013jerry says:

    Work on your word choice — specifically tenses. The homecoming queen in the present
    “spread” legs for votes in the past.

  11. 11/25/2013Leslie says:

    Stupid slut,

  12. 11/22/2019Joe says:

    Joe mama

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