T.H.C., L.S.D., D.U.I., C.P.R., D.O.A., R.I.P


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  1. 2/26/2014Chris says:

    My guess is: While smoking some weed and tripping on LSD a guy ran into a Walmart and died.

  2. 4/11/2014more tips says:

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  3. 4/12/2014Allison says:

    It’s full of some pretty glaring plot holes, but I enjoyed it anyway.

  4. 5/29/2014Jocelyn says:

    smoked pot, was tripping on LSD, got pulled over for Driving under the Influence, Ended up needing CPR, was dead upon arrival, and now is resting in peace…
    that’s intense!

  5. 6/11/2014Six Word Stories | Michael Bradley - Time Traveler says:

    […] Source – 4 Comments […]

  6. 4/5/2018Granny says:

    Wow. A really hooking story! The idea of using abbreviations is … genious.

  7. 5/21/2018Anonymous says:

    That is really the saddest thing I heard all day.

  8. 8/6/2018smartalek says:

    Because, as we all know, Drugs Are Bad For You And Will Surely Kill You.
    Yep, all drugs, no exceptions.
    The moment you touch that merry-jew-wanna, yer doomed.
    It’s just a matter of time.
    Just Say No!

  9. 11/9/2018tyler coffman says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep up the good work!!!

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