Torched the haystack. Found the needle.


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  1. 3/2/2014Alex Hurst says:

    This one was so good I just had to comment. Excellent story!

  2. 3/5/2014Ynon Hermon says:

    This is a perfect six words story.

  3. 5/8/2014R2 says:

    And how do you find a hay in the needlestack? Big electromagnet.

  4. 6/17/2014Groovy Tulips says:

    Funny, rebellious, clever. I love it! (See what I did there?)

  5. 5/24/2021Katina says:

    I love this one! What a wild way to illustrate finding answers by any means necessary. Plus your story is the first (out of the set I’ve read so far) to generate concrete images as well. Bravo!

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