Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.


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  1. 3/21/2014KalvinChang says:

    A good and melancholy one.

  2. 4/6/2014Anna says:

    Oh, how that hit me.

  3. 5/6/2014heja says:

    anyone mind explaining?

  4. 5/8/2014Tum says:

    The soldier lost his leg in a war. He goes shoe-shopping. They won’t let him by one shoe.

  5. 5/8/2014Amber says:

    This one got me

  6. 5/14/2014Wing&wing says:

    Deep sigh

  7. 5/17/2014Jan says:


  8. 5/23/2014USAF says:

    Do not any of you have respect for our veterans. They give part of themselves so you can be free and use the Internet, which you then use to make relish in their pain.

  9. 6/11/2014Six Word Stories | Michael Bradley - Time Traveler says:

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