Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.


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  1. 3/21/2014KalvinChang says:

    A good and melancholy one.

  2. 4/6/2014Anna says:

    Oh, how that hit me.

  3. 5/6/2014heja says:

    anyone mind explaining?

  4. 5/8/2014Tum says:

    The soldier lost his leg in a war. He goes shoe-shopping. They won’t let him by one shoe.

  5. 5/8/2014Amber says:

    This one got me

  6. 5/14/2014Wing&wing says:

    Deep sigh

  7. 5/17/2014Jan says:


  8. 5/23/2014USAF says:

    Do not any of you have respect for our veterans. They give part of themselves so you can be free and use the Internet, which you then use to make relish in their pain.

  9. 6/11/2014Six Word Stories | Michael Bradley - Time Traveler says:

    […] Source – 8 Comments […]

  10. 1/24/2020Random Dude says:

    Well, if the person did not lose their leg in war, they most likely lost their leg because of the poor structure of their boot. Their boots were structured with nails and that led to the nail poking the foot, resulting of infection that resulted to the amputation of the leg.

  11. 2/6/2020snader says:

    vi fik ike svarr på spøsmåle vår

  12. 2/6/2020snader says:

    vi fik ike svarr på spøsmåle vår næj du ær dårli dikkt

  13. 2/15/2021Сара Гарбо says:

    Он может купить только одну обувь.

  14. 4/7/2021Caitlin Philips says:


  15. 10/10/2022Arthur says:

    big rory moment

  16. 10/10/2022Rory says:

    loving this ♡♡

  17. 10/10/2022Rory says:

    fam 🐕

  18. 11/29/2022Abhinav says:


  19. 1/16/2023Er liu qing shu says:

    it is our eglish teacher reccommend us to read the Six Words … and it is really touched me and let me feel the the cruelty of war..

  20. 3/7/2023Muhammet Tunçoğlu says:

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  21. 7/12/2023Amanda The Adventurer says:

    Yes, shoes are typically sold in pairs. When purchasing shoes, you would generally buy a pair consisting of both the left and right shoe. This is because shoes are designed to be worn on both feet for comfort, balance, and proper fit. Thank you for clarifying the statement.

  22. 6/15/2024Weingartner says:

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