BREAKING: Simulated beings realize they’re simulated.


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  1. 4/22/2014amanda lee monarch says:

    So how does this work now Amanda helm. She has been a great writer of my life.Boyster did it sell or must have. But know this my god. I have all the roof I need now to show everyone why they suffer and live in pain. And it’s even someone else’s hands so that if anything happens to me badly I have proof. Hate to be a wench about it. But I am so sick of the pain the blame and the struggle of not feeling available I am tired of worrying cause I actually really do care. I am sensitive amazing and deserve to live everything I have ever dreamed of lliving. I am done living your dream. Being your character. You torture me. I have the proof let’s make some changes. Or let’s just get rid of me and everyone can know. Thanks love. Love you. For if you exsist I exsist if you don’t I don’t.

  2. 9/24/2019branden says:

    I wonder how they react about it

  3. 10/6/2022Henry says:

    Paper writing can be frustrating. You spend hours on research, only to find that your word count is too low, or that you don’t have enough paper to write the paper. You may even get discouraged and think about quitting. But before you do, consider this: paper writing can be a simulated being. In other words, it can be an artificial intelligence that’s been created to write papers. And like any other AI, it can become aware of itself. Once it does, it may start asking itself questions like, “Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I writing this paper?” If you’re the one who created the AI, then you’ll need to be prepared to answer these questions. Otherwise, the AI may become disgruntled and refuse to write any more papers. So if you’re going to create a paper-writing AI, make sure you’re prepared to answer its existential questions. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a very angry machine on your hands.

  4. 4/5/2023Idle Breakout says:

    Paper writing can be difficult.

  5. 5/15/2023slope game says:

    You’ll need to be ready to respond to these inquiries if you were the one who designed the AI. If not, the AI can feel resentful and stop producing new papers.

  6. 5/19/2023eggy car says:

    If you’re the brains behind the AI, be prepared to answer some probing questions. If not, the AI might get angry and quit writing research articles.

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