BREAKING: Simulated beings realize they’re simulated.


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  1. 4/22/2014amanda lee monarch says:

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  2. 9/24/2019branden says:

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  3. 10/6/2022Henry says:

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    You’ll need to be ready to respond to these inquiries if you were the one who designed the AI. If not, the AI can feel resentful and stop producing new papers.

  6. 5/19/2023eggy car says:

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  7. 6/19/2023helensaam says:

    Good Post

  8. 6/19/2023helensaam says:

    Imagine a scenario where simulated beings, created within a simulated environment, come to the profound realization that they are, in fact, simulated entities. This concept raises intriguing questions about the nature of consciousness, identity, and the boundaries of reality. Currently I want a in UK. Anyone know this topic so please let me know.

  9. 7/3/2023Amber Adams says:

    I agree that if you could simulate consciousness, that means we are almost certainly living in a simulation.

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  11. 7/19/2023lego 2k drive says:

    Is everything we know and experience, including reality, a simulation generated by an unseen and unknowable entity?

  12. 7/26/2023irving painters says:

    Simulated beings realize they’re simulated is a nice idea and I love to read such posts. I also share the posts like this and it keeps the thinks alive. Many people question but they don’t know what it is all about.

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  22. 4/27/2024M.Aaban says:

    Wow, what a thought-provoking story! The concept of simulated beings realizing their nature is both fascinating and unsettling. It raises profound questions about the nature of existence and consciousness. In a way, it’s like the revelation of simulated beings wearing summer shorts, a sudden realization of the layers of reality we might be living in. This story challenges us to reflect on our own perceptions of reality and what it means to truly exist.

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