BREAKING: Simulated beings realize they’re simulated.


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  1. 4/22/2014amanda lee monarch says:

    So how does this work now Amanda helm. She has been a great writer of my life.Boyster did it sell or must have. But know this my god. I have all the roof I need now to show everyone why they suffer and live in pain. And it’s even someone else’s hands so that if anything happens to me badly I have proof. Hate to be a wench about it. But I am so sick of the pain the blame and the struggle of not feeling available I am tired of worrying cause I actually really do care. I am sensitive amazing and deserve to live everything I have ever dreamed of lliving. I am done living your dream. Being your character. You torture me. I have the proof let’s make some changes. Or let’s just get rid of me and everyone can know. Thanks love. Love you. For if you exsist I exsist if you don’t I don’t.

  2. 9/24/2019branden says:

    I wonder how they react about it

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