“Joining the President is his husband…”


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  1. 3/17/2014Katherine Palmateer says:

    Joining the President is her wife.

  2. 4/18/2014Juan says:

    Oh i feel you. Soon that will happen and they will ban straight marriage :'(

  3. 5/8/2014jono says:

    u stink kunt

  4. 5/9/2014Joseph Pedulla says:

    That’s not a story; it’s propaganda. Art does not tell us what we should do or what the artist would like to see done. It would be just as much propaganda as “Abortion Clinic: Come Murder Your Baby!”

  5. 5/26/2014Vega says:

    @Joseph Pedulla, what makes this propaganda? The writer never states how he or she feels about gay marriage. Jeez.

  6. 5/27/2014ZiG says:

    Just because YOU don’t agree with it does not make it propaganda. No opinion was made…

  7. 6/15/2014Ganesh Balaji says:

    Omg. So much meaning out there. Tells us a whole lot of things. The president is gay. That means the country has elected and given supported to a gay leader, which tells us the liberal nature of the people and the country. Great work whoever wrote it. Cheers.

  8. 2/25/2018Gambit says:

    President doesn’t need to be gay and this is dumb

  9. 8/6/2018A.J says:


  10. 12/17/2018wake me up says:

    maybe the president is a women


    im bipolar

  11. 1/11/2019Someone says:

    It says HIS husband. You’re the dumbass, if anything.

  12. 2/24/2019ELITESHARKNERFGUNNER says:

    James Buchanan was gay.

  13. 8/22/2019Finn says:

    We almost had this in the previous to last election in Finland in 2012 when openly gay Pekka Haavisto came second (got about 40% of the votes if I remember correctly). Oh and we also had a woman president before that, Tarja Halonen from 2006 to 2012.

  14. 9/24/2019branden says:

    I disagree with this statement ok.

  15. 10/17/2019ASDWDSAZDSADSADSA says:

    Ur mom gey lol

  16. 10/17/2019EEEEEEEEEE says:

    U r a pp lawl

  17. 1/28/2020C and C says:

    My love does not concern you

  18. 4/29/2020rahma bulle says:


  19. 11/25/2020Kazakhstan says:


  20. 11/27/2020foreground says:


  21. 12/1/2020Music says:


  22. 12/5/2020implementation says:


  23. 1/3/2021viral says:

    Cote d’Ivoire

  24. 4/7/2021incentivize says:


  25. 4/8/2021ThePerfumeGirl says:

    Oh my, this is very clever. My initial thought the president is probably gay. However, what if the president is actually a woman?

  26. 5/10/2021googas says:

    ^ it says ‘his’, i believe that’s the play on words

    this comment section’s a trainwreck

  27. 7/6/2021;P says:


    Lol, this comment section is a mess

  28. 11/8/2021Bolivar Fuerte says:

    Palestinian Territory

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