Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.


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  1. 3/11/2014woofimacat says:

    I took two hours writing this

  2. 4/29/2014sara says:

    so nice…a sad story

  3. 5/1/2014Amyr says:

    Agree. Heartbreaking story.

  4. 5/7/2014Skyler says:

    That’s about how life works Isn’t it

  5. 5/9/2014Joseph Pedulla says:

    It’s a good concept except for the inconvenient fact that friends cannot be lovers. Friendship love and erotic love are not the same. Saying it a lot does not make it true. A better story would be “Strangers. You like that too? Friends.” OR “Strangers. You. Me. No third. Babies.”

  6. 5/10/2014Citizen Dread says:

    Brilliant. One of the best flash fictions I’ve read.

  7. 5/12/2014soggyjim says:

    Excellent. I can’t help feeling Joseph Pedulla maybe missing something?

  8. 6/5/2014Thomas says:

    Wong Fu Productions much?

  9. 6/17/2014Krishnaraj says:

    This is a story of love failure guys .. :)

  10. 6/18/2014Justanotherwriter says:

    I think it’s perfect in every prospect

  11. 5/9/2019蔡徐坤 says:


  12. 10/24/2019InhaleMilk says:

    My story would be the same, but reversed.
    “Strangers. Lovers. Best friends. Friends. Strangers.”

  13. 5/22/2020Amber says:

    This is the original as far as I’m aware. I prefer your version, but it’s still plagiarism unless you wrote both.

  14. 6/29/2020cate says:

    isn’t this just the plot to normal people?

  15. 2/15/2021Sarah Garbo says:

    thats true,they couldnt be friends after breaking pain it is.

  16. 9/29/2022Jack Edwana says:

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  17. 10/4/2022Ofori says:

    Everything thing is Love.

  18. 11/8/2022sang says:

    nah dawg thats deep

  19. 11/8/2022Patrick says:


  20. 11/8/2022sang says:

    tbh i relate to this

  21. 11/8/2022william says:

    that hits deep

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  23. 1/10/2024youreweird says:

    why are you so emo

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  27. 5/14/2024fnaf says:

    Fantastic, I think it’s the greatest one out there, so tell me what you think! Best of luck!

  28. 6/19/2024IA en tareas sencillas – Código didáctico says:

    […] «Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.« […]

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