Born a twin; Graduated only child.


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  1. 4/29/2014siaka cherif says:

    a sad story.

  2. 5/8/2014The Denholm says: this.

  3. 5/14/2014Julie Hughes says:

    hurts. impact.

  4. 5/15/2014Jeremy Kniola says:


  5. 6/8/2014Kari says:

    There’s such a huge story behind just these six words… I love it.

  6. 4/4/2018Isaac Callaway says:

    Being a twin myself, that’s about one of the saddest things I can imagine. I feel it.

  7. 11/9/2018sauce man says:

    This is mad funny. That boy is in the grave.

  8. 2/22/2019Anistasia says:

    I was supposed to be a twin

  9. 4/30/2019Joris says:

    closed museum open window stolen diamond

  10. 5/9/2019蔡徐坤 says:


  11. 9/24/2019branden says:

    That’s sad

  12. 9/24/2019branden says:

    What happen to your twin Idk.

  13. 10/23/2019Sidney says:

    So sad even though I don’t care about them or this bullshit story

  14. 1/28/2020DAVID J TWIGGE says:

    Suggested typographical refinement:

  15. 2/12/2020Aaliyah says:

    Sorry for there lost.

  16. 3/5/2020Typan says:

    I used this for my class in English hope yo don’t mind lol dab yeet.

  17. 8/17/2020Juan Alejandro says:

    These stories are really making my physichal health fall apart, i dont feel like myself anymore:((((( I think im having a heart failure right now so if u guys dont here from your boy Juan again peace out.

    All love from Juan Alejandro

  18. 9/17/2020kufra says:

    solution on what happen

  19. 12/2/2020YeahYeah says:

    Sorry about a twin 😬

  20. 2/5/2021Alice Robberts says:

    HAHA classic

  21. 2/12/2021赴小汤 says:

    The other kid just didn’t go to school, did he?ଲ ଇଉକ

  22. 2/15/2021sssmeller says:

    Im surprised.u write them very well.i dont have sad memories but at the same time im depressed,these really effect me SO MUCH because u r just write it damn well.

  23. 9/10/2021Melanie Odette says:

    I gave birth to love twins and just had one, who recently turned 18, three days later.This story was a gut-punch.

  24. 9/30/2021cooper says:

    very sad cool yes

  25. 10/1/2021hazeee says:

    It reminds me of Weasley twins!!!

  26. 3/7/2022Chris_AGuy says:

    This gives a lot of info in such a small amount of words

  27. 9/13/2022Brent says:

    “You have failed.” said the teacher.

  28. 12/20/2022SexyPG888 says:

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  29. 3/7/2023Irena says:

    It’s a sad one.

  30. 1/20/2024Relibet says:

    It makes me thinks of the Weasley brothers

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