We’re lying in bed. She’s lying.


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  1. 4/29/2014CPL Hodgdon says:

    One Grenade and a hero made

  2. 5/9/2014Richenda says:

    I’m lying. He doesn’t even care.

  3. 5/24/2014Yus0 says:

    eight words, in your story, fraud!

  4. 5/23/2018Ralph B says:

    I like to beat my meat

  5. 9/24/2019branden says:

    I don’t know how she lying to you

  6. 11/14/2019BB14 says:

    People, feelings, changed. So do I.

  7. 12/18/2019TrespassWill says:

    This is basically SBEVE before Eilish.

  8. 5/12/2020ok says:

    i didnt ask

  9. 2/5/2021RSilverbush says:

    That’s Shakespeare’s Sonnet 138 in six words!

  10. 2/9/2021Imhereforschool says:

    Next thing you know he’s gonna go get the “milk”

  11. 9/8/2021tj hater says:

    tj is a smelly cat

  12. 9/8/2021tj hater says:

    tj is a smelly

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