Machine. Unexpectedly, I’d invented a time

—Alan Moore

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  1. 1/7/2009Chris says:

    This one’s brilliant. Love it.

  2. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    This one *is* great! (though I did have to read it a few times to get it, heheh…)

  3. 1/7/2009Berk says:


  4. 1/7/2009benny says:

    i suppose hes refering to watchmen?

  5. 1/7/2009chris says:


  6. 1/7/2009Pete says:

    It’s not a Watchmen reference…

    (“Time machine”…)

  7. 1/9/2009pjose says:

    Brilliant!! Took a while to get it though….

  8. 1/9/2009Rowan Watson says:

    Fantastic. This one’s my fave.

  9. 1/9/2009Elky says:

    So did Alan Moore actually write this? This is my favorite to be certain.

  10. 1/9/2009Lobass says:

    I’m in awe of such brilliance !

  11. 1/10/2009Abdullah says:

    Wow !!

  12. 1/10/2009Kim says:

    very clever.

  13. 1/11/2009Kayxee says:


  14. 1/12/2009Los alnos says:

    Someone explain? I am an idiot…

  15. 1/12/2009Los alnos says:

    Got it! Ha ha! Satisfied. Genius.

  16. 1/13/2009Ben says:

    I love this one, I keep coming back to it. It’s the kind you wish you had written, clever and simple, but unreproducible.

  17. 2/6/2009Alison says:


  18. 2/28/2009Evan Erwin says:

    Brilliant :D

    Thanks Alan!

  19. 2/28/2009Jose says:

    Really clever … awesome!

  20. 3/4/2009Jeremiah says:

    NO you’ve got it backwards! LOL

  21. 3/10/2009Yuri Keukens says:

    Machine should not start with a capital M.

  22. 3/13/2009Carlyn says:


  23. 3/16/2009Mahatma says:

    Individual story. No reference to Watchmen.

  24. 4/8/2009Cecilio Escobar says:

    “would you go with me?” “YES!”

    i made it my self. I hope ppl like it. cyas

  25. 4/29/2009Adam Crowe » Blog Archive » Unexpectedly says:

    […] A 6 word story by Alan […]

  26. 9/23/2009Miranda says:

    :D We read this in my English Class and I didn’t get it at first, but then I did.

    It’s really amazing.

    Definitely a favorite.

  27. 12/8/2009andrea says:

    wow this one’s awesome o.o

  28. 1/5/2012Rosana Huesso says:

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  29. 4/15/2013Don Fallick says:

    cool! James Joyce does the same thing in his masterpiece, “Finnegan’s Wake.” He begins the 500 page novel with the last half of a sentence, and ends the novel with the first half of that same sentence. You can start reading anywhere in the book, and you come back to where you started. You’ve just been compared to James Joyce. Wow! Very

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