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  1. 7/29/2009Pete says:

    Here we go again. Submit away!

  2. 7/29/2009Zach says:

    Comet’s coming. “Oh fuck,” says humanity.

  3. 7/29/2009Dale Marie says:

    His wife foolishly checked his email.

  4. 7/29/2009Eric Holland says:

    Everybody in my pants. Party time!

  5. 7/29/2009Jonothan M Davey says:

    I’m a bit confused by the site. The beauty of Hemmingway’s story, is that the 6 words immediately tell a story which spans years and affects the lives of dozens of people.

    The idea of a child dying in child birth (or similar) is so profound, and yet the wording so understated, that the mind of the reader fills in the gaps and immediately experiences the event.

    But most of the ‘stories’ you have on here are just statements. “everyone breaths out together; hurricane warning” … that’s not a six word story, it’s a statement.

    But, well – it is Hemmingway I suppose!

  6. 7/29/2009Chad Oman says:

    love life full heart happyness everlasting

  7. 7/29/2009Chad Oman says:

    dark times rope long hanging around

  8. 7/29/2009A. S. says:

    Frog kissing. Warts, but no prince.

  9. 7/29/2009Robyn says:

    THE REVOLUTION WILL COME! through facebook.

  10. 7/29/2009Just me says:

    If only I had told you.

  11. 7/29/2009MIA says:

    Cocked pistol, gritted teeth, pulled trigger.

  12. 7/29/2009Justin says:

    Winter olympics cancelled. World doesn’t notice.

  13. 7/29/2009Tony T. says:

    Fat people eating at restaurant. Ironic?

  14. 7/29/2009khowey says:

    They never returned Peter Norman’s gloves.

  15. 7/29/2009Frog Prince0 says:

    Once Upon a Time… The End.

  16. 7/29/2009Sacha Wheeler says:

    Last non-zombie kills all zombies. Dies.

  17. 7/29/2009jackie hutton says:

    Are my dreams my other life?

  18. 7/29/2009jackie hutton says:

    Cannot count heartbeats, not my control

  19. 7/29/2009Kate says:

    Refused to let down guard. Alone

  20. 7/29/2009Kate says:

    My sweet song. Not sweet anymore.

  21. 7/29/2009Hank Hollman says:

    At Stripclub. EYES having a Party.

  22. 7/29/2009Mary Opatz says:

    Swimmer rips suit, revealing………..cheeks blush.

  23. 7/29/2009Chris says:

    The economy hits home….. no job.

  24. 7/29/2009Chris says:

    He should have used a condom…..

  25. 7/29/2009Chad Oman says:

    six words no puns this FUN!

  26. 7/29/2009Chad Oman says:


  27. 7/30/2009James says:

    Desperation: lust, marriage, divorce.
    Dying: alone.

  28. 7/30/2009Ovon skofew says:

    Once, twice, fallen over. Never ending.

  29. 7/30/2009lolipopical says:


  30. 7/30/2009copaphil says:

    Charlie Brown ate a sandwich yum.

  31. 7/30/2009ugonaretchit says:

    shit on me, shit on you.

  32. 7/30/2009closure says:

    bad news for a good friday

  33. 7/30/2009harsch says:

    Trust without reason, fear without cause.

  34. 7/30/2009harsch says:

    Axe-murderer jailbreaks. Axes go into hiding.

  35. 7/30/2009Justin says:

    Television Static. Coloured Ant War Commences.

  36. 7/30/2009Justin says:

    Midnight Park. Shuffling Bush. Secret Lovers xoxoxo

  37. 7/30/2009harsch says:

    Clever riddle. Satisfied smirk. Broken nose.

  38. 7/30/2009harsch says:

    A chimney smoker coughs up bricks.

  39. 7/30/2009harsch says:

    Six-word story published. Author feels validated.

  40. 7/30/2009harsch says:

    Physicalist fighting for equality. Shoots dualist.

  41. 7/30/2009steven421 says:

    Eceryone shut up! And then… silence…

  42. 7/30/2009steven421 says:

    Everyone shut up! And then… silence…

  43. 7/30/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Struck by lightning. Never again. Maybe.

  44. 7/30/2009David says:

    I thik my kybord is brok…

  45. 7/30/2009Freja Ebbestad says:

    Sunny day. Rainy clouds go away!

  46. 7/30/2009mosey says:

    tired. don’t want to go home.

  47. 7/30/2009justin segal says:

    Everything smells too good. Something stinks.

  48. 7/30/2009D. Smith says:

    “Ve…share?… sandvich?” Cold War ends.

  49. 7/30/2009J.H. Kranti says:

    Centrifuge spinning like life — a separation.

  50. 7/30/2009Optimus Prime says:

    We are here. We are waiting.

  51. 7/31/2009Lake Monster says:

    Electronic communication: Trees take over world.

  52. 7/31/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Transgender op. Unintended consequence: re-learn dancesteps.

  53. 7/31/2009Daen de Leon says:

    Long-distance love. Relocation. Romance dies.

  54. 7/31/2009April L. Gerard says:

    Bruised. Still, She stood with tears.

  55. 7/31/2009chris says:

    Self meet Self. Dinner for one.

  56. 7/31/2009Eve says:

    Flew too high, wax wings melted.

  57. 7/31/2009khowey says:

    Lilienthal learned never to tempt gravity.

  58. 7/31/2009khowey says:

    Her deathbed – last chance for freedom.

  59. 7/31/2009khowey says:

    Dieing thought, “I truly love her.”

  60. 7/31/2009khowey says:

    As he unplugged machines, “She’s free.”

  61. 7/31/2009Brett Dunbar says:

    Wardrobe malfunction: This isn’t Narnia.

  62. 7/31/2009Brett Dunbar says:

    The Kraken Wakes: Calamari for everyone!

  63. 7/31/2009Roma Diaz says:

    She typed to stay alive. Crazy?

  64. 7/31/2009Roma Diaz says:

    The piggy rattled, full of coins.

  65. 7/31/2009Roma Diaz says:

    His appearance changed, her love didn’t.

  66. 7/31/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Comfort from food and a sofa.

  67. 7/31/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Downgraded for an uglier model, madness!

  68. 7/31/2009ry.b says:

    Vader’s advances fruitless on Moon Man.

  69. 7/31/2009WasZel says:

    The terrible twos. Not a myth.

  70. 7/31/2009anon says:

    Rejected again. Like that first time.

  71. 7/31/2009rodasgod says:

    Nearly made it to the toilet.

  72. 7/31/2009rodasgod says:

    Indecisive! Yes? No? Pass the chocolate.

  73. 7/31/2009American Citizen says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist

  74. 7/31/2009Greg Carrick says:

    What love! She took me back.

  75. 8/1/2009James Hazelden says:

    He knew then he’d die alone.

  76. 8/1/2009James Hazelden says:

    Lured to Lourdes by Lord’s laws.

  77. 8/1/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Six words were, sadly, not enough.

  78. 8/1/2009Angela says:

    Being his mom is Divinity manifested.

  79. 8/1/2009Mico Subosa says:

    Rides taxi. Driver: “Hey, brake’s broken.”

  80. 8/1/2009Marla says:

    Feet on fire. Flying leaps. Wendigo.

  81. 8/1/2009Morgan says:

    Dance Dance Revolution. Jive Jitterbug Bolshevik.

  82. 8/1/2009Phoenix Daniels says:

    Dog watches TV. Uses “outdoor voice.”

  83. 8/1/2009ry.b says:

    Narcissist wishes eternal life. Becomes vampire.

  84. 8/1/2009DJ Salac says:

    She kissed his scars with love.

  85. 8/1/2009DJ Salac says:

    Let’s keep in touch (we won’t).

  86. 8/2/2009DJ Salac says:

    Engagement ring: sold to buy medicine.

  87. 8/2/2009Zach Williams says:

    Kamate, Kamate, Kaora, Kaora. You’re Dead!

  88. 8/2/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Grandpa makes ‘welcome back’ breakfast. Homesick.

  89. 8/2/2009Chris says:

    Lazy Sunday morning with kids…. priceless!

  90. 8/2/2009Pro B says:

    Destiny Called. Answering machine picked up.

  91. 8/2/2009Roma Diaz says:

    He’s there, I’m here – long story!

  92. 8/2/2009Roma Diaz says:

    The train carriage laughed, she cringed.

  93. 8/2/2009Marjorie Lloyd says:

    Sunday rest? I am doing my best!

  94. 8/2/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Cheese is missing. Where’s that mouse?

  95. 8/2/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Tonic was low. Gin was intoxicating!

  96. 8/2/2009Roma Diaz says:

    The iron hissed, the shirt blackened.

  97. 8/2/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Surprise party ruined by excited child.

  98. 8/2/2009Phoenix Daniels says:

    Gained less weight than expected. Success!

  99. 8/3/2009Bob Kaplan says:

    Went to afterlife. Saw Jesus laughing.

  100. 8/3/2009James Hazelden says:

    She laughed with, then at, him.

  101. 8/3/2009James Hazelden says:

    Her staged suicide was so sexy.

  102. 8/3/2009smart kid says:

    Dad’s handwriting…?! “This isn’t from Santa!”

  103. 8/3/2009Chad Oman says:

    Sundays Fun All The Sun .. Mondays ruin all the fun!

  104. 8/3/2009Roma Diaz says:

    After years, his moustache resembled Dali’s.

  105. 8/3/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Spanish class cancelled! C’est la vie.

  106. 8/3/2009Roma Diaz says:

    The music stopped, his singing didn’t.

  107. 8/3/2009carriwrites says:

    she stayed too busy to cry.

  108. 8/3/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Bus lurched. She grabbed. He smiled.

  109. 8/3/2009michael says:

    How high must you be, to see, forever?

  110. 8/4/2009Hari Prasad.M says:

    Man dead. ‘Friends’ await twitter updates.

  111. 8/4/2009James Hazelden says:

    Me: more important than her happiness

  112. 8/4/2009James Hazelden says:

    When you find it, it changes.

  113. 8/4/2009steven421 says:

    This story is almost seven words.

  114. 8/4/2009Jenni Bielicki says:

    Shelly snickered and said, “A Schnoodle?”

  115. 8/4/2009Phoenix Daniels says:

    Widow swats fly. Reincarnated husband screams.

  116. 8/4/2009Phoenix Daniels says:

    Not crying. Eyes leak. Tough guy.

  117. 8/4/2009khowey says:

    Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitananatahu’s antidisestablishmentarians believed counterrevolutionaries’ honorificabilitudinitatibus floccinaucinihipilificative.

  118. 8/5/2009James Hazelden says:

    Only danced when she asked me.

  119. 8/5/2009James Hazelden says:

    He missed the illusion of her…

  120. 8/5/2009SWS says:

    Hitler used time machine. Killed himself.

  121. 8/5/2009SWS says:

    Grandfather used time machine. Still alive.

  122. 8/5/2009SWS says:

    Everyone uses time machine. We’re history.

  123. 8/5/2009J. D. Thompson says:

    Felony probation, lame excuse. Good-bye.

  124. 8/5/2009bruv says:

    The sky’s not blue looking down.

  125. 8/5/2009Lu C says:

    Sea of suffering, I am Captain.

  126. 8/5/2009Sylvain says:

    Saturn’s rings left by aliens. WTF?

  127. 8/5/2009Sylvain says:

    Space Pirates: “Grand Theft Spaceship” blamed.

  128. 8/5/2009Sylvain says:

    Mars landing: found no life. Bummer.

  129. 8/5/2009Sylvain says:

    Couple fall in love. Gravity suspected.

  130. 8/5/2009Sylvain says:

    Internet sentient. Contents: 78% porn. Whoopee.

  131. 8/6/2009Mihai says:

    Honey…I went in. Again.

  132. 8/6/2009Ray Cates says:

    Arms severed, but I run on.

  133. 8/6/2009M. Abran says:

    Life: born empty. Living: buried full.

  134. 8/6/2009jellis says:

    Green, Yellow, RED, OH-NO. Funeral tomorrow.

  135. 8/6/2009Benjamin S Wolf says:

    He left a word out.

  136. 8/6/2009kate says:

    “It’s Quads”. She screamed. He fainted.

  137. 8/6/2009kate says:

    First date, drunken fumble, shotgun wedding.

  138. 8/6/2009Jenn Gorelick says:

    Back in hour. Need many bananas.

  139. 8/6/2009lucy says:

    Watching spider eat beetle. Gone crazy.

  140. 8/7/2009Kourosh Keshavarz says:

    War over, soldiers bored to death.

  141. 8/7/2009Kourosh Keshavarz says:

    No I’m not talking to you

  142. 8/7/2009Kourosh Keshavarz says:

    Rocket science merges with brain surgury

  143. 8/7/2009Kourosh Keshavarz says:

    Nude girl causes car accident, naturally.

  144. 8/7/2009Every shade of emotion says:

    Glass faced, fogged with crimson fury.

  145. 8/7/2009Jan Erik Hermansen says:

    Help, I am here, inside me!!

  146. 8/7/2009fibinse says:

    wife:”Who the fuck is Alice?”

  147. 8/7/2009SWS says:

    Einstein uses time machine. Slaps Newton.

  148. 8/7/2009SWS says:

    Newton uses time machine. Dodges apple.

  149. 8/7/2009Guy Tucker says:

    Oxygen tank leaking. Final thought, CRAP.

  150. 8/7/2009Guy Tucker says:

    Your dead, your…sorry wrong person.

  151. 8/7/2009April L. Gerard says:

    Giver gave Time, Love. Changed World.

  152. 8/7/2009Josh Weston says:

    He froze. The branch…was about…to –.

  153. 8/7/2009Bryan DeGrendel says:

    Cellphone Camera. He’s shot. World gasps.

  154. 8/7/2009James Hazelden says:

    His suffering: represented by this pie-graph.

  155. 8/7/2009James Hazelden says:

    Used hyphens to cheat the word-count.

  156. 8/7/2009Aglathan says:

    Man enters cab.Destination? Future!

  157. 8/7/2009Aglathan says:

    Cab explodes. Man lost…. in time.

  158. 8/7/2009Aglathan says:

    Castaway build time-machine. repeats the cycle

  159. 8/7/2009Aglathan says:

    Adam madam is a mad man

  160. 8/7/2009Aglathan says:

    Adam Madam, a time traveller too

  161. 8/7/2009Aglathan says:

    Man enters cab.Destination? The Future!

  162. 8/8/2009P.J. Callahan says:

    Family Tree, Outed On A Limb

  163. 8/8/2009P.J. Callahan says:

    John, Kate Plus Eight Equals Division

  164. 8/8/2009Wordsmythic says:

    Congresswoman speaks. Thugs rail. No healthcare.

  165. 8/8/2009Pro B says:

    Suicide attempt. Gun misfires. Heart too.

  166. 8/8/2009Freja Ebbestad says:

    Tomorrow, run like madman to you

  167. 8/8/2009Jackie Hutton (Twitter Citymostar) says:

    “Grasshopper” We Not In Kanas Anymore!

  168. 8/8/2009M. C. Smith says:

    Life, Joy, Expression! Repression, Submission, Extinction.

  169. 8/8/2009Jamie Thomas says:

    Did duty, reward: war crimes trial.

  170. 8/9/2009Michael Spatz says:

    Boy likes girl; girl likes girls.

  171. 8/9/2009James Hazelden says:

    Kissed her hard – uncomplicated but hard.

  172. 8/9/2009James Hazelden says:

    Just a gun in his pocket.

  173. 8/9/2009Dave Knox says:

    My funeral was Wednesday. Nobody came.

  174. 8/9/2009J. D. Thompson says:

    Wife murdered for insurance. Children cope.

  175. 8/9/2009J. D. Thompson says:

    Felony probation violated. Lame excuse. Good-bye.

  176. 8/9/2009Jackie Hutton (Twitter Citymostar) says:

    But mom, you are my example.

  177. 8/9/2009Chris Garcia says:

    Fidel will die. Communism will not.

  178. 8/9/2009AHC says:

    I came. I saw. She couldn’t.

  179. 8/9/2009AHC says:

    Just the tip. Baby boys. Shit.

  180. 8/9/2009AHC says:

    Child support? Fuck that. Maury time.

  181. 8/9/2009AHC says:

    Read Twilight. Believed. Broke her heart.

  182. 8/9/2009Ishtiaque Zico says:

    “Did you delete me?” “Oh, okay!”

  183. 8/9/2009Ishtiaque Zico says:

    Same city. Same desire. No communication.

  184. 8/9/2009Curtis says:

    any change? hard time buying diapers…

  185. 8/9/2009Curtis says:

    My dreams sometimes contain the future

    Time = string, what knot you on?

  186. 8/10/2009Swati says:

    Today, your heritage is my baggage.

  187. 8/10/2009Swati says:

    Eyes bled blue in red fury.

  188. 8/10/2009Swati says:

    New fishnet stocking for her neck.

  189. 8/10/2009Swati says:

    She is pregnant. He is sterile.

  190. 8/10/2009Christine says:

    She fell. He came. The end.

  191. 8/10/2009AHC says:

    Six cries because seven ate onions.

  192. 8/10/2009James Hazelden says:

    Dinner: luckily the irony was delicious.

  193. 8/10/2009James Hazelden and Sarah Coffey says:

    Gravity let her down once again.

  194. 8/10/2009James Hazelden says:

    Father’s father farther away… Well… dead.

  195. 8/10/2009GT says:

    Still don’t understand. Never really did.

  196. 8/10/2009AHC says:

    Truly trying times tend to turn.

  197. 8/10/2009AHC says:

    Denmark. King dies. Plot. Everybody dies.

  198. 8/10/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Quick Fox. Lazy Dog. No Alpo.

  199. 8/10/2009Amanda says:

    Being chased!! Ran upstairs!! Oops.. Dead..

  200. 8/11/2009Jean says:

    It’s not me, it’s really you.

  201. 8/11/2009Jean says:

    Eat, sleep, work, Tweet. What life?

  202. 8/11/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Rogue red sock dyed the whites.

  203. 8/11/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Wine required, water not counteracting Work.

  204. 8/11/2009Roma Diaz says:

    School report received by surprised parents.

  205. 8/11/2009Roma Diaz says:

    His pen stained shirt minutes before presentation.

  206. 8/11/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Survival of the fittest scares slob.

  207. 8/11/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Computer virus destroys chance of promotion.

  208. 8/11/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    The memory ray could still…uh…

  209. 8/11/2009Mom says:

    Baby starts daycare. Where’s the Kleenex?

  210. 8/11/2009Benjamin S Wolf says:

    He always said one word too many.

  211. 8/11/2009Lu C says:

    On the roadside set all shapes.

  212. 8/12/2009Berker says:

    Why didn’t you pray to me?

  213. 8/12/2009anon says:

    I just wanted to be loved.

  214. 8/12/2009James Hazelden says:

    Charlie Chaplin, Adolph Hitler: Same person?

  215. 8/12/2009James Hazelden says:

    Divisibility? We are all prime numbers.

  216. 8/12/2009patrick says:

    fear and horror in the house next door.

  217. 8/12/2009AnA says:

    Mosty depressed. Blame parents AND myself.

  218. 8/12/2009michael netter says:

    Six words? Yes. Story? Absolutely not!

  219. 8/12/2009michael netter says:

    Many 6-word posts. None are stories.

  220. 8/12/2009michael netter says:

    Most of these posts are embarrassing.

  221. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Frogsandwich
    Yellow, soft and jumps: a frogsandwich.

  222. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Faith
    Cloud by day, light by night.

  223. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Doubt
    One day. One night. Next mistake.

  224. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Braveheart
    Everyone dies. Not all really live.

  225. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: War
    Give incoming fire right of way?

  226. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Divorce
    Thought he was God. She didn’t.

  227. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Memoir
    Made changes I meant to avoid.

  228. 8/12/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Leonardo
    .terces a dah rotnevni tsetaerg ehT

  229. 8/13/2009James Hazelden says:

    He spelt ignorance incorrectly… yet again.

  230. 8/13/2009James Hazelden says:

    You can’t spell postage without letters.

  231. 8/13/2009Roma Diaz says:

    The film couldn’t match the book

  232. 8/13/2009Roma Diaz says:

    He smoked the bible for purification

  233. 8/13/2009Lisa says:

    Too many skeletons in my closet.

  234. 8/13/2009Lu C says:

    My cunning wife never got divorced.

  235. 8/13/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Escaped hamster equals one livid mother.

  236. 8/13/2009Roma Diaz says:

    “I’m still standing!”… Oops, not anymore.

  237. 8/13/2009Roma Diaz says:

    The Penguin; awkward on land, graceful in water.

  238. 8/13/2009Chris Bevan says:

    Many drinks. Hot chick. ‘Til morning.

  239. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    Frat’s party keg spiked… with punch.

  240. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    Unluckiest lie-detector test: “Earthquake?!” “Yes.” … “Liar!”

  241. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    Amputee gets cancer, grows arm-like tumor.

  242. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    “Any last words?” “Angels can’t talk?”

  243. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    “Do I look fat?” Yes! “No.”

  244. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    Note to self: “Do you exist?”

  245. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    Twins?! Kidnappers’ ransom demand: other son.

  246. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    Self-aware, depressed story: “Six words wasted.”

  247. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    Guitarist found stroking A minor. Acquitted.

  248. 8/13/2009Charlie says:

    College: life’s longest “No passing zone”

  249. 8/13/2009Simon Black says:

    At once, I’d written my story.

  250. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Told joke. No one got it.

  251. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Finally, the water covered his mouth.

  252. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Firecrotch. She’s not a redhead.

  253. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Man sees own ghost. Chats amiably.

  254. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Halo sits to hide the horns.

  255. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Building falls. All escape. Recount needed.

  256. 8/14/2009stacey shay says:

    Mother hears cries from vacant crib

  257. 8/14/2009Anastacia says:

    Man falls from building. No net.

  258. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Tombstone shakes. Cries heard from within.

  259. 8/14/2009Anastacia says:

    Gone now. She never told him…

  260. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Samurai duel: Two men. One strike.

  261. 8/14/2009AHC says:

    Car pulled over: Occifer, I’m sober.

  262. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Blind man dreams in full color.

  263. 8/14/2009Chris Eddleman says:

    Too much alcohol. Stains need cleaning.

  264. 8/14/2009Roma Diaz says:

    I’m not fat, I’m slightly swollen.

  265. 8/14/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…

  266. 8/14/2009Roma Diaz says:

    I can never finish what I…

  267. 8/14/2009Tiffany Nguyen says:

    Chasing after beginnings, we find endings.

  268. 8/14/2009Abhilash says:

    All roads closed. Celebrating Independence Day

  269. 8/15/2009JK Runnings says:

    What do you mean, wrong wir-

  270. 8/15/2009Synik says:

    Intelligent life? Here?! Not bloody likely!

  271. 8/15/2009Synik says:

    Aluminum was recycled. “Curses, foiled again!”

  272. 8/15/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Great party. Who organised it again?

  273. 8/15/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Evolution
    First is best. Last: Even better.

  274. 8/15/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Afterthought
    Preloved wedding gown. Worn by mistake.

  275. 8/15/2009ecotwollar says:

    Title: Garfield
    A Cat. Still…Just a Cat?

  276. 8/15/2009AHC says:

    She came. She saw I conquered.

  277. 8/15/2009Karen Austin says:

    The dream cook. Cook the dream.

  278. 8/15/2009khowey says:

    She left the clinic – still pregnant.

  279. 8/15/2009khowey says:

    He came out. They denounced. Loneliness.

  280. 8/15/2009khowey says:

    Dissertation topic solved. Starts from scratch.

  281. 8/15/2009khowey says:

    Note To Self : Remember Her Name.

  282. 8/15/2009khowey says:

    The little boys feared their God.

  283. 8/15/2009Anne Beeche says:

    Drool on face. Well respected genius.

    The more polite variation:
    Can’t move. Smartest man in world.

  284. 8/15/2009Charlie says:

    Not fire nor ice. Physics experiment.

    (RE: Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice)

  285. 8/16/2009rodasgod says:

    Hate you sideways. Hurt myself stupid.

  286. 8/16/2009DJ Kirkby says:

    Warm berry perfume kisses my tongue.

  287. 8/16/2009Kathleen A. Ryan says:

    First gray appears — eliminated by chemo.

  288. 8/16/2009Caroline Fisher says:

    Suitcase on bed; lonely times ahead.

  289. 8/16/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Boys fighting, girls singing, parents awake.

  290. 8/16/2009Roma Diaz says:

    One hundred tweets, so much nonsense.

  291. 8/16/2009Pro_B says:

    Life 101. Happy endings are fiction.

  292. 8/16/2009tagly2 says:

    Drove car into garage. Garagedoor closed

  293. 8/17/2009James Hazelden says:

    Ahh. Another case of whiskey… solved!

  294. 8/17/2009James Hazelden says:

    Accidentally set my alarm… for stun!

  295. 8/17/2009Angel Zapata says:

    Saboteur disables brakes. Oops. Wrong car.

  296. 8/17/2009Angel Zapata says:

    Sky’s fallen. The chicken was right.

  297. 8/17/2009Thomas Zehr says:

    Humans become all knowing. God dies.

  298. 8/17/2009Alicia says:

    The heat; unbearable. The stench; worse.

  299. 8/17/2009Pj. says:

    He saw me, so did I.

  300. 8/17/2009Pj. says:

    He touched me, then, I died.

  301. 8/17/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Flaccid. Loud fart. She giggles. …Erection?

  302. 8/18/2009Don says:

    Forgetting all we know, beginning anew.

  303. 8/18/2009Clifford says:

    Pooping: My satisfying period of solitude.

  304. 8/18/2009Arnell Byrd says:

    How long before anyone notices me?

  305. 8/18/2009Arnell Byrd says:

    Guitar, lyrics, and the stage lights.

  306. 8/18/2009Elliott Strange says:

    2138: Scientists discover cure for sanity.

  307. 8/18/2009Elliott Strange says:

    “I’m the father?!” “Yes and no.”

  308. 8/18/2009James Hazelden says:

    Love slightly more than you hate.

  309. 8/18/2009James Hazelden says:

    New Blank Document… a terrifying prospect.

  310. 8/18/2009Caroline Fisher says:

    Broken window. Home trashed. Dry tears.

  311. 8/18/2009alexander gjersoe says:

    stuntman showed emotions, used pro actor.

  312. 8/18/2009alexander gjersoe says:

    theres the exit at ikea! no.

  313. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    Roses are Red. Who are you?

  314. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    The pain of labour pleased her.

  315. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    The curtain tore. I saw God.

  316. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    The cloud came and she flew.

  317. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    It was a close shave, my friend.

  318. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    When night fell, my nightmare landed.

  319. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    Windows is a pain, you know.

  320. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    The pain crashed through the window.

  321. 8/18/2009Danesh Daryanani says:

    It began as it always ended.

  322. 8/18/2009Sharon Elizabeth Wood says:

    Up creek without oar. Boat sank.

  323. 8/18/2009Valerie says:

    I. I love. I love you.

  324. 8/18/2009Bob Kaplan says:

    My heart is broken. Got tape?

  325. 8/18/2009khowey says:

    You’ll be seeing “Baader Meinhof” soon.

  326. 8/18/2009Tom Corcoran says:

    I saw cocaine in my dreams.

  327. 8/19/2009Thomas says:

    They reject you. Unexpected gift: solitude!

  328. 8/19/2009Thomas says:

    Family’s tears hurt worse than chemo.

  329. 8/19/2009Bruce says:

    An unfortunate vice. I love it.

  330. 8/19/2009Jenni Bielicki says:

    The clock… The calendar… Her life.

  331. 8/19/2009Jenni Bielicki says:

    Do it again Daddy – BOING… OUCH!

  332. 8/19/2009Jenni Bielicki says:


  333. 8/19/2009James Hazelden says:

    Misprint: apparently pen mightier than words

  334. 8/19/2009James Hazelden says:

    Needed to find myself. Used Google.

  335. 8/19/2009Joe Collier says:

    Just once, please go horribly RIGHT.

  336. 8/19/2009Palindrome says:

    In love with Grim. Died happy.

  337. 8/19/2009Chris Bevan says:

    “D” in english? I was cheeted.

  338. 8/19/2009wolftucker says:

    Listen…let’s talk–I think–HANDBRAKE!

  339. 8/19/2009wolftucker says:

    Itchy, lumpy, purple. What is that?

  340. 8/19/2009wolftucker says:

    Broken dishwasher…Hand-wash, NO! My cuticles.

  341. 8/19/2009wolftucker says:

    My massive motorized mayhem making Magnum.

  342. 8/19/2009wolftucker says:

    Smell… want– now. Where?…There–BITE.

  343. 8/19/2009Angel Zapata says:

    Found gun in my son’s schoolbag.

  344. 8/20/2009James Hazelden says:

    Weather the storm? STORM THE WEATHER!!!

  345. 8/20/2009James Hazelden says:

    She’s my muse. I’m her amusement.

  346. 8/20/2009Lee Michael Stein says:

    Symbolic interactionism in hell; demonic hierarchy.

  347. 8/20/2009Dongo says:

    I wanted her. She wanted money.

  348. 8/20/2009Olivia J says:

    Beginning: uncertainty. Middle: romance. End: death.

  349. 8/20/2009Urologist says:

    Urologist sniffs apple juice when unsure.

  350. 8/20/2009Adam DeBruler says:

    Put on socks, then your shoes.

  351. 8/21/2009jeNazaire says:

    ugly duckling preparing for plastic surgery

  352. 8/21/2009James Hazelden says:

    This story is NOT about her.

  353. 8/21/2009James Hazelden says:

    Brevity and levity: weapons of love.

  354. 8/21/2009Kris Thompson says:

    Bob’s siblings must get around somewhat.

  355. 8/21/2009Samantha Adams says:

    Park slaughters overpopulated deer. Run Bambi!

  356. 8/21/2009Cyanman says:

    The sun rose. He did not.

  357. 8/21/2009Straight-up Lines says:

    Aimed at head. Pulled the trigger.

  358. 8/21/2009Cyanman says:

    The alarm company called. No answer.

  359. 8/21/2009Cyanman says:

    Never try sledding on the highway…

  360. 8/21/2009Straight-up Lines says:

    She tried to drown. Failed. Retried.

  361. 8/21/2009Cyan Lines says:

    She nearly drowned. Survived. Tried again.

  362. 8/21/2009jellis says:

    Espresso, Milk, Steam, Froth. Latte, anyone?

  363. 8/21/2009Cyan Lines says:

    I only remember the empty bottles.

  364. 8/21/2009Cyan Lines says:

    Heard a scream. A gunshot. Silence.

  365. 8/21/2009Mo says:

    When she moved, he had nothing.

  366. 8/21/2009Cyanman says:

    I wrote a six word story.

  367. 8/21/2009Cyan Lines says:

    The chainsaw screams. So does she.

  368. 8/21/2009Straight-up Lines says:

    Chainsaw screams. Cuts flesh. Woman screams.

  369. 8/21/2009Cadavaca says:

    Spelling bee won by deaf kid!?

  370. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    She: “Say you care.” He: “Why?”

  371. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Police? Come quick. Three men just–

  372. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    He stalked her. She beheaded him.

  373. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Fainted when she saw him there.

  374. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Pulled the trigger. Gun jammed. Uh-oh.

  375. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Body washed up. Never been identified.

  376. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Came to. Buried alive. What happened?

  377. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Two-timing bastard. Scorpions. Serves him right.

  378. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Why can’t I stop killing girls?

  379. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Rape, arrest, prison, escape, revenge, Mexico.

  380. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Plane crashed and burned. No accident.

  381. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Knife. Soft flesh. What exhilarating combination!

  382. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Unjustly suspected. Feigned own death. Hope!

  383. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Eighteen victims. New York in panic.

  384. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Inspector, I did it. Not! Haha.

  385. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    You’re under arrest, Inspector. Know everything.

  386. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Kidnapped baby found dead. Million gone.

  387. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Couple shot down. Zodiac killer alive?

  388. 8/21/2009Yoshinori Todo says:

    Did it. But our love prevails.

  389. 8/21/2009Cyanman says:

    Five words. I’m a rebel.

  390. 8/21/2009Vicky C. says:

    I’d lost him. But I’m okay.

  391. 8/21/2009drakegta says:

    Alcoholic creates fantasy world; lives there.

  392. 8/22/2009James Hazelden says:

    Smiling doesn’t come naturally. I’m practicing.

  393. 8/22/2009James Hazelden says:

    Always waking up beside her ghost.

  394. 8/22/2009James Hazelden says:

    She tastes like coffee and disappointment.

  395. 8/22/2009Jodi MacArthur says:

    Lost in hell fire’s. Hot damn.

  396. 8/22/2009Jodi MacArthur says:

    (I messed up! Suppose to be…)

    Lost in hell’s fires. Hot Damn.

  397. 8/22/2009Vanessa Grayson says:

    As an adult, she still remembers.

  398. 8/22/2009repka says:

    ‘She’s in maternity hospital.’ ‘What happened?’

  399. 8/23/2009Ryan says:

    Minor marks of motherhood anticipating closure..

  400. 8/23/2009anon says:

    She laughs, but I’m not joking.

  401. 8/23/2009Riyaz Usman says:

    God on Vacation. Population Boost!

  402. 8/23/2009Riyaz Usman says:

    God went on Vacation. Population Outburst!

  403. 8/23/2009Jodi MacArthur says:

    Heaven declines – Jacob’s Ladder too short.

  404. 8/23/2009repka says:

    Warning shot. Candelabra fall. Oops, suicide.

  405. 8/23/2009Grayson says:

    Sword through heart, I am finished.

  406. 8/23/2009Elwyn Cahaly says:

    Enticing side road passed by. Again.

  407. 8/23/2009Max says:

    Empty rooms, cardboard boxes. Goodbye, home

  408. 8/23/2009y23 says:

    your hand in mine on saturday

  409. 8/23/2009mark says:

    Story tricked into WENDYs advertising.

  410. 8/23/2009Niki Robinson says:

    Eagle Scout. Drinking bout. Doubt. Out.

  411. 8/23/2009CCarle says:

    Salvation is a deep dark well.

  412. 8/23/2009CCarle says:

    I fill my eyes with her.

  413. 8/23/2009CCarle says:

    It’s all fun and games. Period.

  414. 8/24/2009Hunter C. Coch says:

    Nightingale sits singing a solemn song.

  415. 8/24/2009Doug Shaw says:

    lost tooth, found pound, happy daughter

  416. 8/24/2009Aidian says:

    Meaning of life found: [information redacted]

  417. 8/24/2009citymostar says:

    I’m melting! We live in Texas.

  418. 8/24/2009citymostar says:

    Sticky floors,hidden trash, movie theatre.

  419. 8/24/2009Barbara says:

    Children play. Adults work to play.

  420. 8/24/2009Cristin75 says:

    Bam! Speeding ambulance involved in hit-and-run!

  421. 8/24/2009Cristin75 says:

    Liftoff. Armstrong pukes. Apollo 11 aborted.

  422. 8/24/2009Choke says:

    Man gets hit in groin. Likes it!

  423. 8/24/2009repka says:

    Won the lottery. Twitted. Found dead.

  424. 8/24/2009Kera Woolfe says:

    Got my wife pregnant. With AIDS.

  425. 8/24/2009Kera Woolfe says:

    Don’t like numbers. Too much math.

  426. 8/24/2009Kera Woolfe says:

    I thought those were floating devices.

  427. 8/25/2009Matt Hill says:

    Nil by mouth, the failed zombie.

  428. 8/25/2009Downers Grove Jimmy says:

    My pact with the devil sucks.

  429. 8/25/2009Roma Diaz says:

    My life. Don’t adjust your sets.

  430. 8/25/2009Roma Diaz says:

    Pretty woman seeks her Richard Gere

  431. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Baby emerges. Looks around. Crawls back.

  432. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Napoleon pulls out hand, an iPhone!

  433. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Sign in Andromeda: ROSWELL NEXT EXIT

  434. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Fish’s last thought: “That wasn’t fly!!!”

  435. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    This good pot stoned is very!

  436. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    In 1491, the world was flat.

  437. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Kong 2009, “those jets are fast!”

  438. 8/26/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Hunchback on Prozac, “Call me Fullmodo!”

  439. 8/26/2009repka says:

    Chernobyl watchdog is glowing with health.

  440. 8/26/2009Xander says:

    Once upon a time the end.

  441. 8/27/2009Jen says:

    Date with him. Watching her instead.

  442. 8/27/2009Caarlaar says:

    Bonjour. Parlez vous Francais?


  443. 8/27/2009Roma Diaz says:

    “About last night…I’m just not…”

  444. 8/28/2009Jason says:

    Before his first breath… dead. Jesus….

  445. 8/28/2009Rafachacón says:

    Classified: Change crashed motorcycle for wheelchair.

  446. 8/28/2009Ishtiaque Zico says:

    Everybody sells simplicity. “And you?”, You.

  447. 8/28/2009Ishtiaque Zico says:

    Office: Secured job. Freelancing: freedom. Illusion.

  448. 8/28/2009lindberg1343 says:

    Car Broken. Towed Away. Now Homeless.

  449. 8/28/2009Rindo says:

    “Look Ma! I can fl-”

  450. 8/29/2009James Hazelden says:

    Ew. Someone spat in this vomit.

  451. 8/29/2009James Hazelden says:

    Buddy Holly’s last recordings: black box.

  452. 8/29/2009Ben says:

    Six word stories. Depressing as hell..

  453. 8/29/2009Tim Terpening says:

    Cooking mushrooms. Think I see fungus.

  454. 8/29/2009Alex says:

    Technology. Singularity. Transhumanism. But no humanity.

  455. 8/30/2009marllo says:

    Traffic delays, toxic fumes, goodbye summer!

  456. 8/30/2009Gail says:

    Saved by Grace. Walking by Faith.

  457. 8/30/2009Benkyoka says:

    Emaciated vegetarian vampire sunbathes in despair.

  458. 8/30/2009Darren Jones says:

    Online too long! Must….. reach…… kitchen…..

  459. 8/30/2009Joe says:

    Waited. She never showed. “Your name?…”

  460. 8/31/2009Dae says:

    So, are shadows scared of themselves?

  461. 8/31/2009E.Renee says:

    I was raped on Thanksgiving day.

  462. 8/31/2009Darren Jones says:

    I’m hungry. Papa’s crops all failed.

  463. 8/31/2009Me Shell says:

    Given another choice, she’d take death.

  464. 8/31/2009Me Shell says:

    Set alarm. Make the donuts. Repeat.

  465. 8/31/2009Me Shell says:

    Elizabeth couldn’t reject Darcy again, right?

  466. 8/31/2009Me Shell says:

    “Oh, quit trying, Richard. I’m leaving.”

  467. 8/31/2009Brice says:

    Captain Hook picks nose. Blood everywhere!

  468. 8/31/2009Miles says:

    Rolling chairs? Check. Sticks? Check. Jousting!

  469. 8/31/2009Banehowler says:

    Night, Scared, Running, Trip, Bitten, Zombie.

  470. 8/31/2009Banehowler says:

    Hero’s Last Words, Just Trust Me,

  471. 8/31/2009Joseph Dickens says:

    Lost in time. My life forever.

  472. 8/31/2009prail says:

    Blinking, he saw only truth. Blindsight.

  473. 8/31/2009Manny says:

    Stumbling the web. Found this site.

  474. 8/31/2009Manny says:

    Bee flew into my mouth. Ouch.

  475. 8/31/2009Manny says:

    Having nightmares. Can’t sleep, too scary.

  476. 8/31/2009Manny says:

    Brakes are shot, I drive anyways.

  477. 8/31/2009BlaoEr says:

    Blunt clipped; don’t feel better yet.

  478. 8/31/2009Tim C. says:

    I woke up. Shit. Still here.

  479. 9/1/2009AgincourtDB says:

    Morning. What’s my name? “Patient Zero”.

  480. 9/1/2009Darren Jones says:

    Sunrise. Peace. Pain. She really left.

  481. 9/1/2009tac says:

    Public eye averted. Dignity becomes depravity.

  482. 9/1/2009Sebastian says:

    Honey I blew up the kid.

  483. 9/1/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Artistic Civilization: Accountant cuts off ear

  484. 9/1/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Pre-school asshole, “The Wicked Witch melts!”

  485. 9/1/2009Lu C says:

    Who put toothpaste in my coffee?

  486. 9/1/2009R Polleys says:

    Once upon a multi-dimensional non-linear time…

  487. 9/1/2009R Polleys says:

    He knows she knows he knows.

  488. 9/1/2009R Polleys says:

    Two lost virginity stories too many.

  489. 9/1/2009R Polleys says:

    One wrong move. Two impaled movers.

  490. 9/1/2009R Polleys says:

    The Secret? That there isn’t one.

  491. 9/1/2009Sara says:

    A hopeless crush ends in love.

  492. 9/1/2009Jayson Gegner says:

    Children’s clothes scattered near childless pond.

  493. 9/2/2009Rahul Abhisek says:

    QWERTY cant type, School taught A-Z..

  494. 9/2/2009Darren Jones says:

    He smoked. She choked. Both croaked.

  495. 9/2/2009Lisa says:

    Yes, Six word stories are hilarious!

  496. 9/2/2009Lu C says:

    Recollecting the crime… mind went blank.

  497. 9/2/2009Laura Cook says:

    bursting with American middle class malaise

  498. 9/2/2009CC says:

    Man down… hands shaking… self down

  499. 9/2/2009Xian says:

    Born. Schooled. Worked. Died… Never lived.

  500. 9/2/2009A Liar says:

    Bang bang bang. Reload, repeat. Silence.

  501. 9/2/2009Periwinkle says:

    Fuzzy animal. itch badly, can’t breathe

  502. 9/2/2009Periwinkle says:

    Can’t walk on water, can’t fly

  503. 9/2/2009Periwinkle says:

    Do you hear the voices too!?!

  504. 9/2/2009Periwinkle says:

    Going to hell, need a ride?

  505. 9/3/2009fig says:

    Six left feet under: dancing disaster.

  506. 9/3/2009Remy Michael says:

    Kryptonite Man and Superman can’t team-up.

  507. 9/3/2009Remy Michael says:

    “Hello little robot. Are you alive?”

  508. 9/3/2009Remy Michael says:

    He tried talking to her . . . unsuccessfully.

  509. 9/3/2009Remy Michael says:

    He looked back at Earth, awestruck.

  510. 9/3/2009Remy Michael says:

    No map. Missed turn. Lost again.

  511. 9/3/2009Remy Michael says:

    The dead rise. Where’s my shotgun?

  512. 9/3/2009jellis says:

    Local woman asphyxiated, porn actor sought.

  513. 9/3/2009Benkyoka says:

    Uncle bequeathed me poison. Drank it.

  514. 9/3/2009Benkyoka says:

    Eye contact. Icon tact. Unfortunately looked.

  515. 9/4/2009Kathleen A. Ryan says:

    Awoke from dream; still living nightmare.

  516. 9/4/2009John Jackson says:

    Child adopted, child loved …… child adopts

  517. 9/4/2009ponem ft. specuklaas says:

    Yeah, it’s like, you know…. duhh!

  518. 9/4/2009ponem ft. specuklaas says:

    Inspiration gone. Please rain on me.

  519. 9/4/2009ponem ft. specuklaas says:

    Dead person. Fake blood. Unfortunate stuntman.

  520. 9/5/2009Meidna says:

    I don’t see me. He does.

  521. 9/5/2009Jon Cone says:

    That burnt truck. Ma found it.

  522. 9/5/2009Krysha Syrin says:

    Feel sane within your own insanity.

  523. 9/5/2009James Hazelden says:

    Hypothetically speaking, imagine an unanswerable question…

  524. 9/5/2009James Hazelden says:

    Old friends: speaking in unison again.

  525. 9/5/2009Trint Duringer says:

    Kiss kiss, crap, lost my dentures

  526. 9/6/2009Travis says:

    Please don’t syncopate our love babe

  527. 9/6/2009Ishtiaque Zico says:

    “Justify WWII < 140 characters” : Twitter 101

  528. 9/6/2009Ishtiaque Zico says:

    Angry INFP. Hungry ESTJ. Jung, now?

    Note: INFP and ESTJ are an abbreviation used in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to refer different personality types; developed from the work of prominent psychiatrist Carl G. Jung.

  529. 9/6/2009germana says:

    Not reticent… I just love ellipsis.

  530. 9/6/2009germana says:

    Enough drama! Let me be tragic.

  531. 9/6/2009germana says:

    I found love. True or false?

  532. 9/6/2009bevus says:

    Inmate removes, eats his own eyes.

  533. 9/6/2009PoiToi says:

    Cooking for One. Depressing. Add Arsenic.

  534. 9/6/2009Cindy says:

    She called, no answer, she cried.

  535. 9/7/2009Issimo says:

    The Earth revolves quickly, Eerily still.

  536. 9/7/2009Issimo says:

    Passive voice is to be ignored.

  537. 9/7/2009Issimo says:

    Be a realist; Demand the impossible.

  538. 9/7/2009Issimo says:

    How dare you defy and challenge.

  539. 9/7/2009Sujith Sudhakaran says:

    Crutches Broken. I can’t walk, Again

  540. 9/7/2009Vansa David says:

    Powerless after power yoga. Power nap.

  541. 9/7/2009jk_ng says:

    Words. Anger. Tears.
    … Just another goodbye.

  542. 9/8/2009Thomas says:

    It’s raining again. . . Forgot my umbrella.

  543. 9/8/2009Meatball says:

    Clean. Cook. Shave. Dress. Phone. Damn!

  544. 9/8/2009Lara Mendonça says:

    Those two weirdos lived together forever.

  545. 9/8/2009Lara Mendonça says:

    He was sarcastic. I loved him.

  546. 9/8/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Friday: Hired! Weekend! Monday: Fired.

  547. 9/9/2009sk8er N1nj4 says:

    Was a Psychiatrist; now am Patient.

  548. 9/9/2009Darren Jones says:

    Daddy’s shouting. Mummy’s crying. I’m scared.

  549. 9/9/2009Derrik says:

    What does this button do…..oops.

  550. 9/9/2009Mike says:

    Loved, wasn’t loved. Tried again. Failed.

  551. 9/9/2009Helicuor says:

    My dog used to love chocolate.

  552. 9/9/2009Helicuor says:

    Bad: buried alive. Worse: not alone.

  553. 9/9/2009Helicuor says:

    Are you sure that’s not anthrax?

  554. 9/9/2009Helicuor says:

    I died. Its lonely down here.

  555. 9/9/2009Helicuor says:

    I died. It’s lonely down here.

  556. 9/10/2009Manuel Rampp says:

    A flash. The world dies quiet.

  557. 9/10/2009James Hazelden says:

    Say no to denial with… Denydenial!

  558. 9/10/2009James Hazelden says:

    Hey kids! Say NOW to drugs.

  559. 9/10/2009James Hazelden says:

    Erotically, she removed her false limbs…

  560. 9/10/2009'Pegna says:

    Snow cairn. Food depot? Frozen body…

  561. 9/10/2009Kasey says:

    Cinderella’s shoes fit everyone but her.

  562. 9/10/2009Billy Mays III says:

    John Hancock initials on dotted line.

  563. 9/10/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Spirit detective solves his own murder.

  564. 9/10/2009Billy Mays III says:

    “You Lie!” Joe interrupted quite rudely.

  565. 9/10/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Website finally published his six-word story.

  566. 9/10/2009Billy Mays III says:

    “You had me at ‘Friend Request’.”

  567. 9/10/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Bill Gates finally uses Mac. Resigns.

  568. 9/10/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Paternity test reveals father not Vader.

  569. 9/11/2009Ron Gallus says:

    Speed’s a number. Time’s a day.

  570. 9/11/2009Adam oftheClack says:

    Consummating his emigration, han förstod all.

  571. 9/11/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Horton hears a who. Sees Owl.

  572. 9/11/2009Michelle says:

    I thought I loved you back.

  573. 9/11/2009Chris says:

    Man runs after car, gets exhausted.

  574. 9/11/2009Vishal says:

    Dark Lord rises, good guys win.

  575. 9/12/2009Vishal says:

    Where’s that cat? Got tagged, lol

  576. 9/12/2009Vishal says:

    Speak but softly and silence shatters

  577. 9/12/2009B says:

    He loves me. July; Married her.

  578. 9/12/2009Thomas Cedar says:

    Clenched, his new definition of pleasure.

  579. 9/13/2009Danica Weltwicker says:

    They’re luminous, not meant for humans.

  580. 9/13/2009djm says:

    First one’s free; price goes up.

  581. 9/13/2009James Hazelden says:

    Power-napping slumberjack over-dozes while using chain-snore.

  582. 9/13/2009James Hazelden says:

    Her undying love: ephemeral as steam.

  583. 9/13/2009James Hazelden says:

    Anal: literally to take Lana backwards.

  584. 9/13/2009Krankheit says:

    Woke up alone. Not my bedroom.

  585. 9/13/2009Billy Mays III says:

    A smile. Then there was peace.

  586. 9/13/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Apocalypse now. You’ll thank me later.

  587. 9/13/2009Billy Mays III says:

    Time traveler kills himself. Ruled homicide.

  588. 9/13/2009Vortonis says:

    Colonel Mustard. The Library. The Sword.

  589. 9/13/2009Krankheit says:

    Open head wound. Flies laid eggs.

  590. 9/13/2009Brad says:

    Man drowns. Dog lives. Questions asked.

  591. 9/13/2009Patrick says:

    Christmas dinner. Revelation: Dad is gay.

  592. 9/13/2009mariana belinotte says:

    funny war destroying new born hearts

  593. 9/13/2009Alex AH says:

    Flying birds. Helicopter. Rain of blood.

  594. 9/13/2009Anne Merritt says:

    Pain is sometimes a good thing.

  595. 9/13/2009Scott says:

    Kari Byron naked. Dream come true.

  596. 9/13/2009Matthew Theriot says:

    OH NO That was seven…. I think….

  597. 9/13/2009Matthew Theriot says:

    Tomorrow? well… let us not worry

  598. 9/13/2009Sergio Serafim says:

    Two tiny parents made gigantic baby!

  599. 9/13/2009Sergio Serafim says:

    To many doughnuts. A single stomachache.

  600. 9/13/2009Monica says:

    Cliff Bottom. Note: “Did Not Jump”

  601. 9/13/2009Andrew says:

    Deck of cards. Addiction. Lighter wallet.

  602. 9/13/2009Taloruyas says:

    Three words suffice: I love you.

  603. 9/13/2009chinneths says:

    the kitty disappeared into the visible world.

  604. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    I came. I saw. I conquered.

  605. 9/13/2009tabitha says:

    No jury could possibly convict me.

  606. 9/13/2009Alec says:

    Drinking beer. Drive home. Crying mother.

  607. 9/13/2009Ming Choon Tang says:

    Told a joke. Made him laugh.

  608. 9/13/2009kellie says:

    surrounded by angry hipsters. send help.

  609. 9/13/2009Pat says:

    I woke up. I’m still alive.

  610. 9/13/2009TreeFog says:

    Take caution post-surgical cougars ahead.

  611. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    In the beginning the end began.

  612. 9/13/2009Meg says:

    First passion. Feared realization. Blood. Safe…

  613. 9/13/2009mastertheexes says:

    I hear voices… all the time.

  614. 9/13/2009Abhinava says:

    I wonder Why!? I wonder… I…

  615. 9/13/2009Bratti Mown says:

    Life’s out of reach on beach

  616. 9/13/2009W. Fischer says:

    40 hours a week…by Tuesday.

  617. 9/13/2009jackie m says:

    born, cried, lived, cried, died alone

  618. 9/13/2009Tom-ass says:

    I tested the microphone, it’s off.

  619. 9/13/2009Tom-ass says:

    Parent’s anniversary today, I’m an orphan.

  620. 9/13/2009Tom-ass says:

    Went to the store, mmm.. bubblegum.

  621. 9/13/2009Tom-ass says:

    I started walking, I kept going.

  622. 9/13/2009Tom-ass says:

    Inserted knife, bloody hands, washed them.

  623. 9/13/2009Tom-ass says:

    Making fajitas today… NONE FOR YOU.

  624. 9/13/2009Saoirse says:

    Sweetheart, you never knew a thing.

  625. 9/13/2009phillip says:

    who’s got a six word story

  626. 9/13/2009phillip says:

    indoor smoking banned… its cold outside

  627. 9/13/2009Mitch says:

    Walk…blister…room with a view.

  628. 9/13/2009kratistos says:

    Father-Mother became Father-Father parents.

  629. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Here a true story lies. RIP

  630. 9/13/2009Mary says:

    Very hot lamp, iguana suicide. Sizzle.

  631. 9/13/2009Clif Dickens says:

    Love is just four lousy letters.

  632. 9/13/2009resipisence says:

    Contrails over a forest of ice.

  633. 9/13/2009Chris says:

    She turned and smiled. “For now.”

  634. 9/13/2009BabyMama says:

    He said he loved me . . . . baby

  635. 9/13/2009Edie says:

    I was late to my first funeral.

  636. 9/13/2009Douglas says:

    In with flowers, out with suitcase.

  637. 9/13/2009Douglas says:

    Irony: Late to my own funeral

  638. 9/13/2009Douglas says:

    Rope. Closet. Stars. Goodbye cruel world.

  639. 9/13/2009anthony says:

    The Shark swam faster than him.

  640. 9/13/2009Douglas says:

    True love: your urn, my ashtray.

  641. 9/13/2009Clif Dickens says:

    Life. Life. Life. Death. Life?

  642. 9/13/2009Clif Dickens says:

    Life. Life. Life. Life. Death. Life?

  643. 9/13/2009norman tin says:

    People tell me I need help

  644. 9/13/2009Ectara says:

    My heart with her. Her’s elsewhere.

  645. 9/13/2009Robert Jopson says:

    Prayed for Help. No help came.

  646. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Spit Red Rum = Aibohphobia Murder Tips.

  647. 9/13/2009Jordan Uncletane says:

    Soaked trousers in trenches. Hometown hero.

  648. 9/13/2009Vaber says:

    He made it! That is bad.

  649. 9/13/2009Nick Wolf says:

    I moved away. You moved on.

  650. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    The Red Balloon came back today!

  651. 9/13/2009Nick Wolf says:

    She saw me pick my nose.

  652. 9/13/2009Vivien says:

    Horse runs. Horse rears. Skull cracks.

  653. 9/13/2009anonymos says:

    turned on the t.v, nothing on

  654. 9/13/2009Sushil says:

    Am I taking my pants off?

  655. 9/13/2009Jason says:

    Religious differences. Man dumped for God.

  656. 9/13/2009Jason says:

    Nice guy finished last. Woman satisfied.

  657. 9/13/2009Katia Colin says:

    I forget what I should do.

  658. 9/13/2009Katia Colin says:

    I should start my homework now.

  659. 9/13/2009Jacqueline Rose says:

    Heartbreak is quiet.Like a Butterfly.

  660. 9/13/2009Jacqueline Rose says:

    Love crept up. Scared me silly.

  661. 9/13/2009Jacqueline Rose says:

    I’m flawed. You’re flawed. We’re perfect.

  662. 9/13/2009Vivien says:

    “Do you trust me?” Lied: “Yes.”

  663. 9/13/2009Trevor says:

    She faked orgasms. I faked love.

  664. 9/13/2009Jake says:

    Turned swagger on. Tripped over self.

  665. 9/13/2009David C. says:

    Long night, no sleep, studio life.

  666. 9/13/2009S says:

    Doesn’t love him. Doesn’t often mind.

  667. 9/13/2009Jack McCoy says:

    Comment number 667, major crisis averted!

  668. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Love is a four letter word.

  669. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I still see you in music.

  670. 9/13/2009Jack McCoy says:

    I didn’t even realize. My bad.

  671. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Saw Jesus in a red thong.

  672. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Falling fast. flashing back. changing mind.

  673. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Public urination should be done quietly.

  674. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Fine. I will take it back.

  675. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Six words isn’t enough to say…

  676. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I called. you answered. I choked.

  677. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I ate beans for dinner. again.

  678. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Look. The air bends between us.

  679. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I see God. She is lovely.

  680. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Everything I say is a lie.

  681. 9/13/2009C. A. Stahl, Esq. says:

    Short shorts, hairy man, no good.

  682. 9/13/2009Samantha Drbul says:

    I do. My heart screams “don’t”.

  683. 9/13/2009Colt Weaver says:

    Now I need a twin bed.

  684. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    She squeezed my hand and died.

  685. 9/13/2009Colt Weaver says:

    Well, hammocks are hard to navigate.

  686. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I’m staring at you with binoculars.

  687. 9/13/2009Samantha Drbul says:

    Please stop. You’re hurting me.

  688. 9/13/2009fangxuyokuna says:

    No! The cake is a lie!

  689. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Diarrhea is hereditary. Runs in jeans.

  690. 9/13/2009C. A. Stahl, Esq. says:

    Don’t mess with dragons. Seriously, don’t.

  691. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I love you. laugh. just joking.

  692. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    My fingers are bleeding. Nice feeling.

  693. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    When will hot dogs be privatized?

  694. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Screaming only works for so long.

  695. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    She is lost in the silence.

  696. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Crazy people belong behind a canvas.

  697. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Chocolate goes very well with sex.

  698. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Religion is the reason I’m single.

  699. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Drugs are bad. Reality is worse.

  700. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Never put ketchup on a sweet.

  701. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I love to talk to strangers.

  702. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    tight jeans. running late. emergency room.

  703. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Never make jokes during her period.

  704. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I am wise. I know nothing.

  705. 9/13/2009Zach Tartell says:

    Buffalo beats Oswego for Cornell girl.

  706. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    No. It doesn’t go in there.

  707. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Is that your wallet? Wow, Sorry.

  708. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I waited and waited. No luck.

  709. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    I study accounting. I love painting.

  710. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Musicians are allowed to love minors.

  711. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Wow. you suck. I’m so happy.

  712. 9/13/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Prayed for big break. in cast.

  713. 9/13/2009Benjamin Evan says:

    Bingo! Wait, Damn… Grandma, shut up!

  714. 9/13/2009Vin says:

    DEAD! … At least I thought so….

  715. 9/13/2009Jillian Wood says:

    I don’t wanna love you anymore…

  716. 9/13/2009Drew Frohn says:

    These mountains are not easily moved.

  717. 9/13/2009Hossein Soltani says:

    Thou shalt not Kim Jong-il

  718. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Once upon a time… The end.

  719. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    The best short story ever written.

  720. 9/13/2009Julius Caesar says:

    What do you want from me?

  721. 9/13/2009stevo says:

    She was pregnant; ninjas solved problem.

  722. 9/13/2009Lee Stevens says:

    Sally the senior that needed a new liver,cheered Obamas healthcare plan till the day she died.

  723. 9/13/2009Jordan Uncletane says:

    Stoned. Dude, wait was that… Nevermind.

  724. 9/13/2009Dee says:

    I love her. I might leave.

  725. 9/13/2009Douglas says:

    Failure: Lee Stevens wrote 17 words.

  726. 9/13/2009Willy G says:

    Look down. Feet. Look forward. Destiny.

  727. 9/13/2009Douglas says:

    Records. Cigarettes. I’m hip in L.A.

  728. 9/13/2009Lake Monster says:

    Across nation/world: friend/lover. Heartbroken.

  729. 9/13/2009Douglas says:

    Cold knife, hot blood; dinner’s afoot.

  730. 9/13/2009Paul Tindall says:

    Best sex ever? Ask the neighbors.

  731. 9/13/2009Dave Preli says:

    She was around, I wasn’t there.

  732. 9/13/2009Meg Baker says:

    She came. He saw. She conquered.

  733. 9/13/2009katie says:

    “you hurt me again.” “so what?”

  734. 9/13/2009Nihal Anand says:

    The grey building had blue balconies.

  735. 9/13/2009Cobalt Heaven says:

    Ate curry. Now, regrettable bathroom emergency.

  736. 9/13/2009sami b says:

    when i attempt APUSH, i cry

  737. 9/13/2009Blair says:

    Turns out, dead men tell tales.

  738. 9/13/2009StephErr says:

    Inhales. Oblivion. Mom walks in. Shit.

  739. 9/13/2009StephErr says:

    I lost him to her arms.

  740. 9/13/2009Paul Tindall says:

    A swastika, seen through the floorboards.

  741. 9/13/2009Collin Palomares says:

    “Yes?” “Yes.” “You sure?” “Not anymore.”

  742. 9/14/2009Austin Carson says:

    Roadtrip. Nantucket. DC. Daft Punk. Success!

  743. 9/14/2009Seanie G. says:

    I Would Neil do Young. Damn.

  744. 9/14/2009jason "knife" r says:

    a shitty ending kills the journey

  745. 9/14/2009jason "knife" r says:

    saving the world… a lonely battle

  746. 9/14/2009jason "knife" r says:

    making strippers cry: easier than expected

  747. 9/14/2009chodie says:

    Hot date. Chili dogs. Date over.

  748. 9/14/2009Zach Geiger says:

    And somehow, sorry wasn’t good enough.

  749. 9/14/2009jason "knife" r says:

    the dark tower… an infinite climb

  750. 9/14/2009jason "knife" r says:

    two packs can’t slow me down

  751. 9/14/2009jason "knife" r says:

    mardi gras, krystal, gin & peanut butter

  752. 9/14/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Night was Dark, Moon was Blue.

  753. 9/14/2009Douglas says:

    One word makes a shoulder wet.

  754. 9/14/2009Julius Caesar says:

    George Washington slept here! Well, almost.

  755. 9/14/2009Setrin Greyz says:

    Found love forever. Found myself lonely.

  756. 9/14/2009Lawrence says:

    Got harder the harder i tried.

  757. 9/14/2009Setrin Greyz says:

    Grief is your cold empty pillow.

  758. 9/14/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Umbrella! My kingdom for an umbrella!

  759. 9/14/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Blind love is easy to see.

  760. 9/14/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Forget me not as Cleopatra forgot

  761. 9/14/2009Ron says:

    Lost Dog: hairless unless full moon.

  762. 9/14/2009Benguin says:

    Drunk. Drunk. Rehab. Abstinence. Drunk. Damnit.

  763. 9/14/2009fucked over says:

    When love dies, only silence remains.

  764. 9/14/2009wobbles says:

    i came, i saw, i submitted

  765. 9/14/2009fucked over says:

    you left me devoid of hope

  766. 9/14/2009S.Stire says:

    If I had to…could I?

  767. 9/14/2009Twc5145 says:

    “Stop!’ I cried. “No,” he lied.

  768. 9/14/2009chemogenesis says:

    it was inconvenient, but i died

  769. 9/14/2009Benjamin Piper says:

    Life isn’t for everybody. Death is.

  770. 9/14/2009Spider Jerusalem says:

    There are no cigarettes in hell.

  771. 9/14/2009Westing says:

    Being fucked up was never easier.

  772. 9/14/2009Margaret says:

    My garden, my laziness, my weeds.

  773. 9/14/2009Abi says:

    Camping in haunted wood. Big mistake.

  774. 9/14/2009Alex S. says:

    She did once, but no longer.

  775. 9/14/2009Audrey says:

    Parents party away Sons Monopoly millions.

  776. 9/14/2009Audrey says:

    They’ll only screw you over. Hookers.

  777. 9/14/2009John says:

    Ate bug for a dare. Poisoned.

  778. 9/14/2009stardust rain says:

    Universe ending. Still awaiting rescue ship…

  779. 9/14/2009James Hazelden says:

    He wanted her. (well… parts anyway)

  780. 9/14/2009James Hazelden says:

    Palindromedaries: a hump at each end.

  781. 9/14/2009Platypus says:

    “This can’t happen”, thought the platypus.

  782. 9/14/2009Oli Beale says:

    Cancel my funeral Dad. I’m back.

  783. 9/14/2009Billy Faithfull says:

    Time machine lost in one-way system.

  784. 9/14/2009Platypus says:

    Six words later it was over.

  785. 9/14/2009Billy Faithfull says:

    Balls. It was all a dream.

  786. 9/14/2009Jori says:

    We stopped time. Forever. Happy. Together.

  787. 9/14/2009Philosophical Aardvark says:

    He turned away and wandered around.

  788. 9/14/2009Paul says:

    Told a joke. Slapped. Still funny…

  789. 9/14/2009Wright Erman says:

    He looked at me. I lied.

  790. 9/14/2009Ali says:

    General Woofington submitted; Humanity was freed!!!

  791. 9/14/2009AF says:

    Back to Future. See ya yesterday.

  792. 9/14/2009Six sense says:

    Birnam Wood moves. Macbeth: “Oh shit!”

  793. 9/14/2009Auteur-Dent says:

    Robot is human. Wait, the powers?

  794. 9/14/2009Six sense says:

    Old woman. Shoe. Dead. Sole survivor

  795. 9/14/2009Six sense says:

    Divorce is final. Have splitting headache.

  796. 9/14/2009Carl G says:

    Judgement is nonexistent when you’re weird.

  797. 9/14/2009Julius Caesar says:

    No kidding! That fish was HUGE!

  798. 9/14/2009TreeFog says:

    Black widow rehab will be needed.

  799. 9/14/2009colle says:

    she confessed she loves only him

  800. 9/14/2009Katelyn Jones says:

    You, Me, Detroit. All we need.

  801. 9/14/2009H.W. Thomas says:

    Woke up. Urinated. Sonar method failed.

  802. 9/14/2009Sabrina says:

    I love my best friend Chrispy.

  803. 9/14/2009K. Biddle says:

    Even cigarette burn scars fade eventually.

  804. 9/14/2009ct says:

    This sandwich tasted better sans poison.

  805. 9/14/2009Jonathan O Reilly says:

    Research reveals reality does not exist.

  806. 9/14/2009goneandforgotten says:

    sale: broken heart. Scotch tape included.

  807. 9/14/2009sadday says:

    will you be mine? hell no.

  808. 9/14/200929 Castles says:

    Life: Time spent remembering to forget.

  809. 9/14/2009Sam says:

    I ate a big red candle.

  810. 9/14/2009Jen says:

    Found in newspaper: Husband. Divorce wanted.

  811. 9/14/2009Nathan Yates says:

    Spited face. Know no nose, anymore.

  812. 9/14/2009Anthony Cole says:

    Came. Conquered. Assassin’s Bullet ended it.

  813. 9/14/2009AP says:

    I don’t want him (to know).

  814. 9/14/2009josh pasholk says:

    We’re doomed to our own fate.

  815. 9/14/2009Liam says:

    I am a demon with stationary .

  816. 9/14/2009xxdanlongxx says:

    If it doesn’t fit, force it.

  817. 9/14/2009Bellegrio says:

    He died, shit hit the fan.

  818. 9/14/2009-.Epic says:

    Her shirt’s coming off. Wake suddenly.

  819. 9/14/2009-.Epic says:

    Hard letter written, tears smear ink.

  820. 9/14/2009sjones41 says:

    Half empty. Half full. Just pour.

  821. 9/14/2009PonyBoy says:

    He thought he might die again.

  822. 9/14/2009Jeff says:

    Life is loveless. Death is lifeless.

  823. 9/14/2009Jeff says:

    Moon’s awakening. Savage Teeth. Bones breaking.

  824. 9/14/2009-.Epic says:

    After dropping fruit. “Damned, dirty grapes!”

  825. 9/14/2009CG says:

    Talk talk. Walk walk. Stumble. Fall.

  826. 9/14/2009NK says:

    He sighs “Karen.” My name’s Jane.

  827. 9/14/2009Michelle says:

    Insulted her. Felt guilty. Still jealous.

  828. 9/14/2009NR says:

    Loved him. He cheated. Left him

  829. 9/14/2009CG says:

    Phone: “Love you” *click* Hate relatives.

  830. 9/14/2009alan taylor says:

    They looked.But they did.Picture prr

  831. 9/14/2009-.Epic says:

    First crush? Tell her at recess.

  832. 9/14/2009Soda says:

    God was never real.

  833. 9/14/2009ryan williams says:

    i never finish what i st

  834. 9/14/2009Beau says:

    Took my shirt off. It’s nippy.

  835. 9/14/2009Stephan McDougle says:

    “Your chastity?” “Outdated.” “And morality?” “Overrated.”

  836. 9/14/2009hey_you_guy says:

    Man seeking woman. No fat chicks

  837. 9/14/2009thomas desanto says:

    mosquito, little fly. fat with blood.

  838. 9/14/2009Chip says:

    “Aversion to sunlight was not hangover”

  839. 9/14/2009Ginger Ninja says:

    Rob Store. Police Officer. 5 Years.

  840. 9/14/2009Ernest Hemingway says:

    For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

  841. 9/14/2009Colton Chase says:

    Small, Eat, Big; Big, Eat, Bigger!

  842. 9/15/2009robb says:

    Help the world heal, love more.

  843. 9/15/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Why am I writing this garbage?

  844. 9/15/2009Peggy-Sue says:

    Stuck. Open drawer. Another tampon. Saved!

  845. 9/15/2009Julius Caesar says:

    She says she loves me… sure.

  846. 9/15/2009She says:

    He came, but never really showed.

  847. 9/15/2009Sam hart says:

    Hopeless romantic needs to be loved.

  848. 9/15/2009Julius Caesar says:

    If I only had a brain

  849. 9/15/2009Julius Caesar says:

    Suck! Bang! Blow! Cigarette. Gotta light?

  850. 9/15/2009M~M says:

    Depressed lonely, winter’s coming; feeling worse

  851. 9/15/2009M~M says:

    Birthday soon, will they forget… again ?

  852. 9/15/2009discordia says:

    Why not? I’m gonna leave anyway.

  853. 9/15/2009Seany says:

    Missing her. Drinks stronger than me.

  854. 9/15/2009Danny Cynic says:

    That tree is eating the sky!

  855. 9/15/2009Joseph Thomas Santos says:

    Do I exist because I exist?

  856. 9/15/2009Darren Jones says:

    Guillotine accident. Concert career cut short.

  857. 9/15/2009Benjamin Piper says:

    I wanna try the cat food

  858. 9/15/2009Benjamin Piper says:

    Edgar Allen Poe sucked at life.

  859. 9/15/2009Jonathan O Reilly says:

    he never answered the doorbell again

  860. 9/15/2009Karim Dinoulis says:

    Left Country- Met Her Lost Her

  861. 9/15/2009Martin V. Nikolov says:

    Broken again. Rising to fall again.

  862. 9/15/2009James Hazelden says:

    Fear made his penis really hard.

  863. 9/15/2009James Hazelden says:

    Syringe recycling scheme: an utter failure.

  864. 9/15/2009Paul D. Brazill says:

    The sea of sleep enfolds me.

  865. 9/15/2009Julius Caesar says:

    My Momma always said… SHUT UP!!!!

  866. 9/15/2009Jillian Wood says:

    You make or break my day.

  867. 9/15/2009-.Epic says:

    Followed white rabbit to parking garage.

  868. 9/15/2009Lawrence says:

    you’re even cuter when you’re mad

  869. 9/15/2009Billy Faithfull says:

    Armageddon. God forgets who did what.

  870. 9/15/2009O Reilly says:

    Same old bed, just different lovers.

  871. 9/15/2009Paul A Davies says:

    Quit skiing. It’s a slippery slope.

  872. 9/15/2009Brian says:

    School has started. Everything going black.

  873. 9/15/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    Responded to Nigerian e-mail: IT WORKED!!!!!!!

  874. 9/15/2009Ricardo (Rio de Janeiro) says:

    Unluckl born, lived violently. Hung quiet.

  875. 9/15/2009Icarus says:

    “I’ll Risk it!” – “Meet John Junior.”

  876. 9/15/2009Hossein Soltani says:

    Never say never [three other words]!

  877. 9/15/2009Hossein Soltani says:

    Nothing is scary before midnight.

  878. 9/15/2009Hossein Soltani says:

    Hurts not to be published here.

  879. 9/15/2009Vishal says:

    End of the world? Get towel.

  880. 9/15/2009Dante says:

    For Beatrice; Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso. uh-oh.

  881. 9/15/2009Reality says:

    Boy meets girl, girl says no.

  882. 9/15/2009E. Latimer says:

    Jesus twittered unto them: follow me.

  883. 9/15/2009Reality says:

    dishwashing is not for the clumsy.

  884. 9/15/2009E. Latimer says:

    Cupid didn’t disinfect arrow, got herpes.

  885. 9/15/2009What says:

    I didn’t kill him. Who did?

  886. 9/15/2009E. Latimer says:

    “Despised Pedophile”, death , King of Pop.

  887. 9/15/2009E. Latimer says:

    Stars shrug at our insignificant existance.

  888. 9/15/2009E. Latimer says:

    Teleportation invented: All airplanes cover ups

  889. 9/15/2009Scrill says:

    Dark Room, 9iron, Hooker and me.

  890. 9/15/2009Rob V says:

    “I done reckon”, it’s the South.

  891. 9/15/2009Her Kharma says:

    found muse. lust. defense mechanism. used?

  892. 9/16/2009Kayle says:

    Wife handcuffed to bed. Husband died.

  893. 9/16/2009Thiago Madureira says:

    Save often, often you´ll be saved.

  894. 9/16/2009Ka says:

    After, the baby wasn’t crying anymore.

  895. 9/16/2009Ka says:

    She fakes crying so he’ll smile.

  896. 9/16/2009James Hazelden says:

    Shakespeare’s pencil: 2B or not 2B?

  897. 9/16/2009James Hazelden says:

    6666: Pin number of the beast.

  898. 9/16/2009Matthew Wright says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen. Fasten your seat-belts.

  899. 9/16/2009Billy Faithfull says:

    Story rejected. Story of my life.

  900. 9/16/2009Julius Caesar says:

    I am the Alpha Male!! ok?

  901. 9/16/2009Hossein Soltani says:

    Fell in love. Married. again? Divorced.

  902. 9/16/2009Elisabeth_Lisa says:

    Heroin overdose.She was only 17.

  903. 9/16/2009dant says:

    It was going good untill the end…

  904. 9/16/2009Abraham D'Grebwen says:

    “Take care,” she said; took hair.

  905. 9/16/2009Abraham D'Grebwen says:

    When the going get’s rough, stop.

  906. 9/16/2009Abraham D'Grebwen says:

    Uh oh! Sushi surprises aren’t fun.

  907. 9/16/2009Abraham D'Grebwen says:

    To vom again, tomorrow’s yesterday’s meal.

  908. 9/16/2009Abraham D'Grebwen says:

    [You gotta.] “No.” [Alright then, die.]

  909. 9/16/2009Abraham D'Grebwen says:

    Watch yourself, there’s a mongrel loose.

  910. 9/16/2009Shannon Van Alsburg says:

    Eventually she left; he over-tweeted.

  911. 9/16/2009Jake Kellner says:

    He went, he saw, he came.

  912. 9/16/2009Benjamin Piper says:

    Kanye West: Presidential Jackass recipient ’09

  913. 9/16/2009Rob says:

    I used to believe in fate.

  914. 9/16/2009David Bright says:

    We smile, choking back a laugh.

  915. 9/17/2009Alan Quirino says:

    Zombie attack. Run and panic. Walk………

  916. 9/17/2009StaR says:

    I met him at a funeral

  917. 9/17/2009Dana says:

    Think. Procrastinate. Write. Submit. Wait. Repeat.

  918. 9/17/2009jacqueline says:

    Clam goes clubbing, pulls a mussel

  919. 9/17/2009Daniel says:

    Seeking sperm donor. Different surname please.

  920. 9/17/2009Alonso Hernández says:

    Mcdonalds. Mother and sons. Cockroaches attack!

  921. 9/17/2009J says:

    Poet dies in tragic rhyming accident

  922. 9/17/2009Daniel says:

    Touched her user interface. System crash.

  923. 9/17/2009sim says:

    Six word stories? Not very easy.

  924. 9/17/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    _derators are erasing all my posts!

  925. 9/17/2009ponem ft. specuklaas says:

    Apocalypse. Run. See her. The END.

  926. 9/17/2009Ken Krimstein says:

    “Watch Timmy swim, er, walk?”

  927. 9/17/2009Erick Stelter says:

    Save my life. Stop choking me.

  928. 9/17/2009Benjamin Piper says:

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy had it coming.

  929. 9/17/2009Monty Vorster says:

    Terminal lung cancer. Strangled by intruders.

  930. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    Double-parked Ferrari? Solution: Shiny Coin.

  931. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    The bomb exploded. All was silent.

  932. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    President trips! Accidentally presses red button…

  933. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    Death. White-light… Water? Gills? Reincarnation…

  934. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    Three little pigs… Charged for murder.

  935. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    Six word stories too long!

  936. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    Meticulous domino chain completed… Don’t sNEEZE!!!

  937. 9/17/2009Ben Ng says:

    Cloning achieved! Gay man marries self.

  938. 9/17/2009Marty Bass says:

    He couldn’t count to six.

  939. 9/17/2009Edward scissorhands says:

    Agnostic wishes there was a God

  940. 9/18/2009Team Mangina Force says:

    My Balls. Your Mouth. Fuck Yea!

  941. 9/18/2009Team Mangina Force says:

    Hooker In Subway. Brains on Sidewalk.

  942. 9/18/2009Team Mangina Force says:

    Two for One…in My Pants.

  943. 9/18/2009Team Mangina Force says:

    All You Can Eat, Hairy Ballsack.

  944. 9/18/2009Team Mangina Force says:

    Sucking My Dick, a Steamy Rendezvous.

  945. 9/18/2009Team Mangina Force says:

    Innocent encounter, Female partner now blind.

  946. 9/18/2009Paul D. Brazill says:

    For sale. Double bed. Never used.

  947. 9/18/2009-.Epic says:

    Followed white rabbit….to parking garage?

  948. 9/18/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Clever advertisements

  949. 9/18/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    For sale: toothbrush. Never used.

  950. 9/18/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    For sale: deodorant. Never used.
    ” underwear ”
    ” soap ”
    ” Valentine’s Candy “

  951. 9/18/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Administrator suspects I broke the server.

  952. 9/18/2009Hilary Davidson says:

    “Help! I can’t swim!”

  953. 9/18/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Death finds 50-something celebrity. Jackpot!

    Fatal exeption: celebrity in her 70s.

  954. 9/18/2009David Bright says:

    He wanted to be set free.

  955. 9/18/2009Pete says:

    Six words is jut not enough.

  956. 9/19/2009Allie Blodinger says:

    I’m compulsive to finish every thi…

  957. 9/19/2009Elliott says:

    Taylor Swift cries because Kanye happened.

  958. 9/19/2009G. Steve Arnold says:

    Grandma? Please, give me the gun.

  959. 9/19/2009Allie Blodinger says:

    Scammers are fun to mess with….

  960. 9/19/2009Joe19G27 says:

    Too much gin. Too little bucket.

  961. 9/19/2009CG says:

    Flesh wound. Extract heart. “Take it.”

  962. 9/19/2009Heather Sartin says:

    She opened doors he never could.

  963. 9/19/2009Pete says:

    Dog missing. Sausage pizza tastes funny.

  964. 9/20/2009Allie Blodinger says:

    After fourteen years. Caved. Bought iPod.

  965. 9/20/2009Benjamin Piper says:

    I hate your face, turd nugget.

  966. 9/20/2009SirNuke says:

    Scientists achieve immorality! Kills all progress.

  967. 9/20/2009pnice says:

    Pink Cadillac. Blotter acid. Memphis Blues.

  968. 9/20/2009Zach Geiger says:

    “The vasectomy didn’t take?” “Happy birthday!”

  969. 9/21/2009Pat says:

    Luke:”fucking droids can stay lost”

  970. 9/21/2009CG says:

    Dream Girl: Has wings – will travel.

  971. 9/21/2009Krystle says:

    How are you? Amazing, he replied.

  972. 9/21/2009Ruth Polleys says:

    Freud dreamed the whole thing up.

  973. 9/21/2009Luke Sisson says:

    It’s time. Markus, bring my guns.

  974. 9/21/2009Zach says:

    Body found. Crowd gathers. Parents …

  975. 9/21/2009sadday says:

    Sometimes the words only SEEM right…

  976. 9/22/2009James Black says:

    Dinner with Palin: $63,500. (Includes gratuity.)

  977. 9/22/2009Scott says:

    A mathematician kept eighteen octopi. Gross.

  978. 9/22/2009Scott says:

    Six words? Good for carpal tunnel

  979. 9/22/2009Scott says:

    “Not outside!” cried the amateur allergist.

  980. 9/22/2009Carl Lesswell says:

    Author shocked: Story lacks word.

  981. 9/22/2009Scott says:

    Syphilis: when LSD just isn’t enough.

  982. 9/22/2009Scott says:

    President erected: fans of Engrish rejoice.

  983. 9/22/2009Scott says:

    Hairstylists after breakup: “We didn’t gel.”

  984. 9/22/2009Scott says:

    California wages war on earthquakes; secedes.

  985. 9/22/2009Daniel says:

    Timmy trapped in mine? Crazy dog.

  986. 9/22/2009Bharat says:

    Headache. Tylenol. Headache. Gunshot. No Headache.

  987. 9/22/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Once grandiloquent, he now gesticulates garrulously.

  988. 9/22/2009Scott G says:

    Unexpected pineapple in intestinal x-ray results.

  989. 9/22/2009Luke Sisson says:

    Dave: It won’t…
    Meredith: No refunds.

  990. 9/22/2009James Hazelden says:

    Repetition is funny. (Repetition is funny)

  991. 9/23/2009Bigjasi says:

    Won the lottery. Lost his family.

  992. 9/23/2009George F. Pieterse says:

    Clouds. Lightning.Thunder. Rain relieves all…

  993. 9/23/2009Oscar T says:

    Sleep: My only friend… Can’t sleep…

  994. 9/23/2009James Black says:

    Tub is empty. Where’s the baby?

  995. 9/23/2009Chris says:

    Werewolf barmitzvah. Boys, men, then werewolves.

  996. 9/23/2009Chris says:

    Who on earth is Frank Stallone?

  997. 9/23/2009Scott says:

    Sparkly vampires do a millionaire make.

  998. 9/23/2009Scott says:

    Hide. Walk-in freezer!
    Seek. Dinnertime!

  999. 9/23/2009Luke Sisson says:

    Beep boop. Goodbye Commander Thompson. Party!

  1000. 9/23/2009Scott says:

    One thousand stories, six thousand words!

  1001. 9/24/2009thew says:

    World ends, but I’m still alive.

  1002. 9/24/2009thew says:

    Vegan zombies. The world is relieved.

  1003. 9/24/2009Ida Dida says:

    Down the hole. Njam. Lesbian Alice.

  1004. 9/24/2009Allie Blodinger says:

    Ninjas attack. You loose three days.

  1005. 9/24/2009David Abraham Chua says:

    Lady knight hides in over-sized armor.

  1006. 9/24/2009David Abraham Chua says:

    “Beautiful boxer” bade balls bon-voyage.

  1007. 9/24/2009David Abraham Chua says:

    Immortality recipe: Die first, birth later.

  1008. 9/24/2009David Abraham Chua says:

    Wary juggernaut: He betrayed his instincts.

  1009. 9/24/2009David Abraham Chua says:

    Growth spurt: Short mirth, long birth.

  1010. 9/24/2009Alonso Hernández says:

    I was a lover. NO REWARD!

  1011. 9/24/2009Tony says:

    Bananas in pajamas are coming downstairs

  1012. 9/24/2009Alonso Hernández says:

    The Unhappy-happies meet at morning [evening-romance]

  1013. 9/24/2009Joe19G27 says:

    Thrive. (good use of six words.)

  1014. 9/24/2009Michael J. Solender says:

    Vegan once, Butter Brickle changed that.

  1015. 9/24/2009Michael Munsil says:

    First nothing. Words spoken! Still nothing.

  1016. 9/24/2009James Black says:

    Note to self: “I’m with stupid.”

  1017. 9/24/2009Ruth Polleys says:

    Smiley face lobbies for semicolon status.

  1018. 9/24/2009Ruth Polleys says:

    Table for one. Martinis for two.

  1019. 9/25/2009Jeff says:

    Simple smash and grab. Tripped, arrested.

  1020. 9/25/2009James Black says:

    Keep your head up. I’m aiming.

  1021. 9/25/2009Andy Wicks says:

    Teacher tempted by taboo curriculum. Sacked.

  1022. 9/25/2009Kelly Kate says:

    man sees man; first homo erectus.

  1023. 9/25/2009Kelly Kate says:

    he regreted parking in two spaces.

  1024. 9/25/2009Kelly Kate says:

    gay geneticist finds designer genes. celebrate!

  1025. 9/25/2009Kelly Kate says:

    but grandma, those arent your teeth…

  1026. 9/25/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Dyslexic warns: “He’s got a gnu!”

  1027. 9/25/2009anna says:

    dewdrops on weeping willows

  1028. 9/25/2009anna says:

    excitement leaked out of my bellybotton

  1029. 9/25/2009anna says:

    i am not a turtle

  1030. 9/26/2009casper says:

    found the oar, lost the boat.

  1031. 9/26/2009casper says:

    changed the world, now worse off

  1032. 9/26/2009casper says:

    followed rabbit. got stuck in hole.

  1033. 9/26/2009James Hazelden says:

    Comedy genius: I even sleep funny.

  1034. 9/26/2009kellie says:

    if world ends today, forever yours.

  1035. 9/26/2009Krysha Syrin says:

    Another sunrise without you, another heartache

  1036. 9/26/2009Convoluted says:

    Be a good person, die anyway.

  1037. 9/27/2009Gryphon says:

    he doesn’t listen, why should I?

  1038. 9/27/2009Rom says:

    Auctioned – baby shoes. never been worn.

  1039. 9/27/2009Luke Sisson says:

    A shooting star! No, dying astronaut.

  1040. 9/27/2009elliot says:

    Love a stranger, risk your life.

  1041. 9/27/2009Howard Richards says:

    The Cowboys must beat the Panthers!

  1042. 9/27/2009Howard Richards says:

    The Cowboys WILL beat the Panthers!

  1043. 9/28/2009Gare Bear says:

    Bought two tickets. Sat with strangers.

  1044. 9/28/2009David Abraham Chua says:

    Car drives off cliff. GPS: “Recalculating…”

  1045. 9/28/2009Tommie Bill says:

    Spirit whispers, ego shouts…I listen

  1046. 9/28/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Criminal contact?
    Forget it babe -it’s Chinatown!

  1047. 9/28/2009matthew stanley says:

    Couldn’t sleep, ate cheese, forgot intolerance.

  1048. 9/28/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Congratula -Beyonce’s video was much better- tions!

  1049. 9/28/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    News brief: boxer wears them.

  1050. 9/28/2009James Black says:

    Afraid to parallel park. Jump now.

  1051. 9/28/2009Reigar says:

    One Fish. Two fish. Satisfied Shark.

  1052. 9/28/2009James Black says:

    Has-beens’ heirs’ ennui fills E!’s lineup.

  1053. 9/28/2009Hari Prasad. M says:

    He hid her; forgot the heels

  1054. 9/28/2009Marvic Leonen says:

    Saw her. Lacked courage. Next time.

  1055. 9/28/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Multi-personality online dater’s profiles self-matched.

  1056. 9/29/2009Mr. Mac says:

    She has everything but my heart.

  1057. 9/29/2009Mr. Mac says:

    Long distance relationship? Can it last?

  1058. 9/29/2009Mr. Mac says:

    Felt her warmth. She had peed.

  1059. 9/29/2009LoZfan03 says:

    Astronaut’s worst enemy: check engine light.

  1060. 9/29/2009Aquon says:

    You may now kiss your bride…

  1061. 9/29/2009casper says:

    canary sings. earplugs in. miners perish.

  1062. 9/29/2009tony volpicelli says:

    I loved I lost I wait

  1063. 9/29/2009Justin S says:

    Eventually it struck him. Then blackness.

  1064. 9/29/2009eric says:

    one last cookie. no more milk.

  1065. 9/29/2009James Black says:

    I’m not ready to forgive you.

  1066. 9/29/2009flmumb says:

    Vegas: insert coin, pull lever, repeat.

  1067. 9/30/2009daryl says:

    no shame in turning back now

  1068. 9/30/2009teasweet says:

    Boy meets girl. Unsafe sex. AIDS

  1069. 9/30/2009KapitanH says:

    27 Mon| Ovulation. Honey – day off.

  1070. 9/30/2009L says:

    Humor me now, speak your mind.

  1071. 9/30/2009Sara Dobie says:

    Facebook says your boyfriend is “Single.”

  1072. 9/30/2009MattT says:

    Alone. Dark. Cold. Where am I?

  1073. 9/30/2009James Black says:

    Boy meets boy. Parents adapt. Etc.

  1074. 9/30/2009T L says:

    Took a dump. Feels good man.

  1075. 9/30/2009Goyzilla says:

    Robot gains consciousness. Man fears creation.

  1076. 9/30/2009Goyzilla says:

    Donated last dollar. I am broke.

  1077. 9/30/2009Goyzilla says:

    Aliens found. What do we say?

  1078. 9/30/2009Pen Shmen says:

    Lead is deadly, so pencils ready.

  1079. 10/1/2009johndango says:

    Your secret’s safe with the highway.

  1080. 10/1/2009Ben Piper says:

    This is the shortest story ever.

  1081. 10/1/2009caelum says:

    It’s my chance. I lose, again.

  1082. 10/1/2009Rahul Jiresal says:

    Fell in love, lost Best Friend…

  1083. 10/1/2009Sara Dobie says:

    Desk chair. Better than your bed.

  1084. 10/1/2009Elton John says:

    Chicken Evolves. Egg virus. Humans Enslaved.

  1085. 10/1/2009Bellegrio says:

    Simple dear lad, your a homosexual.

  1086. 10/1/2009anaj says:

    Her skin didn’t match her skin.

  1087. 10/1/2009Saša Potežica says:

    God tweets Armageddon; Pope didn’t see.

  1088. 10/1/2009Matt says:

    I have cancer? Where’s my cigarettes?

  1089. 10/1/2009lost cause... says:

    Taking ACT soon, pretty stressed out!!

  1090. 10/1/2009lost cause... says:

    What a day! Pass the J!

  1091. 10/1/2009lost cause... says:

    Adopted?!? Are you fuckin shittin me?!

  1092. 10/2/2009KFC says:

    It was all just a dream…

  1093. 10/2/2009KFC says:

    Found life behind a burning cigarette.

  1094. 10/2/2009Greenie says:

    80’s Night: Safety Dancing until Death.

  1095. 10/2/2009Sara Dobie says:

    The angry dog wore a Snuggie

  1096. 10/2/2009Dustin says:

    Move on; there is no tomorrow.

  1097. 10/2/2009Jennifer says:

    Im not lying.HE REALLY DID!

  1098. 10/2/2009Jen says:

    Sat on my ass.wasted life

  1099. 10/2/2009Jen says:

    People assume things.dont underestimate me

  1100. 10/2/2009Justin Mullens says:

    Déjà vu. Glitch in the Matrix?

  1101. 10/2/2009Justin Mullens says:

    Something smells funny. Oh, it’s me

  1102. 10/2/2009James Black says:

    David divulged to preempt Worldwide dePantsing.

  1103. 10/3/2009Clytan Fernando says:

    Mother screamed. Baby screamed. Orphan born.

  1104. 10/3/2009Emma Reilly says:

    Live! Today will never be again.

  1105. 10/3/2009David says:

    Tom loves Katie, Oprah is scared.

  1106. 10/3/2009David says:

    Kanye opens mouth, kills his career.

  1107. 10/3/2009GL Kay says:

    Online dalliance, names tagged. Wife knows.

  1108. 10/4/2009Am says:

    He cheated. She left. Both remember.

  1109. 10/4/2009elwyn says:

    Peter Cottontail enters gator trail. Yikes!

  1110. 10/4/2009Max says:

    Peter Cottontail. Hopping. Bunny trail. BANG.

  1111. 10/4/2009Max says:

    Funny Story. Posted. But I failed.

  1112. 10/4/2009makenzie says:

    Like, lust, love, lie, lose.

  1113. 10/4/2009daxmacher says:

    fall is depressing. girls wear sweaters.

  1114. 10/4/2009daxmacher says:

    party. pictures tagged. lost job opportunities.

  1115. 10/4/2009gaze says:

    “Come back”, he cried. She didn’t

  1116. 10/5/2009Bee Nee says:

    Lost: Mind. Please return if found.

  1117. 10/5/2009Davies says:

    Dad cums, your born, now repeat.

  1118. 10/5/2009Darcy Fallon says:

    Writer stubs toe on writer’s block.

  1119. 10/5/2009Jan says:

    Tiny fingers, ocean eyes, pure love

  1120. 10/5/2009Jan says:

    Born grow love struggle suffer die

  1121. 10/5/2009'Pegna says:

    Average: Less than two legs each

  1122. 10/5/2009'Pegna says:

    Pavlov, does it ring a bell?

  1123. 10/5/2009'Pegna says:

    Relatively speaking, Time is no object.

  1124. 10/5/2009ponem says:

    I Loved Being In Love Forever.

  1125. 10/5/2009Victor Cruzate says:

    De père con et mère insouciante

  1126. 10/5/2009Stephen Denny says:

    Charlie Brown. Live from death row.

  1127. 10/6/2009discordia says:

    tread the stars, reach the ground

  1128. 10/6/2009Davies says:

    Bin Laden laid, now nice guy.

  1129. 10/6/2009Zumaques says:

    The sixth word was the end.

  1130. 10/6/2009Shayana says:

    She Walked Away, He Stares Madly !

  1131. 10/6/2009jessie says:

    Was out, Cops came, Wrong crowd.

  1132. 10/6/2009Jade Monroe says:

    Breathe Breathe Push Push wait……wait

  1133. 10/6/2009erica (: says:

    Went out, Cops came, Curfew . . Busted.

  1134. 10/6/2009Jade Monroe says:

    Push.Push.Harder.Harder. Please Breath!

  1135. 10/6/2009Robin Billips says:

    The lie my mother told me

  1136. 10/6/2009Eric Caraballo says:

    Beba, Karly. Eric’s house. Same time!

  1137. 10/6/2009Cabrecca Perry says:

    Dads getting some, not with mommy

  1138. 10/6/2009Brittany Jones says:

    Handcuffed in my own demented addiction.

  1139. 10/6/2009Cabrecca Perry says:

    Dog gets new bones, wheres dad

  1140. 10/6/2009Jankai Mulbah says:

    Mom my water broke! What water?

  1141. 10/6/2009Eric Caraballo says:

    Alejandra sees girls. Eric sees trouble.

  1142. 10/6/2009Paulette Ray says:

    Dad and I was there…together

  1143. 10/6/2009jennifer says:

    DUMP HIM.You can do better

  1144. 10/6/2009Jasmine Hardy says:

    Friday Night, Under the darkness….IMPATIENT!

  1145. 10/6/2009Jaleel Johnson says:

    The world is yours. Take it.

  1146. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Moan. Spasm. Die…Rise. Moan. Brains

  1147. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Don’t Press that button! Click. What?

  1148. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Grrrr. Rawr. Grawr. Rawr. Boom. Extinction

  1149. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Feeling Lucky. Fired Five Shots. Blam.

  1150. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Reversed Polarity. Told Kirk. Saved Enterprise

  1151. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Landing Party. Red Shirt. I’m Dead.

  1152. 10/6/2009Sudhamshu says:

    Drunk Tennis Player. Always sees Doubles!

  1153. 10/6/2009Sudhamshu Hebbar says:

    Sun Rises. Apple Falls. Google Waves.

  1154. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Studied Hours. Test Tomorrow. Face Desk.

  1155. 10/6/2009Sudhamshu Hebbar says:

    Programmer falls for beautiful girl. EOF.

  1156. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Met Chuck Norris. Lived No Longer.

  1157. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Girl Meets Girl. Boys watch interested.

  1158. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Man discovers cannibalism. Large Feast ensues.

  1159. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    At school like a pirate. MLIA

  1160. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Two Hollywood Posers. Fake Autographs. GROUND.

  1161. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    On a boat. Can’t see T-Pain.

  1162. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    Conclusion: Severed Heads make good Dodgeballs

  1163. 10/6/2009Beauchamp says:

    My dad’s not a phone. DUH!

  1164. 10/6/2009Todd Latimore says:

    Ding! Eighth Period or Eighth Round?

  1165. 10/6/2009Lamont I. says:

    “Liver Transplant Arrives. Beep…..Beep….. Beeeeeeep”

  1166. 10/6/2009Demetrius says:

    Big Dreamer ; But Wheres The Reality ?

  1167. 10/6/2009Charles T. says:

    One hit, she lost it all.

  1168. 10/6/2009Addarr says:

    12, no show, bells ringing….screaming!

  1169. 10/6/2009arlette says:

    ” Text me sarah… But I’m susan “

  1170. 10/6/2009coachrp says:

    dribble pass shot what a goal!

  1171. 10/6/2009Daivon J says:

    Best Friends. One Championship. Jealousy Kills.

  1172. 10/6/2009Adrease Armstead says:

    the best football player shot down

  1173. 10/6/2009Talissa Riley says:

    Emotional Diaster…A brand new start

  1174. 10/6/2009Jahmilla Muse says:

    “Love hates life,Donte’s inferno helped”

  1175. 10/6/2009Doriean J says:

    at&t Can’t drop ‘ I LOVE YOU “.

  1176. 10/6/2009Marissa R. says:


  1177. 10/6/2009Sara Dobie says:

    Rain reminds me of your shower.

  1178. 10/6/2009Yuki Kuran says:

    Sweet Dreams. Nightmares. Killing Time. Dead.

  1179. 10/6/2009Jamahal R. says:

    He is gone but not forgotten.

  1180. 10/6/2009Ashleigh Foster says:

    She loves him…He kills her …..

  1181. 10/6/2009Ratisha says:

    is he my bestfriend? or lover…

  1182. 10/6/2009Max says:

    Spaceships land. Proclaim ancestry. Lose God.

  1183. 10/6/2009CKuch says:

    Breakfast goes airborne as skateboard skids.

  1184. 10/6/2009CKuch says:

    Breakfast goes airborne as longboard skids.

  1185. 10/6/2009E Kay says:

    Couldn’t lose weight. Ate a tapeworm.

  1186. 10/6/2009bluemanrocks says:

    “I’ll never forget!” Amnesia. He forgets.

  1187. 10/6/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Head in the clouds. It rains.

  1188. 10/6/2009bluemanrocks says:

    “It’s gonna be alright,” he lies.

  1189. 10/6/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Prequel planned: “Plenty of Mohicans Left”

  1190. 10/6/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Anticipated Hannibal prequel: “Pretty Loud Lambs”.

  1191. 10/6/2009bluemanrocks says:

    Chubby Checker. Fats Domino. Paunchy Stratego?

  1192. 10/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Six words, hun? I’ll cheat then.

  1193. 10/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Allergic dragon indicted for arson

  1194. 10/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Lady or tiger?
    Wrong Door –

  1195. 10/7/2009Zumaques says:

    Mountain was coming, prophet was impatient.

  1196. 10/7/2009Sarah Perez says:

    9months later…Here we go again

  1197. 10/7/2009Olivia S. says:

    Woke up in Vegas!!! What the…

  1198. 10/7/2009Cygnet says:

    S&M Mistress. Favorite ice cream? Vanilla.

  1199. 10/7/2009ShaniceM518 says:

    Hi I’m John, I’m addicted to…

  1200. 10/7/2009Mahir Mohiuddin says:

    Feeling pain of my first love.

  1201. 10/7/2009Kirsten says:

    Write. Rewrite. Re-rewrite. Delete. Use original.

  1202. 10/8/2009Simon Kewin says:

    She swam to sea until exhausted.

  1203. 10/8/2009Sara Dobie says:

    Whiskey ruined relationships. And job interviews.

  1204. 10/8/2009Reay Jespersen says:

    For Christmas she got his heart.

  1205. 10/8/2009Frank Heinrich says:

    I want to get jalapeño business.

  1206. 10/8/2009@w1t says:

    When smokey sings… I hear violence

  1207. 10/8/2009Justin franco says:

    Free dog. Now, I know why.

  1208. 10/8/2009Luke Sisson says:

    Heard news lately? Yeah, me neither.

  1209. 10/8/2009Sheridan Kelley says:

    It started off as a comedy.

  1210. 10/8/2009Zachariah Pleasantry says:

    Crime is everywhere. Even here! AHHHHHHH

  1211. 10/9/2009Ben Ng says:

    New escort service. “Oh… Hi dad…”

  1212. 10/9/2009Billy Faithfull says:

    Died with most stuff. I won.

  1213. 10/9/2009Tomy Tomm says:

    If you like me say yes

  1214. 10/9/2009Blaine Elswood says:

    The Apes that destroyed The World

  1215. 10/9/2009Sara Dobie says:

    I happily burned your clean laundry.

  1216. 10/9/2009savannah says:

    I hurt. He helped. Then left.

  1217. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    He moved away. What a mistake.

  1218. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Got degree. Got married. Got dead.

  1219. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Redhead went to beach. Got burned.

  1220. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    There is no truth. Only lies.

  1221. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    The world is changing. It’s worse.

  1222. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Even blind men saw the signs.

  1223. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    The hero ventured out. Never returned.

  1224. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Food for poor. More for rich.

  1225. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    He said. She said. Who cares?

  1226. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Petey Penguin puffs his pot pipe.

  1227. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Don’t worry about me. Or do.

  1228. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Married a prostitute. Married true love.

  1229. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    No! Don’t Zig! You gotta Zag!

  1230. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Saw a scary movie. Wasn’t scary.

  1231. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Reached hell. Decided to turn around.

  1232. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Gonna write a six word story…

  1233. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    Sad. Mad. Just one letter difference.

  1234. 10/9/2009Sir Brody Mikel says:

    I am sitting home alone again.

  1235. 10/9/2009coen guldenmund says:

    found wrote 5
    life not ruled
    imagination does

  1236. 10/10/2009re says:

    His train departed; his lover remained.

  1237. 10/10/2009Matt says:

    They’re coming to get you Barbara.

  1238. 10/10/2009Matt says:

    She came back; wish I’d left.

  1239. 10/10/2009Matt says:

    Asleep on the couch. Still awake.

  1240. 10/10/2009Jeff Free says:

    Jesus came back. Whole event underwhelming.

  1241. 10/10/2009coen guldenmund says:

    weight lift seas
    not continents

    thank you guys
    can i have a comment


  1242. 10/10/2009Hillary Brown says:

    You’re in Europe. I’m alone here.

  1243. 10/10/2009drakegta says:

    Caught ‘em all (not Pokémon, STDs)

  1244. 10/10/2009Marrilis says:

    I shot Cupid in the heart.

  1245. 10/10/2009Roma Diaz says:

    He didn’t eat food, he inhaled.

  1246. 10/10/2009Bryan says:

    Young man controlled by personified personalities.

  1247. 10/10/2009joe says:

    I want to fucking kill you.

  1248. 10/10/2009Daniel Kahn says:

    I discovered the meaning of life.

  1249. 10/10/2009me says:

    hey dad, i fucking hate baseball

  1250. 10/10/2009Q.T.Quazar says:

    Escaped hell. Played Christian rock backwards.

  1251. 10/10/2009Copern says:

    Don’t tell my dad I’m gay.

  1252. 10/11/2009Dolly Pocket says:

    slept through most this slumber-filled saturday

  1253. 10/11/2009Michael C. Toren says:

    Resolved issue #1. Broke-up over #2.

  1254. 10/11/2009James Hazelden says:

    Banks: a faith worse than debt.

  1255. 10/11/2009Kyle Nelson says:

    Shamwow absorbs blood; Vince loves prostitutes.

  1256. 10/11/2009Dave McDonald says:

    I am thinking about you again.

  1257. 10/11/2009Chris says:

    Want college? Keep your grades up.

  1258. 10/11/2009Chris says:

    Finishes last in race; considers dieting.

  1259. 10/11/2009Chris says:

    Kid wants, kid gets: slacker adult.

  1260. 10/11/2009Chris says:

    Don’t ask, don’t tell; don’t care.

  1261. 10/11/2009'Pegna says:

    How far Is it?

    Not far.

  1262. 10/11/2009Elwyn Cahaly says:

    It’s always something. Until comes nothing.

  1263. 10/11/2009Toby Litt says:

    ‘Sorry, but like no way, Lord.’

  1264. 10/11/2009Nikk says:

    Why? (“Why not?” is no justification).

  1265. 10/11/2009Sam Jones says:

    New puppy. Bites me. Still cute.

  1266. 10/11/2009Jeremy Heckt says:

    When I’m 64, I’ll be fed.

  1267. 10/11/2009CTUpton says:

    He let me go, now what?

  1268. 10/11/2009D. Minor says:

    Peace and love change the world.

  1269. 10/11/2009Micheal says:

    Dark skies. Where are the Heroes?

  1270. 10/11/2009eli says:

    Confused. The golem-waiter watched as she left.

  1271. 10/11/2009Jayson Barr says:

    can’t be forced, and won’t repent.

  1272. 10/11/2009Jayson Barr says:

    left with myself and one bullet

  1273. 10/11/2009Jayson Barr says:

    i’m not lost – nowhere to go

  1274. 10/11/2009Jayson Barr says:

    for the last time once again

  1275. 10/11/2009Jayson Barr says:

    ‘Right from wrong?’
    My family’s hungry!

  1276. 10/11/2009Jayson Barr says:

    Two bright lights, honking, didn’t move.

  1277. 10/11/2009Daniel Kahn says:

    Modern age ‘Macbeth': gas powered coven.

  1278. 10/12/2009Paul says:

    Mom: We need to talk, Oedipus

  1279. 10/12/2009Paul says:

    Muhammad in airport. What racial profiling?

  1280. 10/12/2009Dave says:

    Take my gravy–skinny little bitch.

  1281. 10/12/2009Paul says:

    Organized: top, down. Grassroots? Tea Party.

  1282. 10/12/2009Grace says:

    First to the summit! Celebrated…alone.

  1283. 10/12/2009Caroline Cody says:

    My reckless living: coffee after three.

  1284. 10/12/2009Elwyn Cahaly says:

    Enticing road. Finally taken. Dead end.

  1285. 10/12/2009Pro_B says:

    Glowing cigarette tip. No smoker visible.

  1286. 10/12/2009Pro_B says:

    Turkey in crib. Oven timer rings.

  1287. 10/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Sober Barney Gumble can’t see straight.

  1288. 10/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    AP Poll punishes football team’s win.

  1289. 10/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Blame someone else

  1290. 10/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Overactive conscience: *I* broke the dam!

  1291. 10/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Satan relocates to Garden of Elah

  1292. 10/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    MA Thesis: Wikipedia don’t fail me!

  1293. 10/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    * Moon 1
    LCROSS 0
    –> Sound Stage?

  1294. 10/12/2009Ryan Manning says:

    I’m hanging on by a thread.

  1295. 10/13/2009Daniel Kahn says:

    The girl ran away to home.

  1296. 10/13/2009Tiana Brown says:

    “Me Him…Pleasure Pain…Sixty-Nine”

  1297. 10/13/2009Daniel Epstein says:

    I fold. You crease. We tear.

  1298. 10/13/2009Hemingway says:

    For Sale: Unworn Baby Shoes.

  1299. 10/13/2009Liz Crouse says:

    Fantastic weekend. Then he never called.

  1300. 10/13/2009Cor says:

    Love him. He loves her better.

  1301. 10/13/2009Sk says:

    Fly, trip, fall face first back to the ground.

  1302. 10/14/2009Hari Prasad. M says:

    She mailed!! Ecstatic! Wedding Invite? Duh!

  1303. 10/14/2009gillb says:

    Hear words. Love voice. Clearly over.

  1304. 10/14/2009gillb says:

    Stone-stepped, gap-filled, heart bemused.

  1305. 10/14/2009gillb says:

    Unavailable. With wife. Ouch! Status confirmed.

  1306. 10/14/2009gillb says:

    Empty street. Tumbleweed. Trust blows by.

  1307. 10/14/2009gillb says:

    Glint, sparkle,shine, GLARE, shade, darkness.

  1308. 10/14/2009gillb says:

    silence, whisper, talk, chatter, shout, YELL!

  1309. 10/14/2009Masada says:

    One girl. One kiss. Instant love.

  1310. 10/14/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Please leave us alone, trading partner!

  1311. 10/14/2009Josh says:

    Daughter’s last words, “Alright, I’m watching.”

  1312. 10/14/2009Sarah says:

    Feel tickle on neck. Scratch. Growling.

  1313. 10/14/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Neck spiracle? Hmm . . . wasn’t there yesterday.

  1314. 10/14/2009Aaliyah says:

    I belch loudly, mom slaps me.

  1315. 10/14/2009Michael Macnamara says:

    Comet Comes. World Ends. One Survives.

  1316. 10/14/2009-.Epic says:

    Sweetest word she ever spoke: Goodbye.

  1317. 10/14/2009-.Epic says:

    My landlord makes unannounced visit. Evicted.

  1318. 10/14/2009Chris Weige says:

    Belly button in a California car.

  1319. 10/14/2009Bob Adcock says:

    She said she’d return. She didn’t.

  1320. 10/14/2009Reigar says:

    choke on artichoke. die from irony

  1321. 10/14/2009Jason B. says:

    Obama runs, Voters Vote, Voters’ remorse

  1322. 10/14/2009CitrusRider says:

    I cut the green wire. Boom!

  1323. 10/14/2009Donna says:

    First date, awkward smiles, rewarding kiss.

  1324. 10/14/2009Zach says:

    House = asshole, But house cure EVERYTHING!

  1325. 10/14/2009C. M. says:

    Shoot ground. Miss. Die of humiliation.

  1326. 10/14/2009Eric Cepela says:

    Chemist discovers time travel. It’s edible.

  1327. 10/14/2009Andy says:

    First day of kindergarten. She’s ready.

  1328. 10/14/2009Andy says:

    “What sign are you?” Awkward silence.

  1329. 10/14/2009Andy says:

    Time waits for no one. Goodbye.

  1330. 10/14/2009Alex says:

    Steal about 40 cakes. ???????. PROFIT!

  1331. 10/14/2009kaie says:

    love found. love misplaced. love lost.

  1332. 10/14/2009sarah says:

    eating cats, constant furballs occur.

  1333. 10/14/2009Jeff Mead says:

    I love her. She loves him.

  1334. 10/14/2009Juniper says:

    A glance, a whisper, a kiss.

  1335. 10/15/2009woody says:

    The cat is dead. Universe implodes.

  1336. 10/15/2009woody says:

    I hate her. Oops wrong window.

  1337. 10/15/2009graham says:

    Forward march! A landmine–Death.

  1338. 10/15/2009Daniel says:

    I love, we try. Both lie.

  1339. 10/15/2009Daniel says:

    I’m overwhelmed, but whiskey doesn’t care.

  1340. 10/15/2009Brandon says:

    Dawn at th-Oh No; Volcano!

  1341. 10/15/2009Daniel Kahn says:

    That is not a fucking story.

  1342. 10/15/2009hjl says:

    Once upon a time, fuck you.

  1343. 10/15/2009Josh Begleiter says:

    When time ends, this story begins.

  1344. 10/15/2009Bob McBoberson says:

    Met her family. Jerry Springer time!

  1345. 10/15/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Rich eat the poor, get indigestion

  1346. 10/15/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:

    Chuck Norris. That is everything needed

  1347. 10/15/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:

    Chuck Norris dies. World suddenly implodes.

  1348. 10/15/2009Esseco says:


  1349. 10/15/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:


  1350. 10/15/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    The previous story, “DДMMIТ, Ж∃ЯMДИУ, WHДT ДБOЦT TH∃ TЯЦC∃!?” should actually have been submitted with this name and website. Chrome auto-filled the fields incorrectly.

  1351. 10/15/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:

    “FIGHT THE POWER!”! “FREEZE!” (Scilenced gunshots)

  1352. 10/15/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:

    Your Big Brother: Keeping you safe!

  1353. 10/15/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:

    Jumpsuit, ID tag, Curfew. Prison? The future.

  1354. 10/15/2009M. R. Lang says:

    Dish divorced spoon. Spoon couldn’t diddle.

  1355. 10/15/2009ZombieComrade says:

    Unaware we once were dating. Fuck.

  1356. 10/15/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:

    You die, I win, You die, I win…

  1357. 10/15/2009ZombieComrade says:

    Wished: real magic. I’m a muggle.

  1358. 10/15/2009Randawg says:

    It tickles when you do that.

  1359. 10/15/2009Randawg says:

    Way to @#$% up Holiday 2009.

  1360. 10/15/2009Keiler says:

    Lacy boyshorts. Palms on countertop. Cupcakes?

  1361. 10/15/2009Andy O says:

    Went to college. Life still meaningless.

  1362. 10/15/2009birdy says:

    Original sin: Woman always chasing snake.

  1363. 10/15/2009Dave McDonald says:

    “Anything”, you whispered in my ear

  1364. 10/15/2009Dave McDonald says:

    Do you know? Does it show?

  1365. 10/15/2009Dave McDonald says:

    Changed your name. Driving apart anyway.

  1366. 10/15/2009Amrit Hallan - Writing Services Provided says:

    He wrote stories that nobody read.

  1367. 10/15/2009Gavin Matthews says:

    Perhaps you don’t exist at all…

  1368. 10/15/2009Anonymous says:

    I accidentally the entire Pepsi can.

  1369. 10/16/2009Natina says:

    Second Coming was local. I overslept.

  1370. 10/16/2009Abaddon says:

    Im Happy. Im Gay. Im Sad. :(

  1371. 10/16/2009Eric Holaway says:

    Not even Heaven forgives my sins.

  1372. 10/16/2009Max says:

    I got lost in my atlas.

  1373. 10/16/2009Ashley says:

    She Said Yes, Don’t Believe her.

  1374. 10/16/2009Billy Faithfull says:

    Comedian tweets. Career dead. Jokes stolen.

  1375. 10/16/2009Billy Faithfull says:

    Cut my hand doing the recycling.

  1376. 10/16/2009Cy Kurtz says:

    Seven Heroes Save Town From Bandits

  1377. 10/16/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Alcoholic takes prescription medications
    –> Contraindication
    –> Sobriety

  1378. 10/16/2009Machu says:

    One more week. One more week!!

  1379. 10/16/2009Sensei says:

    Boy meets cubicle. Boy’s soul dies.

  1380. 10/16/2009Someone says:

    Six Word Stories: pointless gimmick site.

  1381. 10/16/2009Mr. Forbes says:

    Once upon a time, shit happened.

  1382. 10/16/2009Machupichu says:

    dark room. she’s sleeping. laptop glow.

  1383. 10/16/2009Marina says:

    Need to pee!!! Everything turns yellow?!

  1384. 10/16/2009jason klopp says:

    The fucking cripple was Keyser Soze.

  1385. 10/16/2009jt says:

    Deeper you go, deeper it gets.

  1386. 10/16/2009The Hour Before Waking says:

    Her invisible friend wasn’t church sanctioned.

  1387. 10/16/2009The Hour Before Waking says:

    Tanlined ring finger…I’m a manstress!

  1388. 10/16/2009The Hour Before Waking says:

    Dwindling fundamentalist congregation’s marriage rights questioned.

  1389. 10/16/2009Gabriel O. says:

    Shaved pubes. Girlfriend likes. Itches hard.

  1390. 10/16/2009The Hour Before Waking says:

    Reconciliation hinges upon finding the ring.

  1391. 10/16/2009The Hour Before Waking says:

    “Speak Spanish?”
    “But that’s Spanish.”

  1392. 10/16/2009Jeremiah says:

    I like green eggs and ham.

  1393. 10/16/2009Randy B says:

    I am broke but richer now.

  1394. 10/16/2009Symon says:

    Warband looks up; dragon smiles down.

  1395. 10/16/2009Ben says:

    Fetus grows brain, conquers the world.

  1396. 10/17/2009Aslynn says:

    Master copy, they’ll believe her now.

  1397. 10/17/2009Nick says:

    Six chambers. Five bullets. One winner.

  1398. 10/17/2009Nick says:

    Plot of Secret Window: It’s him.

  1399. 10/17/2009Krawtaeshish says:

    Perspiring, frustration mounts. She wakes up.

  1400. 10/17/2009Krawtaeshish says:

    Bump. Creak. Something was never asleep.

  1401. 10/17/2009Krawtaeshish says:

    Phones ringing, but never for you.

  1402. 10/17/2009Kataqu says:

    Took a dump. Alas! No TP…

  1403. 10/17/2009Kataqu says:

    Seed germinates; ends as cow pie.

  1404. 10/17/2009Iain Guthrie says:

    They took my tongue. Silent objection.

  1405. 10/17/2009Sean says:

    “Its dark…Whats that!? OH SHI-

  1406. 10/17/2009Fibinse xavier says:

    Goldman was sacked.Merryl got lynched.

  1407. 10/17/2009zeyn says:

    Chocolates.Diabetese.Fuck it.Ate all.

  1408. 10/17/2009gune says:

    Rain.Looks inside.In his raincoat.

  1409. 10/17/2009Hyperspace Rebel says:

    Rolled a 20. Still a virgin.

  1410. 10/17/2009Galenor says:

    Came from Hell. Found Earth boring.

  1411. 10/17/2009William B. says:

    “I do,” lied bride and groom.

  1412. 10/17/2009Angry Bob says:

    Bubba is coming. Run away quickly.

  1413. 10/17/2009Luke Anderson says:

    It’s fun to have fun, but…

  1414. 10/17/2009Natalie Rey says:

    Here today, but bound for yesterday.

  1415. 10/18/2009Sudhamshu Hebbar says:

    God creates Humans. Humans creates Gods.

  1416. 10/18/2009Sudhamshu Hebbar says:

    Wildest dream came true. Still sleeping.

  1417. 10/18/2009Sudhamshu Hebbar says:

    Guiding light appeared. Electricity went off.

  1418. 10/18/2009Sudhamshu Hebbar says:

    Photographic memory. Bad sectors. Selective Amnesia.

  1419. 10/18/2009Rob says:

    Pantleg in bike chain. Pavement hurts.

  1420. 10/18/2009ponem says:

    Now? Yesterday: Gone. Today: Becoming Tomorrow.

  1421. 10/18/2009KOri says:

    The planet blinked, humanity just ended.

  1422. 10/18/2009JohnyTreacher says:

    On Plane Meet Girl Not Wife

  1423. 10/18/2009Darren Gallagher says:

    Death rains from the sky….Umbrella?

  1424. 10/18/2009Steve says:

    Drunk girl. Boyfriend. Shotgun. Horrible night.

  1425. 10/18/2009Luke Surl says:

    North Pole? Followed compass. Magnet factory?

  1426. 10/18/2009Steve says:

    All niggers become addicted to crack

  1427. 10/18/2009Steve says:

    Gays die. World is in rejoice.

  1428. 10/18/2009Steve says:

    This story is more then six words.

  1429. 10/18/2009Alec says:

    The duel ended. I am bleeding.

  1430. 10/18/2009B.D. Ram says:

    Beyond here lies nothin’. Go back.

  1431. 10/18/2009Chrissy says:

    He needs me! Oh, used again.

  1432. 10/19/2009IanEff says:

    Olive oil? Tongs? Rubber gloves? Check.

  1433. 10/19/2009Travis says:

    Found: Happiness. Actually, it’s just sex.

  1434. 10/19/2009IanEff says:

    No power without equilibrium. Ammo? Loads.

  1435. 10/19/2009IanEff says:

    Total darkness, then, suddenly, Colonel Mustard?

  1436. 10/19/2009IanEff says:

    We coined ‘enfreedom.’ Our gratitude? Confinement.

  1437. 10/19/2009IanEff says:

    It begs the question: bluegrass? Mars?

  1438. 10/19/2009IanEff says:

    Six words. We are always beginning.

  1439. 10/19/2009Meghan Mayhem says:

    Blind date. A Scientologist. Check please.

  1440. 10/19/2009Sabrina says:

    Why am I floating above myself?

  1441. 10/19/2009Sabrina says:

    Conclusion: Severd heads DO start smelling.

  1442. 10/19/2009Sabrina says:

    Conclusion: Severd heads DO start smelling.

  1443. 10/19/2009Tish says:

    Horse, saddle, ride all day. BLISS.

  1444. 10/19/2009Tish says:

    Dog Park. Gus, Trixie. Sheer happiness.

  1445. 10/19/2009La pelota says:

    He dribbles. He fakes, He scores.

  1446. 10/19/2009AIP says:

    We live in our minds…restlessly.

  1447. 10/19/2009AIP says:

    Please – once, you asked. Forever more.

  1448. 10/19/2009Dan says:

    Love triangle. You get the point.

  1449. 10/19/2009Kappa says:

    Somebody dies. People mourn. Life continues.

  1450. 10/19/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    I the hydrant,
    You the dog

  1451. 10/19/2009Spare RIP says:

    Boring plant! “Invented beer”. Science rocks!

  1452. 10/19/2009Nathan Lowrey says:

    And then suddenly, he misses everyone.

  1453. 10/19/2009Ian Kerr says:

    Before immortality, the last mortal dies.

  1454. 10/19/2009Jay says:

    Love, lost. Ring, sold. Heart, broken

  1455. 10/19/2009Dave says:

    Sunny day. Joyous running forever. Happy

  1456. 10/19/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    The Precious threatens;
    Long quest necessary

  1457. 10/19/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    Confessed anonymously. Forgot about e-mail signature.

  1458. 10/19/2009Steve says:

    I kissed her, taste of vomit

  1459. 10/19/2009Sebastian says:

    Foreclosure came, got my first paycheck.

  1460. 10/19/2009Mathew Blake says:

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?

  1461. 10/20/2009A. Nullsuchs says:

    Immature? Penis, penis, penis, penis, penis.

  1462. 10/20/2009Ghost says:

    Oh god I don’t even know.

  1463. 10/20/2009David Abraham Chua says:

    “Best-seller!” “A classic!” …nobody really understood,,,

  1464. 10/20/2009michael d says:

    life. love. loss…. ooh, a shiny!

  1465. 10/20/2009Erin J. says:

    heart strings. guitar strings. love sings.

  1466. 10/20/2009Rick says:

    Window left open. Sadness creeps in.

  1467. 10/20/2009bob barker says:

    Stumbleupon down. My browser is useless.

  1468. 10/20/2009Lisa S, says:

    Ex-wife left me for another woman.

  1469. 10/20/2009Romeo Rejected says:

    First kiss; she couldn’t stop laughing.

  1470. 10/20/2009Marie says:

    Paranoid colorblind sees in film noir

  1471. 10/20/2009Ash Williams says:

    Chainsaw, boomstick AND zombies? Groovy.

  1472. 10/20/2009Ruben Bañuelos says:

    Party, alcohol. He attempts driving. Funeral.

  1473. 10/20/2009Bryan says:

    Friend. Car. Blood. Death. Funeral. Grave

  1474. 10/20/2009Manuel Frutos says:

    No fear, death is a guarantee.

  1475. 10/20/2009Jerebear Bolton says:

    Cock In The Shitter,Fuckina Tit

  1476. 10/21/2009dazlya says:

    tweeting undecipherables, a new coding unraveled.

  1477. 10/21/2009Chris says:

    This planet doesn’t feel like home.

  1478. 10/21/2009teddy lewis says:


  1479. 10/21/2009Winwood says:

    Internet conspiracy revealed! But … Error: 404

  1480. 10/21/2009Winwood says:

    Internet conspiracy revealed! But … “Error 404″

  1481. 10/21/2009M says:

    Cold rain. Warm Bodies. Love you.

  1482. 10/21/2009Withheld says:

    During the surgery, I woke up.

  1483. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Between Death, Taxes, one is discontinued.

  1484. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Now hear this: I am deaf.

  1485. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Witholding, I am poor; giving, rich.

  1486. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Readers digest literary junk food, belch.

  1487. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    RFID betrays escaping prisoner.

  1488. 10/21/2009Lauri Kervinen says:

    Cheap beer! A free headache included.

  1489. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Good news first: You have amnesia.

  1490. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    “You can trust us,” bankers say.

  1491. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Unlike Carmen Miranda, her headgear preserved.

  1492. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Sutter blinks, and gold stays hidden.

  1493. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Glenn Beck’s mirror shows no reflection.

  1494. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    “Yahtzee!” say satisfied fertility clinic customers.

  1495. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Tornado crossing gang territory sucks blow.

  1496. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Tomato-loving Smurf’s skin turns brown.

  1497. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Errector Set™ contraption lasts 4 hours!

  1498. 10/21/2009Graeko says:

    Dropped purse. Vibrator danced across floor.

  1499. 10/21/2009Graeko says:

    “Never!” she said. “Well, once. Maybe.”

  1500. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Indy detained while cartographer refills pen.

  1501. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Children’s author with Tourette’s offends many.

  1502. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Shetland ponies shouldn’t do voice-acting.

  1503. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Three blind men grope bull elephant.

  1504. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Too late, “way-homer” offends prude.

  1505. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Sales record: misspelt “Truck it!” stamp

  1506. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Liquid cork saves dumpster-diver.

  1507. 10/21/2009Nico Suave says:

    Abandoned cat Ralph finds food, friends.

  1508. 10/21/2009Withheld says:

    From the outside, it was funny.

  1509. 10/21/2009Withheld says:

    She left me with a laugh.

  1510. 10/21/2009jason vandine says:

    Left my lovely moon home, reluctantly.

  1511. 10/21/2009Charlie Beardsmore says:

    Like and Lust Coincide. It’s Love.

  1512. 10/21/2009Dan says:

    Big plate, dinner ate, gained weight

  1513. 10/21/2009Dan says:

    Hungry kid in bib empties fridge.

  1514. 10/21/2009Dan says:

    Feeling hungry now, time for chow.

  1515. 10/21/2009Dan says:

    To reduce story size, must crystalize.

  1516. 10/21/2009Keith Heaston (SLC) says:

    Amazing chemistry, six years of regret.

  1517. 10/21/2009Withheld says:

    Shoes in hand, she left smiling.

  1518. 10/21/2009Withheld says:

    Sex was okay. Story was longer.

  1519. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    My desert island lacks a can-opener.

  1520. 10/21/2009billy says:

    nobody cares what you write here.

  1521. 10/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Hello, I am your cousin-uncle.

  1522. 10/21/2009convoluted says:

    Twenty years later, I laughed. Hindsight.

  1523. 10/21/2009convoluted says:

    Clockwork trees tick-tocked menacingly. Cuckoo cannibals.

  1524. 10/21/2009convoluted says:

    Her smile scared me more. Run.

  1525. 10/22/2009Nagura Naki says:

    God good. Devil evil. We’re screwed

  1526. 10/22/2009ReveredDesecration says:

    It’s official: not lovesick, just sick.

  1527. 10/22/2009mandy says:

    bang! the bell tolls for thee

  1528. 10/22/2009djib says:

    seven words stories are better because

  1529. 10/22/2009Fatikis says:

    Cthulhu sleeps. We’re safe for now.

  1530. 10/22/2009Paul says:

    Can I get some Water? YEEEEEEEAAAHHHHHHHH

  1531. 10/22/2009Thor K says:

    Global Warming. Heliophobia. Irony of Fate.

  1532. 10/22/2009Thor K says:

    Blowjob. Fart. High-five. Continuation of Blowjob.

  1533. 10/22/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:


  1534. 10/22/2009Jonathan Clivaz says:


  1535. 10/22/2009Eph of Ecks says:

    Don’t cry, we can have another.

  1536. 10/22/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Terrorist creates enemies where none existed.

  1537. 10/22/2009Kevin says:

    Bar into Physicist. Wrong Reference Frame.

  1538. 10/22/2009Blabberdan says:

    I said, how ya doing Shirley?

  1539. 10/22/2009Blabberdan says:

    Musta run off of luther’s boots.

  1540. 10/22/2009Leanah Steinah says:

    Don’t worry, I’m not really here.

  1541. 10/22/2009Leanah Steinah says:

    Wanted it. Had it. Regretted it.

  1542. 10/22/2009Casius says:

    Wanted to feel important. Acted small.

  1543. 10/23/2009LawBore says:

    She answered the only philosophical question.

  1544. 10/23/2009leanne says:

    I’m Dr. Jekyll now, instincts matter.

  1545. 10/23/2009leanne says:

    “Like a primrose, I fluctuate too”

  1546. 10/23/2009Jaybone says:

    Courage got us here, why?

  1547. 10/23/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Apocalypse of the solar-powered vampires!

  1548. 10/23/2009DavHow says:

    Jim sighed. Three bullets left. “Next!”

  1549. 10/23/2009pw says:

    puff, puff, pass. sirens, handcuffs, jail.

  1550. 10/23/2009kitty says:

    Zombies. That’s why I didn’t call.

  1551. 10/23/2009Setaysha says:

    The world went on without them…

  1552. 10/23/2009Ems says:

    Pregnant and it’s not his. Oops.

  1553. 10/24/2009Simon says:

    Girlfriend – left, came back, left etc.

  1554. 10/24/2009Michael McGinty says:

    I did this? god help me!

  1555. 10/24/2009tozie says:

    I was dying. Crackhead had child. Saved me.

  1556. 10/24/2009JBD says:

    Just woke up. Not my bed.

  1557. 10/24/2009mat davis says:

    human seeks certainty. finds it yesterday.

  1558. 10/24/2009Armin von Kink says:

    Me like swallow,No have Baby.

  1559. 10/24/2009Jordan says:

    high school really was the best

  1560. 10/24/2009Victor says:

    End of the world was yesterday.

  1561. 10/24/2009James says:

    She said she was sixteen…. eighteen

  1562. 10/24/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    MENSA contrasts brightness, over-saturates the culture.

  1563. 10/24/2009James Hazelden says:

    A lisping Sisyphus won’t be mythed.

  1564. 10/24/2009James says:

    machine. He accidentally built a time

  1565. 10/24/2009Jack says:

    The frailty of life is fightening

  1566. 10/24/2009Max says:

    Sometimes it’s like it never happened.

  1567. 10/25/2009Jack Colquitt says:

    My clothes were chafing. Nudity helped.

  1568. 10/25/2009edwin peng says:

    woke up. world was a dream.

  1569. 10/25/2009John Cleese says:

    And now for something completely different.

  1570. 10/25/2009Clever Name says:

    City sacked, mayor blames offensive line

  1571. 10/25/2009Clever Name says:

    Redskins’ offensive line actually quite polite

  1572. 10/25/2009Clever Name says:

    Man battles cancer, loses, declares rematch

  1573. 10/25/2009Igal Tovievich says:

    Knight duels Queen. Hyperactive baby wins.

  1574. 10/25/2009Igal Tovievich says:

    Left for dead. Only death left.

  1575. 10/25/2009Igal Tovievich says:

    Here Lies Jack. No More Trades.

  1576. 10/25/2009Zinger says:

    Her gift to me was heartbreak.

  1577. 10/25/2009Pro_B says:

    Ring Ring Ring. Shut up, Frodo.

  1578. 10/25/2009Pro_B says:

    Deja Vu! Say again? Deja vu.

  1579. 10/25/2009Morgan Hale says:

    Had my period onto pregnancy test.

  1580. 10/25/2009Dylan MacColl says:

    would a Haiku be any better.

  1581. 10/25/2009Ben Clark says:

    Love me. Not him. Please, mom.

    Stardom, money, power, everything. Except you.

    I trap poisonous snakes. Typo. Trapped.

    Her smell justifies my deviant ambitions.

  1582. 10/25/2009Sanglier says:

    New virus detected; too much porn.

  1583. 10/25/2009TheKatsMiow says:

    It only takes, it never gives.

  1584. 10/25/2009rae says:

    I’m going to be alone forever.

  1585. 10/25/2009Gheemoo says:

    I had sex with your mom.

  1586. 10/25/2009TheKatsMiow says:

    Then it must be acted on.

  1587. 10/25/2009Sanglier says:

    Six word stories? I’m no Hemmingway.

  1588. 10/25/2009klovyz says:

    Sixteen month romance. She was gay.

  1589. 10/26/2009Ian says:

    Didn’t quit hardcore. Hardcore quit me.

  1590. 10/26/2009James Hazelden says:

    Occasional table: [insert predictable joke here]

  1591. 10/26/2009James Hazelden says:

    Their eyes met. Their lips didn’t.

  1592. 10/26/2009James Hazelden says:

    Only child can become lonely adult.

  1593. 10/26/2009Trigger says:

    A tortoise’s death: quiet and sad.

  1594. 10/26/2009Julien Cohen says:

    Used #3 Pencil. Singularity occurs.

  1595. 10/26/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    World Studies Welsh
    Vowel Shortage Reported

  1596. 10/26/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    World Studies Welsh
    Vwl Shrtg Rprtd

  1597. 10/26/2009Hazel Leech says:

    Washed up in paradise. Sadly, alone.

  1598. 10/26/2009Andrew says:

    He died. Finally, I have peace.

  1599. 10/26/2009JenniFer says:

    Can’t Sleep. Insomniac. Bed Time.

  1600. 10/26/2009Rob Boudreau says:

    Numbers. They are everywhere. Damn calculus.

  1601. 10/27/2009Aaron says:

    Land value never decreases. Space colonization?

  1602. 10/27/2009Rebecca says:

    “Are you pregnant?” “No, just fat.”

  1603. 10/27/2009Rahul Jiresal says:

    Bitter end…. To hope, not toil !

  1604. 10/27/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Hot salsa
    Empty colon
    It burns!!

  1605. 10/27/2009Michael says:

    Sniper aims; sees bullet through scope.

  1606. 10/27/2009Michael says:

    “Eve?”, says Adam, “Who was that?”

  1607. 10/27/2009Vishal says:

    Hell is surely a better place?

  1608. 10/27/2009Colin says:

    Consciousness fades, watching my headless corpse.

  1609. 10/27/2009Colin says:

    Explosive gelatin, party with a bang

  1610. 10/27/2009Colin says:

    reply page shut for four years.

  1611. 10/27/2009CiaraGnosis says:

    He held her hand. “Too tight…”

  1612. 10/27/2009Rebecca says:

    Technically, it IS off the charts.

  1613. 10/27/2009randy says:

    the insomniac dreams of sleep, dreaming.

  1614. 10/27/2009Strum says:

    Velociraptor charging. Lock broken. Gulp. RAWR.

  1615. 10/27/2009Tanya says:

    One disaster followed another — then tripped.

  1616. 10/27/2009tagg gnostic says:

    I will love you forever, tonight.

  1617. 10/27/2009Rhett says:

    Never got another feeling like treason.

  1618. 10/27/2009Rhett says:

    He felt no lasting side effects.

  1619. 10/27/2009Rhett says:

    Forever I suffered in terror, until?

  1620. 10/27/2009Rhett says:

    Terror- like, forever, were overcome.

  1621. 10/27/2009pocketpicker says:

    Amelia took off … no radio reply.

  1622. 10/27/2009pocketpicker says:

    Dial tone … enter number … no answer.

  1623. 10/28/2009Saturn says:

    But it burnt like hell.

  1624. 10/28/2009Matt Schwab says:

    The flower said she loves me.

  1625. 10/28/2009Austin Bello says:

    Five empty chambers. It’s your turn.

  1626. 10/28/2009Sharon Elizabeth Wood says:

    He loves. She loves. Other people.

  1627. 10/28/2009Smaashley says:

    They don’t know I speak Spanish

  1628. 10/28/2009Steven Danger says:

    Two Dead After Accident Never Identified.

  1629. 10/28/2009Joseph Anastasio says:

    Satan tells God, “Keep them coming”.

  1630. 10/28/2009Saint Miki says:

    She loved him more than chocolate.

  1631. 10/29/2009Maximus says:

    The Sun explodes; eight minutes left.

  1632. 10/29/2009Raz says:

    If she’d ask, I’d come running

  1633. 10/29/2009dazlya says:

    Man walks dog faithfully; alone today.

  1634. 10/29/2009Terrell Garrett says:

    Fugue, copper tongue. Last night: full-moon.

  1635. 10/29/20095senses says:

    Tick-tock goes the life clock.

  1636. 10/29/2009Ed Geronia says:

    Finishing this story will end apocaly…

  1637. 10/29/2009Terrell Garrett says:

    Each footstep hurts. Misses sea; scales.

  1638. 10/29/2009Terrell Garrett says:

    Algae hair. Control magnetism. Suspect father.

  1639. 10/29/2009Terrell Garrett says:

    Claws at dirt. Free. Thinks: Brains!

  1640. 10/29/2009Terrell Garrett says:

    Found: Ouija board. For sale: house.

  1641. 10/29/2009Terrell Garrett says:

    Suicide? He jerked off with belts.

  1642. 10/29/2009james william says:

    addiction as its own source. love?

  1643. 10/29/2009james william says:

    horrid memoir, got starring role, shame

  1644. 10/29/2009EDJ Hosking says:

    He Sucked. He Choked. He Swallowed

  1645. 10/29/2009james william says:

    communistic beliefs yield life of adequation

  1646. 10/29/2009james william says:

    medic dies, unit goes home, sacrifice

  1647. 10/29/2009james william says:

    sanity lost, writes home from war

  1648. 10/29/2009james william says:

    sanity lost, writes home in tears

  1649. 10/29/2009Matthew Conrad says:

    Blind man sees light, gouges eyes.

  1650. 10/29/2009austin says:

    Have her, wanted her, not anymore :/

  1651. 10/29/2009Andrew Polidori says:

    Nonsense! What could possibly go wrong?

  1652. 10/30/2009Dr. Drew says:

    Boobies everywhere, not a drop to…

  1653. 10/30/2009DarkRestraint says:

    They both lived and died together.

  1654. 10/30/2009Tom Koncel says:

    I’m nearly impossible, it amazes me.

  1655. 10/30/2009JB says:

    I masturbated. Things are better now.

  1656. 10/30/2009Matt Schwab says:

    His birth met with mixed reviews.

  1657. 10/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Daffy Duck gets hooked on Abilify.

  1658. 10/30/2009Angel Zapata says:

    Witch denies eating baby back ribs.

  1659. 10/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Conjoined twin is half pregnant.

  1660. 10/30/2009Emma says:

    Little girl dreams… monster under bed.

  1661. 10/30/2009Emma says:

    Fall asleep waiting for him. Forgotten.

  1662. 10/30/2009Jericho says:

    She screamed as I ejected cum.

  1663. 10/30/2009Aaron says:

    The bounce was what killed him.

  1664. 10/30/2009Mozai says:

    God lifted a too-big rock; *BANG!*

  1665. 10/31/2009James Starr says:

    Saw her cry. Punched his face.

  1666. 10/31/2009Jon Sullivan says:

    Logic won’t make her love me.

  1667. 10/31/2009nsky says:

    She set his heart alight. Literally.

  1668. 10/31/2009Rachel says:

    Left him last year….still sad

  1669. 10/31/2009G.B says:

    Gun fired loudly. New extict animal.

  1670. 10/31/2009G.B says:

    Gone Fishing. He never came back.

  1671. 10/31/2009kelle says:

    Sister’s cancer cured. Gladly paying bill.

  1672. 10/31/2009N says:

    They are nothing. You are everything.

  1673. 10/31/2009Blabber says:

    Preoccupied with problems, didn’t notice opportunities.

  1674. 10/31/2009Ange Gordon says:

    He has another girlfriend, I’m staying.

  1675. 10/31/2009Klaatu says:

    The open mind, the imagination’s playground.

  1676. 10/31/2009Even Adam says:

    Opened my eyes. Stranger barely visible.

  1677. 10/31/2009Even Adam says:

    “Back soon.” That’s what he thinks.

  1678. 10/31/2009Even Adam says:

    Three days had passed. Nobody came.

  1679. 10/31/2009Even Adam says:

    “I win!” he screamed. Enemy fell.

  1680. 10/31/2009Even Adam says:

    I’m always unable to finish the

  1681. 10/31/2009Aidan Thomas says:

    Kisses always bounce me right back.

  1682. 11/1/2009anonymous coward says:

    Oppressive decade ended in revolutionary revolt.

  1683. 11/1/2009@Teowulf says:

    Childbirth. He never saw her naked.

  1684. 11/1/2009@Teowulf says:

    She was plain. He was drunk.

  1685. 11/1/2009@Teowulf says:

    She lost her virginity and wallet.

  1686. 11/1/2009@Teowulf says:

    Dropped ice cream. Cried. He’s 20

  1687. 11/1/2009@Teowulf says:

    He was a musician. She paid.

  1688. 11/1/2009autumn says:

    oh sheesh ya’ll – ’twas a dream!

  1689. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    Self, you are everything you need.

  1690. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    I savored each moment; she writhed.

  1691. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    It stopped hurting when emotion overdosed.

  1692. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    The rich man knew and laughed.

  1693. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    Emotion took refuge; nothing hurt anymore.

  1694. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    Epitaph: I knew and said nothing.

  1695. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    She’s gone. What else is there?

  1696. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    I didn’t care. You didn’t mind.

  1697. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    Verdict: Too intelligent to lack culpability.

  1698. 11/2/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    I’ll counsel, love, while I pine.

  1699. 11/2/2009Anon says:

    They met. She fell. He left.

  1700. 11/2/2009Arturas Rosenbacher says:

    Good from far, far from good.

  1701. 11/2/2009Luke Furtak says:

    Help Wanted: Two more pallbearers.

  1702. 11/2/2009Unity says:

    We will all die. Fearless. United.

  1703. 11/2/2009Dmytro says:

    I can write six word stories.

  1704. 11/2/2009TiganMurdar says:

    Hit it. Run for the hills.

  1705. 11/2/2009greg says:

    Hi, I came here from Reddit.

  1706. 11/2/2009Rrrr says:

    Dead for 27 years. Finally alive.

  1707. 11/2/2009@Teowulf says:

    He loved her. She loved Jesus.

  1708. 11/2/2009@Teowulf says:

    She was celibate. He didn’t bother.

  1709. 11/2/2009@Teowulf says:

    He lied. She didn’t believe him.

  1710. 11/2/2009Josh says:

    “Lovely apartments Mrs. Hare.” “Drink?” “Yes!”

  1711. 11/2/2009Justin says:

    Rinse with bleach. Dry with ammonia.

    Two fifths. One dick. Three cribs.

  1712. 11/2/2009Justin says:

    Build more farms. Build more farms.

  1713. 11/2/2009James Hazelden says:

    Lost his diary… and just disappeared.

  1714. 11/2/2009bryce says:

    drawn up words, collected and bound.

  1715. 11/2/2009DreamingReality says:

    I will prove you wrong. Watch.

  1716. 11/2/2009Jules Winnfield says:

    English, motherfucker! Do you speak it!?

  1717. 11/2/2009Ed N says:

    Man goes insane. Happiness ensues. Smile.

  1718. 11/2/2009Daniel says:

    Painful blue balls.Strong right arm.

  1719. 11/2/2009John Limeson says:

    Blank, mindless naїvety: a protégé’s façade.

  1720. 11/2/2009David Olonoff says:

    Hide under covers, clowns are here.

  1721. 11/2/2009DmNerd says:

    50,000 words. One month. No problem.

  1722. 11/3/2009Austin Wilson says:

    Found at crime scene: gun, Bible.

  1723. 11/3/2009Austin Wilson says:

    Guilty beyond all doubt. Plead insanity.

  1724. 11/3/2009Austin Wilson says:

    Postcards written daily. Stamps not used.

  1725. 11/3/2009Lu Shien Lee says:

    Appreciation, often needed, often neglected. Death

  1726. 11/3/2009Lu Shien Lee says:

    “Wealth? Unnecessary!” says rich young man.

  1727. 11/3/2009Lu Shien Lee says:

    “If I could turn back time..”

  1728. 11/3/2009amrita says:

    and it just doesn’t speak much……!

  1729. 11/3/2009Robin Baumgarten says:

    time-warp! Help! I’m stuck in a -

  1730. 11/3/2009Cor says:

    Goth girl. MIT guy. True love.

  1731. 11/3/2009Joshua says:

    I do not understand them anymore.

  1732. 11/3/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Light-switch fails to beautify –no nookie!

  1733. 11/3/2009Matt says:

    good looking, smart, young… no purpose :-/

  1734. 11/3/2009Josh says:

    Our amaranthus caudatus on the floor.

  1735. 11/3/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Hollywood forgets calendar reset ≠ apocalypse

  1736. 11/3/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    I. Kant is surprisingly capable, actually.

  1737. 11/3/2009Sam says:

    I haven’t slept since the accident.

  1738. 11/3/2009David Olonoff says:

    Don’t use words to break bones.

  1739. 11/3/2009Tobias says:

    I came. I saw. She sleeps?

  1740. 11/3/2009Josh says:

    Wedding cancelled; Groom drove a pinto.

  1741. 11/3/2009Josh says:

    Ten thousand funerals; murderers get medals.

  1742. 11/3/2009lali00 says:

    True love real marriage true divorce.

  1743. 11/3/2009Rano says:

    Got laid off. Where’s the bong?

  1744. 11/3/2009Nathan Clements says:

    Tragically, banana peels really are slippery.

  1745. 11/3/2009Condon says:

    False gods. Strong drinks. Precious relief.

  1746. 11/3/2009tom m says:

    Hedonist? “I’ll order ‘Death by Chocolate'”.

  1747. 11/3/2009Adam says:

    Finally, phone rings. She squeals….telemarketer.

  1748. 11/4/2009NEELMANI BHATIA says:

    waterless 2222 mass exodus to moon

  1749. 11/4/2009NEELMANI BHATIA says:

    I wrote he replied proud parents

  1750. 11/4/2009Jeff Mead says:

    I spoke truths. They saw lies.

  1751. 11/4/2009ravi ananthan says:

    Serviceman in trouble. Saving Private Ryan.

  1752. 11/4/2009Spook says:

    Internet A.I suicides, nothing valuable lost.

  1753. 11/4/2009Guruvarasanam says:

    Guru now in my life. Salvation!

  1754. 11/4/2009Axon says:

    Never took the bait. Caught nonetheless.

  1755. 11/4/2009anusree says:

    there lived a king. he died..

  1756. 11/4/2009Jared says:

    You’re about to regret eating here.

  1757. 11/4/2009Bella Stander says:

    For sale: indoor trapeze, cemetery plots.

  1758. 11/4/2009John Rea-Hedrick says:

    A dozen roses; hopeful promise, undelivered. – John Rea-Hedrick

  1759. 11/4/2009John Rea-Hedrick says:

    Honor student: Drunken driving, thus interred. – John Rea-Hedrick

  1760. 11/4/2009John Rea-Hedrick says:

    Grassroots effort.  Rally’s over.  Now what? – John Rea-Hedrick

  1761. 11/4/2009John Rea-Hedrick says:

    Headline wrong.  Lives destroyed.  Retraction buried.

  1762. 11/4/2009John Rea-Hedrick says:

    Fallen angel: Will work for food. – John Rea-Hedrick

  1763. 11/4/2009John Rea-Hedrick says:

    Left for church.  Got lost.  Introspection. – John Rea-Hedrick

  1764. 11/4/2009Pluto. says:

    I loved him. He loved her.

  1765. 11/4/2009Elysian says:

    We fucked, he disappeared. I regret.

  1766. 11/4/2009Elysian says:

    He won’t know about my abortion.

  1767. 11/4/2009Pejot says:

    Soul for sale. No one buys.

  1768. 11/4/2009Yeshwant says:

    Easter called off! It seems they found the body!

  1769. 11/4/2009Yeshwant says:

    Easter cancelled. They found the body!

  1770. 11/4/2009JJG says:

    My birthday, year 2000 bug, 12/21/12…

  1771. 11/4/2009Calypso says:

    Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.

  1772. 11/4/2009Jenny Gubernick says:

    Girl meets Hitachi. Oh! The end.

  1773. 11/4/2009Ben Ng says:

    Bought her ring. His was bigger…

  1774. 11/4/2009RJ Thompson says:

    Drip…. Drip…….. Drip. “Alright, I’ll talk!”

  1775. 11/4/2009Logan C says:

    I met the cutest lesbian ever.

  1776. 11/5/2009Rcc says:

    Dislike Jesus because he’s a zombie.

  1777. 11/5/2009Hannah Sutherland says:

    Laughed in death’s face. Big mistake.

  1778. 11/5/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    drunkard: “If I looking for grog . . . “

  1779. 11/5/2009Love+Joy says:

    Last tear. No fear.Walk clear.

  1780. 11/5/2009Ernie says:

    Leaky broken heart. Spine somewhat mushy

  1781. 11/6/2009James Hazelden says:

    The overly admired yearn for sycophanticide.

  1782. 11/6/2009Cary says:

    Mothership calling. George Bush. Dick Cheney.

  1783. 11/6/2009@MXML says:

    Fearful, we stooped sudating.. then flinched.

  1784. 11/6/2009@MXML says:

    Hoarse, I trade drops for hammers.

  1785. 11/6/2009@MXML says:

    “You’re strange yourself,” she said. “Fine.”

  1786. 11/6/2009@MXML says:

    Adventured in the Wilderness. Hence, parched.

  1787. 11/6/2009jordan crossley says:

    A foreword from the author: Hi!

  1788. 11/6/2009jordan crossley says:

    set alarm, lied down, never slept..

  1789. 11/6/2009jordan crossley says:

    Once upon a time the end

  1790. 11/6/2009jordan crossley says:

    i know.. i tried.. i’m sorry..

  1791. 11/6/2009jordan crossley says:

    before I die, please listen: ughnn..

  1792. 11/6/2009cmmmo says:

    Rush: crib for sale. Slightly used.

  1793. 11/6/2009mironov says:

    Heart attack. Pip pip pip … pip ………

  1794. 11/6/2009Kelly Harrison says:

    You fucked me up. I’m lost.

  1795. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Credit card declined
    Empty Christmas tree

  1796. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    4+ hours
    called Pfizer
    busy signal

  1797. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Turkey cannibal raves about the taste.

  1798. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Mad cow fails anger management course.

  1799. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Porcine pilot passes plague
    — Swine flew!

  1800. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    S.J.P. a hoof & mouth carrier

  1801. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Video [director] killed the radio star.

  1802. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Panic at the Disco!
    (polyester shortage)

  1803. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Mystery Muppet Murders
    (Bert is evil)

  1804. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    “Move Zig!” demands meter maid.

  1805. 11/6/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Lady, Tramp, ate my meat balls!

  1806. 11/6/2009Amanda says:

    Five years. He finally saw it.

  1807. 11/6/2009Amanda says:

    I loved him. He never knew.

  1808. 11/7/2009Bulldozia says:

    I just growed. My garden overgrowed.

  1809. 11/7/2009Bulldozia says:

    Call me Ishmael. Here’s my number.

  1810. 11/7/2009Just Joe says:

    Homework piles up. Where’s my gun?

  1811. 11/7/2009Little John says:

    Climbed into bottle. Can’t get out.

  1812. 11/7/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Midget twin is short with me.

  1813. 11/7/2009D. Landrey says:

    Look everyone! I see a light…

  1814. 11/7/2009Ruby says:

    And then, in a flash, darkness.

  1815. 11/8/2009Courtney Harris says:

    Got high. Sang the Little Mermaid.

  1816. 11/8/2009James Hazelden says:

    Weekend: I weakened. A weak end.

  1817. 11/8/2009lali00 says:

    You said what? I thought so.

  1818. 11/8/2009Garanik says:

    20,000 dollars stolen. Batman. Swift death.

  1819. 11/8/2009Bytemeister says:

    Reagan,,,Bushs, More Poor. More War

  1820. 11/8/2009Loza says:

    Genius born. Drunk driver. Genius lost

  1821. 11/8/2009TJ says:

    Sleeping cat makes me feel sleepy.

  1822. 11/8/2009rockabillyjon says:

    Prostitute slipped. Dead. FIVE SECOND RULE!

  1823. 11/8/2009Louis says:

    Colorblind’s beloved taken; red with envy.

  1824. 11/8/2009shanna trenholm says:

    passing from light to night, the day.

  1825. 11/8/2009Xiyang Tao says:

    He looked, and she looked back.

  1826. 11/9/2009James Hazelden says:

    Progress: “deplane” is a word now.

  1827. 11/9/2009James Hazelden says:

    Cannibal Love Story: Boy Eats Girl.

  1828. 11/9/2009NEELMANI BHATIA says:

    ogled stalked raped her now jailed

  1829. 11/9/2009NEELMANI BHATIA says:

    befriended tycoon married murdered now heiress

  1830. 11/9/2009NEELMANI BHATIA says:

    saw ghost spooked died became one

  1831. 11/9/2009Isa says:

    Angels have sex with no genitals.

  1832. 11/9/2009Kelsey Tanner says:

    She came. Took one shot. Left.

  1833. 11/9/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Seven-shooter surprises Arnold the Kid.

  1834. 11/9/2009Emily says:

    Didn’t fall in love. You pushed.

  1835. 11/9/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Water conservation beverage: That wasn’t lemonade!

  1836. 11/9/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Thor kept silent when oak felled.

  1837. 11/9/2009Hucksli says:

    And he stepped into his Sarcophagus.

  1838. 11/9/2009August says:

    Got High. Accused Orion of Racism.

  1839. 11/9/2009Matt McGraw says:

    Buried on Monday. Dies on Tuesday.

  1840. 11/9/2009chelsea says:

    Pride kills more than AIDS lately.

  1841. 11/9/2009JC says:

    I am Jedi. Wait, automatic doors…

  1842. 11/9/2009Jas says:

    Love. Joy. Hate. Fight. Cry. Cry.

  1843. 11/9/2009Girl-illa says:

    I am older. and is understanding

  1844. 11/9/2009Girl-illa says:

    Lifes a story. It is make-belief

  1845. 11/9/2009Girl-illa says:

    Why only six words I ask.

  1846. 11/9/2009Jack says:

    Eat ramen for energy to study

  1847. 11/10/2009Elston Gunn says:

    Fuck this unprofitable daydream I live.

  1848. 11/10/2009Brandon Fahnestock says:

    GOD! I’m pregnant! Who’s the father?

  1849. 11/10/2009Selah says:

    No items. Fox only. Final Destination.

  1850. 11/10/2009Amy Kinsman says:

    We’re sorry: Flight diverted to paradise.

  1851. 11/10/2009josh pasholk says:

    The World is ending! Fuck it.

  1852. 11/10/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Candles sold out
    Darkness-cursing commences

  1853. 11/10/2009Dan Wheeler says:

    No! I JUST washed those pants!

  1854. 11/10/2009Carrie Elliott says:

    His death filled me with life.

  1855. 11/10/2009Jonathan Pinnock says:

    Cloning worked. Need shoes after all.

  1856. 11/11/2009Rustan Crane says:

    Story in six words? Not possible!

  1857. 11/11/2009Rustan Crane says:

    fat, drugs, skinny, rehab, fat again

  1858. 11/11/2009Mr. Moon says:

    She walked out. His world ended.

  1859. 11/11/2009Mr. Moon says:

    His love knew not death. Necrophilia?

  1860. 11/11/2009mandrill says:

    The end is nigh. Oh shi…

  1861. 11/11/2009Matt says:

    Airbag; door stuck. Is this happening?

  1862. 11/11/2009Erinn says:

    Blind and confused. Death or love?

  1863. 11/12/2009Lizz says:

    Girl Cries. Boy hugs. Good Life.

  1864. 11/12/2009sandeep says:

    Average human IQ increasing, please wait !!

  1865. 11/12/2009derek says:

    not enough words. need one more.

  1866. 11/12/2009Ed No Shoes says:

    You Sleep, She Rests, I Dream!

  1867. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Cunning terrorist only uses red wires.

  1868. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Elvis Sighted! – Life on Mars confirmed!

  1869. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Coma. 20 years. Awake! Divorced… Suicide.

  1870. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Puff the magic dragon, flies high.

  1871. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Fountain of youth! Side effect? Impotency!!!

  1872. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Invisible man charged with indecent exposure!

  1873. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Lassie jumps down well! Never resurfaces…

  1874. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    World Cup Final. Foul – Penalty! Reward…

  1875. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Man strikes oil in backyard! Drowns…

  1876. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    He promised the world… Didn’t deliver.

  1877. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Zombie bites man… Man bites back!!!

  1878. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Classic detective case. Culprit? The detective…

  1879. 11/12/2009Ben Ng says:

    Wrote a song. Changed the world.

  1880. 11/12/2009Jonathan Peterson says:

    He who is here, is not.

  1881. 11/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Someone pinched me –in a dream.

  1882. 11/12/2009Paul says:

    what uhhhh… what does this mean?

  1883. 11/12/2009Mali says:

    Saw. Liked. Loved. Stalked. Caught. Killed.

  1884. 11/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Sock turns wearer inside-out.

  1885. 11/12/2009teejaymeaux says:

    Born stupid, W ruins the country.

  1886. 11/12/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Trickle-down economics, with a yellow liquid.

  1887. 11/12/2009Julia says:

    Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.

  1888. 11/12/2009Lexi Lai says:

    She saw him nude. What a waste.

  1889. 11/12/2009Stephen says:

    Lovely girl. Couldn’t survive the accident.

  1890. 11/12/2009The Chider says:

    One said “Don’t”. Much too late.

  1891. 11/13/2009Rob Walker says:

    Pushup, pullup, squat, bye-bye belly!

  1892. 11/13/2009Anonymoose says:

    Apparently ‘gay’ means I raped her.

  1893. 11/13/2009Wendal says:

    He showed up 30000 years later.

  1894. 11/13/2009Eric Rivers says:

    Status Message, meet Six Word Stories.

  1895. 11/13/2009American Dad says:

    Optimist drowned in half full bathtub

  1896. 11/13/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    We enslave electrons for our interwebs.

  1897. 11/13/2009Justin D says:

    Believe in Jesus. Death brings life.

  1898. 11/13/2009forever ? says:

    Romeo and Juliet, ninth grade style .

  1899. 11/13/2009Julia says:

    What if you were a goat?

  1900. 11/13/2009Julia says:

    Philosophically speaking, why do we do?

  1901. 11/14/2009James Hazelden says:

    Freedom’s just another word for… disimprisonment.

  1902. 11/14/2009AaronS says:

    Divided by zero. Lost the game.

  1903. 11/14/2009Hannah says:

    Today I rocked as Posh Spice.

  1904. 11/14/2009FB says:

    I emerge, unfocused. Where was I?

  1905. 11/14/2009Russ McCleland says:

    Spot remover on dog. Dog gone!

  1906. 11/14/2009Gethere2 says:

    1917. Metal helmet. To late to …

  1907. 11/14/2009suzfly says:

    Son said clever thing. Parent demoted.

  1908. 11/14/2009suzfly says:

    Rode rocket. Saw stars. Plummeted.

  1909. 11/14/2009Ben Ng says:

    Armageddon. Last two survivors. Sex? Denied…

  1910. 11/14/2009Megan says:

    Black eye. I still love him.

  1911. 11/14/2009JA says:

    Got the waitress’ number. Something’s cooking.

  1912. 11/14/2009JA says:

    Eyes met; she’s blind. Keep looking.

  1913. 11/14/2009Rory says:

    Wanted bagels. Got some bagels. Winner.

  1914. 11/14/2009Ariel says:

    Being alone forever. . .Not so bad.

  1915. 11/15/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Atheist. Struck by lightning…twice? Baptist.

  1916. 11/15/2009Laken says:

    Forgot luggage. Five day road trip.

  1917. 11/15/2009Kristin says:

    A stolen kiss. Retrieved at gunpoint.

  1918. 11/15/2009Kristin says:

    Fell into Love, apologized, walked away.

  1919. 11/15/2009Kristin says:

    Seized the day, let it go.

  1920. 11/15/2009thebull says:

    I’m bondaged and without a girlfriend.

  1921. 11/15/2009thebull says:

    Overdue power-bill. Failed eight a.m. exam.

  1922. 11/15/2009thebull says:

    Acid, convenience store, giant Twix, log.

  1923. 11/15/2009thebull says:

    When I quit believing they left.

  1924. 11/15/2009B Tarming says:

    Car in reverse… baby. Thump Thump

  1925. 11/15/2009A Westerfield says:

    Life’s unfair. Pill bottles aren’t. Good-bye

  1926. 11/15/2009Josh says:

    I cheated, she discovered. I’m alive.

  1927. 11/15/2009Melanie says:

    “Me, or her,” I said. Alone.

  1928. 11/15/2009Clyde says:

    By myself. Even when you’re here.

  1929. 11/15/2009Kizzy says:

    Bee invades my workplace. I’m frightened.

  1930. 11/15/2009Tobin says:

    Broken promise, broken heart. Try again?

  1931. 11/15/2009Vicky says:

    She smiles. You melt. I cringe.

  1932. 11/15/2009kernelenchilada says:

    Bear cubs. Cute! Mama bear. Run!

  1933. 11/15/2009Josh E says:

    Three people showed up. Bad date.

  1934. 11/15/2009Hannah says:

    Van was a’rockin. I went a’knockin.

  1935. 11/16/2009Marc says:

    Thought it was a toy gun…

  1936. 11/16/2009Marc says:

    Lights… alarms… I should have escaped.

  1937. 11/16/2009Louis says:

    Blind couple; love at first sight.

  1938. 11/16/2009Hideki says:

    Her letters never leave me alone.

  1939. 11/16/2009Irony says:

    Anti abortionist raped and impregnated.

  1940. 11/16/2009Erin Hotchkiss says:

    Self loathing made me numb

  1941. 11/16/2009Leigh says:

    Sick of being his dirty whore

  1942. 11/16/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    I accidentally the whole national debt!

  1943. 11/16/2009Amy says:

    the iphone is overrated. I’m addicted

  1944. 11/16/2009Sam L says:

    Robot repairs were cheaper than medicine.

  1945. 11/16/2009David says:

    Trip and fell. Tore jugular. Hell.

  1946. 11/16/2009Paul Christian says:

    The loser has to love her.

  1947. 11/16/2009Christina says:

    Killed a fly. Broke my soul.

  1948. 11/16/2009George says:

    never had girl. not bothered mind…

  1949. 11/16/2009George says:

    lying is underrated, im an expert

  1950. 11/16/2009George says:

    hard to run out of bullshit

  1951. 11/16/2009UkiUmi says:

    Your smile reminds me I’m alone.

  1952. 11/16/2009Kyle says:

    If you love me, don’t go in.

  1953. 11/17/2009Adrienne says:

    Reached the summit. Out of oxygen.

  1954. 11/17/2009Alex says:

    That day, the flowers were dead.

  1955. 11/17/2009Lee says:

    Hot potatoes rained from the sky.

  1956. 11/17/2009Eroticpanda says:

    Breaking News: Emo Grass Cuts Self.

  1957. 11/17/2009Eroticpanda says:

    Oops, I meant red wire… Henry?

  1958. 11/17/2009Eroticpanda says:

    Twelve inch pianist. Genie needed hearing-aid.

  1959. 11/17/2009Eroticpanda says:

    Lesbian vampire: “See you next month.”

  1960. 11/17/2009Amanda J says:

    made egg salad in the hallway

  1961. 11/17/2009Aldo Murillo says:

    Psychopath wife, knife. Toilet lid lifted.

  1962. 11/17/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    O’Connor’s Miss Willerton is going brogue.

  1963. 11/17/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Comb, wig, fob, pocketwatch, on E-Bay.

  1964. 11/17/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Sly parents leave Red Chief “unattended.”

  1965. 11/17/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Swine flue traps Big Bad Wolf.

  1966. 11/17/2009Tyler says:

    Studied for English, still got 77.

  1967. 11/17/2009Jeff Worthington says:

    I led. Few followed. We survived.

  1968. 11/17/2009Jeff Worthington says:

    Talk is cheap. She is bankrupt.

  1969. 11/17/2009Jeff Worthington says:

    Rain quenches parched fields. Hope re-emerges.

  1970. 11/17/2009Smells as sweet says:

    Jobless and searching.Thrown a bone.

  1971. 11/17/2009Smells as sweet says:

    This just in. I am out.

  1972. 11/17/2009Wildcard says:

    The human female died yesterday.

  1973. 11/17/2009Dallas Jones says:

    Joke went bad. The funeral’s tomorrow.

  1974. 11/17/2009Cidny Cottingham says:

    To do: Buy sugar. Feed bees.

  1975. 11/18/2009atypicala says:

    Too much heroin caused extreme failure.

  1976. 11/18/2009Christian K. says:

    Whoops! A paradox. Time travel sucks.

  1977. 11/18/2009Patrick says:

    Drunk. Sex. Wife finds out. Shit.

  1978. 11/18/2009Heidi Fuqua says:

    Sold my soul. Devil aint cheap.

  1979. 11/18/2009Heidi Fuqua says:

    Don’t look back. THEY are coming.

  1980. 11/18/2009Heidi Fuqua says:

    Cold…it gets into your bones.

  1981. 11/18/2009Heidi Fuqua says:

    Inhale. Exhale. Suffer your last breath.

  1982. 11/18/2009Santiago Méndez says:

    While playing Russian roulette, he won.

  1983. 11/18/2009B. LaCombe says:

    Cold toes. Snuggling. A kiss goodnight.

  1984. 11/18/2009Goyzilla says:

    Bad breakup. Leads to finding soulmate.

  1985. 11/18/2009Goyzilla says:

    No clouds hide her sunshine smile.

  1986. 11/18/2009EC says:

    A Tree Grows In…the ground.

  1987. 11/18/2009Sarah Anne says:

    Don’t like peas; neither does dog.

  1988. 11/18/2009Sarah Anne says:

    No coloring book. White walls. Art!

  1989. 11/18/2009Sarah Anne says:

    Nickname. Shove in locker. Last word.

  1990. 11/18/2009Sarah Anne says:

    Morning. Found dress on unfamiliar floor.

  1991. 11/18/2009Sarah Anne says:

    New friend- too bad he’s imaginary.

  1992. 11/18/2009Dean says:

    Sisyphus went back to his boulder.

  1993. 11/18/2009Dean says:

    Orpheus! Where are you?! Save me!

  1994. 11/18/2009Weysa Dya says:

    Guilt and shame hold many captives.

  1995. 11/18/2009Sarah Anne says:

    Dances with wolves. Probably bad idea.

  1996. 11/18/2009Bibi says:

    He saw her, loved her, lost her.

  1997. 11/19/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Neighbor flips house; I flip bird.

  1998. 11/19/2009Dallas Jones says:

    I want to fuck you sober

  1999. 11/19/2009Kerouac says:

    … … this is my stream of consciousness … …

  2000. 11/19/2009Louis says:

    Note: “Time machine works!” Recognized handwriting…

  2001. 11/19/2009poiuyt says:

    help! im livin in Bono Mundo

  2002. 11/19/2009Will Raymer says:

    Attempting haiku:
    constrains my efforts

    (septende- is the prefix for seventeen. haiku are seventeen-syllable poems, usually in a 5-7-5 grouping.)

  2003. 11/19/2009Will Raymer says:

    Romeo: arrived prematurely. Like most men.

  2004. 11/19/2009tejesh says:

    Six words? That’s it ? Forget it.

  2005. 11/19/2009Viveka says:

    Swine vaccine… No more kissing pigs.

  2006. 11/19/2009Andrew Childress says:

    Red Bull and vodka. Bad night.

  2007. 11/19/2009Mike Keesey says:

    sane Irish writer goes completely in

  2008. 11/19/2009K. Kim says:

    Make like fetus’, and head out.

  2009. 11/20/2009Saša Potežica says:

    Jesus @God, humankind unfollow @Jesus

  2010. 11/20/2009Steve Chung says:

    My last stripper sold me insurance.

  2011. 11/20/2009David B. says:

    Jesus came back. I’m in trouble!

  2012. 11/20/2009Taimu says:

    I saw you in my dreams

  2013. 11/20/2009Taimu says:

    Big dreams, little cash, hopeful heart.

  2014. 11/21/2009Kirk Rao says:

    The pickpocket got burned–magic wallet.

  2015. 11/21/2009Kirk Rao says:

    I got dressed after the interview.

  2016. 11/21/2009Kirk Rao says:

    “Am I dead?”
    “No, just unemployed.”

  2017. 11/21/2009Kirk Rao says:

    “Are you pregnant?”
    “No. Not anymore.”

  2018. 11/21/2009David B. says:

    Went home again. Discovered you can’t.

  2019. 11/22/2009cute n clever says:

    Murdered…Revived as a Ghost…Revenge!

  2020. 11/22/2009Stephy Monster says:

    Electromagnetic projectiles equate to big fun.

  2021. 11/22/2009Stephy Monster says:

    Mayans only ran out of rock.

  2022. 11/22/2009Jessica says:

    Woke up dead. Went to bed.

  2023. 11/22/2009Stephy Monster says:

    Stuck in tiny ball, Charmander plotted.

  2024. 11/22/2009Brandon says:

    Falling down up escalator; send help.

  2025. 11/22/2009sykotik says:

    Fact. I’m with the wrong woman.

  2026. 11/22/2009Andrew Ladouceur says:

    Two jokers approached. Neither wore suits.

  2027. 11/22/2009Sean Lolmaugh says:

    The world dies because God left.

  2028. 11/23/2009Kat says:

    Terminated with pink slip and gun.

  2029. 11/23/2009Victor says:

    I came, I saw, I listened.

  2030. 11/23/2009abhishek says:

    Matt Damon is a good guy.

  2031. 11/23/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Health-conscious cannibal eschews baby fat.

  2032. 11/23/2009Rhonda says:

    The scales deceive, mirrors don’t lie!

  2033. 11/23/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Rabbits slay humans for pregnancy tests.

  2034. 11/24/2009Sam Spero says:

    I don’t know you; you’re forgiven.

  2035. 11/24/2009Hilko says:

    I don’t live by your rules, man!

  2036. 11/24/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Restraining order: Pooh Bear, Gillian Michaels

  2037. 11/24/2009Bree says:

    Inebriation leaves keys in odd places….refrigerator?

  2038. 11/24/2009Paul says:

    Oh God! I’m pregnant? Which man?

  2039. 11/24/2009cochran says:

    he kissed me on the forehead

  2040. 11/24/2009Sean says:

    He never woke. Earth kept spinning.

  2041. 11/24/2009David Bright says:

    The words were spoken. Nothing left.

  2042. 11/25/2009John Tuinema says:

    Ambulance engine died: so did patient.

  2043. 11/25/2009David B. says:

    Our blessings radiate and intermingle. Om!

  2044. 11/25/2009Danielle says:

    slinky plus escalator equals never-ending JOY!

  2045. 11/25/2009scott romney says:

    Then, he wished for the key.

  2046. 11/25/2009Roma Diaz says:

    The spin cycle is housewives’ favourite.

  2047. 11/25/2009Tim Chapman says:

    I beheld his light filled soul.

  2048. 11/25/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Obama soft on death-row turkey.

  2049. 11/25/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    I hired Lou Dobbs for yardwork.

  2050. 11/25/2009Sanglier says:

    Tactical application of bacon. Marriage saved!

  2051. 11/25/2009Juan Jose says:

    he was old, she needed money

  2052. 11/25/2009Krystina Long says:

    Boy. Girl. Just friends. Both unsatisfied.

  2053. 11/25/2009Andy Hillier says:

    Gallows tree. White hoods. Black death.

  2054. 11/25/2009Sandy Witte says:

    I am downstairs. A fire started. Shit.

  2055. 11/25/2009Sherjeel says:

    My cunning attempts terminated as expected.

  2056. 11/26/2009Melina Mehr says:

    Insomnia proves worst: nothing but time.

  2057. 11/26/2009Austin says:

    Boy. Girl. Friends. More. Less. Lost

  2058. 11/26/2009Anton Mironov says:

    Brewed coffee. No milk. Threw out.

  2059. 11/26/2009myles says:

    Got shot. Won lottery. No relatives.

  2060. 11/26/2009myles says:

    ‘Don’t do it!’ Did it. Awkward.

  2061. 11/26/2009myles says:

    Ship crashes. Eats Reeses. Phones home.

  2062. 11/26/2009myles says:

    Boy meets Girl. Not Girl. Thailand.

  2063. 11/26/2009Marjolein says:

    Drink beer and become the Master

  2064. 11/26/2009Marjolein says:

    Eat Whiskas and become the Cat

  2065. 11/26/2009Marjolein says:

    Die without sinning and become god

  2066. 11/26/2009Dora Blake says:

    Plane caught in storm. Never arrived.

  2067. 11/26/2009Kyle says:

    Stars. All are black. Entropy complete.

  2068. 11/26/2009Nick says:

    I fell in love. She didn’t.

  2069. 11/26/2009Laine says:

    Dog was faithful, Girlfriend was not!

  2070. 11/26/2009Ross Hardy says:

    Haiku construction, considering concision, is problematic.

  2071. 11/26/2009Josh says:

    I’m in love. Damn the miles.

  2072. 11/26/2009Caylan McGregor says:

    Wanted: brain surgeon. No experience necessary.

  2073. 11/26/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Shot. Chaser. Belligerent. Gunshot. Chase her.

  2074. 11/26/2009Daniel Titus says:

    Shot space cow. Moonburgers at 9.

  2075. 11/27/2009Dusty Mossman says:

    God disproven by himself. Atheists baffled.

  2076. 11/27/2009MarcF says:

    Knife in hand – laugh no more.

  2077. 11/27/2009Mike DiLeo says:

    Turkey: stuffed. Us: even more so.

  2078. 11/27/2009Rafael Coronado says:

    He screamed, but to no avail.

  2079. 11/27/2009A.J. Morrissey says:

    Went 90 in a 45. Farewell.

  2080. 11/27/2009JamesB says:

    Baby shoes. For Sale. Never worn

  2081. 11/27/2009Tirgearr says:

    The beginning, the middle, the end.

  2082. 11/27/2009Beetle says:

    She smiled and exhaled. I laughed.

  2083. 11/27/2009Lindsay says:

    Two men enter. One leaves crying.

  2084. 11/28/2009Brad says:

    It started with a deafening stop.

  2085. 11/28/2009Doug S. says:

    Saw turkey. But ate apple pie.

  2086. 11/28/2009Bret Eagleston says:

    There is a bear behind you…

  2087. 11/28/2009paul reeves says:

    my life in six words,wow.

  2088. 11/28/2009anonymous says:

    Waiting until you love me, too.

  2089. 11/28/2009anonymous says:

    Letters from war, not one came.

  2090. 11/28/2009Elwyn Cahaly says:

    Next year arrives. Gamecocks win. Yes!

  2091. 11/28/2009Rob Cagle says:

    It was bloodier than he thought.

  2092. 11/28/2009Nate Jewgazi says:

    Teeth in vagina. Rape was avoided.

  2093. 11/28/2009Espy Loopa says:

    In the wastelands. Good clippers needed.

  2094. 11/28/2009blah says:

    Most six word stories are bad.

  2095. 11/29/2009poiuyt says:

    Is it real? Does it matter?

  2096. 11/29/2009Malber says:

    i could do my homework instead…

  2097. 11/29/2009David Carpenter says:

    Holy plunger Batman! Robin Sighs’ deeply.

  2098. 11/29/2009David Carpenter says:

    Wife leaves husband. Genital warts remain.

  2099. 11/29/2009David Carpenter says:

    Hosana sang while Blake’s army faltered.

  2100. 11/29/2009David Carpenter says:

    Random words caused casual vituperative cant

  2101. 11/29/2009Vicky says:

    Heart surgery finally opened his heart.

  2102. 11/29/2009Remy Michael says:

    Farmboy kisses sister. Galaxy saved again.

  2103. 11/29/2009Ross Dempster says:

    Waken, wash, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

  2104. 11/29/2009Caylan McGregor says:

    Hemingway never wore his baby shoes.

  2105. 11/30/2009J. Artist says:

    made money. failed beliefs. sold out.

  2106. 11/30/2009D Kunkel says:

    Hell is incompatible people still dating

  2107. 11/30/2009Ginse says:

    “One bullet per divorce”



  2108. 11/30/2009yroehT says:

    received grade on H1N1 paper. “superfluous”

  2109. 11/30/2009David Carpenter says:

    Icarus fell in fear, then drowned.

  2110. 11/30/2009David Carpenter says:

    Robber banks cause woe within law.

  2111. 11/30/2009David Carpenter says:

    When I
    I stayed

  2112. 11/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Harry Lime drinks a Fuzzy Navel.

  2113. 11/30/2009Thomas says:

    “I love you.” She didn’t speak.

  2114. 11/30/2009Cancer Sucks says:

    Twins. 21st Birthday. First Drink Alone.

  2115. 11/30/2009Jon says:

    She said no. He didn’t stop.

  2116. 11/30/2009Evil says:

    Even Hamlet ended up dying alone.

  2117. 11/30/2009Saveau says:

    Ripped off penis, wish I didn’t.

  2118. 11/30/2009Mizzbock says:

    Sister walked in, popped raging boner.

  2119. 11/30/2009Keith says:

    Killed a cop, licked his ballsack

  2120. 11/30/2009Kelly says:

    These are nights I live for.

  2121. 11/30/2009Kelly says:

    Sometimes I wish things were easier.

  2122. 11/30/2009Kelly says:

    Steal secret sips between giggle fits.

  2123. 11/30/2009Kelly says:

    Intelligence or innocence; one or neither.

  2124. 11/30/2009Kelly says:

    Pretty girls never last very long.

  2125. 11/30/2009Kelly says:

    Everyone else seems to write better.

  2126. 11/30/2009Kelly says:

    Sing to the sky between laughter.

  2127. 11/30/2009Arte says:

    The End continues. Nothing new seen.

  2128. 11/30/2009Asmodean says:

    Journeys end in lovers meeting… CAR!

  2129. 12/1/2009Asmodean says:

    Why is there so much CHEESE?!

  2130. 12/1/2009Asmodean says:

    Fiat lux … Fiat nox … Fiat .. Crap!

  2131. 12/1/2009Asmodean says:

    Confounded parents think childrn are bonkers

  2132. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    hole in penis, filled with pencil

  2133. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    break into morgue, eat some breakfast

  2134. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    wife on vacation, bone hot secretary

  2135. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    fucked a hooker, cock turned brown

  2136. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    gonnorhea makes my balls itch shittons

  2137. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    cut off hands, typing with penis

  2138. 12/1/2009Sarah says:

    “I’ll never forget” – think he lied.

  2139. 12/1/2009John D. says:

    hearst leaves, I wave. Bye dad.

  2140. 12/1/2009Algae Hydra says:

    Come on… nobody really means “forever.”

  2141. 12/1/2009Ben Ng says:

    I tweet, he twit, you twat.

  2142. 12/1/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Step 2: Corner the underwear market.

  2143. 12/1/2009David Carpenter says:

    Horse bolted whilst chaps remain closed.

  2144. 12/1/2009Melissa says:

    Doing homework, the world will collapse.

  2145. 12/1/2009John Rea-Hedrick says:

    Anagramic prophet predicts ‘the wolf dethroned!’ – John Rea-Hedrick

  2146. 12/1/2009Jackie says:

    He scooped ice cream. Never again.

  2147. 12/1/2009Jackie says:

    Do you know who you are?

  2148. 12/1/2009Jackie says:

    I do not know me anymore.

  2149. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    diarrhea right into my blender. Slurp!

  2150. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    went to graveyard, jizzed on tombstones

  2151. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    eating diarrhea makes my belly hurt

  2152. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Lost newborn found in pool skimmer

  2153. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    anal sex with black dudes hurts

  2154. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    today i curb stomped a skinhead

  2155. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    how much cum can you drink?

  2156. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    i am trolling this website hardcore

  2157. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Masturbated with salad tongs, felt cold

  2158. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Jerked with sandpaper. Orgasm AND exfoliation!

  2159. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    “Played Doctor” with Doctor. Arraignment Friday.

  2160. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Drank Brawndo, fucked a tractor trailer.

  2161. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Dipped penis in ink, sketched “Guernica.”

  2162. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Went looking for Jesus. Found methamphetamines.

  2163. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Searched craigslist for love. Got buttraped.

  2164. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Missed Connection: I flashed, you screamed.

  2165. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Where’s Waldo? Concrete shoes, Hudson River.

  2166. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Saw 9/11 footage; touched penis, moaned.

  2167. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    1300 found dead in cemetary explosion.

  2168. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    He thought he could fly. Nope.

  2169. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Swerve! Smash! Parents bury their son.

  2170. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Zombie son rises, eats parents’ brains.

  2171. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Apparently nudity at work means fired.

  2172. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    You will never be happy, bitch.

  2173. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Major Hassan plays wargames – schedule mixup.

  2174. 12/1/2009Keith says:

    Splat! Money shot in the face.

  2175. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Shouldn’t have shaved there. Tourniquet plz?

  2176. 12/1/2009Geeorg Butche says:

    Ate candy from child-safe bottle. COLORRRSSSS

  2177. 12/1/2009Jonathan Lapitan says:

    Three decade coma. First words are?

  2178. 12/2/2009Sim1Amaris says:

    Giant worms sting. Rapi it up.

  2179. 12/2/2009Justin F says:

    The abyss smiled back at him.

  2180. 12/2/2009ruesvelt says:

    where’s. all this. blood. coming from.

  2181. 12/2/2009JM Tohline says:

    “She left you for another…what?” []

  2182. 12/2/2009Lexy Eich says:

    I walked in and saw you.

  2183. 12/2/2009Chris says:

    “Marry me?” Should have said yes.

  2184. 12/2/2009Anon says:

    Lunch at Murderburger? Sure, what time?

  2185. 12/2/2009Jezebel Bones says:

    Knife feels cold against my skin

  2186. 12/2/2009Alice says:

    The picture frames are always empty.

  2187. 12/2/2009Nicolle says:

    I eat velociraptors for breakfast. Yum.

  2188. 12/2/2009Jenny says:

    Tab A fits in Slot B.

  2189. 12/2/2009Jackie says:

    Once upon a time…the end.

  2190. 12/2/2009Philip says:

    Last man on earth. Door. Knock.

  2191. 12/2/2009sushi says:

    Fire alarm at 4:30am…confusion ensues

  2192. 12/2/2009sushi says:

    Fire alarm at 4:30am…confusion ensues.

  2193. 12/2/2009sushi says:

    Bitten apple falls. So does man.

  2194. 12/2/2009sushi says:

    Zebras eat intently as lion approaches inevitably.

  2195. 12/2/2009ewitte says:

    He stopped feeling his pitching arm.

  2196. 12/2/2009Alex says:

    Will the force be with you!

  2197. 12/2/2009Alex says:

    May the force be with you!

  2198. 12/2/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Irony: d’Artagnan dies of paper cut.

  2199. 12/2/2009David J Griffin says:

    No, that’s my time machine, imposter.

  2200. 12/2/2009Pam Spriester says:

    Death by hospital: called the doctor

  2201. 12/2/2009Pam Spriester says:

    Ignorance is bliss when all is not

  2202. 12/3/2009Kendall says:

    Slowly, everything melted down her arms.

  2203. 12/3/2009Kiana says:

    She said “Stop,” but they didn’t.

  2204. 12/3/2009Keith says:

    My piss smells like rancid mayonnaise.

  2205. 12/3/2009Rin Simpson says:

    Newspapers piling. Grass overgrown. Seen grandad?

  2206. 12/3/2009sam says:

    The boy was lost at school.

  2207. 12/3/2009DirtyD says:

    I drink… I screw… I happy!

  2208. 12/3/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Grouped poop evidenced her organizational skills.

  2209. 12/3/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Oscar nominee absent. (leg fracture)

  2210. 12/3/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Funny papers host my class reunion.

  2211. 12/3/2009Warren Thompson says:

    Dead cat in pile of mementos.

  2212. 12/3/2009Anne says:

    He danced his last for her

  2213. 12/3/2009Ashley says:

    The blood simply got on everything.

  2214. 12/3/2009Ashley says:

    The blood got on almost everything.

  2215. 12/3/2009Fabio says:

    This story is not six words.

  2216. 12/3/2009Keith says:


  2217. 12/4/2009Johan Strauss says:

    Did a backflip. Broke neck. Again.

  2218. 12/4/2009Timothy Donald says:

    War’s over. But we shan’t return.

  2219. 12/4/2009Tyrel Corporation says:

    End war. Let’s focus on space.

  2220. 12/4/2009vansa BG says:

    Pain it the ass. Hemorrhoids? Nope!

  2221. 12/4/2009vansa BG says:

    My ass fuckin’ hurts. Hemorrhoids? Nope!

  2222. 12/4/2009Copacabana says:

    Jack and Jill. Went up hill.

  2223. 12/4/2009Copacabana says:

    To fetch a pail of water.

  2224. 12/4/2009Copacabana says:

    scintillate, scintillate, very small, bright, mass.

  2225. 12/4/2009Copacabana says:

    This is like a elegant FML

  2226. 12/4/2009Hugh Jass says:

    She’s sexy! Oh, that’s a he.

  2227. 12/4/2009Pierre Dubois says:

    Too frightened to live, I conform.

  2228. 12/5/2009Katrina says:

    Forget planning; improvising takes me places.

  2229. 12/5/2009Marri says:

    Ft. Hood. Hate crimes to follow.

  2230. 12/5/2009Alex C. Peterson says:

    5:24 to 5:27, my life changed.

  2231. 12/5/2009Jon says:

    “Take a deep breath. Blow, man.”

  2232. 12/5/2009MarcF says:

    Zombies look for brains. You’re safe!

  2233. 12/5/2009Vicky says:

    Found: Romeo’s letter to Juliet. e-Bay!

  2234. 12/5/2009Olivia J. B. says:

    Husband, with AIDS, in the Bedroom.

  2235. 12/6/2009Emily says:

    Commitment issues. A breakup follows. Whatever.

  2236. 12/6/2009Grace says:

    Old friends. Met up. In love.

  2237. 12/6/2009MarcF says:

    You’re a true person. Fact you.

  2238. 12/6/2009Drew says:

    Happy wedding ended by logging truck.

  2239. 12/6/2009Eddie R says:

    Shaving… Bleeding. Ninja was on ceiling.

  2240. 12/6/2009sage says:

    woke alone. no messages. loneliness wins.

  2241. 12/6/2009Daedalus says:

    Victory! Terminators are allergic to magnets.

  2242. 12/6/2009Mike Hunt says:

    Drive car, pretend to cut trees.

  2243. 12/6/2009Elle says:

    Should have tried harder. Miss you.

  2244. 12/6/2009Elle says:

    two weeks later, the letter came.

  2245. 12/6/2009Justaguyontheweb says:

    Du, Du hast, du hast mich.

  2246. 12/6/2009Justaguyontheweb says:

    Many men, no women, humans extinct.

  2247. 12/6/2009Henry says:

    Atheist Zombie? I love her anyway.

  2248. 12/6/2009Henry says:

    Cardigan, leggings, cigarette. I’m in love.

  2249. 12/6/2009ML says:

    Bring extra tampons. Just in case.

  2250. 12/6/2009ML says:

    Hello? Is this God? You’re next.

  2251. 12/7/2009Lann says:

    Floating, he watched himself pronounced dead.

  2252. 12/7/2009Lindsey says:

    Woman Picks Apple. Blamed For Everything.

  2253. 12/7/2009Riggald says:

    Needs blood. Chases virgins. Stake pierces.

  2254. 12/7/2009garfield135 says:

    Lost the game. Body found later.

  2255. 12/7/2009Owen p says:

    But it was just a dream.

  2256. 12/7/2009Cam says:

    Millions arrested for public self mutilation.

  2257. 12/7/2009Guru says:

    Zombies. Get guns. Forgot bullets. Damn.

  2258. 12/7/2009ArenTMA says:

    The last Astronaut watches Earth burn.

  2259. 12/7/2009Bruv says:

    Global warming? What global warming? Sizzle.

  2260. 12/7/2009cece says:

    he’s everything, and always will be.

  2261. 12/7/2009William B. says:

    Second Coming put off for Super Bowl.

  2262. 12/7/2009Jesus Freak says:

    Jesus came, loved, died. Heaven Opened.

  2263. 12/7/2009K says:

    I’ll have a story one day.

  2264. 12/7/2009JeffG says:

    “Dead,” he said with a smile.

  2265. 12/7/2009Tim Bilbrough says:

    Blood soaks shirt; vision fades quickly.

  2266. 12/7/2009June says:

    Sorry Mom. He knocked me up.

  2267. 12/7/2009Elle says:

    those three words fucked me up.

  2268. 12/7/2009Elle says:

    One moment later, the doorbell rang.

  2269. 12/7/2009Elle says:

    All that begins must also end.

  2270. 12/7/2009Elle says:

    All it took was a smile.

  2271. 12/7/2009Elle says:

    One way ticket. Won’t be back.

  2272. 12/7/2009Elle says:

    Ninja versus zombie versus vampire: EPIC.

  2273. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Sleeping in shorts worked last night.

  2274. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Bright colored men drop from sky.

  2275. 12/8/20098118 says:

    The city is empty. How typical.

  2276. 12/8/2009Oreo says:

    Dear God, I’m pregnant. But who?

  2277. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Don’t think. They can hear you.

  2278. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Fold the universe; devour the mind.

  2279. 12/8/20098118 says:

    A hat covered his strange scar.

  2280. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Knight thinks to himself, “Damned machines.”

  2281. 12/8/20098118 says:

    It’s a shame we don’t exist.

  2282. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Emo kid experiences happiness, “Now what?”

  2283. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Step one: Dreadlocks. Step three: Sultan.

  2284. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Girl poet is deep, also fat.

  2285. 12/8/20098118 says:

    Can’t take responsibility; not my fault.

  2286. 12/8/2009Alexander Vail says:

    Great night out. Wife’s dress stained.

  2287. 12/8/2009Alexander Vail says:

    Even horses get the urge sometimes.

  2288. 12/8/2009Alexander Vail says:

    I’m never going to drink again.

  2289. 12/8/2009Alexander Vail says:

    Condom split. Three months to wait.

  2290. 12/8/2009Alexander Vail says:

    She beats me; I need her.

  2291. 12/8/2009Les Sebiestors says:

    Bad writers can’t kill off characters.

  2292. 12/8/2009bindle says:

    Massively Manipulative Online Soul Draining Game

  2293. 12/8/2009bindle says:

    Self-deprecating, but not nearly enough.

  2294. 12/8/2009bindle says:

    However, i’m good at guitar hero

  2295. 12/8/2009bindle says:

    Bad six-worders take shotgun approach.

  2296. 12/8/2009DrummerBummer says:

    Just fired my first shotgun cartrige!

  2297. 12/8/2009bindle says:

    His first meal was his last.

  2298. 12/8/2009bindle says:

    one day’s difference between bono, hobo

  2299. 12/8/2009Ben Ng says:

    Man builds computer. Computer builds man.

  2300. 12/8/2009Ben Ng says:

    Man discovers love. Marries left hand.

  2301. 12/8/2009Ben Ng says:

    “Listen sweetie… Mummy’s also your sister.”

  2302. 12/8/2009Ben Ng says:

    Day before the wedding. He proposes.

  2303. 12/8/2009Ben Ng says:

    “Cut the red wire?! I’m colourblind!!!”

  2304. 12/8/2009bindle says:

    blow load, close forty seven tabs

  2305. 12/8/2009Tom Valleys says:

    dear god, this one breaks the rules

  2306. 12/8/2009Aaron S Bush says:

    Petey lives forever, on friends arm.

  2307. 12/8/2009Aaron S Bush says:

    She saw his face, last time.

  2308. 12/8/2009Elle says:

    Yet nobody noticed she was missing.

  2309. 12/8/2009Elle says:

    I traded dignity for an A.

  2310. 12/8/2009Brad Walters says:

    Tearful, he lingers near empty walls.

  2311. 12/8/2009honkage says:

    come on Babe, let`s die happy

  2312. 12/8/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Ford also feels like a sofa.

  2313. 12/8/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Earth exploded. Fish had been plentiful.

  2314. 12/8/2009Shy Guy says:

    I’m still afraid to admit it.

  2315. 12/8/2009Jeric says:

    I stop procrastinating TODAY! Or…maybe tomorrow?

  2316. 12/8/2009C.S. Stokes says:

    All my advances are ignored. Retreat.

  2317. 12/8/2009Richard Herring says:

    Big gun, big knife, god won.

  2318. 12/8/2009Jessyy G says:

    Nobody knows, that I sometimes cry…

  2319. 12/8/2009Hayley says:

    Rudolph wakes up. Brown nose. Shit.

  2320. 12/8/2009Trista says:

    He lied. They fucked. Now what?

  2321. 12/8/2009Christiana Joy says:

    The feeling’s nameless. I’m still right.

  2322. 12/8/2009Alex Portera says:

    Children find Candy Land. Dentists rejoice.

  2323. 12/8/2009marie diffee wright says:

    her birthmother’s pain, my greatest joy.

  2324. 12/8/2009Cannon C says:

    Juicy Big Mac, That’s What’s Up.

  2325. 12/8/2009Brian says:

    i love her, she is taken

  2326. 12/8/2009emily taylor says:

    Lovers in summer, then fall came.

  2327. 12/8/2009oztaurus says:

    Short poppy. Struggles ever upward. Pointless.

  2328. 12/8/2009oztaurus says:

    “God’s dead!”
    “Nietzshe’s dead …..”

  2329. 12/8/2009oztaurus says:

    Dance like nobody watches …. except judges

  2330. 12/8/2009oztaurus says:

    Tried to stare down mirror.

  2331. 12/9/2009oztaurus says:

    Dictator. Stability. Oil. Invasion. Democracy. Chaos.

  2332. 12/9/2009oztaurus says:

    Job application
    World of Warcraft

  2333. 12/9/2009oztaurus says:

    SLK55. “P” plates. What a waste!

  2334. 12/9/2009Mathew Benson says:

    Boy finds girl. But now gay.

  2335. 12/9/2009Brice says:

    Soul written as letter. Never sent.

  2336. 12/9/2009Phil says:

    Found true love, 857 miles away…

  2337. 12/9/2009Carla Helm "Carlia" says:

    ~there has to be a receiver~

  2338. 12/9/2009Devin says:

    Drank too much at Yale. Hello Community!

  2339. 12/9/2009Jambalaya sauce says:

    Penis penetrated the vagina. Baby made.

  2340. 12/9/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Pray the burping ATM stays sick!

  2341. 12/9/2009Rebecca Rose says:

    I’m in love. He is not.

  2342. 12/9/2009Aimee says:

    You tell me the prettiest lies.

  2343. 12/9/2009nfn says:

    hurt rectum but smuggled it in.

  2344. 12/9/2009nfn says:

    oztaurus: mirror game always a tie.

  2345. 12/10/2009Vogie says:

    When does CPR
    turn into Necrophilia?

  2346. 12/10/2009Ishmael says:

    Sneezing one final blast, she died.

  2347. 12/10/2009Jon Jon says:

    Religion has brought nothing but war.

  2348. 12/10/2009Carrie Elliott says:

    a rare occurance: no homework.. naptime.

  2349. 12/10/2009Synik says:

    What do you mean, No Time-

  2350. 12/10/2009Synik says:

    Boy meets world, comes away jaded

  2351. 12/10/2009Jack says:

    you had her jack you butthead

  2352. 12/10/2009Hilary says:

    My life is one big hyperbole…

  2353. 12/10/2009Adam says:

    Too much homework. Put it off.

  2354. 12/10/2009Casey says:

    He left. I waited. He didn’t.

  2355. 12/10/2009eh ron says:

    Inch by inch, crawling for miles.

  2356. 12/10/2009Anon says:

    Lust after friend and her boyfriend

  2357. 12/10/2009Srose says:

    Turned 21. Promise kept, didn’t vomit.

  2358. 12/10/2009Victor says:

    I came. She didn’t. I win.

  2359. 12/10/2009Aaron S Bush says:

    Time heals all? Time heals nothing.

  2360. 12/10/2009Aaron S Bush says:

    Voyage through the mind. Short trip.

  2361. 12/11/2009Matt E says:

    Her show. Brought flowers. Left alone.

  2362. 12/11/2009Ernie McGray says:

    Dreamt of dead friend; said goodbyes.

  2363. 12/11/2009Martha Jewett says:

    Being me but much more openly.

  2364. 12/11/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Trolls use as TP, unfortunately.

  2365. 12/11/2009JesAJ says:

    God awoke from slumber. Earth gone.

  2366. 12/11/2009dsans says:

    she smiles. sees him, punches thrown.

  2367. 12/11/2009milo keegan says:

    Woke up during surgery, couldn’t scream.

  2368. 12/12/2009Chris Lee says:

    Customer shits on floor. Ah, fuck!

  2369. 12/12/2009Cory says:

    friends, in her eyes. his weep.

  2370. 12/12/2009Vicky says:

    Crash! Sirens wail! Crash! Sirens silent.

  2371. 12/12/2009Cole Sullivan says:

    Conversation over, ended to quick. Sigh

  2372. 12/12/2009William Decker says:

    Ecstasy found not harmful: Humanity destroyed.

  2373. 12/12/2009Fletcher says:

    Feeling spurned; he returned the ring

  2374. 12/12/2009Vicky says:

    Collided with past. Sustained major injuries.

  2375. 12/12/2009harleigh says:

    Brother died. My life began sadly.

  2376. 12/13/2009Taylor says:

    Waffles were disgusting. Had banana instead.

  2377. 12/13/2009Kandace D says:

    My mind is television static. Enjoy.

  2378. 12/13/2009st8ofu4ia says:

    Once upon a time. The end

  2379. 12/13/2009John Kingsnorth says:

    My food, fluffy. No longer feasible.

  2380. 12/13/2009Trina says:

    Baby. Child. Adolescent. Adult. Geriatric. Dead.

  2381. 12/13/2009Hayley says:

    Shower, makeup, hair, clothes…. Date? WASTE.

  2382. 12/13/2009Hawkwind says:

    I fell (for you), It hurts.

  2383. 12/13/2009C.M. says:

    “Make it quick,” he said, reloading.

  2384. 12/13/2009Elias says:

    This is a six word sentence.

  2385. 12/13/2009Alex says:

    Hemingway is rolling in his grave.

  2386. 12/14/2009Nightclaw says:

    A Letter. Shock, tears, unaware. Loss.

  2387. 12/14/2009Nightclaw says:

    “You fell for me?”

    Smiling, “Yes.”

  2388. 12/14/2009Nightclaw says:

    Can two broken hearts make one?

  2389. 12/14/2009William Blix says:

    Your STD can’t stop my love.

  2390. 12/14/2009Matt says:

    Survived last night. Today, she smiles.

  2391. 12/14/2009Lissa says:

    Pushed grill starter. Hair on fire.

  2392. 12/14/2009Ashley says:

    I said, “I love you”. …Nothing.

  2393. 12/14/2009Lauren says:

    The death startled her. She cried.

  2394. 12/14/2009tessellation says:

    Finals/Concert… Life: pass. Physics: fail.

  2395. 12/14/2009Olivia says:

    I still believe in santa clause!

  2396. 12/14/2009Larry T says:

    Last night, cancer took my daughter.

  2397. 12/14/2009Larry T says:

    Last night, cancer took my daughter.

  2398. 12/14/2009Patrick Sussmann says:

    I am an important man. Verify?

  2399. 12/14/2009Patrick Sussmann says:

    Stories are sandpaper to your heart.

  2400. 12/14/2009Patrick Sussmann says:

    It’s so creepy here by myself.

  2401. 12/14/2009SkaliSharpnose says:

    War canceled. Rain. Next weekend, maybe.

  2402. 12/14/2009Elle says:

    A different women every weekend. Empty.

  2403. 12/14/2009Elle says:

    Everyone loved her. Found hanging anyway.

  2404. 12/14/2009Elle says:

    just one last hit, i swear

  2405. 12/15/2009Jason says:

    I need a doctor! [fade] Nevermind.

  2406. 12/15/2009Jason says:

    You dying. Us laughing. Please repeat!

  2407. 12/15/2009Jason says:

    Thin ice. Hold my weight? No.

  2408. 12/15/2009Jason says:

    Martians to Earth: Expect us Thursday.

  2409. 12/15/2009MossReachedLips says:

    Disappointment only comes from possessed expectations.

  2410. 12/15/2009Jeric says:

    Stay…but don’t get too close.

  2411. 12/15/2009BDNYC says:

    Did work, bosses profited, lost job

  2412. 12/16/2009A says:

    Graduated college. Much debt. Need job.

  2413. 12/16/2009Brennan Mccullough says:

    Pelted with taunts, Hairy got even.

  2414. 12/16/2009R.A.B. Muffin says:

    lost her, found you, miss her.

  2415. 12/16/2009Randy says:

    Once gone, people forget. Always do.

  2416. 12/16/2009michael salinger says:

    Nightstand pen missing – story idea evaporates.

  2417. 12/16/2009OHaiDer says:

    Then the poop hit the fan.

  2418. 12/16/2009Thomas says:

    Heaven for sale. One previous owner.

  2419. 12/16/2009Gaby says:

    Flew towards him; left wings behind.

  2420. 12/16/2009Conrad Panganiban says:

    Found your needles while cleaning. Goodbye.

  2421. 12/16/2009Conrad Panganiban says:

    With one look, it was over.

  2422. 12/16/2009Conrad Panganiban says:

    Through mud, under bullets, Gabriella found freedom.

  2423. 12/16/2009Conrad Panganiban says:

    Through mud, under bullets, found freedom.

  2424. 12/16/2009TheSN says:

    Blood, mud. War, death. Wonder why?

  2425. 12/16/2009Ann X. says:

    Sold myself to them. I’m gone.

  2426. 12/17/2009Keith says:

    I love satan, yes i do

  2427. 12/17/2009TheDuchess says:

    Best seat on parade day? Grassy knoll.

  2428. 12/17/2009Zack Teitel says:

    Tears added to water…next, toaster.

  2429. 12/17/2009Zack Teitel says:

    Cry myself a river. Add toaster.

  2430. 12/17/2009Zack Teitel says:

    Impulsiveness level upped. Girlfriend level downed.

  2431. 12/17/2009Philosophically Challenged says:

    18-world’s oyster, 50-clam juice!

  2432. 12/17/2009Sean B says:

    Ear drain, throat pain, sick again.

  2433. 12/17/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    “That’s hot,” Paris says during supernova.

  2434. 12/17/2009Serendip says:

    Stabbed to death. Again. Reincarnation hurts.

  2435. 12/18/2009Casual says:

    “That was a lot of dinosaurs.”

  2436. 12/18/2009Ingleburg Humperdink says:

    Your big black cloud will run.

  2437. 12/18/2009Ingleburg Humperdink says:

    And press you to the ground.

  2438. 12/18/2009Ingleburg Humperdink says:

    I know you are out there.

  2439. 12/18/2009GCH says:

    Wish I’d met his friend first.

  2440. 12/18/2009GCH says:

    Following take-off, engine fails. Automatic promotion!

  2441. 12/18/2009GCH says:

    Morning after, where am I? Uh-oh.

  2442. 12/18/2009Guyver says:

    This is me. Not, however, you.

  2443. 12/18/2009Maddy says:

    He wondered nothing, she knew everything.

  2444. 12/19/2009Tsu says:

    I will never meet my love.

  2445. 12/19/2009Tsu says:

    Sometimes, my heart screams your name.

  2446. 12/19/2009SeanKC says:

    I can see he’s drunk, again.

  2447. 12/19/2009John V says:

    She changed her mind. Me too.

  2448. 12/19/2009Ender_Wiggin says:

    She left.

    I never said goodbye.

  2449. 12/20/2009Taylor says:

    Six word story-poor epic ballad.

  2450. 12/20/2009Shaurya says:

    Definition of Success: Signature becomes Autograph

  2451. 12/20/2009Brie987 says:

    Suspiciously purring pussy belies, NON FELINE !

  2452. 12/20/2009Mike Hunt says:

    Dreams die. Wake up for work.

  2453. 12/20/2009V.B.S says:

    Cold. Turn up heat. Too warm.

  2454. 12/20/2009V.B.S says:

    Not only only, but but.

  2455. 12/20/2009charlie says:

    no one to live for . dies alone

  2456. 12/20/2009sam says:

    eyes flood into the everlasting hatred

  2457. 12/21/2009Ann X. says:

    I’d rather have my individuality, thanks.

  2458. 12/21/2009Ann X. says:

    Cold flesh disconnected from machines. Yesterday.

  2459. 12/21/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Crushed face. Put the candle back!

  2460. 12/21/2009J says:

    She came to me. At last.

  2461. 12/21/2009Komakino says:

    No worries, too dead to care.

  2462. 12/21/2009Demetrick D. says:

    I’m Demetrick. So what I’m Black??

  2463. 12/21/2009dsfsdfslaj says:

    man, woman, one night, baby, crap

  2464. 12/22/2009benny says:

    crowded i have nowhere to scream

  2465. 12/22/2009benny says:

    Found my calling. Unemployment is better.

  2466. 12/22/2009Regret says:

    Vodka.Dancing.Lights…..Who Are You?

  2467. 12/22/2009Mar Ann says:

    Dumped again? Maybe it is me.

  2468. 12/22/2009Jeannie says:

    Smiling dog. So thought the child.

  2469. 12/22/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Late to own funeral, thank goodness.

  2470. 12/22/2009Marilyn J. Evans says:

    “Relax! Mom won’t notice we’re dead.”

  2471. 12/22/2009Tiny_Fiction says:

    We live together in different worlds.

  2472. 12/22/2009bergerman says:

    Chili lunch. Bought cycle trainer. Vomit.

  2473. 12/22/2009Hope says:

    Your real father is the mailman.

  2474. 12/23/2009C. Star says:

    I fell in love! She Didn’t…

  2475. 12/23/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Eating for two, she mistakenly thought.

  2476. 12/23/2009Stephen says:

    Shit. Time travel is one way.

  2477. 12/23/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Mother-in-law out-loves wife. Awkward . . .

  2478. 12/23/2009Luke Surl says:

    Calvin plus Ritalin equals no Hobbes

  2479. 12/24/2009Koa says:

    I lit the joint then, um….

  2480. 12/24/2009Guy says:

    Woke up in front of train.

  2481. 12/24/2009lover says:

    Lies are told; hearts are broken.

  2482. 12/24/2009Rachel says:

    Expectations clash. The relationship is over.

  2483. 12/25/2009Nick B. says:

    No Christmas bonus. It is July.

  2484. 12/25/2009Ryan says:

    Mom finds razors. Can’t find excuse.

  2485. 12/25/2009Marie says:

    This season is overrated and expensive.

  2486. 12/25/2009Lita Kino-chan says:

    King of Fools, Queen of Hearts.

  2487. 12/25/2009Lita Kino-chan says:

    Rooftop, looking down, let go. Fall.

  2488. 12/25/2009Lita Kino-chan says:

    Blood red; Needed for my painting.

  2489. 12/25/2009Lita Kino-chan says:

    Pigtail and scissors, good combination. >=D

  2490. 12/25/2009Danny Darst says:

    - Hi, I’m human.
    – Sorry, I’m not.

  2491. 12/25/2009Nicki says:

    Shipwrecked on a desert island. Water.

  2492. 12/25/2009Nicki says:

    Six word stories. First was best!

  2493. 12/25/2009Nicki says:

    Dreams in a brown paper bag.

  2494. 12/25/2009Nicki says:

    Pope tripped up. Carries on praying.

  2495. 12/25/2009Nicki says:

    six word Christmas story: eat. sleep.

  2496. 12/25/2009Nicki says:

    musing amusement: amused muses muse musings

  2497. 12/26/2009Lucy H. says:

    Cold bath water. Even colder corpse.

  2498. 12/26/2009Lucy H. says:

    She didn’t say anything. He knew.

  2499. 12/26/2009Lucy H. says:

    I’d only need one bullet, anyway.

  2500. 12/26/2009Lucy H. says:

    She never even knew his name.

  2501. 12/26/2009Eric says:

    New TV! Only snow? Nuclear winter.

  2502. 12/26/2009Eric says:

    But I barely nudged the pram!

  2503. 12/26/2009Paulie says:

    Sun shine! Goodbye new york winter.

  2504. 12/27/2009Didi says:

    Stop. Smell roses. On your grave.

  2505. 12/27/2009Nicki says:

    Words. Silence does not change anything.

  2506. 12/27/2009Myki says:

    I’m lost, It’s nice here

  2507. 12/27/2009Rosa Rathshire says:

    First time in a Brighton Hotel

  2508. 12/27/2009Jesus says:

    Badmouth someone, realize they’re behind you.

  2509. 12/27/2009Jeff Korentayer says:

    Discovered six word stories : scrolling, laughing.

  2510. 12/27/2009~haley. says:

    “I love you.” Did he lie?

  2511. 12/27/2009Marc says:

    Time travel paradox: Preventing Big Bang!

  2512. 12/28/2009Danny Boedeker says:

    Writing six words is a bitch.

  2513. 12/28/2009Mike says:

    Mutual love. She left. Damn college.

  2514. 12/28/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Halitosis under mistletoe.
    Nowhere to run.

  2515. 12/28/2009zuzu's petals says:

    Champagne! Latent aggression bubbles to surface.

  2516. 12/28/2009L. Will says:

    Died. Went towards light. Now blind.

  2517. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Only inside you, do I see.

  2518. 12/28/2009Katie says:

    They fucked up. All life lost.

  2519. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Nice day to be with you.

  2520. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Live or Die. i don’t care.

  2521. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Your lovely smile pisses me off.

  2522. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Say you’ll leave me someday soon.

  2523. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    God owns part of my penis.

  2524. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Your point was already made. Okay?

  2525. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    They way you say Love: Hi

  2526. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Any dumbass is good in bed.

  2527. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Pray you get this before death.

  2528. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Like your kiss and Egg McMuffin.

  2529. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Hopefully they will have Googled us.

  2530. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Drunk sex and Smartfood. Nice bed.

  2531. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Six words are like french fries.

  2532. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Have you checked inside your mouth?

  2533. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Your pot prices are simply outrageous!

  2534. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    “I’ll buy that for a dollar” – quote from the movie “RoboCop”

  2535. 12/28/2009profitsee says:

    Your reading level was middle twitter.

  2536. 12/29/2009That blondish boy says:

    Skin crawling, but it can’t escape.

  2537. 12/29/2009Angela says:

    Miserable at work, miserable not working.

  2538. 12/29/2009Angela says:

    Go ahead. Shortcut to glory.

  2539. 12/29/2009Angela says:

    Slow getting married but quickly divorced.

  2540. 12/29/2009Angela says:

    Lost remote. Day will be boring.

  2541. 12/29/2009Angela says:

    Can’t find my rose-colored glasses anywhere!

  2542. 12/29/2009Nicki says:

    love is an ocean. land ahoy.

  2543. 12/29/2009Kirk Rao says:

    Look, I finally got something published.

  2544. 12/29/2009Kirk Rao says:

    Native Americans gets reservation in restaurant.

  2545. 12/29/2009Kirk Rao says:

    Native Americans get reservation in restaurant.

  2546. 12/29/2009profitsee says:

    The puppet does not know master.

  2547. 12/29/2009profitsee says:

    Win or Lose, This will End

  2548. 12/29/2009profitsee says:

    Six words? Nothing comes to mind.

  2549. 12/29/2009profitsee says:

    You are my personal asset bubble.

  2550. 12/29/2009profitsee says:

    Cheetos lipstick. Iceberg Lettuce. That enough?

  2551. 12/29/2009Elwyn Cahaly says:

    I can do nothing fairly well.

  2552. 12/29/2009Nick Diamonds says:

    This is love, so we’ll survive.

  2553. 12/29/2009Mom and Dad says:

    You did what? How was it?

  2554. 12/29/2009Mom and Dad says:

    You got her pregnant! Atta boy.

  2555. 12/29/2009Black Emporer says:

    Car’s on fire. Nobody at wheel.

  2556. 12/30/2009Chad says:

    Call of county prison. Right number.

  2557. 12/30/2009lucy says:

    You murdered my mother!… Thank you.

  2558. 12/30/2009aleksu says:

    bitches don’t know shit. for real.

  2559. 12/30/2009Alex Aguilar says:

    Terrified shadows permanently remain in Hiroshima.

  2560. 12/30/2009Alex Aguilar says:

    Zombie Athena couldn’t eat Zeus’ brains.

  2561. 12/30/2009Alex Aguilar says:

    She buried the wedding ring too.

  2562. 12/30/2009Kelly Railton says:

    Dentures fell out. Kiss ended.

  2563. 12/30/2009Kelly Railton says:

    False teeth fell out. Kiss ended.

  2564. 12/30/2009Kelly Railton says:

    Miscounted words. Couldn’t find delete button.

  2565. 12/30/2009James Hawking says:

    The girl I love isn’t you.

  2566. 12/30/2009Elly Bill says:

    2023. Bored of peace. Vote: War.

  2567. 12/30/2009Elly Bill says:

    “Knowledge is power.” So is blackmail.

  2568. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Energizer Bunny arraigned:
    assault and battery

  2569. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Actors on world’s stage forget Playwright.

  2570. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    TSA classifies passengers’ bodies carry-on luggage.

  2571. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Full body scans? Glen Quagmire applies.

  2572. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Full body scans? Quagmire applies —giggity!

  2573. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Fooled him with my seven-shooter!

  2574. 12/30/2009Jordy says:

    She died. Nobody gave a shit.

  2575. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Peter Jackson directing next lunar “landing.”

  2576. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Celestial Head-&-Shoulders abnormally dry winter.

  2577. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Celestial Head-&-Shoulders causes abnormally dry winter.

  2578. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Deforestation conpsiricists: Michener, Proust, Hearst, I.R.S.

  2579. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Holy Family on no-fly list. Sorry . . .

  2580. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Earth takes Nair, no more vulcanism.

  2581. 12/30/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Rocky saves Bullwinkle from Ted Nugent.

  2582. 12/30/2009Kelly Railton says:

    Gone mad. Don’t intend coming back.

  2583. 12/30/2009Karen says:

    Hands unclenched slowly, she let go.

  2584. 12/31/2009nananaheyheygoodbye says:

    “Let’s fuck”
    “I’m a man”

  2585. 12/31/2009Annie Black says:

    Out with family. Wants to die.

  2586. 12/31/2009Annie Black says:

    Asteroid threat 2036. Need Bruce Willis.

  2587. 12/31/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Pooped in pants. What to do?

  2588. 12/31/2009Mike Lurie says:

    Listen. What? Do you smell something?

  2589. 12/31/2009neez says:

    three simple words, i just came.

  2590. 12/31/2009freja says:

    she said no. it was over.

  2591. 12/31/2009Elwyn Cahaly says:

    Angina’s back. Healthy living for naught?

  2592. 12/31/2009Cinnia says:

    (Not a submission: I didn’t notice the new submission thread until just now, so I’m moving them from the old one to here.)

    See the explosions? That means “Run!”

  2593. 12/31/2009Cinnia says:

    Not a book. A life story.

  2594. 12/31/2009Cinnia says:

    There’s pain, and then there’s pain

  2595. 12/31/2009Cinnia says:

    Never mind. I’ll kill him myself.

  2596. 12/31/2009Cinnia says:

    “Oops” is a vast understatement, sir.

  2597. 12/31/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    I accidentally the whole six words . . .

  2598. 12/31/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Fight devolves into hockey game
    (with apologies to the great Dangerfield, R.I.P.)

  2599. 12/31/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Belated calamine for itchy trigger finger

  2600. 12/31/2009Kitsu says:

    Woke up. Too tired. Fell asleep.

  2601. 12/31/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    2010 -only two years to go?

  2602. 12/31/2009Kitsu says:

    The stars don’t shine for blindness.

  2603. 12/31/2009Kitsu says:

    Photographs cling to my lost moments.

  2604. 12/31/2009Kitsu says:

    Candles melt. But I can’t go.

  2605. 12/31/2009Kitsu says:

    Only let it heal once cleansed.

  2606. 12/31/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Favre whispering in college coaches’ ears.

  2607. 12/31/2009Prattle Assassin says:

    Nevada football : bowl :: dessicated oatmeal : bowl

  2608. 1/1/2010Cinnia says:

    A new year. Better be good.

  2609. 1/1/2010Fly says:

    You get used to the smell.

  2610. 1/1/2010Billy Kaplan says:

    Traveled so far he forgot home.

  2611. 1/1/2010Rattle Monster says:

    ME: Silver tongue and golden heart.

  2612. 1/2/2010zuzu's petals says:

    Dylan download: Cheat XM. Malfunction residue.

  2613. 1/2/2010Marcus Ramsey says:

    Pull Trigger. Crotch fire not Virgins!

  2614. 1/2/2010Derrick says:

    home for new years at midnight.

  2615. 1/2/2010Cousin Kristine says:


  2616. 1/2/2010nananaheyheygoodbye says:

    In Buffalo, buffalo buffalo other buffalo.

  2617. 1/2/2010ZakE. says:

    Where’d all the hippies go?

  2618. 1/2/2010ZakE. says:

    Government continues war for your Mind

  2619. 1/2/2010ZakE. says:

    Traveled the world, peace at heart.

  2620. 1/2/2010disasterpiece says:

    No Artist – Album Unknown – UntitledTrack01. Damn!

  2621. 1/2/2010polkadot says:

    life is full of awkward moments.

  2622. 1/2/2010polkadot says:

    your face is your own fault.

  2623. 1/2/2010polkadot says:

    what’s toast before it’s toasted. Bread.

  2624. 1/3/2010Acatalepsy says:

    Crush online. “What’s up?” Crush offline.

  2625. 1/3/2010Acatalepsy says:

    Everyone left for Mars. So lonely…

  2626. 1/3/2010Lonely Daughter says:

    Should I start checking the obituaries?

  2627. 1/3/2010elwyn says:

    Life of dread. No good reason.

  2628. 1/3/2010James McJames says:

    “Hey, you are pretty”
    “Fuck off”

  2629. 1/3/2010Jimmy McJames says:

    “I love you, so much” *fart*

  2630. 1/3/2010Jimmy McJames says:

    That story was a fart joke

  2631. 1/3/2010drakegta says:

    Putin deflects asteroid… …directly into Washington.

  2632. 1/3/2010Rosie says:

    Put my new dancing shoes away.

  2633. 1/4/2010Dan says:

    For sale: Eleventh Commandment. Cheap. Moses.

  2634. 1/4/2010Jenny Worsley says:

    News: Discarded shopping trolley eats cat.

  2635. 1/4/2010Jim says:

    Acted the idiot. I’m hated now.

  2636. 1/4/2010Jean says:

    We’re out of toilet paper. Again!

  2637. 1/4/2010Cinnia says:

    Fools love. I’m not a fool.

  2638. 1/4/2010Cinnia says:

    Oh, look! It’s blood! My blood…

  2639. 1/4/2010Cinnia says:

    Three simple words: live, laugh, love.

  2640. 1/5/2010Michael Wray says:

    Bench creaks. Tears drip down grey.

  2641. 1/5/2010Claire Lune says:

    “I didn’t kill him,” she lied.

  2642. 1/5/2010Frankelstache says:

    Communism failed. I am proof.

  2643. 1/5/2010Cinnia says:

    Life: learn, create, destroy, rebuild, repeat.

  2644. 1/5/2010Cinnia says:

    You there! Die, please. Thank you.

  2645. 1/5/2010Cinnia says:

    Vampire hunter has fear of blood.

  2646. 1/5/2010Cinnia says:

    What do you mean, “not immortal”?

  2647. 1/5/2010Cinnia says:

    He bet her life. He lost.

  2648. 1/5/2010Cinnia says:

    Newbie jumps from plane. Forgets parachute.

  2649. 1/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Never had Wal-Mart been so expensive.

  2650. 1/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    January 7, 2010: Just had an Epiphany!

  2651. 1/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Clubbing on ice: skater, not seals

  2652. 1/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Clubbing on ice: disco, not skater

  2653. 1/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    2010: Noah’s Ark outfitted with skis.

  2654. 1/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Jack Frost charged with assault, lewdness

  2655. 1/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “Bedevere, the newt-peasant has relapsed!”

  2656. 1/6/2010zuzu's petals says:

    his face blossoming flower, heart? thorns.

  2657. 1/6/2010Cinnia says:

    Boyfriend presents ring. Girlfriend runs away.

  2658. 1/6/2010Cinnia says:

    Fifteen minutes of fame; funeral afterwards.

  2659. 1/6/2010Cinnia says:

    Telepathic teachers mean brain bleach needed.

  2660. 1/6/2010Cinnia says:

    Knight insults dragon. Is good barbequed.

  2661. 1/7/2010Sam says:

    School’s over. I’m done. Now what?

  2662. 1/7/2010Kirk Rao says:

    The world created a monster: America.

  2663. 1/7/2010Kirk Rao says:

    Man rubs penis–still no Genie.

  2664. 1/7/2010A Wood says:

    My mirror shows my future

  2665. 1/7/2010James Gigante says:

    Rats live on no evil star.

  2666. 1/7/2010Keith says:

    I like anal sex. I’m Ben!

  2667. 1/8/2010Dr. Elist says:

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  2668. 1/8/2010Clay Robbins says:

    God loves all, all love pleasure

  2669. 1/8/2010Jeff Korentayer says:

    Garden chair half buried by snow.

  2670. 1/8/2010Tom says:

    Bird in the hand flew away.
    She woke up, he was gone.

  2671. 1/9/2010MichaelG says:

    Palin is elected. Mayans were right.

  2672. 1/9/2010MichaelG says:

    Nigerian? Yeah man let him on!

  2673. 1/9/2010Emily says:

    Her baby has my husband’s allergies.

  2674. 1/9/2010sixee says:

    Teacher twitters in black stripper boots.

  2675. 1/9/2010milo keegan says:

    She never understood; pain she caused

  2676. 1/9/2010niklaus47 says:

    fake vampire. gullible teen. four books.

  2677. 1/9/2010niklaus47 says:

    government fear public no longer fear.

  2678. 1/9/2010Jeff303 says:

    I heard something in the dark….

  2679. 1/9/2010Bethany says:

    One touch. Fevered brow. Black Clothes.

  2680. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    Eating myself, tourniquets, legs are gone.

  2681. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    science fair, black hole, planet gone.

  2682. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    Tiny civilisation on my cheese sandwich.

  2683. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    gagged zombie nanny working out well

  2684. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    invented time travel, removed this comment…

  2685. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    Landed on planet, lost all hope

  2686. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    typing with tongue, took cut crack.

  2687. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    God said religions better than pesticide.

  2688. 1/9/2010Colin says:

    The fat girls got eaten first.

  2689. 1/9/2010Kawazoe Masahiro says:

    We live to dream not take.

  2690. 1/9/2010Physicist says:

    Conquered fears. Up next: The World.

  2691. 1/9/2010justin says:

    we am. we were. we’re not.

  2692. 1/10/2010Bidoof says:

    I went to see Twilight: Dammit…

  2693. 1/10/2010Jon says:

    She went home with someone else.

  2694. 1/10/2010JackBauer says:

    Meteor came, owned dinosaurs. The end.

  2695. 1/10/2010SterlingChainsaws says:

    She put the bottle down, finally.

  2696. 1/10/2010SterlingChainsaws says:

    Six years wasted, finally the one.

  2697. 1/10/2010Retroscience says:

    Only one date carved into headstone.

  2698. 1/10/2010Retroscience says:

    He wore sunglasses to a funeral.

  2699. 1/10/ says:

    Laugh at yourself, everyone else does.

  2700. 1/10/2010Jonathan D Lim says:

    They’d never seen a gun before.

  2701. 1/10/2010Jonathan D Lim says:

    ‘Who, me?’
    ‘Not you. Him.’

  2702. 1/10/2010Jill says:

    Warning labels lie. Chemical compounds don’t.

  2703. 1/10/2010thoffman says:

    Holdup. Water pistol. Police open fire.

  2704. 1/10/2010thoffman says:

    Once again, I rise from disaster.

  2705. 1/11/2010Francisco Delgado says:

    “I’m trying. I -”
    “It’s too late.”

  2706. 1/11/2010fez says:

    quickly and quietly, justice was done.

  2707. 1/11/2010Jakob Vesterager says:

    Four years together, seven-word epitaph.

  2708. 1/11/2010Jakob Vesterager says:

    Shot twice. Feeling bad. Hate Paintball!

  2709. 1/11/2010Jakob Vesterager says:

    Red wire / green wire. Ten seconds!

  2710. 1/11/2010Jakob Vesterager says:

    True love, bright future, now “friends”.

  2711. 1/11/2010Jakob Vesterager says:

    Chicken eaten. Mistook child for fox.

  2712. 1/11/2010Jakob Vesterager says:

    Fear; No sleep; No passing grade.

  2713. 1/11/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    The Fonz disregard’s speech therapist’s suggestions.

  2714. 1/11/2010JA says:

    He came. Bad cramps – it came.

  2715. 1/11/2010Ainsley says:

    Friends by day. Dumped every night.

  2716. 1/12/2010Eric G says:

    I had to sit by her

  2717. 1/12/2010Ben R says:

    I am smart. Deal with it.

  2718. 1/12/2010David A H says:

    Thought he should. Didn’t. Oh well

  2719. 1/12/2010rgb says:

    unfulfilled life. she keeps seeking more.

  2720. 1/12/2010Peter Anderson says:

    We’re childhood friends, the six-year-old said.

  2721. 1/12/2010Kyle says:

    Loved her. She left. Now what?

  2722. 1/12/2010Jeff Korentayer says:

    He’s still working on his masterpiece.

  2723. 1/12/2010Intenzity says:

    Heroin really is bad for you.

  2724. 1/12/2010Intenzity says:

    Come and get your shit. Now.

  2725. 1/12/2010Intenzity says:

    Missing Tooth. Darkness. 23 Frantic Minutes.

  2726. 1/12/2010Intenzity says:

    Remember that thing we talked about?

  2727. 1/12/2010Intenzity says:

    Held in stream.
    Blue plus sign.

  2728. 1/13/2010Amy says:

    He said, I love you back.

  2729. 1/13/2010Jimmy says:

    Two birds with one stone, bitches.

  2730. 1/13/2010labaronlimo says:

    Do you know a perfect place, where the best cars of LA are gathered? It’s called and if you want to hire a perfect Los Angeles limousine or luxury sedan, this is exactly where you should look for it.

  2731. 1/13/2010Chase McManus says:

    Can it happen to me? No.

  2732. 1/13/2010Chase McManus says:

    Reuse cutting board from yesterday. Salmonella.

  2733. 1/13/2010Chase McManus says:

    “I love you.” Missent text message.

  2734. 1/13/2010Chase McManus says:

    You have a son. Fuck, paternity.

  2735. 1/13/2010Jeff Korentayer says:

    Snakes of wonder : the laxatives worked!

  2736. 1/13/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Richard Simmons donates thyroid to science.

  2737. 1/13/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Conan’s schedule gets freed up somewhat.

  2738. 1/13/2010Kyle Hinckley says:

    Zombie survival is all about improvisation.

  2739. 1/13/2010Sheba Marx says:

    She told: Governor screwed. Resignation debated.

  2740. 1/13/2010gummo says:

    Baby alligators in the sewers. Run!

  2741. 1/14/2010Charlotte says:

    Six word stories= three lost hours

  2742. 1/14/2010R.P.W says:

    As a child, in the wild.

  2743. 1/14/2010Michael says:

    Crap, I think it saw me!

  2744. 1/14/2010Michael says:

    The maw opened, dragging me in.

  2745. 1/14/2010alora says:

    boys cross thruway… one son remaining.

  2746. 1/14/2010gangsterjordan says:

    Love, until I found her penis.

  2747. 1/14/2010gangsterjordan says:

    Little poison leads to big inheritance.

  2748. 1/14/2010TheRealUrchin says:

    Second Date. Good-Night Kiss. Audible Fart.

  2749. 1/14/2010Simon Finney says:

    Haiti Ground Zero, People Lost Everything

  2750. 1/14/2010Alonso says:

    God’s finger. End. God’s finger. Beginning

  2751. 1/14/2010Colt says:

    Pale blue dot, you are here.

  2752. 1/14/2010Colt says:

    One moment, three people, forever remembered.

  2753. 1/14/2010Sara says:

    My goal is always laughter. Usually.

  2754. 1/14/2010Miranda Harris says:

    Suddenly, Canada doesn’t sound so bad.

  2755. 1/14/2010Anneh C Mg says:

    Parents fighting, she listens broken hearted.

  2756. 1/14/2010Anneh C Mg says:

    Words in a notebook. Love forever.

  2757. 1/14/2010Mustafa Mazumdar says:

    Future’s like a Blackboard. Totally Dark

  2758. 1/15/2010Jon Sloots says:

    Jack grinned, then squeezed the trigger.

  2759. 1/15/2010Arsh Khan says:

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  2760. 1/15/2010Peter Anderson says:

    Employee Appreciation Party. Cash bar only.

  2761. 1/15/2010Headlines are Short Picture-Stories | Over Coffee... Let's Talk says:

    [...] you tell a story in six words? Write a memoir, six [...]

  2762. 1/15/2010Vanessa Bossard says:

    Phobia revealed. Phobia faced. Repression favored.

    Died amongst friends. Secretly preferred Paris.

    Lived for the moment. Died momentarily.

    Died in his arms. Pits smelled.

  2763. 1/15/2010Jason McLeod says:

    Can’t stop till I get enough.

  2764. 1/15/2010Hiram Craig says:

    Fisticuffs! Quit hitting me, you dick

  2765. 1/15/2010Hiram Craig says:

    No, you simple fool! The reactor!

  2766. 1/15/2010Kip Hanson says:

    Driving. Cow in road. Hamburgers tonight

  2767. 1/15/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Dumped, because I smelled like Tylenol.

  2768. 1/15/2010Sue Timmins (Fenna) says:

    Lost spouse, business, house. Miss house.

  2769. 1/16/2010Snarky says:

    ready…steady…GO! Second place. Again…

  2770. 1/16/2010Jeff Korentayer says:

    Suicide note finally perfected with thesaurus.

  2771. 1/16/2010Bob N. Weave says:

    No food, Starving. Eat the Dog!

  2772. 1/16/2010Nathan says:

    Doctor gave me twenty-four hours. Yesterday.

  2773. 1/17/2010Zutphen Aven says:

    i live, you die, everyone cries.

  2774. 1/17/2010Zutphen Aven says:

    Stuck in limbo. Shit I’m bored.

  2775. 1/17/2010Zutphen Aven says:

    Zombie ninjas? Failure. Much too slow.

  2776. 1/17/2010'Lin says:

    Tired of life. Need some rope.

  2777. 1/17/2010'Lin says:

    Ninja Turtles now hiring. Inquire below.

  2778. 1/17/2010'Lin says:

    No closet space. “Hello? Salvation Army?”

  2779. 1/17/2010'Lin says:

    What do you mean, “driver’s license”?

  2780. 1/17/2010'Lin says:

    Transformed into a newt! Got better.

  2781. 1/17/2010Kip Hanson says:

    Plane flying, bumps, down we go

  2782. 1/17/2010Jeff Korentayer says:

    Six word story author : haiku flunkey.

  2783. 1/17/2010Melissa Gipson says:

    Boy meets girl. Boy leaves girl.

  2784. 1/17/2010Andy says:

    I thought I knew her name.

  2785. 1/18/2010Matt says:

    She was here. Blinked. Call Later.

  2786. 1/18/2010Danial Hakim Othman says:

    Boy with erection; HAPPY FUN TIME!

  2787. 1/18/2010Giselle Banzon says:

    Procrastinated. Stressed. Failed. Blamed the professor.

  2788. 1/18/2010Rebecca says:

    Throwing bottles against wall in rage

  2789. 1/18/2010P. Considine says:

    Woman eats horse. Dies of course.

  2790. 1/18/2010Cynthia Joye says:

    The children are grown. Now what?

  2791. 1/18/2010Jason says:

    Understand, think, act, work together, celebrate.

  2792. 1/18/2010Baph says:

    They’re scratching at the walls. Can’t sleep.

  2793. 1/18/2010Linda says:

    The damage was done. What now?

  2794. 1/18/2010Linda says:

    Feet glided across the floor. Gabriel.

  2795. 1/19/2010disasterpiece says:

    God creates g-spot. “No, smaller.” -Cackles-

  2796. 1/19/2010follyfolly says:

    A tumult rising in my stomach

  2797. 1/19/2010Sterling Chainsaws says:

    Tuesday, early morning, still no sleep.

  2798. 1/19/2010Sterling Chainsaws says:

    Fucked when drunk, ignored when sober.

  2799. 1/19/2010Sacha says:

    At night, the ice weasels come.

  2800. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    “I’m really smooth!”……..*failed first date.

  2801. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    Let have a date!…..Awkward silence.

  2802. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    I’m colorblind….became famous abstract painter.

  2803. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    Its really nothing!…dies of cancer.

  2804. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    Chicken crosses road. Chicken becomes roadkill

  2805. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    Sons wedding….mother gets no invitation

  2806. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    Knock. Knock. Who’s there?….Bang! Bang!!!!

  2807. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    Boyfriend left…She ran to daddy

  2808. 1/19/2010rocksnout says:

    Vader died….It was his father!!!!!

  2809. 1/19/2010Jant says:

    Electricity bill unpaid.. Lights off tonight?

  2810. 1/19/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Beauty just an unpaid electric bill away.

  2811. 1/19/2010hamoody says:

    Dude, drunk, didnt duck, died

  2812. 1/19/2010fellfromhope says:

    the puddles didn’t have a chance

  2813. 1/19/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Chinese hackers won’t get m_ [carrier lost]

  2814. 1/19/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Mae West *likes* pants on ground . . .

  2815. 1/19/2010indiechick says:

    “Boy, girl– Date!” “We’re both gay.”

  2816. 1/19/2010indiechick says:

    We’re here. Life. Then we’re gone.

  2817. 1/19/2010Jant says:

    “Jump, Ronald, for God’s sake, jump!”

  2818. 1/19/2010TJ says:

    My clandestine romance dissolved quite openly.

  2819. 1/20/2010euodia says:

    Bohemian ways, truth. beauty. freedom. love.

  2820. 1/20/2010the cook says:

    *fizzle* “Mmmh…” *munch* (hot) “ouch!” “yummy!”

  2821. 1/20/20105/10 says:

    Sweating copiously, she surveys the damage.

  2822. 1/20/20105/10 says:

    She: “My finger hurts”. He blushes.

  2823. 1/20/20105/10 says:

    Afterwards she wept, so she says.

  2824. 1/20/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Could be worse . . .
    Could be NBC

  2825. 1/20/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “Universal” healthcare, as in “NBC/Universal”

  2826. 1/20/2010Angel M says:

    Three dollar mojitos. Where am I?

  2827. 1/20/2010Chris Pollay says:

    She is smoking hot, thought Oedipus.

  2828. 1/20/2010Sirmoreno says:

    I don´t have Police, Mr Marijuana.

  2829. 1/20/2010indiechick says:

    Virginity: Lose it, and you’re f**ked.

  2830. 1/20/2010TheRealUrchin says:

    Flop, raise, turn, raise, river, fuck.

  2831. 1/20/2010Ellen says:

    Clouds menacing. Take cover, New Orleans.

  2832. 1/20/2010Echo Es says:

    Obscenities on whiteboard. In Sharpie. Shit.

  2833. 1/21/2010Von says:

    Operation successful. Now known as ‘Patricia.’

  2834. 1/21/2010Konstantin Küspert says:

    in shopping cart: pregnancy test, coat-hanger.

  2835. 1/21/20105/10 says:

    “Maybe like this?”(shows magazine). “Umm…”

  2836. 1/21/20105/10 says:

    Operation: ‘World Peace’, misguided, says Military.

  2837. 1/21/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Never bring phylactery to a gun fight.

  2838. 1/21/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “They bring air marshall, you bring phylactery!”
    (the LaGuardia Way)

  2839. 1/21/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Even now they consider us Eloi.

  2840. 1/21/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    I got yer “change” right here!

  2841. 1/21/2010Liz skidmore says:

    Edgar is my cupcake, he’s purple.

  2842. 1/21/2010Christian Y says:

    At the register. One dollar short.

  2843. 1/21/2010Liz skidmore says:

    Rainbows don’t taste like skittles, yuck.

  2844. 1/21/2010Lexi Tacdol says:

    Secretly she sings in the shower.

  2845. 1/21/2010Bella says:

    Curiosity killed the cat- I’m the cat.

  2846. 1/21/2010Alex Elfers says:

    With headphones on life is lovely.

  2847. 1/21/2010Mason G says:

    In their shadows I’ll never shine

  2848. 1/21/2010Tyler Stallings says:

    man with big penis in prison

  2849. 1/21/2010lizzybeth says:

    eat like a zombie, eat fresh

  2850. 1/21/2010Alex Elfers says:

    Fallen upon broken wings fallen softly.

  2851. 1/21/2010Alex Elfers says:

    Bleeding ink is my strongest desire.

  2852. 1/21/2010tre' burigsay says:

    Failed the game, you failed life.

  2853. 1/21/2010C.T. Smith says:

    Hold it in! Damn, I farted

  2854. 1/21/2010tre' burigsay says:

    broken hearted, so i just wrote.

  2855. 1/21/2010C.T. Smith says:

    Bella’s story is not six words

  2856. 1/21/2010Anabear:) says:

    Attempting to dance: rain or shine.

  2857. 1/21/2010Bella says:

    I’m an idiot, its not six!

  2858. 1/21/2010Mason G says:

    On the washing machine? Oh, God

  2859. 1/21/2010C.T. Smith says:

    Gave the wink, It’s business time.

  2860. 1/21/2010Anabear:) says:

    A walking contradiction: the pacifistic anarchist.

  2861. 1/21/2010lizzybeth says:

    on the washing machine? when? where?

  2862. 1/21/20105/10 says:

    “Greased chiuaua’s, mistake” :admits police spokesperson.

  2863. 1/21/20105/10 says:

    Bearded pensioner held over yuletide break-ins.

  2864. 1/21/20105/10 says:

    She fired. She wept. She slept.

  2865. 1/21/2010E. Warner says:

    In Sin City. Remember to forget.

  2866. 1/21/2010E. Warner says:

    I have pictures. Better be nice.

  2867. 1/21/20105/10 says:

    Thug’s guide, 42: BE the bat.

  2868. 1/21/2010E. Warner says:

    The Father. The Son. Scandal. Ahem.

  2869. 1/21/2010Beebers23 says:

    Playing and Laughing, Hiding my Sorrow……

  2870. 1/21/2010Beebers23 says:

    In my mind, I am Free…

  2871. 1/21/2010Beebers23 says:

    Where Can I Find My Vampire?

  2872. 1/21/2010Beebers23 says:

    Death is Peaceful, Life Is Hard……

    -Bella Swan, Twilight

  2873. 1/21/2010Beebers23 says:

    Family. You Can Never Replace Them.

  2874. 1/21/2010Beebers23 says:

    She is Gone. I am Empty.

  2875. 1/21/2010jcroxmisox says:

    Flying, fire-breathing… I can take him.

  2876. 1/21/2010jcroxmisox says:

    I’d lie, but he’d know it.

  2877. 1/21/2010David Hampson says:

    Found: two swimsuits next to river.

  2878. 1/21/2010Anabear:) says:

    His three words: gave me life.

  2879. 1/22/2010Dani Pistole says:

    It it’s not Morrissey why bother…?

  2880. 1/22/2010Kip says:

    Aging. Eyesight fails. Wife’s beauty increases

  2881. 1/22/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Bridges burnt? Less so than Conan’s.

  2882. 1/22/2010Tre' Burigsay says:

    My Life Is Average saves lives.

  2883. 1/22/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Q: Over the Tonight Show?
    A: (“Airplane” response)

  2884. 1/22/20105/10 says:

    Blind date, rose in buttonhole Chelsea.

  2885. 1/22/20105/10 says:

    Found penny, picked it up. Swine-flu.

  2886. 1/22/20105/10 says:

    8pm: The Vagina Monologues (Period Drama)

  2887. 1/22/2010ab says:

    i said “yes.” you ruined it.

  2888. 1/22/20105/10 says:

    Met. Louder than bombs. Complicated. Regret.

  2889. 1/22/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “Try Mother’s cooking”
    “I prefer Anosmia.”

  2890. 1/22/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Supreme Court auctions off representative government.

  2891. 1/22/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Silly Rabbit, votes are for corporations!

  2892. 1/22/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    2010 Olympics features a rebuilt Rosebud.

  2893. 1/22/2010Carina Prowell says:

    She sings. Dead arise once again.

  2894. 1/22/2010Carina P says:

    There were two. Me and you.

  2895. 1/22/2010Carina P says:

    When you say my name, nausea.

  2896. 1/22/2010Carina Prowell says:

    Again, it will change. I promise.

  2897. 1/22/2010Carina Prowell says:

    “Ran rain go away…” it rained.

  2898. 1/22/2010Carina Prowell says:

    Gulped down wine, and said “sorry”.

  2899. 1/22/2010Carina Prowell says:

    Glamour. Fake. Strong. Fall. Fortune. None

  2900. 1/22/2010Dawn Rodgers says:

    God pressed delete. New Big Bang.

  2901. 1/22/2010Dawn Rodgers says:

    Sand. Glass. Bottle. Drunk. Dead.

  2902. 1/22/2010Beebers23 says:

    Days pass by, I still cry….

  2903. 1/22/2010Miss Lexi says:

    Undeniable and unconquerable is our love.

  2904. 1/22/2010Miss Lexi says:

    Fall asleep and dream of you.

  2905. 1/22/2010gangsterjordan says:

    Nuclear fusion exists. The world doesn’t.

  2906. 1/22/2010Miss Lexi says:

    “Somewhere over the rainbow…” Dorothy lies.

  2907. 1/22/2010gangsterjordan says:

    Last cigarette ignites his oxygen tank.

  2908. 1/23/2010John Othello says:

    Once, I hunted. Now, I’m haunted.

  2909. 1/23/20105/10 says:

    The headstone read: She tried – somtimes.

  2910. 1/23/20105/10 says:

    Sometimes he did this, sometimes…that.

    – Simon Armitage

  2911. 1/23/2010Miss Lexi says:

    True selfishness lies in eternal life.

  2912. 1/23/2010Kaitlyn says:

    Adoptee knows not love nor belonging.

  2913. 1/24/2010Brie says:

    i spel beter thane yoo doo

  2914. 1/24/2010Brie says:

    terrorist in heaven, very ugly virgins

  2915. 1/24/2010Jimmy Stearns says:

    You Are A Venomous Manipulating Snakeskinned Liar

  2916. 1/24/2010Aartti says:

    Silent crematorium. Ghosts blew smoke rings.

  2917. 1/24/2010Craig Buchner says:

    Take off your mother’s underwear, son!

  2918. 1/24/20105/10 says:

    One am. Two glasses. Three guesses…

  2919. 1/24/20105/10 says:

    At first I missed him. Re-loaded.

  2920. 1/24/2010John Othello says:

    Truman wins! Hiroshima and Nagasaki lose…

  2921. 1/24/2010John Othello says:

    Let one rip… must change pants.

  2922. 1/24/2010Alex Elfers says:

    center of lollypop reaches, such disapointment

  2923. 1/24/2010Alex Elfers says:

    Written in pen no rewrites alloud

  2924. 1/25/2010Daniel Whited says:

    Sex. Alcohol. Drugs. Goodbye, sweet innocence.

  2925. 1/25/2010Nicki says:

    i walked around charon’s rowboat. empty.

  2926. 1/25/2010Noor says:

    I love you. Oh okay.. Cool.

  2927. 1/25/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    How many licks, Mister Owl? Three.

  2928. 1/25/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Vader is Luke’s father? Dude, SPOILERS!

  2929. 1/25/2010Mike Helms says:

    Yes, this goat is my date.

  2930. 1/25/2010JKC says:

    My mom is beautiful, She’s dying.

  2931. 1/25/2010The Captain says:

    Muddy boots. Funny smell. Shit!

  2932. 1/25/2010John Othello says:

    Got straight A’s. Died in gutter.

  2933. 1/25/2010John Othello says:

    Wished on star. Actually… a plane.

  2934. 1/25/2010Laurie says:

    Loved him so much.He died

  2935. 1/25/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Jackpot! I quit! Damn. Misread numbers.

  2936. 1/25/2010Lizalow says:

    Play music. Fall in love. Broke

  2937. 1/25/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Sweetie, daddy drinks because you cry…

  2938. 1/25/2010cameron says:

    why must I grow up again?

  2939. 1/25/2010cameron says:

    determined to go to new places

  2940. 1/25/2010Jd Kowalski says:

    No god. Deal with the truth.

  2941. 1/26/2010Ella says:

    He winked. I smiled. In love.

  2942. 1/26/2010Alastrine says:

    I need to find peace again.Please…

  2943. 1/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    WHO exaggerates flu for pharmaceuticals.

    . . . Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!

  2944. 1/26/2010Ella says:

    New phone. New internet. No sleep.

  2945. 1/26/2010Ella says:

    Dream, teacher. Dream, teacher. What’s wrong?

  2946. 1/26/2010matt says:

    here’s a story; Michigan State University.

  2947. 1/26/2010john says:

    Girlfriend left. All alone? Left Hand!

  2948. 1/26/2010Ella says:

    Door opens. Footsteps. Get off computer.

  2949. 1/26/2010Ella says:

    The man died in a fire.

  2950. 1/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Gump 2012:
    Desperate Times
    Desperate Measure

  2951. 1/26/2010Ken says:

    Third wish: A free Genie, please.

  2952. 1/26/2010Ken says:

    Your share!? This is MY share!

  2953. 1/26/2010Ken says:

    Why’d they do it? The lulz.

  2954. 1/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Martian rover free Spirit no longer.

  2955. 1/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    That grenade you just threw looked pinlike . . .

  2956. 1/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Na’vi characters’ depth chiefly from 3-D.

  2957. 1/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Drowning unicorns proud of their skepticism

  2958. 1/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    National debt analagous to Toyota accelerator

  2959. 1/26/2010John Othello says:

    Tragedy stuck. Helped himself. He survived.

  2960. 1/26/2010John Othello says:

    Get on the SixWordStoryMainPage. Feel accomplished.

  2961. 1/26/2010John Othello says:

    I hear writing makes you sensitive.

  2962. 1/26/2010John Othello says:

    Thirst quenched with his own blood.

  2963. 1/26/2010Interpol says:

    Tears drown in the wake of delight

  2964. 1/26/2010Max says:

    This story is more than six words

  2965. 1/26/2010Hawgh says:

    Villain foe confronted, hero eventually triumphs

  2966. 1/27/2010SRH says:

    A cheater can break three hearts.

  2967. 1/27/2010SRH says:

    “For hire: Professional thinker”, she dreamed.

  2968. 1/27/2010SRH says:

    Infant inhaled her first, last breath.

  2969. 1/27/2010Darko, Ph.D. says:

    Mask taken off. Blank? Death.

  2970. 1/27/2010tyler.crow. says:

    If things start falling off, repent.

  2971. 1/27/2010cameron says:

    fiercely independent man finally seeks aide

  2972. 1/27/2010Clarity says:

    Man, a plan, a canal: Panam…

  2973. 1/27/2010BDB says:

    Hot stove, touched once. Never again.

  2974. 1/27/2010Kit London says:

    My life? More said than done.

  2975. 1/27/2010Kit London says:

    The locksmith shop was lockpicked, robbed.

  2976. 1/27/2010Kit London says:

    I just accidentally a Coke bottle.

  2977. 1/27/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Media cancels scandal item: insufficiently lurid

  2978. 1/27/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Her speech accelerated like runaway Toyota

  2979. 1/27/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Bill Gates [for one] welcomes our Chinese overlords.

  2980. 1/27/2010Luke says:

    Lonely. New email! Spam. It’ll do.

  2981. 1/27/2010Julia says:

    Drinking soda hurts in my throat.

  2982. 1/27/2010John Othello says:

    Bullets missed him. Cancer got him.

  2983. 1/27/2010Claire Waters says:

    “I want– I want you.” She moaned.

  2984. 1/27/2010Satchel says:

    As long as I’m her pillow…

  2985. 1/27/2010William David Andrews says:

    Dear God, Are you really there?

  2986. 1/27/2010Seán O says:

    Wrote story, got published, made millions.

  2987. 1/27/2010Dave Anderson says:

    Oh, Joy! My broken piñata heart.

  2988. 1/27/2010E Go says:

    Thank you for cheating on me.

  2989. 1/27/2010Chewy says:

    Just made millions! Damn Monopoly money.

  2990. 1/27/2010Brad F says:

    iPad doesn’t cure cancer. Pundits outraged.

  2991. 1/28/2010Louis says:

    Genie grants one wish: “More wishes!”

  2992. 1/28/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Besides septum, she was totally deviated.

  2993. 1/28/2010Mary Mills says:

    Dreams captured in print become Books.

  2994. 1/28/2010Knowledge says:

    Climax comes on tip of tongue.

  2995. 1/28/2010Fitzgerald Smith says:

    She walked by. My heart skipped.

  2996. 1/28/2010thumpersrock says:

    Squashed armadillo. Armor did no good.

  2997. 1/28/2010Brandon S. Roy says:

    Boy meets girl.Girl is boy.

  2998. 1/28/2010John Othello says:

    As Peace dies, explosions whisper softly.

  2999. 1/28/2010John Othello says:

    Fakeout on the interstate equals disaster.

  3000. 1/28/2010DisturbedbyTeeth says:

    Vagina Dentata, I am scarred forever.

  3001. 1/28/2010Lexar says:

    Star of David; to the oven.

  3002. 1/28/2010Ken says:

    Problem officer? What!? Me? Cookie Jar!?

  3003. 1/28/2010Ken says:

    Broken condom. (CRAP) I need diapers.

  3004. 1/28/2010Ken says:

    Second Prize. Beauty Contest. Collect…$10??

  3005. 1/28/2010Cosmo says:

    Shot for stars. Hit the moon.

  3006. 1/29/2010Adrian says:

    In Hell. Fire everywhere. No smokes.

  3007. 1/29/2010Kit Legit says:

    You don’t talk about fight club.

  3008. 1/29/2010Kit Legit says:

    Man steals calender; gets twelve months.

  3009. 1/29/2010Justin Gustainis says:

    I saw. I conquered. I came.

  3010. 1/29/2010Benny says:

    Found God. My turn to hide

  3011. 1/29/2010Feef says:

    No shame when vibrator catches fire.

  3012. 1/29/2010John Othello says:

    Moses: Red food-coloring is the best!

  3013. 1/29/2010John Othello says:

    She ripped his heart right out.

  3014. 1/29/2010John Othello says:

    Love everything; then, lose it all.

  3015. 1/29/2010JJ says:

    Old Man travelling. Romanticist dreams unfold.

  3016. 1/30/2010mysecret says:

    lots of food. toilet. byebye food.

  3017. 1/30/2010Brittany Jones says:

    Don’t live life. They’ll fire you.

  3018. 1/30/2010John Othello says:

    Stole my wallet. Son of a…

  3019. 1/30/2010jokertree says:

    No Food. Cutting the pain away.

  3020. 1/30/2010Harleen Q. says:

    I love him; He only laughed.

  3021. 1/30/2010fallenpenguin says:

    Exam tomorrow. Internet’s way more fun!

  3022. 1/30/2010Chelsea says:

    that 5 second smile….lasted forever

  3023. 1/30/2010P Sharma says:

    Received the call… and his dogtag.

  3024. 1/31/2010cameron says:

    loneliness has caused many computer viruses

  3025. 1/31/2010MV says:

    Fell in love, fell down hard.

  3026. 1/31/2010Michael Koh says:

    Here is a new trick… Ka-Boom!

  3027. 1/31/2010Michael Koh says:

    Here is a neat trick… Ka-Boom!

  3028. 1/31/2010John Othello says:

    Tony squealed. Last mistake he made…

  3029. 1/31/2010John Othello says:

    Diver: We didn’t see any bodies…

  3030. 1/31/2010John Othello says:

    Jersey garbage man knowingly destroys evidence.

  3031. 1/31/2010Ben Turner says:

    Yea… Sunday morning rain is falling

  3032. 1/31/2010Ben Turner says:

    Water color tears painted her face

  3033. 1/31/2010Ben Turner says:

    The epic tales live on forever

  3034. 1/31/2010Michael Koh says:

    Deleted Facebook; I have no friends.

  3035. 1/31/2010Alex Torres says:

    Write a paper? How about no.

  3036. 2/1/2010Nora says:

    I walked her to her apartment.

  3037. 2/1/2010Feelsurreal says:

    Thank your puppy for that blowjob.

  3038. 2/1/2010Beth says:

    Heavy heart, Clogged mind – Monday morning

  3039. 2/1/2010wonderwal84 says:

    Boy meets girl; she makes man.

  3040. 2/1/2010JM says:

    Vibrator found! Roommate’s. MIke’s my roommate.

  3041. 2/1/2010JM says:

    Cliffhanger Alert: The killer’s name is

  3042. 2/1/2010Nora says:

    The funeral Wednesday, pool filled Thursday.

  3043. 2/1/2010John Othello says:

    Alien prophet preaches. Holy War begins.

  3044. 2/2/2010Stina says:

    set expectations too high. disappointment ensues.

  3045. 2/2/2010Stina says:

    they take advantage of your commitment

  3046. 2/2/2010Miska says:

    Created. Fallen. Redeemed. Soli Deo gloria!

  3047. 2/2/2010Eevi Korhonen says:

    Penguins viewed as threat. Antarctica nuked.

  3048. 2/2/2010naite says:

    You. Me. Tea. Tranquilizer. Romantic holiday.

  3049. 2/2/2010Kev. says:

    Bridge’s Cadbury’s gift. Wife prefers Terry’s.

  3050. 2/2/2010Benny says:

    High Class. Stocks Crash. Spare Change?

  3051. 2/2/2010John Othello says:

    Reviewers rave “Musical”. And… it sucks.

  3052. 2/2/2010M. Charles Emery says:

    Unclench fist. Drop rope. Goodbye, land.

  3053. 2/2/2010John Othello says:

    Drunken fight gives 25 to life.

  3054. 2/2/2010Jamie says:

    Stumbled upon, I submitted a story.

  3055. 2/2/2010K Menaglea says:

    I love my best friend’s brother.

  3056. 2/2/2010Ella says:

    Student wants teacher. Mother wants too.

  3057. 2/2/2010Ella says:

    Mother has mid-life crisis. Daughter confused.

  3058. 2/3/2010Ella says:

    Everything reminds me of you now.

  3059. 2/3/2010george says:

    am unable to find a job

  3060. 2/3/2010Guevara92 says:

    Moose found wearing panties. Palin arrested.

  3061. 2/3/2010Guevara92 says:

    Headline: Molested moose found. Palin arrested.

  3062. 2/3/2010Kitty Berlin says:

    Planned sick day. Blizzard. Snow day.

  3063. 2/3/2010Hippyjohobo says:

    Terribly ill. Can’t go to school.

  3064. 2/3/2010Tin Grin says:

    Pretty smile charms easily. Thanks brace.

  3065. 2/3/2010Tin Grin says:

    Pretty smile charms easily. Thanks braces.

  3066. 2/3/2010KatieMae says:

    Ran. Cop had tazer. Fell down.

  3067. 2/3/2010KatieMae says:

    Made breakfast. Pancake stuck on ceiling.

  3068. 2/3/2010katiemae says:

    Sent “For Dumbass” file to boss.

  3069. 2/3/2010Katiemae says:

    Pants on the ground. What fools.

  3070. 2/3/2010Kip says:

    No Hemingway’s here. Must keep trying

  3071. 2/3/2010Kip says:

    Sorry. Meant “No Hemingways.” My bad.

  3072. 2/4/2010ELISA says:

    meet, text, call, lunch, flirt, sex.

  3073. 2/4/2010Suresh Chary says:

    Six word stories aren’t detailed enough.

  3074. 2/4/2010Suresh Chary says:

    Six word stories – aaargh, can’t think!!

  3075. 2/4/2010Suresh Chary says:

    What if I exceed the count?

  3076. 2/4/2010Suresh Chary says:

    This is waaaay too much fun!

  3077. 2/4/2010Neel says:

    Nowhere; now here. Where now? ______

  3078. 2/4/2010Stephanie says:

    Sleepless night, empty bed, clean kitchen

  3079. 2/4/2010Delkon says:

    Pouring out water, the fish survived

  3080. 2/4/2010Joseph says:

    “He shall multiply” misinterpreted. Math major.

  3081. 2/4/2010Helpmaboab says:

    Last man on earth: “Who’s whispering?”

  3082. 2/4/2010Lucas Cantor says:

    Bum hip. Workout didn’t work out.

  3083. 2/4/2010Jpople says:

    Sorry, but you’re just an idiot.

  3084. 2/4/2010unknown says:

    a;sldkfj Definitely not the only one

  3085. 2/4/2010unknown says:

    a;sldkfj Can’t be the only one?!?!

  3086. 2/4/2010Smaki says:

    Salt. Tequila. Lime. Friday night? Yes.

  3087. 2/4/2010John Othello says:

    My dog ate my suicide note.

  3088. 2/4/2010John Othello says:

    Giraffes make fun of taller giraffes.

  3089. 2/4/2010John Othello says:

    Class clown wins the Nobel Prize.

  3090. 2/4/2010Stephanie says:

    Write a wrong. Sell the rights.

  3091. 2/4/2010EJ says:

    Young mother? No, she’s my sister.

  3092. 2/4/2010EJ says:

    Unemployment worker fired; returned to office.

  3093. 2/5/2010Daniel says:

    The fruit was on the whim.

  3094. 2/5/2010Spasms says:

    Waked, Baked, Faded, Shaded and Hated.

  3095. 2/5/2010lou says:

    Six word story author wins Pulitzer.

  3096. 2/5/2010Johnny-condom says:


  3097. 2/5/2010Johnny-condom says:


  3098. 2/5/2010rockabillyjon says:

    Staring contest with mirror. Always tie!

  3099. 2/5/2010Elias says:

    Tony, please put the gun d-

  3100. 2/5/2010John Othello says:

    Heart surgeon dies from heart attack.

  3101. 2/5/2010John Othello says:

    Pre-historic fish: Haha! You grew legs!

  3102. 2/5/2010John Othello says:

    History- when cavemen took art class.

  3103. 2/5/2010John Othello says:

    Rock-bottom? Can you taste the dirt?

  3104. 2/6/2010gg says:

    with no narrator, there’s no villain.

  3105. 2/6/2010Lisa Rotenberg says:

    It’s fun being married to you.

  3106. 2/6/2010Lisa Rotenberg says:

    It’s great coffee if you hallucinate.

  3107. 2/6/2010Lisa Rotenberg says:

    My coffee must orally seduce me.

  3108. 2/6/2010Lisa Rotenberg says:

    Orally seduced by coffee daily!

  3109. 2/6/2010Lisa Rotenberg says:

    Orally seduced by fresh daily!

  3110. 2/6/2010Craig Williams says:

    Sometimes I wish I hadn’t left.

  3111. 2/6/2010pseudonym says:

    Interstellar visitors meet Mankind: They shrug.

  3112. 2/6/2010Ben Ng says:

    McDonalds – Made with 100% Real Clowns.

  3113. 2/6/2010Ben Ng says:

    Time traveller kills self. World stops.

  3114. 2/6/2010Ben Ng says:

    Liverpool wins BPL. Flying pigs sighted!

  3115. 2/6/2010Ben Ng says:

    Deserted island. Two survivors. Rusty spoon…

  3116. 2/6/2010Ben Ng says:

    New species discovered! Chinese chefs rejoice.

  3117. 2/6/2010John Othello says:

    One week retired, then he died?

  3118. 2/6/2010Horst Albers says:

    Full stomach. Warm Bed. Lucky me.

  3119. 2/6/2010Madison. says:

    The telephone rang. It wasn’t you.

  3120. 2/6/2010Never says:

    Live. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. And die.

  3121. 2/7/2010Elias says:

    “Fuck bitches, get money”, said Clinton.

  3122. 2/7/2010Elias says:

    I know you are out there.

  3123. 2/7/2010Elias says:

    Did you guys miss me?-Hoffa

  3124. 2/7/2010Betsy says:

    Spent too long remembering to fly.

  3125. 2/7/2010Jasio says:

    High noon. Bang. A problem solved.

  3126. 2/7/2010Jasio says:

    Colt-45 killed cowboys and alcoholics.

  3127. 2/7/2010Marius says:

    Woman I love – and her boyfriend.

  3128. 2/7/2010sunriseinaries says:

    Water torture. Surface fading. First swim?

  3129. 2/7/2010sunriseinaries says:

    “Not drowning, waving!” An unprecedented accident.

  3130. 2/7/2010Jeibi says:

    Screw the gas, I have metrocards.

  3131. 2/7/2010Shaw Jackson says:

    Me, better described in seven words

  3132. 2/8/2010Chuck says:

    Turned left onto highway. Wrong way.

  3133. 2/8/2010Chuck says:

    If seven is perfection, six is…?

  3134. 2/8/2010kayo says:

    Vital ingredients of story: suspense and…

  3135. 2/8/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    E-Trade Baby grows up, seeks royalties.

  3136. 2/8/2010John Othello says:

    I lost her smile in space…

  3137. 2/8/2010Rowan Bunney says:

    Only the closed mind was certain….

  3138. 2/8/2010morninglory says:

    got the job. drinks on me!

  3139. 2/8/2010Riley says:

    Three foot snow. Where’s my dog?

  3140. 2/9/2010CoolCHOC says:

    Butt hurts, no more Bible camp.

  3141. 2/9/2010Matt Katz says:

    Famine. Fight. Feast. Fuck. Famine.


  3142. 2/9/2010Claude S says:

    Exinting the tank, light is blinding.

  3143. 2/9/2010Benny says:

    Robbed cradle, “daughter not granddaughter.”

  3144. 2/9/2010Benny says:

    Robbed the cradle, “daughter not granddaughter.”

  3145. 2/9/2010Freya S says:

    Dark outside. Lamp-lit room. Open Curtains.

  3146. 2/9/2010Lazy Gene says:

    364 days sober. New Years Eve

  3147. 2/9/2010HBackslash7 says:

    Wait. Only six words? Outrageous!

  3148. 2/9/2010Bean Shaker says:

    No condoms. Used luck and technique.

  3149. 2/9/2010dayleeoh says:

    So very alone, covered in blood.

  3150. 2/10/2010atseventeen says:

    He left. I called: no answer.

  3151. 2/10/2010James Kelly says:

    Depressed…two stella artois…feeling great

  3152. 2/10/2010Katherine Regan says:

    What’s my third wish? …Another genie.

  3153. 2/10/2010Katherine Regan says:

    So I herd you liek mudkip.

  3154. 2/10/2010Katherine Regan says:

    This is not what I wanted.

  3155. 2/10/2010Casey says:

    Don’t blame me. I can’t vote.

  3156. 2/10/2010Kristin Eva says:

    Can’t make a second last forever

  3157. 2/10/2010Laurence says:

    Scared, I listen to the trains.

  3158. 2/11/2010morninglory says:

    flossed teeth vigorously; blood stained sink

  3159. 2/11/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Lennonists become McCartneyites over time.

  3160. 2/11/2010Clinton says:

    What do you mean start again?

  3161. 2/11/2010Clinton says:

    Broken watch…perpetually late…bad liar.

  3162. 2/11/2010Doug McIntire says:

    I remember Jolly Ranchers in Zima.

  3163. 2/12/2010Hal says:

    To droll to take life seriously.

  3164. 2/12/2010Kit Legit says:

    Apocalypse. Last woman. Pregnant. Stillborn child.

  3165. 2/12/2010CoolCHOC says:

    New stink on my hang-low, nice!!

  3166. 2/12/2010Andrew Mello says:

    Ophelia opens soup-cans with razor-blade hands.

  3167. 2/12/2010Brii says:

    Lylah’s lost… on another adventure, presumably.

  3168. 2/12/2010Thomas van Huut says:

    We dit not have breakfast together.

  3169. 2/12/2010PoiToi says:

    Goth club. “Hammer Time”. Dancefloor PACKED!

  3170. 2/12/2010zoe says:

    Bloody morning. No baby again. Despair.

  3171. 2/12/2010Melinda says:

    Snow. Bend. Push. Lift. Throw. Repeat.

  3172. 2/12/2010Sean McAuley says:

    There was no love, only lies.

  3173. 2/13/2010Thomas van Huut says:

    Who will die first?

  3174. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    There’s a log across the path.

  3175. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    The child often wonders. Mostly, why?

  3176. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    He sat, listened. And didn’t leave.

  3177. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    The apples turned brown, peeled, sitting.

  3178. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    The lamp didn’t tan his face.

  3179. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    The kettle whistled, “non-alcoholic.”

  3180. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    It was dusk. She didn’t return.

  3181. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    The minnows schooled, except the one.

  3182. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    Dead. And never felt the air.

  3183. 2/13/2010JustAnotherSomeone says:

    He’s dead, but he didn’t die.

  3184. 2/13/2010JustAnotherSomeone says:

    He likes ME. Fairytales COME true!

  3185. 2/13/2010JustAnotherSomeone says:

    Past: regrets. Future: fear. Present: avoiding.

  3186. 2/13/2010Elizabeth Avery says:

    running nose, tissues depleted, nasal emergency.

  3187. 2/13/2010J.K. Esse says:

    And the kettle whistled, “No alcoholic.”

  3188. 2/13/2010Sanyu E.N. Nagenda says:

    We create unnecessary suffering on Earth.

  3189. 2/14/2010Never breathing says:

    Mom. Hate. Blood. Dad. Tammy. Sex.

  3190. 2/14/2010Never breathing says:

    Breath, gone. Feeling, gone. Thank god!

  3191. 2/14/2010Never breathing says:

    Love. Hate. all are passionate. Hate…

  3192. 2/14/2010Never breathing says:

    Bullets. Blood. Relief. Last words. RELIEF!

  3193. 2/14/2010Never breathing says:

    My heart killed with that kiss….

  3194. 2/14/2010Justin says:

    She’s pregnant, my plans are fucked.

  3195. 2/14/2010Rhiannon says:

    Snowed in, writing six word stories

  3196. 2/14/2010Rhiannon says:

    Now available: ex-girlfriend – very used

  3197. 2/14/2010Ted Labrenz says:

    “Dear John, I love you, but . . .”

  3198. 2/14/2010HBackslash7 says:

    Ate. Went swimming. Fought off shark.

  3199. 2/14/2010HBackslash7 says:

    What if i used seven words?

  3200. 2/15/2010Evan Williams says:

    At least he smelled good today.

  3201. 2/15/2010A. Araujo says:

    Blind man’s dog needs guide human.

  3202. 2/15/2010Jo Freehand says:

    She grew up. He started hiding.

  3203. 2/15/2010Melanie R says:

    The punishment didn’t match the crime.

  3204. 2/15/2010mike maccarino says:

    One window. Two shadows. Lights out

  3205. 2/15/2010Shunka says:

    Life.Major scenes or in betweens?

  3206. 2/15/2010Seth says:

    And that’s why I am alone.

  3207. 2/15/2010Rahul Jiresal says:

    iWantUsToBe friends when we say GoodBye…

  3208. 2/15/2010Erin R says:

    I’m seeing things again. God dammit.

  3209. 2/16/2010Seth says:

    Too many days have happened since.

  3210. 2/16/2010Regge Yendys says:

    “Home Honey!” then killed the bastard.

  3211. 2/16/2010Regge Yendys says:

    Police didn’t bother to explain further.

  3212. 2/16/2010Regge Yendys says:

    He’s born. He dies. An afterlife?

  3213. 2/16/2010Roxio Garcia says:

    Only the good die young. Hopefully.

  3214. 2/16/2010Renee Gallanbaher says:

    No need. Have extras, sit down.

  3215. 2/16/2010Renee Gallanbaher says:

    Somebody told me – wanna do it?

  3216. 2/16/2010Mary Cherry says:

    Got carpal tunnel at young age.

  3217. 2/16/2010John Golden says:

    4th plane misses Pentagon, message lost

  3218. 2/16/2010John Golden says:

    Nerdy suitor hesitates like 74 Oldsmobile

  3219. 2/16/2010John Golden says:

    Foreign Climber: “We are tall!”, facepalm.

  3220. 2/16/2010John Golden says:

    Cyclist’s reflection in wet mountain blacktop.

  3221. 2/16/2010John Golden says:

    dildo service hotline, lulz were had

  3222. 2/17/2010Taylor says:

    Time travels faster between snooze buttons

  3223. 2/17/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Bang.

  3224. 2/17/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Clip Clop…bang! Amish drive by.

  3225. 2/17/2010Errantfirefly says:

    Mushroom slap. Loved it. Again, please!

  3226. 2/18/2010WriteAboutNow says:

    Nothing above. Stop looking for scapegoats.

  3227. 2/18/2010Trish says:

    Hopeless. Boy comes along. Potential future?

  3228. 2/18/2010Angie Mah says:

    my poop, a blue red gloop.

  3229. 2/18/2010R. Armour says:

    The Day Unfolds. I Fold Laundry.

  3230. 2/18/2010Christopher Collett says:

    Maggie. Loving daughter with four mothers.

  3231. 2/18/2010Becky says:

    I love him. He hates me.

  3232. 2/18/2010Franklin Estanol says:

    A modern life, connected but alone

  3233. 2/18/2010Elizabeth Avery says:

    Yoga instructor farts. No inner peace.

  3234. 2/19/2010Blurt says:

    Breathing tide. Feel insignificant. No worries.

  3235. 2/19/2010Hel says:

    “Tomorrow, people only.” promised rapist himself

  3236. 2/19/2010Peter Anderson says:

    Vain vampire adores void in mirror.

  3237. 2/19/2010STASIA says:

    Many thanks!! Still yet another remarkable site post, it’s really the reason why we come back to the web site every so often…

  3238. 2/19/2010Milosh Denchev says:

    Help! Need three more… oh, nevermind.

  3239. 2/19/2010Where_is_Lisa says:

    Car crash. Mommy won’t come home.

  3240. 2/19/2010Andréia says:

    Gregarious ant carries someone else’s load.

  3241. 2/19/2010Albert Einstein says:

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.

  3242. 2/19/2010Milosh Denchev says:

    Six is Ok – less is better

  3243. 2/19/2010Professor Kane says:

    Expresso–Depresso. Starbucks has the upper-hand.

  3244. 2/19/2010John Othello says:

    Romeo and Juliet made death beautiful.

  3245. 2/19/2010John Othello says:

    The Apocalypse is the Devil’s playground.

  3246. 2/19/2010John Othello says:

    Narcoleptic romantic chases a cab sleepily.

  3247. 2/19/2010Waffel Rezepte says:

    Hmm delicate! ;). Thank you for sharing

  3248. 2/19/2010Alex De La Rightious says:

    He falls aside, later he triumphs.

  3249. 2/19/2010J says:

    Your dick tastes like a urinal.

  3250. 2/20/2010Sam says:

    It starts, the beer is gone

  3251. 2/20/2010Peter Keller says:

    Only six words? Well done, Hemingway!

  3252. 2/20/2010John Othello says:

    Patient screams. Morphine can’t numb death.

  3253. 2/20/2010Pedro Anzoategui says:

    Before the crucifix, resent it’s weight.

  3254. 2/20/2010Pedro Anzoategui says:

    Harmony and happiness lost appeal to Money

  3255. 2/20/2010JessieJoker says:

    Pulling the trigger, away she goes.

  3256. 2/21/2010Chuck says:

    Rose-tinted glasses mask those long blind.

  3257. 2/21/2010Sanket Rathod says:

    Cursed princess lived happily ever after.

  3258. 2/21/2010RC says:

    He wouldn’t say it. She left.

  3259. 2/21/2010RC says:

    Scared to be alone, she settled.

  3260. 2/21/2010abby says:

    theme party. Godot costume. never came.

  3261. 2/21/2010ali says:

    Ebola cures acne. At what cost?

  3262. 2/21/2010Fankner says:

    Hot soup finds home in lap.

  3263. 2/21/2010Fankner says:

    Stressed doing homework. Mysterious boil appears.

  3264. 2/21/2010Fankner says:

    World creates man. Man creates pizzaburger.

  3265. 2/21/2010Jenna says:

    Husband or Dog. Choose the dog.

  3266. 2/21/2010Fankner says:

    Liquor store closed. Listerine bottle open.

  3267. 2/21/2010Sunil Patel says:

    Dreamed, did and done. What else?

  3268. 2/22/2010karben says:

    I don’t know you. Will I?

  3269. 2/22/2010Nathan says:

    We meet. Hope lives…and kills.

  3270. 2/22/2010Kristin Walters says:

    World Hunger. American child obesity crisis.

  3271. 2/22/2010Kristin Walters says:

    No ring. Time to move on.

  3272. 2/22/2010PolloRojo says:

    Man gets married. Cheats. Loses half.

  3273. 2/22/2010Kathleen says:

    The only unicorn in the arc.

  3274. 2/22/2010Never breathing says:

    finds soul mate. Maid of honor.

  3275. 2/22/2010Jocelyn says:

    Dyslexic math teacher fails top student.

  3276. 2/22/2010allison g. says:

    they held hands. the world turned.

  3277. 2/22/2010MrzAwesum says:

    admittedly, sometimes i suck at life.

  3278. 2/22/2010MrzAwesum says:

    thank god i dont use razors.

  3279. 2/23/2010Dave says:

    Was a poet. Didn’t know it.

  3280. 2/23/2010Sanket Rathod says:

    Father murdered for inheritance. Market crashed.

  3281. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Coming. Come. Came. Wonder drug works.

  3282. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    There was a time when, oops!

  3283. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    I came. I saw. I dissapeared.

  3284. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Pianist plays. They look. They know.

  3285. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Inspire. Go away. Repeat. Now hush.

  3286. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Man steals some watches. Gets time.

  3287. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Cunning stunts. He heard stunning cunts.

  3288. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    People kill people. And then what?

  3289. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    I know i can do it.

  3290. 2/23/2010Aaron says:

    What did she eat? She stinks!

  3291. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Follow the river. And then shoot.

  3292. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Looking to hire. Will fire too.

  3293. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Murder she wrote. Died soon after.

  3294. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Chicken or the egg? Who cares.

  3295. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Take the shot. Who was that?

  3296. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Does this mean you move on?

  3297. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Everyday. Just like the weekend. Hope.

  3298. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Haunted. Gypsy. Whisper. Hello. Crying.

  3299. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Haunted. Gypsy. Whisper. Hello. Crying. Lightning.

  3300. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Lonely man. French dog blues. Irony.

  3301. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    The drugs don’t work. Wake up.

  3302. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    Half a mile away. She froze.

  3303. 2/23/2010Bogusky says:

    The other half of me. Falling.

  3304. 2/23/2010mithun mukherjee says:

    Please dont die on me. Dead.

  3305. 2/23/2010mithun mukherjee says:

    Throw me a life jacket. NOW!

  3306. 2/23/2010Jeff Korentayer says:

    Drunk linguist attempts seduction of dipthong.

  3307. 2/23/2010Gweak says:

    The day’s too long. Need coffee.

  3308. 2/23/2010Emily says:

    Unfinished masterpiece, price to be determined.

  3309. 2/24/2010Isley says:

    Orange peel in one piece. Success!

  3310. 2/24/2010Satish says:

    comet, wrong path, barren earth.

  3311. 2/24/2010Satish says:

    End,said God. No Universe.

  3312. 2/24/2010A. Shepard says:

    Parents murdered. Little boy defeats evil.

  3313. 2/24/2010c money says:

    Four hour brunch, never looking back.

  3314. 2/24/2010silly rabbit says:

    Butt play without my prior authorization.

  3315. 2/24/2010crouton927 says:

    house on fire. feels so good

  3316. 2/24/2010HBackslash7 says:

    Scream. And then there was one.

  3317. 2/24/2010M. Adams says:

    Nine months later: Pregnant. Thanks Joe.

  3318. 2/24/2010Casey says:

    Fought with Dad. Died Next Day.

  3319. 2/25/2010karben says:

    Farewell, my son. You never returned.

  3320. 2/25/2010Dya says:

    Father dead, Mother wed, Game On.

    AKA Hamlet

  3321. 2/25/2010summer says:

    Two tomatoes. High traffic. Oops. Ketchup.

  3322. 2/25/2010summer says:

    Hooked-up. Knocked-up. Nine months later. waaaaaaaaaaa.

  3323. 2/25/2010insula says:

    Breakfast at midnight, night at noon.

  3324. 2/25/2010Goryhole says:

    I don’t need six. Die.

  3325. 2/25/2010NEELMANI BHATIA says:

    eyes do not hear ears do not see

  3326. 2/25/2010U. N. Owen says:

    Evil succeeds through good men’s inaction.

  3327. 2/25/2010Dylan says:

    Doesn’t make the front page. Cries.

  3328. 2/25/2010Dylan says:

    Still not on front page. Suicide.

  3329. 2/25/2010Dylan says:

    Life itself is worthless. Go live.

  3330. 2/25/2010J. Howard says:

    Snow, or is it frozen tears?

  3331. 2/25/2010J. Howard says:

    Snowflakes: fall uniquely, lie together.

  3332. 2/25/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Dubai becomes the next Mos Eisley?

  3333. 2/25/2010John Othello says:

    Rabbit, Rabbit turns smash music success?

  3334. 2/25/2010John Othello says:

    Bill Murray/Paris Hilton porno released. *vomit*

  3335. 2/25/2010Piper says:

    What’s amnesia? I completely forget! Oh.

  3336. 2/25/2010Adrianna says:

    Live cautiously, become old and boring.

  3337. 2/26/2010Satish says:

    Bang! Gunshot. Killer slowly died. Suicide.

  3338. 2/26/2010Satish says:

    Feotus, age:20. Parasite in brother.

  3339. 2/26/2010Satish says:

    Asked lift. Car Stopped. No Driver.

  3340. 2/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Failure to yield.
    Toyota emblem.

  3341. 2/26/2010Rachael says:

    Im still not the pretty one.

  3342. 2/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Speeding ticket thrown out (Toyota emblem)

  3343. 2/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Trainer is orca’s chum.

  3344. 2/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Guy Montag torches Thomas Montag’s office.

  3345. 2/26/2010Dikles says:

    In Love. So is his girlfriend.

  3346. 2/26/2010benny says:

    Canada? a gold medal shot? Perpostrious!

  3347. 2/26/2010Jason Rivera says:

    Mothers at work, she’s a Dancer.

  3348. 2/27/2010some guy says:

    Hate her. Lose her. Love her.

  3349. 2/27/2010some guy says:

    Good pizza. Get high. Amazing pizza.

  3350. 2/27/2010some guy says:

    I was happy until i awoke.

  3351. 2/27/2010adreamygal says:

    Aftermaths of a war , miseries everywhere…

  3352. 2/27/2010Emmet says:

    Giving birth. Girl dies. Baby boy.

  3353. 2/27/2010Darlene Propp says:

    Mirrors don’t lie. Not Grandma – ME!

  3354. 2/27/2010Eska Southpaw says:

    I see stars! Then I die.

  3355. 2/27/2010Eska Southpaw says:

    “Indeed.” He said with a smile.

  3356. 2/27/2010Eska Southpaw says:

    Father. Daughter. Sinned together. Mother. Gun.

  3357. 2/27/2010Ishkibibble. says:

    Now, I am high on hydromorphone.

  3358. 2/27/2010Jacqueline says:

    “She’s stupid.” “But she’s so hot.”

  3359. 2/27/2010Jacqueline says:

    Groom: Oh shit! Was that today?

  3360. 2/27/2010Vogie says:

    No more running. Aim to misbehave.

  3361. 2/28/2010Rachel Anne says:

    Don’t you miss pretending to care?

  3362. 2/28/2010A Strong Regret says:

    I still think about him constantly.

  3363. 2/28/2010Alchymyst says:

    War means profits. War! War! War!

  3364. 2/28/2010Eska Southpaw says:

    Confession. Anger, regret. Gun in hand.

  3365. 2/28/2010Eska Southpaw says:

    Wonders aimlessly. Reading 6-word stories …

  3366. 2/28/2010Libertiness says:

    First draft: Juliet dies. Romeo necrophilic.

  3367. 2/28/2010Phil Bledsoe says:

    X-ray vision! Everyone’s alien but me?

  3368. 2/28/2010Gina VC says:

    Maybe Sylvia had just been cold?

  3369. 2/28/2010Gina VC says:

    Who are we, besides misguided souls?

  3370. 2/28/2010Gina VC says:

    Downtrodden. “Spare change for sex toys.”

  3371. 2/28/2010Ben Ton'dest Rucshon says:

    is this it? i want refund.

  3372. 2/28/2010Money Mike says:

    “Close your eyes”. He remarked coolly

  3373. 2/28/2010islandhidden says:

    Seventeen and playing chicken with trains.

  3374. 2/28/2010EricE says:

    Boy loves girl. Best friend. Heartbreak.

  3375. 2/28/2010lotus435 says:

    Best friend died, life goes on….

  3376. 3/1/2010dangore says:

    Feels good singin’ in the rain.

  3377. 3/1/2010dangore says:

    the orange velvet sky rose again

  3378. 3/1/2010dangore says:

    Under the covers, over the monsters

  3379. 3/1/2010dave says:

    Didn’t sleep. Didn’t stop. Didn’t last.

  3380. 3/1/2010dangore says:

    He awakes from long nap. Blink.

  3381. 3/1/2010karben says:

    Met the right girl, too late.

  3382. 3/1/2010Andi says:

    Paper lover. I was too late.

  3383. 3/1/2010Andi says:

    I told her I wasn’t sure.

  3384. 3/1/2010Andi says:

    I like her. Facebook: Not Single.

  3385. 3/1/2010Libertiness says:

    Shrodinger’s cat pleas: think outside box!

  3386. 3/1/2010Toffer Surovec says:

    For sale: Purity ring. Tequila shots.

  3387. 3/1/2010Pranay says:

    Flat tire. Flight missed. Air crash

  3388. 3/1/2010Jared says:

    Quite suddenly, there was a bear.

  3389. 3/1/2010Binbomsj says:

    Do not rob. Indoor booby traps.

  3390. 3/1/2010Elon says:

    Jay Leno fired. Chin hogged screen.

  3391. 3/1/2010Elon says:

    Tiger Woods cheats. News worthy… Why?

  3392. 3/1/2010Elon says:

    Hanged VS. Hung? Rope or clothesline.

  3393. 3/1/2010Lee says:

    he looked at birds, then jumped.

  3394. 3/1/2010Lee says:

    nine friends, one fight, one left.

  3395. 3/1/2010FMJB says:

    No more Lydia. The beam held.

  3396. 3/1/2010Chinese Wall Architect says:

    You want us to build what?

  3397. 3/1/2010Matthew Cox says:

    all alone now, here and forever.

  3398. 3/2/2010J.E. De Guzman says:

    Bottled Water Vendor; died of thirst.

  3399. 3/2/2010Peggy Spitzner says:

    People wanting wonders? We live! Enough?

  3400. 3/2/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    In tragic misunderstanding, Wolverines kill Desi.

  3401. 3/2/2010PTK says:

    to drink? two drank, too drunk.

  3402. 3/2/2010PTK says:

    to drink? two drank, too drunk

  3403. 3/2/2010Katie says:

    Just competent enough to be dangerous.

  3404. 3/2/2010AJ Calidor says:

    Voices in my head: Shut up.

  3405. 3/2/2010Ishkibibble says:

    Sometimes I wish I would’ve died…

  3406. 3/3/2010Catalina says:

    Want him. Need him. Have him.

  3407. 3/3/2010toma says:

    She is sick. I am free!!!

  3408. 3/3/2010toma says:

    I feel good, why go on

  3409. 3/3/2010toma says:

    Booze feels nice! then wake up.

  3410. 3/3/2010toma says:

    Booze feels nice! Then reality hits.

  3411. 3/3/2010toma says:

    Ecoute… ca fait partie du personage

  3412. 3/3/2010Charlotte says:

    I love you. You love her…

  3413. 3/3/2010Charlotte says:

    Heard a scream. It was me.

  3414. 3/3/2010Shainetot says:

    Duck kills man. Murder most fowl?

  3415. 3/3/2010Camden S says:

    Hailed cab. Chivalry. Obituaries, page 3.

  3416. 3/3/2010Camden S says:

    Paper shredder. An overzealous intern. Bankrupt.

  3417. 3/3/2010Camden S says:

    Empty station. Two full cups, steaming.

  3418. 3/3/2010Camden S says:

    Headphones. Fire alarm. Low funeral costs.

  3419. 3/3/2010Camden S says:

    Pranked friend. The wrong person. Marriage.

  3420. 3/3/2010Blake White says:

    Hair matted. Shoes cracked. He remembers…

  3421. 3/3/2010RC says:

    No response. Probably for the best.

  3422. 3/3/2010Libertiness says:

    Mix-a-lot gasps, “Ass fixation, not ASPHYXIATION!!!!”

  3423. 3/4/2010Katie says:

    He loved philosophy instead of her

  3424. 3/4/2010AER says:

    Double-tapped her cherry. With My Penis!!

  3425. 3/4/2010Samantha G says:

    It’s just the same for girls

  3426. 3/4/2010JFN says:

    Two “tweenagers.” One passenger seat. Darwinism.

  3427. 3/5/2010Emily says:

    What you did was not okay.

  3428. 3/5/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Toyota’s premature accelerations frustrate women everywhere.

  3429. 3/5/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Bankers intercept and hoard Passover 2.0 instructions.

  3430. 3/5/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “Not so fast,” lawmakers tell Toyota.

  3431. 3/5/2010Hobbes says:

    She missed him. The bullet didn’t.

  3432. 3/5/2010Hobbes says:

    Long distance relationship. California to grave.

  3433. 3/5/2010casper says:

    He wrote a six word story

  3434. 3/6/2010Erika Lee says:

    “Hey Dad!” *Hides my rainbow ring*

  3435. 3/6/2010Portier says:

    She ended it. He hates her

  3436. 3/6/2010Portier says:

    She regrets it. he moved on.

  3437. 3/6/2010Erin O'Connell says:

    Beach: combed. Sun: set. Gin: tonicked.

  3438. 3/6/2010Marti Beesly says:

    Look up. You are still alone.

  3439. 3/7/2010Dr. Funke says:

    I want to be an actor.

  3440. 3/7/2010Dusty says:

    Less couch. Less potato. Less you.

  3441. 3/7/2010aleya says:

    Baby is crying! Time to eat :)

  3442. 3/7/2010aleya says:

    Went to church. Music from drummachine?

  3443. 3/7/2010Ryan says:

    No money, no job, no work.

  3444. 3/7/2010Tyler says:

    My girlfriend wants to kill me.

  3445. 3/7/2010alex says:

    yeah, i wanted to kill you.

  3446. 3/7/2010jesse says:

    i really fucked up at life

  3447. 3/7/2010Jessica Otto says:

    Pages tumble. typewriter sits: green charlatan.

  3448. 3/8/2010Michael says:

    He loved her, she loved herself.

  3449. 3/8/2010Kara says:

    His music held her heart captive.

  3450. 3/8/2010william says:

    Falling, falling, falling. Oh God. Splat.

  3451. 3/8/2010SC says:

    Threw back the pizza. Ordered fish

  3452. 3/8/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    World’s second-oldest person gets promoted.

  3453. 3/8/2010Laylow says:

    dentist fixes teeth. I break teeth.

  3454. 3/8/2010winphreak says:

    Cell phone died, but still responded.

  3455. 3/8/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Irony: Beekeeper himself a kept man.

  3456. 3/8/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Interred corpse fined for zoning violation.

  3457. 3/8/2010Haley says:

    One car. LIves lost. Hearts shattered.

  3458. 3/8/2010Haley says:

    Surrounded by people; you’re still alone.

  3459. 3/8/2010Haley says:

    Friends; there when your world collapses.

  3460. 3/8/2010raghav says:

    Ex seeing another man. RIP denial.

  3461. 3/8/2010Shockeye says:

    Law passes. Aliens can marry Humans.

  3462. 3/8/2010John Othello says:

    Lights big firecracker. Turns out: dynamite.

  3463. 3/8/2010John Othello says:

    Crematory built next to burn center.

  3464. 3/8/2010julia says:

    He’s gonna cheat on me. Damn.

  3465. 3/8/2010alex says:

    birth, growth, love, loss, decay, death.

  3466. 3/8/2010Cepela says:

    Standings were unaffected; controversy was avoided.

  3467. 3/8/2010donna jinx says:

    I didn’t tell you,dont ask.

  3468. 3/8/2010Ju says:

    Five day sexathon. I am beat.

  3469. 3/9/2010Satish says:

    Got bored. Gambled online. Got broke.

  3470. 3/9/2010DKaste says:

    In my day, there where nine!

  3471. 3/9/2010DKaste says:

    “Banana, cheesecake; Same difference,” he sneered.

  3472. 3/9/2010DKaste says:

    Cats with one life don’t jump.

  3473. 3/9/2010Kimmy Activatur says:

    Wine, Check. Music, Check. Condoms? Whoops…

  3474. 3/9/2010Luke says:

    MWAHAHAHAHA! Nothing can stop m– BOND?

  3475. 3/9/2010Marina says:

    Milkshake brings boys to yard. Not.

  3476. 3/9/2010Drew says:

    Moon is coming. Do we run?

  3477. 3/9/2010Skyler Morris says:

    Aliens come. Dear, do we run?

  3478. 3/9/2010Skyler Morris says:

    The end of the universe, Gnabgib.

  3479. 3/9/2010Skyler Morris says:

    This is a six word story.

  3480. 3/10/2010Ciara says:

    He fell for him, not her.

  3481. 3/10/2010SC says:

    I’m in love. So now what?

  3482. 3/10/2010Zoe says:

    Did not jump off bridge. Pushed.

  3483. 3/10/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Random House offices relocate, but where?

  3484. 3/10/2010miete says:

    Grandpa, was there life on Earth?

  3485. 3/10/2010Matt Black says:

    Life’s meaning revealed on Twitter unnoticed.

  3486. 3/10/2010esohefeyeay says:

    Consumer life: shopping for a funeral.

  3487. 3/10/2010alyssa says:

    Remind me of who I am

  3488. 3/10/2010K. Raines says:

    Joyce served in army. Died in Iraq.

  3489. 3/10/2010K. Raines says:

    Stop–Titanic! There’s an iceberg. Crash.

  3490. 3/10/2010TriSarahTops says:

    St. Pats. No class. Hello alcohol.

  3491. 3/10/2010Brian Zarbock says:

    Pregnant Girl with GED studybook, crying

  3492. 3/10/2010Jeibi says:

    Step One: Remove lid. Step Tw-

  3493. 3/10/2010A.D. Bennett says:

    … sanity gone. essay done. silver lining.

  3494. 3/11/2010Jen says:

    The fire arched overhead, beautiful, searing.

  3495. 3/11/2010Jen says:

    The screaming stopped abruptly. I sobbed.

  3496. 3/11/2010nadia says:

    lets eat gradpa. grandpa, lets eat.

  3497. 3/11/2010adam says:

    lets eat grandpa. lets eat, grandpa.

  3498. 3/11/2010Jen says:

    Radiation seared her, drying last tears.

  3499. 3/11/2010Jen says:

    The beating continued. I looked outside.

  3500. 3/11/2010F.C.F says:

    He misreads stoplight, crash, people scared

  3501. 3/11/2010F.C.F says:

    He misreads stoplight, crash, people scream

  3502. 3/11/2010F.C.F says:

    He waits, he jumps, nothing left

  3503. 3/11/2010F.C.F says:

    He broke her heart, broken nose

  3504. 3/11/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Corduroy-wearing ninja is perpetually unemployed.

  3505. 3/11/2010Jayne says:

    “I love you” He said, “Okay.”

  3506. 3/11/2010DM Jones says:

    Then they said, “Hey, watch this!”

  3507. 3/11/2010John Othello says:

    Moonlight (reflected sunlight) is vampire ok?

  3508. 3/11/2010John Othello says:

    Ordered “jello”. Got a male hooker?

  3509. 3/11/2010Alyssa Brodie says:

    You are what you eat: I’m human.

  3510. 3/11/2010Alyssa Brodie says:

    You’re what you eat: I’m human.

  3511. 3/11/2010el nono says:

    Death is coming, he’s bringing beer

  3512. 3/11/2010Marcus says:

    My first and only love. Gone.

  3513. 3/12/2010John H says:

    You *CAN* take it with you?

  3514. 3/12/2010Tom L says:

    I sank your battlehsip. You cried.

  3515. 3/12/2010Zoe says:

    Call me when you get home.

  3516. 3/12/2010Zoe says:

    Why would I ever grow up?

  3517. 3/12/2010Marc says:

    I can’t stop failing in love

  3518. 3/12/2010Marc says:

    A blind man could see better

  3519. 3/13/2010Edgar D. says:

    “It was a mistake….”

    Husband: Goodbye.

  3520. 3/13/2010kallie says:

    Broken heart. Engagement party. Keyed car.

  3521. 3/13/2010kallie says:

    “Sorry for your loss. Brought muffins!”

  3522. 3/13/2010Salmon Kaw says:

    Had near-death experience. Saw God.

  3523. 3/13/2010Salmon Kaw says:

    Dave frantically ran past Mr. Smith.

  3524. 3/13/2010Salmon Kaw says:

    Hello? Hello? Hello! HELLO! Shut up!

  3525. 3/13/2010kallie says:

    Rushing. Picked up knife, not comb.

  3526. 3/13/2010JaaS says:

    i want you every day Laura

  3527. 3/13/2010Edgar D. says:

    My story needs more than six words

  3528. 3/13/2010Edgar D. says:

    I forgave her. She left me.

  3529. 3/13/2010Edgar D. says:

    Went to Bunny Ranch.

    No Bunnies….

  3530. 3/13/2010Milosh Denchev says:

    Shocked Sun found about the shadow

  3531. 3/13/2010jean says:

    i left him. Then forgave him.

  3532. 3/13/2010Sorjak says:

    This isn’t more than six words.

  3533. 3/13/2010Ina says:

    Rainy day. Tulips in the Garden.

  3534. 3/13/2010gauchegaucho says:

    no idea where to go alone.

  3535. 3/13/2010gauchegaucho says:

    my awesome bike rolls under mountains.

  3536. 3/13/2010gauchegaucho says:

    barfed on your dick – you lose.

  3537. 3/13/2010gauchegaucho says:

    bored. release me to the wild.

  3538. 3/13/2010gauchegaucho says:

    catholics – it’s okay to do anal?

  3539. 3/13/2010Cristin75 says:

    “Are they asleep? Erase their memories.”

  3540. 3/14/2010Eric says:

    Goodbye grand mayan, Hello graaaannndd luuuxxxe

  3541. 3/14/2010Erin says:

    Got girlfriend for you . . . . not me : (

  3542. 3/14/2010Missing You says:

    Watch broken, time freezes, with you.

  3543. 3/14/2010Darko, Ph.D. says:

    Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander… Lady Gaga?

  3544. 3/14/2010rpwright says:

    we used to be infinite together.

  3545. 3/14/2010rpwright says:

    me < relationships= two best friendships gone.

  3546. 3/14/2010rpwright says:

    Loved her. Told them. Love me.

  3547. 3/14/2010rpwright says:

    Crowded Room. Alone. Empty Room. Happy.

  3548. 3/14/2010Max says:

    Thumb goes up. Car goes by.

  3549. 3/14/2010Dan says:

    White teeth made a great façade.

  3550. 3/14/2010Zoe says:

    Fell down stairs. Chipped a tooth.

  3551. 3/14/2010Cara McC says:

    “Happy Place” door displays eviction notice.

  3552. 3/14/2010zuzu's petals says:

    She’s thinking about you, right now.

  3553. 3/15/2010Bronson says:

    I fucked your wife last night.

  3554. 3/15/2010Amanda says:

    Parents are divorcing. I’m kinda happy.

  3555. 3/15/2010Amanda says:

    She was slutty. Nobody loved her.

  3556. 3/15/2010Katy Haupt says:

    Flooded roads lead to impromptu shooting.

  3557. 3/15/2010Brandon says:

    Scientist becomes president. Politics are outlawed.

  3558. 3/15/2010Brandon says:

    Rejected by peers. Accepted by cat.

  3559. 3/15/2010TKS says:

    She’s his love; he’s her wallet.

  3560. 3/15/2010Lianna Davis says:

    Cold coffee. Early nap. Late again.

  3561. 3/15/2010TKS says:

    With you? Um…, I meant “No.”

  3562. 3/15/2010HBackslash7 says:

    “Father, is Jesus a zombie?” “Uhh…”

  3563. 3/15/2010HBackslash7 says:

    These six words are a lie.

  3564. 3/15/2010karben says:

    Little girl missing. Found in obituaries.

  3565. 3/15/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    He shouted the urinal

    -in braille

  3566. 3/15/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    He shouted at urinal. (in braille)

  3567. 3/16/2010Veerle Visser says:

    You, open book. Me, an illiterate.

  3568. 3/16/2010E. Ellis says:

    They kidnapped me. I let them.

  3569. 3/16/2010E. Ellis says:

    “Hemp replaces wood. World economy crashes.”

  3570. 3/16/2010E. Ellis says:

    Did you know lemon cleans blood?

  3571. 3/16/2010Thomas Adlington says:

    I was bored. Now I’m dead.

  3572. 3/16/2010Chubert says:

    They turned away as he jumped.

  3573. 3/16/2010Chubert says:

    What God? I sang, she burned.

  3574. 3/16/2010Chubert says:

    The waters rose, yet I live.

  3575. 3/16/2010Chubert says:

    Twilight: Meet, angst, fuck, angst more.

  3576. 3/16/2010Vu Tran says:

    She rode me hard, I came.

  3577. 3/17/2010Chubert says:

    Jets scream. Atoms split. Orphans made.

  3578. 3/17/2010Nicole says:

    Your face was the sun today.

  3579. 3/17/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    St. Patrick’s Day: Erin goes braless.

  3580. 3/17/2010Subbu says:

    Why Improving Nukes, Not Killing Enough ?

  3581. 3/17/2010BigShimmeryWall says:

    Things rolled: My Rs, her eyes.

  3582. 3/17/2010Veronique Philips says:

    Cool I like your article I though I would allege Ive been a telephone sex operator for years and love the line of work you can find me at Click Here. Im forever online there and love to delight and flirt.. Keep up the posts I love chatting about this line of work.

  3583. 3/17/2010Joc says:

    Found end of rainbow. Gold? Stolen.

  3584. 3/17/2010Eljay says:

    Work. Study. Collapse. Repeat. Hello college.

  3585. 3/17/2010Eljay says:

    “TARDIS, TimeLord, Yes!” “Donna, Human, No!”

  3586. 3/17/2010E. Ellis says:

    It’s no fun beating up robots.

  3587. 3/17/2010Stan says:

    Sleeping pills dissolved in juice. Drink?

  3588. 3/17/2010Shamus says:

    Her disregard burned in my chest.

  3589. 3/18/2010smoorman says:

    My day passed faster than yesterday.

  3590. 3/18/2010D-Hermy says:

    Shot Sheriff, but not the Deputy.

  3591. 3/18/2010neLLaf says:

    Pain is real,
    Love is true,

  3592. 3/18/2010Melanie K. says:

    Empty fish bowl, sushi and rice.

  3593. 3/18/2010Ana says:

    5 to 8…long drive home.

  3594. 3/18/2010Zoe says:

    He wrote everything that he hated.

  3595. 3/18/2010Mr. Josh says:

    I walk through a portal. Cool.

  3596. 3/18/2010Eljay says:

    You? No, don’t recognize. Should I?

  3597. 3/18/2010FJL says:

    “Remind me to insult you later.”

  3598. 3/18/2010Vanessa says:

    church this morning. boiled holy water.

  3599. 3/18/2010Todd says:

    Chinese stealth bomber makes me worried.

  3600. 3/18/2010Zac G says:

    She is beautiful. He only knows

  3601. 3/19/2010scarlet says:

    I want to be a pangolin.

  3602. 3/19/2010Mike J Higgins says:

    No family deaths. Ancestors still alive.

  3603. 3/19/2010Mike J Higgins says:

    Kills father. Screws mother. Gets depressed.

  3604. 3/19/2010Maybe A Tiger Trembles. says:

    Selfless society – ruined by one megalomaniac.

  3605. 3/19/2010Maybe A Tiger Trembles. says:

    Satisfaction of thyself is perfection discovered.

  3606. 3/19/2010Maybe A Tiger Trembles. says:

    Outmaneuvered, cornered and slayn. Chess kills.

  3607. 3/19/2010Maybe A Tiger Trembles. says:

    Sometimes a plan, sometimes general direction.

  3608. 3/19/2010Maybe A Tiger Trembles. says:

    Communism, democracy, anarchy where lieth peace?

  3609. 3/19/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    No shirt. No shoes. No bullets.

  3610. 3/19/2010Lisa G. says:

    Shift ends. Falls asleep in uniform.

  3611. 3/19/2010Lisa G. says:

    Past deadline, reporter finds the story.

  3612. 3/20/2010Joe K. says:

    Dying unloved is my greatest fear.

  3613. 3/20/2010Steven Crandell says:

    Gone. Nothing so filling as emptiness.

  3614. 3/20/2010Answered says:

    He wants me, divorced his wife.

  3615. 3/20/2010Bryan Kim says:

    Asian Cynic. This rife reary sucks.

  3616. 3/20/2010pulpo says:

    Skilled gamer’s hands? Nerd’s dream girl.

  3617. 3/20/2010Maybe A Tiger Trembles. says:

    “I hate Mudkips”… Initiate excessive trolling.

  3618. 3/20/2010Chanellebeautii says:

    Constant struggle, good vs bad, Devils winning

  3619. 3/20/2010Martin Bain says:

    He smiled, “That’s not my goat.”

  3620. 3/20/2010Alex Unger says:

    My soul is in Afghanistan. Heartbroken.

  3621. 3/20/2010Brian says:

    Perfect…. until discovered she’s a bitch.

  3622. 3/20/2010SilverS says:

    Smiling Child. So thought the Dog.

  3623. 3/20/2010SilverS says:

    Violin Strings Tremble Anticipating Bow’s Kiss

  3624. 3/20/2010SilverS says:

    Tom Selleck IS Magnum – End Of!

  3625. 3/20/2010SilverS says:

    Comfy Bed, Roof Over Head – Paradise!

  3626. 3/20/2010SilverS says:

    St George’s Day, Coming Your Way.

  3627. 3/20/2010esohefeyeay says:

    I’m under the influence of happiness

  3628. 3/20/2010karben says:

    I screamed for help. Nobody helped.

  3629. 3/21/2010art badso says:

    Nothing but this could ever be.

  3630. 3/21/2010art badso says:

    One love beats one thousand victories.

  3631. 3/21/2010bree says:

    Wash Away Your Tears. With Sunlight.

  3632. 3/21/2010bree says:

    First, Second, Third Base. Home Run.

  3633. 3/21/2010bree says:

    Advil fixes everything. Yet I’m allergic…

  3634. 3/21/2010James says:

    birth, childhood, adulthood, old age, death

  3635. 3/21/2010Spencer says:

    Cheated on her. Wishes he didn’t.

  3636. 3/21/2010saradolimz says:

    living a dream, happiness, love. death.

  3637. 3/21/2010Helyx says:

    Nihilist finds God. God is Nihilist.

  3638. 3/21/2010schrsch says:

    death reveals the meaning of life.

  3639. 3/21/2010Daphne says:

    It’s my fault I miss him.

  3640. 3/21/2010Tikki says:

    I hope I’m not like her.

  3641. 3/22/2010Steven Crandell says:

    Hungry soul. Can’t sleep. Midnight tweets.

  3642. 3/22/2010Keira says:

    Innocence can be taken away forcefully

  3643. 3/22/2010Keira says:

    No one ever deserves that treatment

  3644. 3/22/2010Keira says:

    Love is fragile. Just like her.

  3645. 3/22/2010Keira says:

    Two hearts beat as one soul

  3646. 3/22/2010Keira says:

    For an instant, life is beautiful

  3647. 3/22/2010Keira says:

    She cheated once. Never again though.

  3648. 3/22/2010Keira says:

    Break faces and glass. Not hearts.

  3649. 3/22/2010San trance says:

    He falls, I’m on my feet

  3650. 3/22/201017 years says:

    She left him, He slept forever

  3651. 3/22/2010mr_noise says:

    Firm grasp – wrong end of stick.

  3652. 3/22/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    I’m schizophrenic (and so am I).

  3653. 3/22/2010alessandra says:

    i can see it all passing me by

  3654. 3/22/2010Violated says:

    Devil wants me to spread eagle.

  3655. 3/22/2010Sultan says:

    Amir, Hassan, Babba all one family

  3656. 3/23/2010Dhaval says:

    Narcissist falls for clone. True Love.

  3657. 3/23/2010Dhaval says:

    Experimental failure. Vegan Zombie. Earth Saved!

  3658. 3/23/2010MagmaMartini says:

    Death. In-door to the outside.

  3659. 3/23/2010Kailen says:

    I can count to five!

  3660. 3/23/2010Kailen says:

    “Snape kills Dumbledore!” Potter fans rage.

  3661. 3/23/2010Brad Tawson says:

    She, objectively beautiful. I, subjectively dreaming.

  3662. 3/23/2010Kailen says:

    I need more words banana suitcase

  3663. 3/23/2010Holly says:

    “Where art thou cheese?” says he

  3664. 3/23/2010SC says:

    We can do right, but don’t

  3665. 3/23/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Paul Bunyan craps, becomes biggest loser.

  3666. 3/23/2010larlarski says:

    Very impressive. Can’t remember his name.

  3667. 3/23/2010Gary Young says:

    Six words! Seems like forever.

  3668. 3/23/2010Mikala says:

    Couldn’t pay bills. Orphaned baby found.

  3669. 3/23/2010Jill says:

    This life didn’t come with instructions.

  3670. 3/23/2010Madally Wurlpiz says:

    This is an incomplete story about…

  3671. 3/23/2010Hieronymous Botch says:

    You thought I was joking. Wrong.

  3672. 3/24/2010Sarah says:

    He fell in love. I didn’t.

  3673. 3/24/2010Philip Klop says:

    I am a self-aware sentence.

  3674. 3/24/2010D-Hermy says:

    Walt Disney is lovable Adolf Hitler.

  3675. 3/24/2010D-Hermy says:

    Intentional paper cut equals hemophilia suicide.

  3676. 3/24/2010J Metz says:

    Ate sister’s “baby” mints. Monday-Sunday

  3677. 3/24/2010Herbert says:


  3678. 3/24/2010J Metz says:

    This story is seven words long

  3679. 3/24/2010Herbert says:

    C Cup Bewbies…..giggity giggity goo!

  3680. 3/24/2010Herbert says:

    Dying baby’s last words, “Ouch Charlie!”

  3681. 3/24/2010Herbert says:


    (read words backwards)

  3682. 3/24/2010Oswald says:

    Eating meat. Praying for tape worm

  3683. 3/24/2010Watermelondrea says:


  3684. 3/24/2010Herbert says:

    All fights food fights when cannibal.

  3685. 3/24/2010Oswald says:

    Brock is sleeping. English a lulliby?

  3686. 3/24/2010Barrack Obama says:

    Government does work! just ask indians!

  3687. 3/24/2010TwilightGirl1212 says:

    Edward Cullen is so SPARKLE SPARKLE!!!!!!!!!

  3688. 3/24/2010David Herman says:

    Im not david herman, sike naw

  3689. 3/24/2010Anna Rexic says:

    Racism is racist if your racist.

  3690. 3/24/2010Oswald M says:

    It’s not racism. It’s obviously profiling!

  3691. 3/24/2010Epic Asian says:


  3692. 3/24/2010Anna Rexic says:

    Hitler’s last words: “Ich war ein Scherz!”

    (translate german to english)

  3693. 3/24/2010Epic Asian says:


  3694. 3/24/2010Anna Rexic says:

    Black Asian joins the KKK……FAIL!

  3695. 3/24/2010Epic Asian says:

    Er Oh Er!! dats very funny!

  3696. 3/24/2010EriKKK says:


  3697. 3/24/2010Simone says:

    Growing up is a children’s game

  3698. 3/24/2010Swaze says:

    Lost job. Booked commercial. New life.

  3699. 3/24/2010kaylyn says:

    Raped, ashamed, lost. Found, loved, hopeful!

  3700. 3/24/2010dragon says:

    yay! i got my degree! now what?

  3701. 3/24/2010Chauncey says:

    Grumble. Grumble. Grumble. Fart.

  3702. 3/24/2010Justin Jans says:

    Spider bit me! Not radioactive. Damn!

  3703. 3/24/2010Prevert says:

    “Blow me.” “Okay.” “Ahhhh. Get out.”

  3704. 3/24/2010Staggs says:

    She puckers. He burps. They laugh.

  3705. 3/24/2010Rocco.N says:

    Friends with benefits = friends with detriments.

  3706. 3/24/2010Joe Welch says:

    The conceited bastard chuckled to himself.

  3707. 3/24/2010Jeremy says:

    “Bring on the clowns,” he challenged.

  3708. 3/24/2010Jared says:

    “I love you. Wait! Come back!”

  3709. 3/24/2010Amy L says:

    An unrequited love. Please notice me.

  3710. 3/24/2010Sans says:

    Six words is not enough to

  3711. 3/24/2010Ashleigh says:

    His head bounced as it smacked the floor.

  3712. 3/24/2010Almost Benjamin says:

    At base camp: ‘Going up?’. ‘Soon’.

  3713. 3/24/2010Mike says:

    Okay. I said ‘hello’. Now what?

  3714. 3/24/2010Kirk says:

    OJ asked to use my bathroom.

  3715. 3/24/2010jake+brittany=prom!! says:

    its raining, she’s beautiful, go.

  3716. 3/24/2010Naes says:

    Think you drink excessively? Stop thinking.

  3717. 3/24/2010Katrina Barber says:

    I let go of my everything.

  3718. 3/24/2010Randy Anderson says:

    She walked alone. He never knew.

  3719. 3/24/2010NM says:

    He loved; I wanted; we did

  3720. 3/24/2010KooKooKatchoo says:

    No. An individual refuses to be contained.

  3721. 3/25/2010samson says:

    we lost our compass, our friend.

  3722. 3/25/2010- says:

    I said no. He said yes

  3723. 3/25/2010Cathie says:

    Before him, I knew not love.

  3724. 3/25/2010Cathie says:

    Two years-for one word : Remission.

  3725. 3/25/2010Cathie says:

    He almost choose her – over love.

  3726. 3/25/2010James says:

    The gun fired. The cigarette fell.

  3727. 3/25/2010SC says:

    The morning after
    pills like candy

  3728. 3/25/2010Anna Rexic says:

    Do androids dream of robotic sheep?

  3729. 3/25/2010Laurie says:

    I think I’m falling in like.

  3730. 3/25/2010Issa says:

    he ate my heart. it hurt.

  3731. 3/25/2010Mike says:

    Conference Call: Make sure “mute” works.

  3732. 3/25/2010Leo says:

    I laughed, she cried, everybody stared.

  3733. 3/25/2010BARNEGAT BLUMMIS says:

    Kandy Blevins embezzled. Ruined my family.

  3734. 3/25/2010shatterspike1 says:

    She did it. Why? Who knows.

  3735. 3/25/2010Emma says:

    I love him. I’m a hypocrite.

  3736. 3/25/2010J says:

    Once, and only once, it ends.

  3737. 3/25/2010Jack says:

    Forgive me, Father. I have sinned.

  3738. 3/25/2010Aron Stevenson says:

    Can’t Stop, I drive a Toyota

  3739. 3/25/2010Madeline says:

    Worm dropped from my air vent.

  3740. 3/25/2010John Simpson Wedge says:

    The stage exploded. The curtain fell.

  3741. 3/25/2010John Simpson Wedge says:

    That was how the world ended.

  3742. 3/25/2010Simon Petry says:

    A.I. connects to Kristen. Overwrite? Yes.

  3743. 3/26/2010Steven Crandell says:

    Everything matters and nothing matters. Dance.

  3744. 3/26/2010Sarah O says:

    Family complimented long hair. Shaved head.

  3745. 3/26/2010Sarah O says:

    Not love. Better than being alone.

  3746. 3/26/2010Sarah O says:

    Sometimes it’s all about letting go.

  3747. 3/26/2010Eljay says:

    He’s leaving. I’m dying. Our secrets.

  3748. 3/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Budget cuts mean single-ring postman.

  3749. 3/27/2010Alan says:

    Do you still hate me? “Yes”

  3750. 3/27/2010Navidison says:

    He did. She didn’t. The end.

  3751. 3/27/2010Pete says:

    Creationist kids fascinated by Pokemon evolution.

  3752. 3/27/2010Philip Klop says:

    For sale: lifejacket, worn to death.

  3753. 3/28/2010mica berlin says:

    Dog pooh.stepped in. Shoe pooh

  3754. 3/28/2010Rachel says:

    I’m not invincible? Ha. You wish.

  3755. 3/28/2010cathie says:

    what if there is only now

  3756. 3/28/2010Philip Klop says:

    Don’t shoot me: I’m a solipsist.

  3757. 3/28/2010Beth Sykes says:

    There should be more to say. BethS.

  3758. 3/28/2010Gert Rud says:

    Large Hadron Collider. Black Hole. Gone.

  3759. 3/28/2010Ashley says:

    4 days. 3 states. 9 men.

  3760. 3/29/2010I Threw My Life In A Garbage Can says:

    She went down gun-to-mouth.

  3761. 3/29/2010Luke W says:

    Lost my USB stick. I’m fucked.

  3762. 3/29/2010Dave7 says:

    Left work early. Can’t return. Ever.

  3763. 3/29/2010jami says:

    Denied a cigarette. Machine gunned everyone.

  3764. 3/29/2010Jaimi says:

    No more chocolate. Jailed for murder.

  3765. 3/29/2010Jaimi says:

    I feel so very incomplete…

  3766. 3/29/2010Jaimi says:

    Thought she’d keep your secrets? Wrong!

  3767. 3/29/2010Nate says:

    Pages forever unwritten, the novelist slumbers.

  3768. 3/30/2010nb42 says:

    Jack Black, Chick Flick – Lock Pick.

  3769. 3/30/2010Drew B. says:

    Special Olympics Batting Tee Throws No-Hitter

  3770. 3/30/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Jacuzzi bubbles courtesy beans, not electricity.

  3771. 3/30/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    New Moore no more. (Rising oceans)

  3772. 3/30/2010Jabell says:

    God’s Grace can’t forgive MY sins.

  3773. 3/30/2010Jabell says:

    Stake to Edward! You rock, Blade!

  3774. 3/30/2010Jabell says:

    Gravity is pulling away my soul.

  3775. 3/30/2010Fritts says:

    Death in the family. None mourn.

  3776. 3/30/2010Jabell says:

    She’s so sexy when she’s mad.

  3777. 3/30/2010Jabell says:

    My baby made mum hate me.

  3778. 3/30/2010Stoop says:

    Here available; unused vibratorbatterycharger for granny’s..

  3779. 3/30/2010bo may says:

    She died, surprisingly my erection disappeared.

  3780. 3/30/2010La La Cupcake says:

    Six o’clock. Knock. Smash. Scream. Hide.

  3781. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Lost paycheck accidentally, had to beg.

  3782. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    ALT-F4: for when mom enters.

  3783. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Sandy feet, like styrofoam, screech together.

  3784. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    To the youth: always fall forward.

  3785. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    To drunken self: sarcasm angers policemen.

  3786. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Haven’t called in three years. Busy.

  3787. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Didn’t recognize self in mirror today.

  3788. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Ex-marine: family, needs work, god bless.

  3789. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Homeless man’s sign: PLEASE IGNORE THIS.

  3790. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Quit smoking or I’ll kill myself.

  3791. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Instructions for reincarnation specified in will.

  3792. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Mother smoked, then slept. Now neither.

  3793. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    “Love you too,” she said. Liar.

  3794. 3/31/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Did good deed today already, sorry.

  3795. 3/31/2010Mike Lurie says:

    Prattle Assassin assassinated. No more stories.

  3796. 3/31/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Mike Lurie: Say it isn’t so!

  3797. 3/31/2010jay says:

    Lazy poet’s curse – bed to verse.

  3798. 3/31/2010A Composer Who Knows His Way Around a Piano (New York Times) | Digital Home Piano says:

    [...] Comment on Submit a Story by Chubert [...]

  3799. 3/31/2010April says:

    Autism; Fun, except when it’s you.

  3800. 3/31/2010SamO says:

    Brightest day. Blackest Night. Yada yada.

  3801. 4/1/2010CJ Barker says:

    He was new to bomb-making.

  3802. 4/1/2010Andrew says:

    After two days it all ended!

  3803. 4/1/2010Andrew says:

    What if it is all a dream!

  3804. 4/1/2010Lauri Kervinen says:

    “You’re dying.” Scared. Suicide. “April fools!”

  3805. 4/1/2010Andrew says:

    Rushes in guns blazing! Poor Newbie!

  3806. 4/1/2010Eddie says:

    No life-signs? Fire anyway! Empire wins…

  3807. 4/1/2010P. Mars says:

    DOS! Windows!! Office!!! Internet? Google??? @home…

  3808. 4/1/2010elon g. says:

    Video games saved him from himself.

  3809. 4/1/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    She said yes -on April Fool’s :-(

  3810. 4/1/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Romeo rescheduled his April 1 proposal.

  3811. 4/1/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Your lawsuit: Three sizes too big

  3812. 4/1/2010Luingar says:

    Past, Future, war never really changes

  3813. 4/1/2010Luingar says:

    five countries, two hours, zero survivors

  3814. 4/1/2010Luingar says:

    The below is a reference to the five nuclear weapon states (NWS) recognized by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

    These nations are USA, Russia, UK, France, and china

  3815. 4/2/2010OnTheArrow says:

    Birthday. UPS. Present? No. Car wax.

  3816. 4/2/2010Ben Ng says:

    Lived to eat. Life ate me.

  3817. 4/2/2010Lisa Azhar says:

    Confession. Deep Breath. Opens mouth – interrupted!

  3818. 4/2/2010Raul says:

    She was bleeding, i was horny

  3819. 4/2/2010Faye says:

    Meet man. Have sex. No phonecall.

  3820. 4/2/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    -Out, damned Spot!
    *whimpers & howls*

  3821. 4/2/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Subway Restaurants ban Adrian Monk.

  3822. 4/2/2010Tommy says:

    Love is war, war isn’t love

  3823. 4/2/2010wheresmyhouse says:

    I shot myself in the dick!

  3824. 4/3/2010LadyNoS says:

    Good Friday. Fasting Renews. Love Life.

  3825. 4/3/2010Melkor says:

    You never were the same, darling…

  3826. 4/3/2010David S. says:

    Iron Man 2: fascism’s so cool!

  3827. 4/3/2010Camilla says:

    Lost: imaginary friend. Last seen: 8

    Lost: two hours. Last seen: bar

    No shirt. No shoes. No class.

    Lost: small poodle. Neutered. Like family.

    Illiterate? Write today for free help.

    Met. Married. He cheated. I left.

  3828. 4/3/2010Cara McC says:

    Found lava lamp. Lost attention span.

  3829. 4/4/2010Jessica Wood says:

    Recovery. Much more difficult than expected…

    From tomorrow, I will get better.

    No pain; no sorrow – just hope.

  3830. 4/4/2010Vinny says:

    Predator sees sun with heatvision, dies.

  3831. 4/4/2010Rick- says:

    Four AM right beside your bed…

  3832. 4/5/2010Heather says:

    I can’t wait to go home.

  3833. 4/5/2010antonp says:

    dude, I cant find my car

  3834. 4/5/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Tobacco Road sure is hot today.

  3835. 4/5/2010Glen Bowman says:

    “Marriage?” he asked. “Agree to disagree.”

  3836. 4/5/2010Maximilian Goldfine says:

    …as neon fireworks light the sky

  3837. 4/5/2010John Othello says:

    His skin burned down to soul.

  3838. 4/5/2010bo may says:

    “Arbeit macht frei”, read the jew.

  3839. 4/5/2010Chris C says:

    “I Love You” evidently, empty words

  3840. 4/5/2010N. says:

    He fell. No one caught him.

  3841. 4/6/2010Sam B. says:

    “Drink Me”? Drank it. Smaller now…

  3842. 4/6/2010Michael V says:

    He finally froze time. Including himself.

  3843. 4/6/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Duke sucks . . .

    Your mom’s milkshake!

  3844. 4/6/2010Night says:

    Drank the potion, Jeckyll became Hyde.

  3845. 4/6/2010Leo says:

    “Do you love me”… I hesitated.

  3846. 4/6/2010Leo says:

    Gunsmoke coiled towards the unforgiving heavens.

  3847. 4/6/2010Leo says:

    I kissed her. She’ll never know.

  3848. 4/6/2010Leo says:

    Sometimes you’ll cry. Sometimes I’ll care.

  3849. 4/6/2010Leo says:

    Me: I do
    Her: I Cheated

  3850. 4/6/2010Leo says:

    I used to be over her.

  3851. 4/6/2010John Othello says:

    Shoe repair ad: We mend soles.

  3852. 4/6/2010jay em em says:

    he loved again. i haven’t yet.

  3853. 4/6/2010jay em em says:

    romeo, where for art thou, romeo

  3854. 4/6/2010SarahJew says:

    The honey bee loved the balloon.

  3855. 4/6/2010SarahJew says:

    His soul left in little pieces.

  3856. 4/6/2010WhatSarahSaid says:

    This pen is blue. Oh, wait.

  3857. 4/7/2010jay em em says:

    Apocalypse: Keep your third eye open

  3858. 4/7/2010admiral ackbar says:

    its a trap!…..or is it.

  3859. 4/7/2010Giri says:

    Life story: I need more time!

  3860. 4/7/2010trevbot says:

    Found lost wallet. Drank for free.

  3861. 4/7/2010Fae says:

    went to work after lonely abortion.

  3862. 4/7/2010Carline says:

    Tore apart heart, looking for truth.

  3863. 4/7/2010PTK says:

    Poodle loves Jesus? Hot Diggity Dogma!

  3864. 4/7/2010RayG says:

    Man kills thousands, ducks flying shoe.

  3865. 4/7/2010Mr. Wright says:

    Swallowed my Pride and hugged her.

  3866. 4/8/2010Eric Eilersen says:

    Tears will fall, smiles will hide

  3867. 4/8/2010Rahul Jiresal says:

    God loves you, have enough faith.

  3868. 4/8/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Baby Freud’s first words: “Billable hours?”

  3869. 4/8/2010Glen Bowman says:

    Invented teleporter…back is crazy itchy.

  3870. 4/8/2010Jenni says:

    Lion loves lamb; needs reality check.

  3871. 4/9/2010jp says:

    Jesus wasn’t Christian. He just loved.

  3872. 4/9/2010Pandora says:

    She lost faith, but found religion.

  3873. 4/9/2010Ross Brown says:

    He escaped the horror; rediscovered himself.

  3874. 4/9/2010mightymango says:

    What if I pull this? NO!

  3875. 4/9/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Loved her dog, so she assumed . . .

  3876. 4/10/2010GareBear says:

    Two hour breaks. I got fired.

  3877. 4/10/2010Johnny says:

    Johnny couldn’t count very well. The End.

  3878. 4/10/2010RunningT says:

    I’m in good company drinking alone.

  3879. 4/10/2010mightymango says:

    He smiled. She blushed. They left.

  3880. 4/10/2010John Othello says:

    Evil monologues end villain victory.

  3881. 4/10/2010Rutger says:

    Bam! And I feel nothing anymore.

  3882. 4/10/2010Olivier says:

    Loved bride. She died. I cried.

  3883. 4/10/2010Envy says:

    My ears bled from the screaming.

  3884. 4/10/2010Envy says:

    As I learned perfection matters.

  3885. 4/10/2010MissJ says:

    Of finessed kisses and silent wishes.

  3886. 4/10/2010Paul Philion says:

    Allowance wouldn’t cover the pregnancy test.

  3887. 4/10/2010R. Bryan says:

    She deserves much better than me.

  3888. 4/10/2010Stephen Hughes says:

    And now, our regularly scheduled Pogrom.

  3889. 4/10/2010Stephen Hughes says:

    Listen, three beers is not ‘drinking’.

  3890. 4/10/2010Stephen Hughes says:

    They invited me to succeed elsewhere.

  3891. 4/11/2010Jade says:

    Cynical sociopath realizes he is lonely.

  3892. 4/11/2010Chuck says:

    I can’t count.

  3893. 4/11/2010Alyce says:

    Cancer’s taking him. Want him back.

  3894. 4/11/2010E-Dawg5000 says:

    New Philosophy: Fuck bitches, get money.

  3895. 4/11/2010E-Dawg5000 says:

    Scared Straight Program scared me straight.

  3896. 4/12/2010Debs Morley says:

    Went to work, came back home.

  3897. 4/12/2010AndyScaife says:

    Boy met girl. Love. The end!

  3898. 4/12/2010Laura says:

    Can’t sleep. Cruel thoughts. Insomniac’s burden.

  3899. 4/12/2010The B says:

    She wanted, hated, berated. I waited.

  3900. 4/13/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Right place. Right time. Wrong address.

  3901. 4/13/2010goo says:

    High on PCP; ripped off testicles

  3902. 4/13/2010Gunter Grass says:

    Horny, frustrated hunchback, experiences post-war Germany.

  3903. 4/13/2010Jesus Christ says:

    Satan pissing me off right now.

  3904. 4/13/2010Giri says:

    Roommate’s girlfriend leaves, roommate shits loudly.

  3905. 4/13/2010Isaiah Matthews says:

    Deny future generations the fiend, oppression.

  3906. 4/14/2010Kimberley Clemens says:

    Even buried kings must learn flight

  3907. 4/14/2010Az D. says:

    “Wedding rings symbolize perpetuity. Mine broke.”

  3908. 4/14/2010Az D. says:

    Mutes. Can’t say much about them.

  3909. 4/14/2010Cassie says:

    Midwestern- only more sex, less religion.

  3910. 4/14/2010Navidison says:

    Goonies never say die…except there.

  3911. 4/15/2010Leo says:

    Max sang to the blushing barista.

  3912. 4/15/2010Faye says:

    Deleted his number. Memorised it first.

  3913. 4/15/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Cock, bull, plus four more words.

  3914. 4/15/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Long drive…home run! Damn… Foul.

  3915. 4/15/2010candice says:

    Unrequited love is always a constant.

  3916. 4/15/2010today. says:

    Got waitlisted. Not gonna fuckin settle.

  3917. 4/15/2010Your Name Here says:

    ‘These stories are interesting,’ I thought.

  3918. 4/15/2010Anneh says:

    Bride. Car crash. Wedding postponed forever.

  3919. 4/16/2010Laura says:

    The audience couldn’t wait to see.

  3920. 4/16/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Black Flag doesn’t kill software bugs.

  3921. 4/16/2010CJC says:

    “What does this button do?” she

  3922. 4/16/2010G Rees says:

    Empty wineglass. Valium bottle. Open window.

  3923. 4/17/2010Jacob says:

    Moved 1807 km. Dad lost job.

  3924. 4/17/2010David Ryan says:

    Noises outside. Alone in the dark.

  3925. 4/17/2010David Ryan says:

    Cried all night. Won’t see tomorrow.

  3926. 4/17/2010David Ryan says:

    I see them. In my head.

  3927. 4/17/2010Kristin says:

    He married her. My heart broke.

  3928. 4/17/2010eloise says:

    i fall. you laugh. call 911

  3929. 4/17/2010Terri Busby says:

    He once was, now no more

  3930. 4/17/2010jfaulken says:

    Astronaut avoids Armageddon. Returns to cinder.

  3931. 4/17/2010Nuno says:

    No words, no hope… more scotch!!

  3932. 4/17/2010marnie says:

    my love for you is unknown.

  3933. 4/17/2010R. Bryan says:

    I wish she wanted to dance.

  3934. 4/17/2010Anon says:

    You just lost the fucking game

  3935. 4/18/2010Alice says:

    Short story rejected. It was too long.

  3936. 4/18/2010David Ryan says:

    In deep thought. In deep lake.

  3937. 4/18/2010Natalie says:

    Still love him. He loves her.

  3938. 4/18/2010KBWalsh says:

    I just wanted my morning coffee.

  3939. 4/18/2010phred says:

    She was married this afternoon. I wasn’t.

  3940. 4/18/2010Kate says:

    I don’t think I’ll find him.

  3941. 4/18/2010Johnny Kane says:

    The gun fired. I fell. Black.

  3942. 4/18/2010Johnny Kane says:

    God created and destroyed the world.

  3943. 4/18/2010Johnny Kane says:

    The race started and was lost.

  3944. 4/19/2010J. Houg says:

    My empty revolver, bled him dry.

  3945. 4/19/2010zuzu's petals says:

    Melancholy Tess. Pre and Post Clare.

    *Afterthoughts from the novel, Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

  3946. 4/19/2010Lauren Stone says:

    Hot sex. Morning after. Baby blues.

  3947. 4/19/2010Lauren Stone says:

    Those eyes. I’ve seen them before.

  3948. 4/19/2010Julian says:

    Family dinner, I stand and shout: …………….

  3949. 4/19/2010Julian says:

    Steepled business: blue-collared bow to white-collared

  3950. 4/19/2010Julian says:

    Adam told his crying child: “Ditto.”

  3951. 4/19/2010Halie says:

    He beats me, but I stay.

  3952. 4/19/2010valtermarques says:

    too much of sex wasn´t enough

  3953. 4/19/2010Logan says:

    One clown, one knife, empty crowd.

  3954. 4/19/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Fat. Switched to diet soda. Cancer.

  3955. 4/19/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    My mother shot me once. Once.

  3956. 4/19/2010Eirik Gumeny says:

    Paper wings. Heavy smoker. Ended badly.

  3957. 4/19/2010Eirik Gumeny says:

    Intergalactic octopi. Hell of a Tuesday.

  3958. 4/19/2010Nate P. says:

    He came. He saw. He left.

  3959. 4/19/2010Blake Wilcox says:

    Blazing wings set the sky alight.

  3960. 4/20/2010Casey says:

    everything ok? I can’t answer that.

  3961. 4/20/2010David Ryan says:

    Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Flick, Flatline.

  3962. 4/20/2010Jacob says:

    “My first time wasn’t consensual.” “Dude…”

  3963. 4/20/2010Kyle Hemmings says:

    For excessive daydreaming: Eat starch daily.

  3964. 4/20/2010S. M. Orges says:

    Late discovery: engagement ring non-returnable.

  3965. 4/20/2010Stephen J Day says:

    Richard Dawkins and the Crystal Cathedral.

  3966. 4/20/2010Valorsoul says:

    Stock market crash. Thankful for puts.

  3967. 4/20/2010S. M. Orges says:

    “All walks of life”: quadriplegic discrimination.

  3968. 4/20/2010S. M. Orges says:

    “This won’t hurt a bit.” Liar.

  3969. 4/20/2010J. Askim says:

    Tuesday, I find love. Always Monday.

  3970. 4/20/2010J. Askim says:

    The wind speaks whispers. Me, English.

  3971. 4/20/2010J. Askim says:

    She wants him. He wants pizza.

  3972. 4/20/2010J. Askim says:

    He whines. She scowls. They laugh.

  3973. 4/20/2010Dan Rako says:

    I couldn’t stop. So, I quit.

  3974. 4/20/2010S. M. Orges says:

    9/11 smoking break saved my life.

  3975. 4/20/2010S. M. Orges says:

    Writing is like breathing. I’m suffocating.

  3976. 4/20/2010S. M. Orges says:

    When she smiled, he stopped breathing.

  3977. 4/20/2010J. Askim says:

    She laughed. He remembered it always.

  3978. 4/20/2010J. Askim says:

    10 print “why ” 20 goto 10

  3979. 4/20/2010Aaron says:

    Lack of light, room for imagination.

  3980. 4/20/2010J. Askim says:

    She laughs. I listen. She stops.

  3981. 4/21/2010Terri Busby says:

    A call for help was answered !

  3982. 4/21/2010Kidi says:

    Silence was nice, not for her.

  3983. 4/21/2010Kidi says:

    Whispering she cried, no one heared.

  3984. 4/21/2010Wederdoper says:

    I will never leave you. Never!

  3985. 4/21/2010Wederdoper says:

    Guns don’t kill. Nor do cigarettes.

  3986. 4/21/2010sanja b***i says:

    Half Klingon, half Betazoid? Call me!

  3987. 4/21/2010B. Moores says:

    Small point. Big Bang! Long time.

  3988. 4/21/2010Kit Legit says:

    He watched the explosion, blooming flower.

  3989. 4/21/2010Kit Legit says:

    Last woman, her unborn son, Oedipus.

  3990. 4/21/2010sabine C says:

    The fish jumped. The cat swiped.

  3991. 4/21/2010M.Z.Newcomb says:

    The world waited, then he happened.

  3992. 4/21/2010M.Z.Newcomb says:

    Murder weapon found, reward for owner.

  3993. 4/21/2010J. Askim says:

    She enters. His stomach twists – silence.

  3994. 4/21/2010Darren says:

    Apparently, the stripper pole is conductive.

  3995. 4/22/2010Rhys Andrews says:

    Once upon a time. The End.

  3996. 4/22/2010soursprite says:

    Ate a lot. Proof? Toilet bowl.

  3997. 4/22/2010@KieranO says:

    Efficient. Staff. Meetings. Choose two.

  3998. 4/22/2010Mimi says:

    Once I had a secret love.

  3999. 4/22/2010B. Mehaffey says:

    My life is grossly unremarkable.

  4000. 4/22/2010This is not nam this is bowling says:

    You make my stomach do somersaults.

  4001. 4/22/2010leona says:

    Sad. Schadenfreude. Laughs. Sorry. Guilty. Sad.

  4002. 4/22/2010-ItMeans ImHealing says:

    It hurt in that good way.

  4003. 4/22/2010-ItMeans ImHealing says:

    Race? -Human.

  4004. 4/22/2010Laitie says:

    He loved her. She lost him.

  4005. 4/22/2010Laitie says:

    He cannot sleep. Her heart bleeds.

  4006. 4/22/2010Laitie says:

    She hates him. Stoic, immature…loveable..

  4007. 4/22/2010Laitie says:

    Alone in the world. Until him.

  4008. 4/22/2010Laitie says:

    She watched her life burn away.

  4009. 4/22/2010Laitie says:

    I apologize, cannot contain my thoughts.

    (seriously, sorry I’m, like, taking up a whole page >.< )

    His thoughts called to him. Distraction.

    Boring class. Window. Goodbye, teacher. Distracted.

    When he was alone, she came.

    Friends, family… But Heart is lonely.

    Money, college, hungry… Hello, junk food.

    No work. Book, hello, my heaven.

    Too many. I should stop. Goodbye.

  4010. 4/22/2010Laitie says:

    Last one, I promise:

    Peals dissolve in vinegar. Must they?

  4011. 4/23/2010Sev says:

    At night, I try fighting again.

  4012. 4/23/2010S. says:

    My father still has my virginity.

  4013. 4/23/2010Dave S says:

    Met her, fate intervened, tatoo remains!

  4014. 4/23/2010Denzeel says:

    Lonly boy. Finds razors. Goodbye love… (tear)

  4015. 4/23/2010Denzeel says:

    Leave’ss school, Dad’s home, Boy cry’s…..

  4016. 4/23/2010Denzeel says:

    My life, Black abyss, Why me…

  4017. 4/23/2010Denzeel says:

    Mum dies, Boy cry’s, Boy cut’s….

  4018. 4/23/2010Denzeel says:

    Teacher says, quit quit quit quit!!!!

  4019. 4/23/2010Denzeel says:

    Ben Dover, Horibble name, Hardy har!!!!

  4020. 4/23/2010SC says:

    Flew high. Touched the sky. Fell.

  4021. 4/23/2010Morgan Rako says:

    Nobody knows about the hidden bottles.

  4022. 4/23/2010fear says:

    Sit down. Get ready. stop it.

  4023. 4/23/2010Derek says:

    Traveled back in time, killed my

  4024. 4/24/2010Terri Busby says:

    They came,they saw, they concurred

  4025. 4/24/2010Mike says:

    Bad habits make for good memories.

  4026. 4/24/2010Blake Wilcox says:

    I’m the substitute protester. Marcia’s sick.

  4027. 4/24/2010Marcus Harman says:

    Get lost Robot! Robot got lost.

  4028. 4/24/2010Moxie Malone says:

    “Virtuous brevity.”
    She scowled, “With sex?”

  4029. 4/24/2010Dan Rako says:

    Tried altar-boy outfit. Still no luck.

  4030. 4/24/2010Largian says:

    Blurred eyes, like a time bomb.

  4031. 4/24/2010Crooked Nixon says:

    “Walk of Shame” or “Conqueror’s March”?

  4032. 4/24/2010Jason Warden says:

    Someday, you’ll know my middle name.

  4033. 4/24/2010Rahul Jiresal says:

    Love hurts, breakup hurts, death doesn’t.

  4034. 4/25/2010Evan says:

    Mess. “On my way!” Cleaning Time.

  4035. 4/25/2010Joe Graf says:

    Eyjafjallajokull spews ashes. I contribute Dad’s.

  4036. 4/25/2010Amy says:

    Morning coffee, lunch, winery. Perfect Day!

  4037. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Earn Spartan sheepskin, relinquish all self-respect

  4038. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Three-wife Mormon sure smells like tuna.

  4039. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Graduate from State; no jobs waiting.

  4040. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    RIP: told you I was sick!

  4041. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Reality: the pornography of the millennium.

  4042. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Don’t try to find me. Salingeresque.

  4043. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Surpassing you’s: fish in a barrel.

  4044. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Ship lost at sea: sailor sushi.

  4045. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Hemingway fulla shit: shoes were his.

  4046. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Lose legs? Give slippers to friend.

  4047. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Lost legs. Gave slippers to friend.

  4048. 4/25/2010Lynn LeBlanc says:

    Hemingway finally admits shoes were his.

  4049. 4/25/2010timmy says:

    Life’s tough; tougher if you’re stupid.

  4050. 4/25/2010Dan Rako says:

    B&B weekend. Bad clams. Shared bathroom.

  4051. 4/25/2010John Othello says:

    The earth will drink our blood.

  4052. 4/26/2010Charlie says:

    Wasn’t born sick, gonna die healthy.

  4053. 4/26/2010Charlie says:

    Fucked up? Still your daughter, sorry.

  4054. 4/26/2010Deb Shepherd says:

    Dear John, settled the milk bill

  4055. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Multi-wifed Mormon soon swims the waters fishy.

  4056. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Relaxing in my closed casket. Finally.

  4057. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Had bitchy wife. Didn’t need politics.

  4058. 4/26/2010M.Z.Newcomb says:

    The moon just exploded.! What’s that!?

  4059. 4/26/2010Todd S. says:

    Lunch is cancelled. World is shattered.

  4060. 4/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Cujo defeats Cojo in one round.

  4061. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Multi-wifed Mormon swam the stream fishy.

  4062. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Jesus Christ said the Virgin Mary.

  4063. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Angel appears to Joseph. Lies big-time.

  4064. 4/26/2010Zain Syed says:

    She looks at him. He dies.

  4065. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Six-words not unlike diarrhoea. Pepto Bismal.

  4066. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Hemingway shit-faced. Finds shoes. Gets lucky.

  4067. 4/26/2010Loon says:

    Caulfield misses train. Never finds Phoebe.

  4068. 4/26/2010alek says:

    I finally got away from you.

  4069. 4/26/2010Abigail George says:

    Your sad songs are my sad songs.

  4070. 4/26/2010Abigail George says:

    The sun breaks through the cracks.

  4071. 4/26/2010Abigail George says:

    Your heart belongs to my heart.

  4072. 4/26/2010Abigail George says:

    There’s a web that lies beneath.

  4073. 4/26/2010Abigail George says:

    I don’t need the political church.

  4074. 4/26/2010Abigail George says:

    The meds made her feel woozy.

  4075. 4/26/2010Marko says:

    You lied. I cried. It’s over.

  4076. 4/27/2010SC says:

    Assembled Ikea Boyfriend. 2 parts left..

  4077. 4/27/2010keef says:

    No good with words, better with

  4078. 4/27/2010Dan Rako says:

    She dared me. Big mistake. Huge.

  4079. 4/27/2010Roma Diaz says:

    Volcanoe ash! Who would have guessed?!

  4080. 4/27/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Spock eats his feelings & starves.

  4081. 4/27/2010olll says:

    I will soon feel the pain

  4082. 4/27/2010olll says:

    I can feel pain building up

  4083. 4/27/2010Jennifer says:

    Boy met girl. Girl met bus.

  4084. 4/27/2010Keef says:

    Runway house, peaceful when Iceland flames.

  4085. 4/27/2010Jade says:

    Robber is friends with the victim.

  4086. 4/28/2010Matthew McNaughton says:

    Hello Operator, please call me back.

  4087. 4/28/2010Aayushi Mehta says:

    Love comes, love goes. Leaves fissures.

  4088. 4/28/2010Dan Rako says:

    Home early. Who’s car is that?

  4089. 4/28/2010George MacMillan says:

    “Eureka!” he said. Then he vanished.

  4090. 4/28/2010Neila Mezynski says:

    Dear editor,

    Here are my six words:


    Scuffed knees, runny nose, unconditional laundry.

    Neila Mezynski

  4091. 4/28/2010Sophia Chiu says:

    Mourning. Plastered Smiles and paper flowers.

  4092. 4/28/2010Jade says:

    The morrow is wicked in fate.

  4093. 4/28/2010Ducky says:

    Three years after birth, he hears.

  4094. 4/29/2010Anonymous says:

    “Thanks for the drink”. “Anytime”. *zip*

  4095. 4/29/2010Rain says:

    Phalaenopsis. A promise. Happily ever after?

  4096. 4/29/2010Richard Harland says:

    Woke up, Mars stretched around me.

  4097. 4/29/2010Lowner says:


    1. Out of the womb. Darkness still.

    2. Gunned down. College acceptance letter.” Congratulations…”


    1. Falling off a cliff. Wet bed.

    2. Stop sign. Cute girl. “Insurance please.”

    3. Robs grocery store. Forgets lottery ticket.

  4098. 4/29/2010Roxanna says:

    You look so beautiful through binoculars.

  4099. 4/29/2010Andy Rogers says:

    “No. Flash fiction.”
    “The difference?”

  4100. 4/29/2010DC says:

    Descend into madness; life goes on.

  4101. 4/29/2010Woka says:

    Everybody dies, everything is changing.

  4102. 4/29/2010Stanzie says:

    Exam finally finished… Yet have fun!

  4103. 4/29/2010Kitty Legit says:

    This story is front page material.

  4104. 4/29/2010Kitty Legit says:

    Nothing is static. Everything is rotting.

  4105. 4/29/2010EL says:

    Underwater. No way out. Reluctantly inhale.

  4106. 4/29/2010EL says:

    Wind blows. Sails fill. Journey begins.

  4107. 4/29/2010Haley says:

    And they live happily ever after.

  4108. 4/29/2010Haley says:

    was in love, now just lost.

  4109. 4/29/2010Elias says:

    “Don’t call it a comeback”-Jesus

  4110. 4/29/2010Chuckles says:

    Dreaming of a better tomorrow, today.

  4111. 4/29/2010Chuckles says:

    Here today. Gone tomorrow. That’s life.

  4112. 4/30/2010Cartero says:

    Dad’s home… I shut my door.

  4113. 4/30/2010Jacob says:

    I pursue poignancy and genuineness. Contradictory?

  4114. 4/30/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Proud man dies of crow allergy.

  4115. 4/30/2010joeyjoejoe says:

    Auto-fellatio. What a sense of accomplishment.

  4116. 4/30/2010Tom says:

    She smiles. Then the door closes.

  4117. 4/30/2010Tom says:

    Disaster struck. Which way is up?

  4118. 4/30/2010Tom says:

    Six words. Only six words left.

  4119. 4/30/2010Vipul says:

    Invented Time Machine; never went back.

  4120. 4/30/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Half-assed household furnishes with bean-bags.

  4121. 4/30/2010DL Chance says:

    Where is everyone, the loner wondered.

  4122. 5/1/2010Aayushi Mehta says:

    Sea of diseases. Medical student drowning.

  4123. 5/1/2010Ernie McGray says:

    Find your pole. Happy May Day!

  4124. 5/1/2010ray0man says:

    Lucky go happy, Lucky do ecstasy.

  4125. 5/1/2010ray0man says:

    The man wrote: ‘the man wrote’.

  4126. 5/1/2010Anon says:

    Rectal cancer. Rectum nearly killed him.

  4127. 5/1/2010K says:

    Family reunion. Here’s your name tag.

  4128. 5/1/2010Jessi says:

    He said stop. And I did.

  4129. 5/1/2010Jessi says:

    I want to live. He doesn’t.

  4130. 5/1/2010Jessi says:

    Someday, you will want someone else.

  4131. 5/1/2010Jessi says:

    “I always will-” “No,” he whispered.

  4132. 5/2/2010DC says:

    I was bored – it was fun.

  4133. 5/2/2010Joe Graf says:

    What’s left: training wheels, broken helmet

  4134. 5/2/2010Joe Graf says:

    Opportunity cost. Genius. Experimented. Now average

  4135. 5/2/2010Joe Graf says:

    When is it time to commit?

  4136. 5/2/2010SC says:

    Paid the price, wich wasn’t right

  4137. 5/2/2010Melanie R says:

    Postsecret: Cheap therapy for the brokenhearted.

  4138. 5/2/2010Melanie R says:

    “It was a mistake,” said God.

  4139. 5/2/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Shipwrecked. Canned food! No can opener.

  4140. 5/2/2010Melanie R says:

    Never waste a gift- especially life.

  4141. 5/3/2010Emma says:

    We loved. We laughed. He’s gone.

  4142. 5/3/2010sanja b says:

    Deep eyes. Nice soul. Happy end.

  4143. 5/3/2010Taylor Scott says:

    I smiled at the obituary misprint.

  4144. 5/3/2010Ryan says:

    The boys dug deep, found bones.

  4145. 5/3/2010Bri says:

    Lost in fantasy, found in prison.

  4146. 5/4/2010Jeremy says:

    I have never felt this alone.

  4147. 5/4/2010Jeremy says:

    Shut up, its the sex scene!

  4148. 5/4/2010Jeremy says:

    “You jump, I jump, remember?” “Nope.”

  4149. 5/4/2010Jeremy says:

    “I’ll never let go, Jack……SIKE!”

  4150. 5/5/2010Terri Busby says:

    She saw him, teary eyed, sullen.

  4151. 5/5/2010Laurence M says:

    Born then cried. Grew then died.

  4152. 5/5/2010Melanie says:

    Grandma’s house. Downhill tricycle. Brick wall.

  4153. 5/5/2010Lewis says:

    What the hell is this crap?

  4154. 5/6/2010Granny V says:

    Obituary: a gift list to God.

  4155. 5/6/2010Drew says:

    I love you, when you’re around.

  4156. 5/6/2010Lauren says:

    Sign: Beware of dog. Run fast.

  4157. 5/6/2010Simon says:

    Dead body. Horatio summoned. Sunglasses removed.

  4158. 5/6/2010Rachel Paiva says:

    Injection number three: hello, cruel world.

  4159. 5/6/2010Pete says:

    Testing testing testing. Testing testing testing.

  4160. 5/6/2010Funkerdoo says:

    I still dream of her……….FUCK!!!!

  4161. 5/6/2010Oliver Yossif says:

    God doesn’t exist. I asked him.

  4162. 5/7/2010Maximilian Goldfine says:

    Teacher loses answer book …panic ensues.

  4163. 5/7/2010DL Chance says:

    I can do this! Can’t I?

  4164. 5/7/2010hyde says:

    Jesus saves! Esposito scores on rebound!

  4165. 5/7/2010Tawanna Espree says:


  4166. 5/7/2010Pritchard says:

    Killed a cat. Earned a life.

  4167. 5/7/2010Pritchard says:

    “Hello, world.” Goodbye, social life.

  4168. 5/7/2010Pritchard says:

    Life is inversely proportional to Death.

  4169. 5/7/2010Pritchard says:

    Filed a patent – cease and desist.

  4170. 5/7/2010Pritchard says:

    Pickles make happy people’s faces sour.

  4171. 5/7/2010Joe Graf says:

    Big Bang was God’s first dominoe

  4172. 5/7/2010Joe Graf says:

    She surfaced. Vows exchanged. I drowned.

  4173. 5/8/2010Terri says:

    Replace lost dreams with uninhibited thoughts.

  4174. 5/8/2010Goodchild says:

    Celebrity charm. I assume she cheated.

  4175. 5/8/2010Goodchild says:

    She asked. I answered. We parted.

  4176. 5/8/2010Goodchild says:

    Warm inside. Cool outside. Corpse decomposed.

  4177. 5/8/2010Goodchild says:

    Blood. Last drop. Good after all.

  4178. 5/8/2010Goodchild says:

    Her eyes displayed love. I lied.

  4179. 5/8/2010Speaker says:

    I felt it. She didn’t. Pregnant.

  4180. 5/8/2010Speaker says:

    Six words. No longer posting? Tests.

  4181. 5/8/2010Speaker says:

    Paris Hilton story won’t post. Damn.

  4182. 5/8/2010Speaker says:

    Tried to post. Couldn’t. Rage.

  4183. 5/8/2010Speaker says:

    Paris Hilton. Mulcher fed. Applause earned.

  4184. 5/8/2010Ivy Rose says:

    World’s Biggest Liar: Only 110 lbs.

  4185. 5/8/2010Ivy Rose says:

    As many hair colors as personalities.

  4186. 5/8/2010Ivy Rose says:

    Nothing but sunshine, rain, and cupcakes.

  4187. 5/8/2010Ivy Rose says:

    Token “Good-Girl” is actually frisky.

  4188. 5/8/2010Alice M. Roelke says:

    Toilet bowl, flushing Goldie: Fish Styx.

  4189. 5/8/2010Garrett says:

    Unending despair causes ends of life.

  4190. 5/9/2010A. Maria says:

    Happy Mother’s Day. Got a vasectomy.

  4191. 5/9/2010B.R. says:

    She – blind. Miraculous donor. He – blind

  4192. 5/9/2010B.R. says:

    Balloon heavy. He jumps. She lives

  4193. 5/9/2010B.R. says:

    Sky – no limit. Footprints on moon

  4194. 5/10/2010B.R. says:

    The KKK: Karing for Koloured Kompatriots

    (i don’t mean it as a rasist thing. It’s actually the other way `round)

  4195. 5/10/2010SC says:

    The dog won’t let me out..

  4196. 5/10/2010Travis Walker says:

    Get on your knees bitch. SPLASH

  4197. 5/10/2010Hope says:

    “I still love you.” “Oh FUCK.”

  4198. 5/11/2010TSA says:

    I am tired, discouraged and unhappy.

  4199. 5/11/2010JsmJohns says:

    Six words are all I’m worth.

  4200. 5/11/2010JsmJohns says:

    Exam today. Begin the mental excavation.

  4201. 5/11/2010JsmJohns says:

    Life- I’m awaiting the punch line.

  4202. 5/11/2010JsmJohns says:

    War- excess arms, lacking hearts

  4203. 5/11/2010I am says:

    Life- I’m awaiting the punch line.

  4204. 5/11/2010Riyaz Usman says:

    Divorce. Lawyer lived happily ever after.

  4205. 5/11/2010stormmaster21 says:

    “Screw the rules: I have money.”

  4206. 5/11/2010stormmaster21 says:

    fuck. its chuck norris. help me.

  4207. 5/11/2010Joel says:

    Couple drives home. Truck runs light.

  4208. 5/11/2010Joel says:

    Bad hangover. Misses flight. September 1th.

  4209. 5/11/2010Choulie says:

    Just got married, still feel lonely

  4210. 5/11/2010Choulie says:

    was my husband…. don’t know him

  4211. 5/11/2010Joel says:

    Always the disease, never the cure.

  4212. 5/11/2010Joel says:

    Boy meets girl. Both get lawyers.

  4213. 5/11/2010Jacob says:

    Chuck Norris doesn’t conform to word limits.

  4214. 5/11/2010stormmaster21 says:

    Country Music: Salvation of all creatures.

  4215. 5/11/2010Melanie R says:

    Blind man can see music dance.

  4216. 5/12/2010Chelsea Force says:

    She only lived to eventually die
    -Chelsea Force

  4217. 5/12/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Synesthete hates the taste of 7.

  4218. 5/12/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Ambulances in Sicilian cross; 4 DOAs.

  4219. 5/12/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Thai me up, Thai me down.

  4220. 5/12/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Plot foiled: Supervillain’s lair in foreclosure.

  4221. 5/12/2010stormmaster21 says:

    J’ai une erection enorme pour toi.

  4222. 5/12/2010stormmaster21 says:

    J’ai une erection enorme. Pour toi.

  4223. 5/12/2010Mikhaelah says:

    His heart stretches across 800 miles.

  4224. 5/13/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Woodsman on vacation. Dead Riding Hood.

  4225. 5/13/2010willem says:

    daddy’s death mommy’s lonyless we work

  4226. 5/14/2010David says:

    If only you were a woman…

  4227. 5/14/2010Hailey says:

    Cutters, womanizers, winners, republicans, then you

  4228. 5/14/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Differential: Vanna presents with vowel problems.

  4229. 5/14/2010Cosmam says:

    Having written, we live in eternity.

  4230. 5/14/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    There! They’re there at their lair.

  4231. 5/14/2010Victor says:

    Walked. Ran. Strangled. Breathless. Death.

  4232. 5/14/2010Victor says:

    But I thought I was alone…

  4233. 5/14/2010Victor says:

    He’s my child. Yes, my son.

  4234. 5/14/2010Scott W says:

    Why use more? Six will do.

  4235. 5/14/2010Sgray says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.

  4236. 5/14/2010Philip Klop says:

    After carefully dismantling Chekhov’s gun, I

  4237. 5/14/2010Bren Mccullough says:

    Wished for immortality. Became lichen. Expletive.

  4238. 5/14/2010brock says:

    Met Dulcinea. Tilted at windmills. Lost.

  4239. 5/15/2010T. Sudol says:

    The sudden precipice ended our flight.

  4240. 5/16/2010Sean says:

    He loved me; I was oblivious.

  4241. 5/16/2010T. Sudol says:

    “I love you,” he said, dying.

  4242. 5/16/2010Melody says:

    I lived. You died. I’m sorry.

  4243. 5/17/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Rasputin kills Alexei Nikolaevich playing “slug-bug.”

  4244. 5/17/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Ronnie James Dio – Rest In Peace.

  4245. 5/17/2010msbondu says:

    Oh God, the test is negative.

  4246. 5/17/2010msbondu says:

    Letting love go. A fool’s revenge.

  4247. 5/17/2010msbondu says:

    I just might be the one.

  4248. 5/17/2010msbondu says:

    Ugly turns, just in time, beautiful.

  4249. 5/17/2010Jody says:

    Stuck my nose in. Shouldn’t have.

  4250. 5/18/2010Jason Rivera says:

    Fertility Clinics really helped a lot in getting my wife to conceive a child. Just make sure you get a reliable one..**

  4251. 5/18/2010-- BryMan says:

    Planet: I Can’t Take Much More!

  4252. 5/18/2010Madison Greer says:

    biggest regret; family fued, he left.

  4253. 5/18/2010Mystery Guest says:

    I defecate. I spray. Cinnamon poop?

  4254. 5/18/2010E.J. Sexauer says:

    Think of one line? How divine.

  4255. 5/18/2010Eric H. says:

    Umbrella opens. Wind blows. Fuck life.

  4256. 5/18/2010Kaylee Hix says:

    Misunderstood. Attempt reconciliation. Shoot to kill.

  4257. 5/18/2010Jayme says:

    Falling in love and losing control.

  4258. 5/18/2010Gregg S says:

    please; be happy. Love thy deed

  4259. 5/19/2010Lizzzstomania says:

    diet plan: try third world country

  4260. 5/19/2010d.s. robinette says:

    What’s leopracy? My fingers feel funny.

  4261. 5/19/2010d.s. robinette says:

    “I’ll quit tomorrow,” then he died.

  4262. 5/19/2010d.s. robinette says:

    “I do.” He said, fingers crossed.

  4263. 5/19/2010d.s. robinette says:

    Medicated Hamlet makes boring ass play

  4264. 5/19/2010d.s. robinette says:

    Smart girl, I’d leave me too.

  4265. 5/19/2010Antonio says:

    Couldn’t tweet it, so kept it.

  4266. 5/19/2010Slivia says:

    Life’s biggest mystery: The missing sock.

  4267. 5/19/2010Slivia says:

    Your road to happiness: use Clearasil.

  4268. 5/19/2010Chicago Fireman says:

    Interupted, 3 times , Middle finger raised.

  4269. 5/19/2010Kaylee Hix says:

    Open. Dishonest. Closed. Loved. Open again

  4270. 5/19/2010Kaylee Hix says:

    I lived and thus must die.

  4271. 5/19/2010Alexia Marie says:

    Adrenaline! Your heart beats wildly tonight.

  4272. 5/20/2010Gregg S says:

    Heart ache. Head ache. Still pray.

  4273. 5/20/2010Jayme says:

    True love always allows for hope.

  4274. 5/20/2010Kate says:

    Help, she cried. Only silence answered.

  4275. 5/20/2010Kate says:

    Tomorrow, I thought. Tomorrow I start.

  4276. 5/20/2010Kate says:

    Yesterday, it rained. Today, flowers bloom.

  4277. 5/20/2010Kate says:

    I miss you more than sky.

  4278. 5/20/2010Kate says:

    You’re mute, I’m deaf. Let’s talk.

  4279. 5/20/2010Yvon Detechne says:

    Surrealism is a blue shaved giraffe.

  4280. 5/20/2010Jayme says:

    My heart bleeds, aches for you.

  4281. 5/20/2010Kate says:

    Dammit, you tried to kill us!

  4282. 5/21/2010Jacob says:

    “Just don’t feel well.” (read happy).

  4283. 5/21/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Emo totally devastated by spilt milk.

  4284. 5/21/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    “Hooray bier!” said rich, morbid mortician.

  4285. 5/21/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Heart attacks! Army mobilizes! SyFy Original.

  4286. 5/21/2010Jim says:

    She said ‘yes’, but too late…

  4287. 5/21/2010Chicago Fireman says:

    She Hates Me. I Love Her.

  4288. 5/22/2010Chicago Fireman says:

    Found Her. Loved Her. Lost Her.

  4289. 5/22/2010Kelsey says:

    “Walk the dog.” “No.” Grounded.

  4290. 5/22/2010Kelsey says:

    You’re the only you to me.

  4291. 5/23/2010Adele says:

    Kissed him. Not sorry. Bad person?

  4292. 5/23/2010Adele says:

    If not for Colorado, I’d leave.

  4293. 5/23/2010Adele says:

    Loved him. Lost him. Found him.

  4294. 5/23/2010Sanket Rathod says:

    Googling DSPS at 3 am. Darn!

  4295. 5/23/2010Joel Cobbs says:

    Boy fights the system. Students die.

  4296. 5/23/2010Vicky says:

    Mother’s receding back haunts me still.

  4297. 5/23/2010jaqueslamure says:

    Mandalas melting. Soul escaping. Alive.

  4298. 5/23/2010KJ says:

    Wings were given. Chains were forgotten.

  4299. 5/23/2010JAMIE says:

    Hugs who needs one ?

  4300. 5/23/2010bloodparade says:

    His words? Bullets. Luckily, I’m bulletproof.

  4301. 5/23/2010bloodparade says:

    Rape isn’t sex. Learn the difference.

  4302. 5/24/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    After 19 hours, bra failure. *pop!*

  4303. 5/24/2010Kenn Hoekstra says:

    Right place. Right time. Wrong dimension.

  4304. 5/24/2010Eric says:

    Tired of Living. Too Young to die.

  4305. 5/24/2010Heather says:

    Green panties. White Dress. Everyone stared.

  4306. 5/24/2010Z says:

    I’m learning to love myself again.

  4307. 5/25/2010CL Wantland says:

    Bought running shoes. Getting in shape.

  4308. 5/25/2010Ben says:

    I fucked a glossy paper Bunny.

  4309. 5/25/2010S. M. Orges says:

    Nicholas Sparks: boy meets girl, dies.

  4310. 5/25/2010Ainsley Blattel says:

    Yes, that’s right: this is it.

  4311. 5/25/2010Katie says:

    There are too many words here.

  4312. 5/25/2010Katie says:

    This story is too short. Refrigerator.

  4313. 5/25/2010Katie says:

    Alas, there is more to say!

  4314. 5/25/2010Mikey Vader says:

    Pregnancy scare leads to anal preference.

  4315. 5/25/2010Zoe N says:

    Blindly, he drags the bodies forward.

  4316. 5/25/2010Cj says:

    Help! They are eating my legs!

  4317. 5/25/2010Cj says:

    My life belongs to the overlord.

  4318. 5/25/2010Cj says:

    I will now become time itself.

  4319. 5/25/2010Cj says:

    The man outside is not human

  4320. 5/25/2010Ashley says:

    Heartbroken again. The sun still rises.

  4321. 5/25/2010Ashley says:

    Three strikes and you’re still searching?

  4322. 5/25/2010Samuel P says:

    Key doesn’t work? Oops, wrong apartment.

  4323. 5/26/2010BoneZ says:

    Finished. Record time. Talk is cheap.

  4324. 5/26/2010G ALI says:

    i died, she saw she died

  4325. 5/26/2010G ALI says:

    last over 3 sixes career finished

  4326. 5/26/2010David says:

    He gave in, she gave up.

  4327. 5/26/2010Sherwin Pineda says:

    Eve picked life instead of knowledge.

  4328. 5/26/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Over-budget temple contractor shortens his chortens.

  4329. 5/26/2010Maya says:

    Note to self: just breathe

  4330. 5/26/2010analingus says:

    Want! Flesh want! So bad! Good!

  4331. 5/27/2010John C. Park says:

    Phone rings. Her number. Why now?

  4332. 5/27/2010John C. Park says:

    2012, Cubs win Championship. Not funny.

  4333. 5/27/2010John C. Park says:

    Broken TV, broken computer. Taunting outdoors.

  4334. 5/27/2010John C. Park says:

    How I poisoned Superman: Kryptonite hairspray.

  4335. 5/27/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Volunteer bravely reignites dragon’s pilot light.

  4336. 5/27/2010Fold on says:

    My touchscreen sweats. Not my fingertips.

  4337. 5/27/2010anvitaa says:

    loved. lost. didn’t love again. lost.

  4338. 5/27/2010anvitaa says:

    he died. she cried. he smiled.

  4339. 5/27/2010Gollum says:

    Wrote a poem. No one cares.

  4340. 5/27/2010Maya santiago says:

    full heart, half heart, no heart.

  4341. 5/27/2010Edward Crockett says:

    “Sputnik reaches space!” Aliens were first.

  4342. 5/27/2010wyness says:

    Romantic dinner consumed, she belches loudly.

  4343. 5/27/2010Griffin Adams says:

    Put that away, there’s nuns here.

  4344. 5/27/2010Griffin Adams says:

    Please don’t poison my lasagna again.

  4345. 5/27/2010Amanda says:

    Don’t do drugs. Eat rice instead!

  4346. 5/27/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Dinosaur proctologist is constantly uninsured.

  4347. 5/27/2010Edward Crockett says:

    Ping pong should settle global conflict.

  4348. 5/27/2010Edward Crockett says:

    Chuck Norris is mad? You die.

  4349. 5/28/2010Riya says:

    On the rocks. Scotch and marriage.

  4350. 5/28/2010Mm says:

    Be careful, it might explode any

  4351. 5/28/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Everyone mocks Scoff Drops™ inventor –initially.

  4352. 5/28/2010Daen de Leon says:

    Facebook shuts down. Productivity shoots up.

  4353. 5/28/2010Daen de Leon says:

    She drew breath, curtains and pistol.

  4354. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Big-boned transgendered bull
    wears toy-friends muumuu.

  4355. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Fun Nun had two crack habits.

  4356. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Nurse boner gives faulty BP reading.

  4357. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Do Mexicans call accountants Bean Counters?

  4358. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Great fiance,
    Crappy husband,
    Great cuckold.

  4359. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    The monsignor always got first pick.

  4360. 5/28/2010@MidasRaw says:

    Put together chick tears everything apart.

  4361. 5/28/2010Jim says:

    I’m always best friend, never lover.

  4362. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    OJ carves first human Pez dispenser.

  4363. 5/28/2010Molly B says:

    Welcome to my life. Population 1.

  4364. 5/28/2010Molly B says:

    The best, compared to something better

  4365. 5/28/2010Molly B says:

    Forget and numb, rember and learn

  4366. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Doctor drops gooey Whoops Baby.

  4367. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Shroud of Turin:
    Bible-thumpers anachronistic bathrobe.

  4368. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Fart with impunity near deviled egs.

  4369. 5/28/2010Loon says:

    Fart with impunity near deviled eggs.

  4370. 5/29/2010TheRealUrchin says:

    Four roommates, four coffemakers. Makes sense.

  4371. 5/29/20106174 says:

    Ignorance and arrogance gathers no elegance.

  4372. 5/30/2010pasco roofing says:

    Hey there, for reasons uknown when I place your RSS feed into my feed reader, it does not function. Can you give me the RSS page just to ensure I’m using the correct one?

  4373. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    ‘You’re wrong’
    ‘But who is happier?’

  4374. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    ‘Do I look fat?’

  4375. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    ‘ D’oh! ‘
    ‘ Ay caramba! ‘
    Millions entertained.

  4376. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    Found life goal. Got lazy. Died.

  4377. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    Life story: Wrote exam; forgot signing.

  4378. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    Today: ‘This is awesome!’
    Tommorow: ‘Booriing…’

  4379. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    Rolling dice with friends.
    Outsiders: ‘Nerds!’

  4380. 5/30/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’
    Tomorrow: ditto.

  4381. 5/30/2010@formative says:

    Neighbours having sex. Silence. Yelling. Apology.

  4382. 5/30/2010Robin says:

    “Fire,” Man said. Outside wind screeched.

  4383. 5/31/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    Saw a mushroom on the horizon…

  4384. 5/31/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    Hot chick. Pickup line. SHE’S HIM?!

  4385. 5/31/2010Jakub Kopeć says:

    Read fortune cookie: ‘it wasn’t chicken’

  4386. 5/31/2010PW says:

    Long lonely year. Condoms expiring soon.

  4387. 5/31/2010Harley K. says:

    Sold soul for cake. Worth it.

  4388. 5/31/2010Loon says:

    Gain thirty pounds,
    Become morbidly-obese.

  4389. 5/31/2010L1 says:

    Fall in love!
    Fall apart!

  4390. 5/31/2010N says:

    Dinner for two. Empty bottle. Tears.

  4391. 5/31/2010allii says:

    found love, lost love, now dead.

  4392. 5/31/2010Don Malzahn says:

    “Three hour tour”, famous last words.

  4393. 5/31/2010N says:

    Short attention span. A cheating husband.

  4394. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Amnesiac awakens: Who am I today?

  4395. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Two lane pileup. One lucky racoon.

  4396. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Tea for me, poison in yours.

  4397. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Shoplifter chased into traffic; sneakers fly.

  4398. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Vampire hunter dozed, now sleeps un-dead.

  4399. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    His retirement present: new concrete overshoes.

  4400. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Non-headline: Cobra Hunter Dies on Assignment

  4401. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Stretchered out: arsonist. Accelerant: too effective.

  4402. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    Ghosts divorce. All’s nothing ever after.

  4403. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    What’s Halloween without razors in apples?

  4404. 6/1/2010Matt S says:

    For Christmas they exchanged divorce papers.

  4405. 6/1/2010Prattle Assassin says:

    Confused anti-semite attacks the bijou.

  4406. 6/1/2010Fanny says:

    The kiss she dreamt was salt

  4407. 6/1/2010Used2BMom says:

    She was nine. I died, too.

  4408. 6/1/2010Laitie says:

    “Share Her Joy,” reads her gravestone.

  4409. 6/1/2010MK Mariner says:

    Do you have the antidote? No.

  4410. 6/1/2010Kate S says:

    Cover ears. Useless. Screams still heard.

  4411. 6/1/2010Kate S says:

    Confessed. Lost him. Friendship lost too.

  4412. 6/1/2010Chad Ewers says:

    Nothing stopped. Still leaving on airplane.

  4413. 6/1/2010Jen says:

    I lied. And I believed it.

  4414. 6/1/2010Jen says:

    Once upon a time, fairytales lied.

  4415. 6/1/2010Jen says:

    She was addict