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  1. 6/19/2014L.P says:

    Five years loving. Wish he knew.

  2. 6/19/2014Walker says:

    Attempted teleportation. Half of me succeeded.

  3. 6/19/2014JM says:

    spending my time traveling in time.

  4. 6/19/2014JM says:

    I’m always living in the past.

  5. 6/19/2014JM says:

    I still remember who I am.

  6. 6/20/2014Sam Lincoln says:

    I hate watching you watch her.

  7. 6/20/2014Red says:

    “Et tu, Brute?” such is life.

  8. 6/20/2014Monkey says:

    One job, failed. Sorry Baby

  9. 6/20/2014Emily W says:

    Her phone buzzed, another tear fell.

  10. 6/20/2014Lex says:

    Unfaithful. Easy choice? You would think.

  11. 6/20/2014Alec McQuay says:

    Her first word! And her last…

  12. 6/20/2014carol cherry says:

    I need to leave, I do.

  13. 6/20/2014Aaron says:

    Doubt is the inspiration for demise.

  14. 6/20/2014Anton says:

    are you even you right now?

  15. 6/20/2014Bunny says:

    He came as her “plus one.”

  16. 6/20/2014Likeasail says:

    Alone since April. Pregnant since March.

  17. 6/20/2014Likeasail says:

    Phone starts to ring. Stomach flips.

  18. 6/20/2014Likeasail says:

    He preferred being friends. She didn’t.

  19. 6/20/2014Lukas says:

    I remember that it hurt, looking at her hurt.

  20. 6/20/2014Likeasail says:

    Trust issues. Owner: Me. Cause: You.

  21. 6/20/2014Likeasail says:

    ‘So you’re single?’

  22. 6/20/2014BiggieS says:

    “Gone?” “Yes, she’s gone it’s over.”

  23. 6/20/2014William Pastille says:

    It was me or the alien.

  24. 6/20/2014Bailey says:

    Every planet we reach is dead.

  25. 6/20/2014Joni Scofield says:

    Only a fictitious design of myself

  26. 6/21/2014mouthcakemountain says:

    Thick roots, feeble limbs, that’s me.

  27. 6/21/2014Dave Davingway says:

    Turns out bears hate political humor.

  28. 6/21/2014Tim C says:

    He meditated away from his medication.

  29. 6/21/2014Remyjoslin says:

    His last words were “Terrorist aboard”.

  30. 6/21/2014fearless says:

    I cling to your memory, Mom.

  31. 6/22/2014Allyssa Olaivar says:

    I have dreams. I am alive.

  32. 6/22/2014Maria says:

    It doesn’t hurt being alone anymore.

  33. 6/22/2014Maria says:

    Successful transition from human to cyborg.

  34. 6/22/2014Ali says:

    I loved. And then you didn’t.

  35. 6/22/2014Ali says:

    we loved. and then you didn’t…

  36. 6/22/2014KP says:

    Life threw me a chance. Missed.

  37. 6/22/2014Tiara says:

    You’re the ache in my chest.

  38. 6/22/2014hannah says:

    I would have given you everything.

  39. 6/22/2014hannah says:

    mother doesn’t answer my calls anymore.

  40. 6/22/2014Kat says:

    There was one less graduation cap

  41. 6/22/2014Zach Luczynski says:

    Gas on red. Sees black.

  42. 6/22/2014Zach Luczynski says:

    Touchdown. Whiskey rattles. Turns off TV.

  43. 6/22/2014Shoe says:

    Old friend. New lover. Happiness.

  44. 6/22/2014Ana says:

    You made the smart girl dumb.

  45. 6/23/2014Aubrey Freisinger says:

    Spoke my final words. Voicemail answered.

  46. 6/23/2014Elizabeth says:

    “Still not ring?” sighed my mom…

  47. 6/23/2014Elizabeth says:

    “Still no ring?” sighed my mom…

  48. 6/23/2014Selina Tamara says:

    Wasn’t welcome. Went home. Never arrived.

  49. 2/18/2018aethkr says:

    I wondered when you’ll be back.

  50. 2/23/2018Entity says:

    Today’s horoscope Cancer: You’ve got cancer.

  51. 2/23/2018Entity says:

    Local lotto winner wins a million problems!

  52. 2/23/2018Entity says:

    You’re never alone when you’re stalked.

  53. 2/23/2018True Story says:

    I don’t like meth, stop injecting me!

  54. 2/23/2018Haligan says:

    Fires all around, hand line dry.

  55. 2/24/2018Richard Burrage says:

    Paid it forward, never looked back

  56. 2/27/2018baz says:

    Syria bleeds – humanity the silent voyeurs

  57. 2/28/2018Ruth M Cook says:

    Snow’s deep, no shovel, closed door.

  58. 2/28/2018Abigail says:

    For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.

  59. 3/1/2018sarah lee says:

    Hurt again. Unable to walk away.

  60. 3/1/2018Lawrence Hur says:

    Nobody around. The silence killed him.

  61. 3/1/2018Nick Mon says:

    Met a girl, fucked her over.

  62. 3/1/2018Broomzilla says:

    Kissed his lips ,cried all night.

  63. 3/1/2018Broomzilla says:

    You lied. I cried, then died.

  64. 3/1/2018Broomzilla says:

    Fourteen years, still no wedding yet.

  65. 3/1/2018Broomzilla says:

    we discovered you’re not for me

  66. 3/1/2018Broomzilla says:

    Stop hurting me, just tell me.

  67. 3/3/2018Matthew Parkes says:

    Double pram with one empty seat.

  68. 3/3/2018Aly S. says:

    Quit Tinder. Joined NASA. Seeking aliens.

  69. 3/4/2018Noko says:

    The voting ballot had one bubble.

  70. 3/4/2018Squid says:

    Sold football trophy for a wheelchair.

  71. 3/4/2018Squid says:

    “I thought I was having twins?”

  72. 3/4/2018Squid says:

    Whatever they couldn’t carry, they abandoned.

  73. 3/4/2018Squid says:

    “No doctor, I don’t feel that.”

  74. 3/6/2018Ryan Clegg says:

    Distracted by Facebook. Earth was unguarded

  75. 3/7/2018Gregory Priley says:

    Still a single player game, here.

  76. 3/7/2018Gregory Priley says:

    …..I have a stuffy nose!!! ),:

  77. 3/8/2018Jen Chavez says:

    Mustard drips. Hotdog today. Diet tomorrow.

  78. 3/9/2018lcannon57 says:

    Weight Watchers. I lied. Weighed. Cried.

  79. 3/9/2018lcannon57 says:

    Old. Who is in the mirror?

  80. 3/10/2018winniethepooh says:

    I like men, but he doesn’t.

  81. 3/10/2018Nuri says:

    Found my purpose in life…death.

  82. 3/11/2018Shannan says:

    Touching your skin. Yet, completely alone.

  83. 3/11/2018Shay says:

    Hearing you breathe. Lost my breath.

  84. 3/12/2018Scott Dorsett says:

    Lost love. Lost purpose. Lost life.

  85. 3/16/2018blue says:

    please stop calling my emotions “invalid”

  86. 3/16/2018swaghousebuoy says:

    I got hit by a car.

  87. 3/16/2018swaghousebuoy says:

    these random people are such poets

  88. 3/16/2018swaghousebuoy says:

    try not laughing at my comments

  89. 3/22/2018Arushi Choudhary says:

    Sandalwood exploitation avenged!
    Industrialist’s warehouses bombed.

  90. 3/22/2018Arushi Choudhary says:

    Tired bird slept on naked wire.

  91. 3/22/2018Aleth says:

    Taken red pill also turned blue.

  92. 3/22/2018Emma says:

    Plenty of invites. No one came.

  93. 3/23/2018Bryan says:

    Alcoholism, unfaithfulness: a loving parent’s concoction.

  94. 3/23/2018Paws says:

    Calling ambulance. “Too expensive.”, she refused.

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