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  1. 2/1/2019Dan Vasey says:

    Successful paperboy runs for president, wins.

  2. 2/2/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Peace in danger as weapons spread.

  3. 2/3/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Trust no one, trust some one.

  4. 2/3/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Hide, from death not life.

  5. 2/3/2019Izabella Manigault says:

    They were separated. Still in love.

  6. 2/4/2019Jean Ransom says:

    Never loved him. Should’ve told him.

  7. 2/4/2019Tori Haring-Smith says:

    Live shooter. Kids safe. Don’t come.

  8. 2/4/2019Shirley Smothers says:

    Evil, just look in the mirror.

  9. 2/5/2019justdhogan says:

    See something say something, unless blind.

  10. 2/5/2019Maddie LeVake says:

    “Online school?”…”What will colleges think?”

  11. 2/6/2019#6wordstorywriter says:

    I love you… Can’t have you.

  12. 2/6/2019#6wordstorywriter says:

    I love you… Can’t have you

  13. 2/6/2019#6wordstorywriter says:

    Diet, make-up, mobiles. Alone, slowly dying.

  14. 2/6/2019#6wordstorywriter says:

    Slowly slipping away. Holding a dagger.

  15. 2/7/2019Steve Laker says:

    Lonely dog seeks new homeless human

  16. 2/7/2019Steve Laker says:

    Innocence, learning, losing; life’s only path

  17. 2/7/2019Steve Laker says:

    Butterfly lands, human blinks, humanity sleeps

  18. 2/7/2019Steve Laker says:

    To their utter astonishment, it flew

  19. 2/7/2019Steve Laker says:

    A benevolent armada, above the clouds

  20. 2/7/2019Steve Laker says:

    I asked if they had music

  21. 2/7/2019Steve Laker says:

    In the beginning was the end

  22. 2/8/2019Susan Dawson says:

    Banksy graffiti masterpiece : going, going, gone

  23. 2/13/2019Lyn Page says:

    my life is like jello: sloppy.

  24. 2/14/2019Jerry Ackerman says:

    I raked a database of leaves.

  25. 2/15/2019Jillian Terry says:

    I needed it to end. Finally.

  26. 2/16/2019Liguan says:

    Opened my eyes. Everything was different

  27. 2/18/2019H. Stoflet says:

    Dope Down, Head Clear, Life Appeared

  28. 2/19/2019Ben Hampton says:

    They died doing what they loved.

  29. 2/20/2019HazmatToxic says:

    Fuck bitches, get money nigaaa, peace

  30. 2/20/2019HazmatToxic says:

    Fuck this retarded fucking game

  31. 2/20/2019HazmatToxic says:

    pp hasn’t grown since birth

  32. 2/21/2019John FIte says:

    Flood water rising faster than prayers.

  33. 2/21/2019John FIte says:

    Army ranger retells Climate Wars sagas.

  34. 2/22/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Peace in the world, my dream

  35. 2/22/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Respecting others is indeed respecting yourself.

  36. 2/22/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Life is the beginning of death.

  37. 2/22/2019Anwar Gul says:

    Life without purpose is not life.

  38. 2/22/2019Anwar Gul says:

    No living has experience of death

  39. 2/22/2019John Fite says:

    They used to have babies together.

  40. 2/22/2019Anya says:

    Small fish, 12 inches, Big Memories

  41. 2/22/2019Anya says:

    Life is bigger than 6 words

  42. 2/24/2019Tan Junheng says:

    The true meaning of life is…

  43. 2/24/2019Tan Junheng says:

    If only we had more time

  44. 2/24/2019Harold Dodson says:

    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Rest in peace, dear.

  45. 2/24/2019ELITESHARKNERFGUNNER says:

    Five beers – No? Ten then.

  46. 2/24/2019ELITESHARKNERFGUNNER says:

    The Romans didn’t find Algebra hard.

  47. 2/26/2019John Fite says:

    Carbon smuggling-guilty! Next case!

  48. 2/26/2019Grace says:

    She said she loved me. Liar.

  49. 2/26/2019Shirley Smothers says:

    Humans extinct, the Animal Kingdom rules

  50. 2/27/2019Rachel Myers says:

    “I don’t want a girlfriend.” Ouch.

  51. 2/27/2019Roderick Pope says:

    So many experiences, how many more?

  52. 2/28/2019Arzu S says:

    Closed heart. Open heart. Broken heart

  53. 3/1/2019John Lane says:

    The arsonist spontaneously combusted in prison.

  54. 3/3/2019Jeremy L says:

    Prisons: “Catch; release.” Homes: “Nobody leaves.”

  55. 3/4/2019Andy says:

    You have one life; use it.

  56. 3/5/2019Ivarona says:

    Why can’t you just see me?

  57. 3/5/2019Ivarona says:

    Something’s wrong, they said you’re fine

  58. 3/5/2019Ivarona says:

    My smile hides the death inside.

  59. 3/6/2019Michael says:

    Under boot-soles, lies Walt Whitman

  60. 3/6/2019Michael says:

    Mentioned on funeral, he chose IB

  61. 3/6/2019Juan Guerrero Torres says:

    She turned around. There he was.

  62. 3/6/2019Logan Seidl says:

    Searching for work: (un)experienced creative writer.

    She gets RA. You deteriorate, too.

    Diabetes gets expensive, warned the doctor.

  63. 3/11/2019Nicki says:

    Husband, children, grandchildren. Alzeimers. All forgotten.

  64. 3/12/2019CeceHill says:

    Spent all my time avoiding HIM.

  65. 3/15/2019Sietse says:

    Aaah stress, time to do nothing

  66. 3/15/2019Zoeseph Zoestar says:

    Waking up, no hope. Help me.

  67. 3/15/2019Novalis says:

    People that know all, learn nothing

  68. 3/15/2019Hedwig says:

    Heart as big as a CAR!

  69. 3/15/2019Paige says:

    I looked for words, nothing came.

  70. 3/15/2019Britt says:

    Six words needed to change everything.

  71. 3/15/2019Martine says:

    Have to write a story, can’t.

  72. 3/15/2019Naomi says:

    There is nothing more than words

  73. 3/15/2019Kas Jansma says:

    Save the people. From the people

  74. 3/15/2019RJ says:

    Do not let rules limit your creative freedom

  75. 3/15/2019Mini says:

    Nature the poet inspire me daily

  76. 3/15/2019Novalis says:

    The storm of memory clouds judgement

  77. 3/15/2019C says:

    I have arrows but I bow

  78. 3/18/2019Ethan Pollock says:

    “Good View”. And then they jumped.

  79. 3/19/2019LaZboy says:

    The toilet water starts to rise!

  80. 3/23/2019Cullen Couvreux says:

    Hair grows. And then it doesn’t

  81. 3/25/2019Barbara Schilling Hurwitz says:

    Mirror shards reflect broken marriage vows.

  82. 3/25/2019Jim McAulay says:

    swift river runs without any legs

  83. 3/25/2019Jim McAulay says:

    Matt white come to home decor

  84. 3/26/2019Billy Hill says:

    She’s both my mother and grandmother.

  85. 3/27/2019shogikin says:

    white tick…double ticks…… blue double ticks.

  86. 3/27/2019Anne Walnut says:

    My wings were forged by fire

  87. 3/27/2019Anne Walnut says:

    An alloy of China and Steel

  88. 3/28/2019Pappa Gunnar says:

    He had everything but lost nothing.

  89. 3/28/2019Lena Aspeslagh says:

    headlights still on, you are out

  90. 3/28/2019Thornton Velasco Marugan says:

    Pain found ignorance, led to darkness.

  91. 3/29/2019Sjarel Klak says:

    Confronted my fear
    waking up dead

  92. 3/29/2019Sjarel Klak says:

    and he concluded
    hear me out

  93. 3/29/2019Sjarel Klak says:

    Catch a rainbow.
    Believe we can’t.

  94. 3/29/2019Linda Kepner says:

    My first date hit a skunk.

  95. 3/29/2019Linda Kepner says:

    His wife watched their fortune vanish.

  96. 3/30/2019Judith archibald says:

    Once lost. Now found. Hallelujah! Amen!

  97. 4/1/2019Idk says:

    Mum dead, Dad left, kid depressed.
    World careless, Drug connect, suicide imminent.

  98. 4/1/2019Kinsey Presley-Hornung says:

    She never sleeps alone. Nothing’s changed.

  99. 4/1/2019Caleb Knauff says:

    Life sentence. Darn those meddling kids.

  100. 4/1/2019Shail Raghuvanshi says:

    Drones drilled holes in walls. Dead!

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